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Not a Movie -Lela & Brady-

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Contains Makeouts, still Pg = "This dream stuff needs to stop, Brady." "Never!" Brady yelled kissing her .

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"Gosh, I miss her." I sigh sitting down at my workshop/chilling area.

"You mean you miss him." Mack growls.

"What?! Why?!" "Because shes a girl. Don't miss her. You have me!". She pecks my lips. I roll my eyes. I miss Lela mostly. I fell in love with her. But, its faded away. Now I gag when I think of her like that. Shes a little sister now!

"Wait every character in a movie has an actor/actress that acts them out, right?" I ask.

"Yeah, Brady."

"That means they're people who act them out." I explain, "we can find them!".

"Lets start!".

Mackenzie and I grab the necklace and go to the other sidfe of the beach-the side with no watter. Now we are on a road. What?! NEver seen one. I live on a beach.

"Tanner!" I hear someone giggle adorably.

"Well hello!" Tanner says scooping her up and dancing with her. Whats not to adore with my little sis?

"Tanner! Lela!" Mack and I yell.

"Hi." they say.

"Why do you look exactly the same?" I ask.

"Because the movie we acted in was based on a true story!".

"We didn't know we were being followed."

"But how? Its a fantasy!" I yell.

"The world has a loit more things than you can imagine!" Lela smiles.

Suddenly I pass out.

Bradys Dream...

I am in the clouds. I hear someone singing.

"Fallin' for ya,

Fallin' for ya,"

"Lela?" I ask.

She pops up.


My arms stretch out around her hips and I pull her in for a kiss.

We pull apart.



"BRADY! BRADY! BRADY!" Mack yells.

"What? What happened?"

"You ask me, Brady. You just fell down and passed out for 5 minutes" Lela explains.

"I had an awful dream...yet I want to have it every night..." I smile.

"Who was in it? What was it about?" Lela asks.

"I'd rather keep it a secret."

"It was me" I hear Mack whisper happily.

No Mack, it wasn't.

The next time I sleep, I have another Lela dream.


"Brady, it was so sad you had to be woken up. But, itsw a new dream." Lela smiles.

And we kiss again.

"Lela, I don't want to leave you again." I cry.

"You have to, I'm sorry."

"Why do I have to?"

BEEP BEEP BEEP. My alarm clock.

"Bye Brady, until next time..."


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