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Resident Evil: Nova

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Back to his old tricks, Richtofen seeks to destroy the world with the zombies he has created. Meanwhile, the BSAA sent a tsk force led by Barry Burton and Chris Redfield to eliminate the threat onc...

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Resident Evil: Nova
A Resident Evil and Call of Duty Crossover
By Caesar2013

Hello reader. As you can see, this novel is bit of a crossover of Resident Evil and Call of Duty. Though I was at one time a hardcore Resident Evil fan myself, over time I felt as though Capcom itself was deliberately trying to destroy the series of games. We went from flesh eating zombies to zombies with guns. As with Call of Duty, we went from shooting Nazis to fighting Nazi Zombies, that's quite a twist of events. The novel you are about to read is a crossover of the two games. I hope that you, the reader, will come to enjoy the book. In fact, after calculating what I plan to write, the whole series will take at no less, than ten books. You will see how this will all tie together when the last one has been written. I do not plan for then novels to be truly completed anytime soon. But you will not be disappointment when we reach the end of the road, as there's going to be a lot that happens. Enjoy the story. :)
So a while back too, I had started on this story. But that was over a year ago and I didn't get much progress in anyways. So I decided to reupload it with further updates done. My goal is a chapter a week and I hope to actually finish the fic once and for all. I now present the first installment.
Resident Evil is the sole property of Capcom, of which I have no affiliation with at all. Call of Duty is owned by Treyarch and Activision, which I also do not have affiliation with.


The old automobile sped away on the Autobahn (that is the German Highway System) as rain pounded the ground outside. Thunder boomed and lightning crashed as the car continued its way down the road. Though the Autobahns of Germany usually are filled with cars speeding away, however, this night, there was not a car to be seen in sight. The driver pressed on the gas, needing to get to his location more quickly as the two men had to go see an old friend.
To the German driver's side, was a large, Russian man who continued drinking from his vodka bottle. Though the man looked as though he was ready to pass out from the alcohol, yet somehow, someway, the Russian managed to stay coherent the whole way.
"You should not be drinking so much, my Russian friend!" The German said to his companion "You are stinkin' up zee auto with zee smell of booze!"
The German's Russian companion merely grunted, and took another swig of vodka. To his disappointment, the bottle was empty. The Russian merely unrolled the window and threw the empty bottle of alcohol out. Reaching into his bag, the Russian produced yet another bottle of unopened vodka. Other necessities like food and clothing were neglected and were simply pushed back behind the never ending gallons of vodka.
"Haven't you had enough my Cossack friend?" the German asked
The Russian merely glared at the Russian driver.
"Of course I haven't had enough! Vodka is what keeps this Russian man going," Nikolai yelled. "Just keep driving Dr. Richtofen! I don't want a crash spilling my vodka."
The Russian continued to drink his clear beverage from the bottle. While disgusted by the smell, Richtofen decided to pay attention to the road, rather than smashing the bottle upside the Russian's head.
"JA! It's hard to see! Damn these autos and their lack of lighting!" Dr. Richtofen cursed as the brights of his car were insufficient to see well through the darkness of the night. “We should've traveled during zee day but vee vould have attracted unwanted attention!”
"Where exactly are we going anyways?" Nicholai asked taking yet another swig of his drink
"Why, we are going to zee an old colleague of mine," Richtofen said. "We used to work on zee project together before he was transferred to Auschwitz to work on projects with that Twin obsessed fool – Mengele, I think his name was."
After escaping the moon, Richtofen managed to locate his old friend, Nicholai. Though he was unable to recapture Takeo and Dempsey (Dempsey being killed in a bar fight, and Takeo is somewhere, drifting in a tiny water craft in the South Pacific) Nicholai was all that was needed for this pet project of Dr. Richtofen the vile Nazi War Criminal. However, Richtofen only needed Nicholai for his next little project. While it would have taken years f whose crimes managed to escape justice for over seventy years. Richtofen to catch up on his research, the Nazi discovered that he had an old colleague who was still living in the German province of Bavaria. So to continue with said research, Richtofen and Nicholai sped down the road to recruit this old colleague for his new plans of world domination. This time that little girl and Dr. Maxis would not stand in the way. No one will be able to stop him, not ever again.


"Time for tea already?" an old man said to himself as the cuckoo clock struck.
The old appeared ancient and withered, as though if he was held together by strips of leather. Dressed in a robe, the man was getting himself more comfortable for bed. The old man could feel that his time on earth is drawing to an end. Unbeknownst to this old man, he would be having a very special visitor. One whom he had not seen since the 1940s.
"BARK BARK!" A German shepherd barks, attracting his elderly master's attention to the door. Normally the dog would be barking at birds, or rabbits, and he was especially all wound up from the storm that had just passed a few hours before. No, there was something suspicious going on at this time.
"What is it Victor?" The old man says, putting his cup of tea on the table next to him, and went off to go answer see what was the matter.
Looking through the window, the old man noticed a small automobile pull up into his driveway. The old man took off his glasses, and cleaned them before putting them back in. At first, the man thought he was just tired from being up passed his bed time. Instead, there was really a car pulling into his drive way.
"That is strange." The Old Man said to himself, watching as the two men approached his house. "I was not expecting company, and not at this time."
"CUCKOO! CUCKOO!" The Old Man's Cuckoo doorbell began to go off.
Though annoyed, the old man went up to go answer the door anyways. Cursing under his breathe, the man slowly opened the door.
"Dr. Frederich Lun Brummer?" Richtofen asked through the small crack between the door and wall.
Richtofen was unsure if his old colleague was even alive. The last time the two had even interacted, was just before Dr. Nimdok left Group 935 to work on some of Mengele's Pet Projects in Auschwitz. Out of all the areas his old colleague could have gone to, was either Brazil alongside Mengele or somehow manage to stay in his homeland of Bavaria.
"Richtofen!" The old man said with alarm. "Richtofen?! It's … it's..."
Richtofen laughed at his old colleague's shock and awe.
"Ja it has been many years since we've had seen each other. Richtofen said shaking his old colleague's feeble hands. "Has Mengele has been treating you well?"
"Richtofen" The old man said. "Mengele has been dead for years, perhaps you should move on, or get a hold on the times."
"I have been getting ahold of zee times." Richtofen said glaring at Brummer.
"But... How..?" Brummer asked. "How are you so youthful in comparison to myself, while you are an older man than me?!"
"All will be explained to you in time my old friend." Richtofen said. "However, I am in need of asking you for a favor. Perhaps you have something of use to me."
Brummer shook his head and turned away.
"Ack!" Brummer said "My memory is not what it used to be. I can hardly remember what I had for breakfast. I don't know how I could help you."
Richtofen reached into his pocket and handed Brummer a piece of an old document.
"I know about zee project that you and Dr. Mengele were working on before you fled Auschwitz." Richtofen said
"I cannot help you with this!" Brummer said "My soul is already tainted, and the blood of hundreds on my hands call out for vengeance!"
Richtofen laughed.
"Which is exactly why I have tipped off this Jewish Organization… Mossad was it?" Richtofen said. "I merely told them that there was a German War Criminal hiding in Bavaria, and…"
Nimdok looked at Richtofen in shock.
"Richtofen! How dare you?! I have been hiding from them for years. Why should I have to be hanged amongst the rats and the dogs of the old times?!" Nimdok yelled
"Which is precisely I notified them. You zee I knew you would not come willingly, so I decided to give you more motivation." Richtofen said laughing like a mad man. "Ha ha ha … You better get your things packing, by my calculations we only have ten minutes before the Jewish Organization tracks us here."
And so the trio gathered Dr. Brummer's belongings. It was a quick and easy job as the man tended to be a light traveler, an ideal he had picked up fleeing Europe in the aftermath of World War 2. Once they were packed, the trio sped off in Richtofen's automobile as quickly as possible to escape the Israeli Mossad who were not hot on their tail.


In the coming weeks, Brummer realized what he had signed up for. A sort of Déjà vu reminiscent from his experiences of work as a doctor at one of the Nazi's many camps throughout Europe. Apparently, Richtofen had acquired a castle in Europe, one of the many built by the Swan King Ludwig himself. This one had been abandoned oh so many years ago, and was kept out from the public eye. A perfect location for the unholy experiments of the Doctor Richtofen. Victims would be kidnapped throughout Europe (victims who would not be missed such as vagrants and drug addicts).
At first, Dr. Nimdok did not care at all for the victims Richtofen had him experiment on.
"Most of them were probably Welfare Parasites" Nimdok thought to himself one day after yet another frightful experiment in which the victim's lower section of his spinal cord was removed without an anasthetic.
However, it did not take long for Brummer to feel guilty about the whole affair and he had decided to take action against the Doctor. However, Nimdok was a weak and feeble old man, and he could not possibly take on Richtofen, who was an experienced fighter, in combat. Reading a newspaper one day, Nimdok came across an article explaining about how a UN Organization Called the B.S.A.A (Bioterror Security Assessment Alliance) was cleaning up a recent bioterror incident in Kijuju, Africa.
"Perhaps these are the people equipped to take down Richtofen once and for all." Doctor Nimdok thought to himself as he put down the paper on his desk.
The old man took out a large book, containing lists of phone numbers, and dialed for the BSAA. Soon the helicopters would be arriving. Putting the events of this story into action. Affecting the futures of all who take part.
End of Prologue.
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