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Tom's wife is not happy he stayed out so long on

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If there one thing Tom's wife didn't like, it was him away from her for more than a few weeks. Two she could handle but any more time and she was a wreck to be around and it was not easier cause she had lost her job and he insisted on her not looking for a job when he could easily support the both of them without her worrying about bills and what not. So Tom came home after a whole month and a half of being away on set and boy did his wife have a big shock for him when he was to be home and on a set without tramps.

After he was long asleep, she tied him four point to the bed after coaxing his shirt off without waking him up from his peaceful and  much deserved slumber. She scooted her night silk gown up to her hips so it would not be in the way of her and her mission.

Even just looking at him and all his glory made her female organs squirm in anticipation. He was exhausted when he had gotten home and seemed so grumpy and she had thought against this but in the end she wanted to show him how much she missed him without being spanked like a bad girl that she had been in the past. Her butt always hurt for days after and if she was bad more than once then he would spank her no matter how much it hurt her. 

The tent caught her attention and carefully she pulled the boxers exposing the thing had scared her the first time she ever fucked. He was large in both size, length and width. She bent down between his legs and gently suckled on his manhood and licked the tip before trying her best to fit the whole in and sucking.

Tom stirred from his sleep and Izzy stopped till she was sure he was back to sleep not thinking that he was still awake, she went back to what she was doing and raised his shaft to her lips and licked the tip and soaked up the precum well rubbing his balls between her fingers and rolled them around till she got startled by Tom talking to her.

"Nice wake up even though it is not near morning darling." He told her, making her jump up and release his manhood to look at him in shock.

He was looking down at her with a brow raised as he looked at her between his slender long legs hovering above his erect penis breathing sharply on it making him tingle. When he had woken up, he was shocked to find himself tied up well being pleasured by his wife.

"Untie me." He ordered, sending shivers down her body and making her vaginal area tingle.

"What are you going to do to  me if I do?" She asked, leaning on his stomach and rubbing circles on his stomach with one hand and gently pulling on his stomach hair.

His erection nestling between her breasts like they were dick warmers.


"What I always do when you are a bad girl." He told her with a hint of happiness in his voice.

She smiled down at him and kissed down his jaw line to  his chest, to his navel and finally to the tip of his penis before backing off of him and sitting on his middle to look at him fully.

"Well then my dear. I believe that you will be in bed till the very last minute before you have to be off to work again." Izzy replied to him with a smug smile.

"If you don't untie me, I will spank you so bad that you won't be able to sit for weeks my love." He warned.

"With my plan, I will not have to worry at all. May be this can serve a lesson that you can not leave me so long..... I am lonely without you."

"Last warning." He warned.

"I will not untie you. You have been the naughty one this time my dear." She kissed him.

Tom pulled at his binds and in a quick second, one started to  become loose and immediately   Izzy tried to hold his arm in place to rebind it in place but he was all to strong for her and got it almost completely off. Knowing she would not win, She hopped off of him and ran out the room toward the front door knowing that he would soon be loose from his binds and be on his way to get her. As if on cue, as she made it out the front door, there was a thump from upstairs signalling Tom was loose and she had to rush to escape him if she didn't want to be caught.

She made it to the end of the drive way before she was suddenly caught and thrown over Tom's shoulder and taken inside the house all well he held her in place well rubbing the bottom of her ass with his other hand. She knew better than to resist or fight against him so she limply laid there and tried to think of reasons to skip her punishment. He walked to the living room after locking the front door and setting her down and dragging her to the couch and sitting on the edge of it. He looked up at his wife with her crooked smile and broke in his own smile before glaring back up at her.

"Lap.......... Now. " He growled at at her as she was taken a back by his tone.

Hesitation meant that she would be spanked longer so without hesitation, she walked to him and let him guide her across his lap ever so slowly and buried her face in the couch cushion as he gently pulled her night gown up to expose her ripe, pale ass to his eyes and rested his hand on the milky skin.

"So you attempted to imprison me to bed and pleasure me with me asleep. You ran from me and disobeyed me when I told you to untie me. I think you have been naughty and need to be taught obedience darling. What do you think?" He asked, rubbing her bottom lovingly.

"I think not sir. I was simply claiming what was mine...." She explained to him, trying to scooting off him to look up at him but he stopped by giving her a swift and firm slap to her ass, making her jump and  yelp out.

He continued to swiftly swat her ass over and and over again with all his might, giving each swat a second between each swat to recover before the next one came. Izzy jerked around, trying to get away but he was to strong and she didn't interrupt his fit of smacks.

Thirty swift swats later and he stopped, resting his hand on her sore bottom.

"Now will you be doing that again sweetheart?" He asked, helping her in a sitting position and wiping the tears away from her face.

"No sir." She hiccuped.

"Good girl. Now to the room, face down on the bed and I don't want no funny business unless you want to be disciplined." He told her, pushing her forward after kissing her forehead. "Go on.“

She did as she was told her to the best of her ability with her ass on fire. Their bed was huge and she loved it when he was here with her and not putting her in this position, she doted on him. She unconsciously rolled around and took in the scent of him on his side of the bed and before she could realize what was happening, another smack rolled onto her sore ass, making her yelp.

"What the FUCK are you doing?" He asked.

"Nothing sir. Just simply......." He unleashed a fury of swats again on her rear end and didn't stop till she was screaming and trying her best to use her hands to block him.

He stopped and looked down at her well she cried and looked at him through tears.

"On your stomach sweetheart, be a good girl." He told her, helping her lean on the pillows and made sure her bottom was high in the air for him to get access to her rear end and dripping cunt.

"Do you want me sweetheart?" He asked, walking to the closet and going through a bag.

Izzy looked at him the best she could but couldn't see what he was getting but knew that it was not good.

"Darling, where do your hands belong?" He asked, coming over to her after getting the same ties that once bound him.

What ever he was looking for in the closet was on the floor by her feet and in fear that he would spank her again, she didn't dare try to feel with her feet. She automatically put her hands behind her back but pondered if that was a good idea and decided against it and pulled her hands to her head and tied them together. He led her to the bed post and tied her there after throwing her over the footing of the bed and spread her legs.

"Oh sweetheart, you're so beautiful....... It takes my breathe away almost every single time."

Izzy buckled her hips when he enter her with his fingers, lubing her his fingers deep in her before pushing against her clitoris.

"So wet. Is this for me love?" He asked, a smile evident.

When she didn't answer, he swiftly swatted her ass again.

"Yes......sir." She choked out.

He thruster softly in and out of her carefully not to hurt her and started to pick up the pace when he felt she could handle it and soon his fragile wife was screaming  against him.

"Shut the fuck up!"  He shouted, pulling another tie from the bed post and pulled Izzy`s head back by her hair and when she cried out, he tried to stuff her mouth but she dodged him.

"No Tom don't!" She cried.

"Open your fucken mouth!" He shouted, pulling her head harder and stuffing her mouth. 

He rode her, entering her ass and continued to thrust into her and didn't stop slapping her sore ass every so often to remind her to behave. He pulled out of her and kissed her lips.

"Now I want you to be a good girl for me and not cry." He told her, picking the item from earlier up and walking over to her.

In a one swift he smacked her ass with a horse whip.

"Head down feet up. Back up." He demanded, pulling her to him, her ass resting against his knees. He pulled his bag up and pull out a anal plug that was bigger than what she was used to and dabbed KY Jelly on the tip before pushing it deepening her waiting ass.

Izzy shivered against his touch and moved around as she felt him push it in.

"Take it sweetheart. All of it." He commanded till it barely stood out at all.

Once it was deeply nestled inside, he pulled his cock forward, entering her wet, dripping pussy and fucking her till she was on the edge.

"No! You will NOT come." He shouted. "You will keep it in and you will NOT cum."

He Demanded, whipping her till he was sure she was down from his high.
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