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Blake winters one of the misunderstood teens is constantly bullied by jack daniels an upper class gets fed up with life and decides to fight back but things take a turn for the worst

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Hi guys this is my first fanfic so please read and enjoy.

It was was another bad day for young blake winters. He forgot his homework,ripped his pants, and got his shoes stolen by a group of bullies. Life just couldn't get worse,at least thats he tought.
-from the view of blake-
"Why do bullies constantly come at me?" I asked aloud to myself."Maybe its because im the weakest looking guy in school, and i let then all walk over me." As if by coincidence, jack daniels, the biggest bully, in school was coming my way.
I tried to hide, but one of his lackies spotted me."Hey look jack its blake wimpers!" He yelled. They all walked my way, swarming me as if i was a mouse at a cat show. Jack slowly made his way to me, looking bigger than yesterday and the day before. "Hey wimpers." He said as he rolled up his sleeves."you missed your mid morning beating!" "My names not wimpers its winter." I mumbled. "What was that dip s**t!" He yelled."sounded like you were talking back, and you know what happens when you talk back." Suddenly I felt the grip of two hands holding me into place. I struggled for freedom, but couldn't get free. "Let go of me you jerks!" I yelled hoping they'd listen. "Dont worry wimper this will be over quick." Said jack with a little growl. A few punches later i was out. In my head a faint voice whispered "get up and fight back." I didnt want to get up, but suddenly i was over come with confidence. "Hey jack you forgot somthing!" I yelled as i ran at him. "Huh..." he spat out before meeting my fist to his face. He fell to the ground, as i jumped on top of him and let out all my anger."this is for everything you and your goons ever did to me !"i yelled before tackled by another goon. Jack finally got to his feet, but with a big bruise under his eye. "Boss what do we do with him?" One goon asked "hide him at the cave by the diamond, ill deal with him later." He said trying to hide his anger.

Thats is for chapter 1 be sure to look out for chapter 2 which is coming soon
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