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Hey guys!

So I got like three hours sleep last night and I was re-reading Penina’s ‘Anyone Out There’ message and I started reminiscing and shit and I wanted to write my own ‘hey how are you doing’ message so here goes nothing! :)

Tapping onto Penina’s message, we were talking a while ago about everyone/everything we missed about this site (the night she uploaded her message) and we were hoping to get back in touch with a few people that we were both friends with: AJ, Mia, Shayla, Becca, Ash, Vikki and Raven etc. Especially Raven who I really hope is doing okay and if you’re reading this, please get in touch because me and Penina really want to know how you’re doing :)

So I was looking at Penina’s reviews on her message and looks like a few of you remember me (DarknessBliss you totally made my day when you made that comment like ‘I knew the fame of Hozzie’ haha :’)) but for those that don’t remember me I’ll jog your memory! :) I was about thirteen I think when I joined this site and then I started making friends and shit when I turned around fourteen to fifteen – I was the one obsessed with Gerard in the little circle of friends I had. There was a lot of fighting on this site but my memories of this place are all really happy and I’m still totally bummed that it came to an end to be honest.

I’m doing okay now by the way, I’ve finished college and I’m just waiting to receive my A-Level results to know whether or not I’m going to university. If I do get in then I’ll be moving down to London in September which will be super awesome. My obsession for MCR has kind of drifted away now (helped by the fact that they broke up which I’m still kind of not over) and I’m more obsessed with Supernatural now. I’m also really into K-Pop lately.

Anyway I’m sensing that I’m starting to ramble so I’ll cut to what I’m trying to say – please do get in touch even if we never particularly spoke to each other because I wanna hear how you’re doing and stuff. Hell, even if you don’t remember me then just leave a review with your fucking summer plans ‘cos I wanna speak to you all again!

Well if you got this far then thanks for reading until the end and I’m sorry if this note doesn’t make a lot of sense – I am absolutely exhausted. So I’m gonna sign off and get some sleep ‘cos I have work tomorrow (oh yeah, I work in a Victorian museum. Awesome, right?) but yeah, please get in touch ‘cos I’m dying to hear from literally anyone!

Love Hozzie
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