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Chapter II

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As Bruce and Alfred resettle in the rebuilt Wayne Manor, Gordon finds that he can't shake the spectres of the past.

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'Jim Gordon found himself feeling sick to his stomach as he stood at the steps of Gotham's City-Hall, the eyes of the City focused on him as he placed his speech-papers on the podium in front of him. He dared not look behind him though, for there was a giant portrait of Harvey Dent smiling out at those who had appeared to pay their respects to their fallen-Idol. But the Police Commissioner at this moment could not feel grief for the deceased District Attorney, not when he knew the truth, not just the truth of what had really happened that horrific night - but also of Harvey's true fate.

'I can't do this...' he started to think as he took a breath and looked out at the large crowd in front of him, with his eyes scanning the crowd, though trying not to meet anyone else's eyes out of fear that they could see right through him. But then his eyes fell upon his Wife and their two Children, James Jr. and Barbara, the former staring back with an ashamed expression.

'...but I made a vow to a 'friend'...' he continued to think as those friend's words echoed through his mind.

"You'll hunt me, you'll condemn me...set the dogs on me. Because that's what needs to happen, because sometimes the truth isn't good people deserve more, sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded."

And Jim Gordon had done just that in the days since their last meeting, throwing his friend to the wolves and piling the weight of all Harvey Dent's crimes on his Man had committed himself to protecting Gotham and it's Citizens, no matter the outcome. And in the moment when the City now needed him, they were instead cursing his name and making a Pariah out of Batman and he...James Gordon, was helping them.

But he had to, for this lie that he and the Batman created was now bringing a peaceful calm to Gotham, the first one ever. But even if the people were enjoying it, Gordon could not. Because deep down, he knew it was a false calm.

The Commissioner then finally managed to pull his attention away from the judging stare of his Wife and the sad and pained expressions of his kids, returning it to the pages that lay on the podium before him. So even though it hurt him to do it, Jim Gordon took a breath and began to read the pages aloud for all around him to hear.

"Harvey Dent was needed. He was everything Gotham City had been crying out for. He was..." he started to say before feeling a lump grow in his throat, for his eyes fixed themselves on one particular word.

'Just read it!' the Police Commissioner thought to himself.

"...a hero." he then added with a slither of loathing to his voice, before taking another breath.

"Not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed. Nothing less than a Knight...shining."

The crowd watching him contently all nodded at those words, slight smiles appearing on their faces despite the grief and pain they all showed. All except his own Family, who continued to stare back as they had done since this funeral had begun. But Gordon just looked back down at his speech, fighting the urge to speak the truth and let this lie come to an end.

"But I knew Harvey Dent. I was his...friend, and it will be a very long time before someone inspires us in the way..." James continued to say, only to be cut off by a familiar voice who spoke from his left.


This made the Police Chief's eyes widen as he recognised the voice, turning round to see Harvey Dent standing there with his good side to him as he looked at the crowd.

"Harvey..." Gordon muttered in a mixture of fear and disbelief, which made the former DA turn his face towards the older Man and reveal the burn't and scarred side of his face to him, with his eyes staring back with a burning hatred.

"You are a liar. Because if you were truly my friend, then you would have stood with me against corruption."

This made James's face go completely white as he stood frozen before the Two-Faced Man, who then pointed his pistol directly at him with his left hand, while reaching into his pocket with his right.

"But you made your deal with the Devil..." he continued to spit back venomously, before pulling out a familiar-looking coin which he then held out for all to see.

"...and now it's time to pay the price." Harvey then finished before flicking the coin into the air, where it spun for what felt like a life-time. But all Gordon could do was watch it with fear-filled eyes before it finally landed in the palm of Dent's hand, showing the blackened side up.

This made Harvey smile before he suddenly turned the gun towards the Police Commissioner's Family, which made Jim suddenly scream out at the top of his voice.


Gordon suddenly awoke to find himself sitting at his desk in the living room of his and his Wife's home, sweat dripping from his face as he panted while looking at is surroundings frantically.

'It was just...another dream.' the Police Chief thought while he sighed in relief, before returning his attention to his desk which was littered with papers and books. There were numerous notes and files all spread out over it's surface, as well as an alarm clock that said '08:30' in red neon lights.

'It's that time already!' James thought before feeling a hand tugging on his arms, which made him look in that direction and see his youngest Daughter standing there, staring at him with a worried expression.

"You slept in here again, Daddy." she said, gaining a knowing nod from her Father in return as he picked up his glasses off the desk and out them on.

"Yes I guess I did, Barbara." he replied with a slight embarrassment to his face, before then smiling back at his little-girl as she held out an unpeeled Banana to him.

"You need Breakfast." she said back enthusiastically, which made James smile widen as he excepted it.

"Thanks Barbara, that's very thoughtful of you."

The 8 year-old Girl smiled back lovingly, watching as he then was began to peel the fruit, only to stop when a blonde-haired Boy walked into the room.

"Good Morning Jimmy." Gordon then said with a smile, but his 11-year old Son simply ignored him and picked up a book that was lying on the nearby Sofa, before walking back towards the Kitchen as their Mother came into view.

"Jim, don't you have work?" she asked in direct and uncaring manner, earning a nod from the Police Chief as he got up from his desk.

"Yeah, I just need to freshen up first." he replied gingerly, while his Wife just stared back judging-like expression.

"Well go on then, don't want the Patrol-Car out there to wait any longer than it already has." she said back, before turning her attention to little Barbara.

"Barbara, Jimmy! Get your coats on, because it's School time." she said, with the eldest Child quickly putting his blue coat on. But Barbara just looked at her Father with a sad smile, which made him gesture for her to go join her Brother and Mother.

"Go on, don't want to be late." he said with mirrored look, gaining a nod back from her in return.

"Okay Daddy..." Barbara started to say, before pointing at the fruit in his hand.

"...but don't forget your Breakfast."

This made the Older Man's smile widen a little more, brushing his hand over the little Girl's hair lovingly.

"I won't, now don't keep your Mother waiting." he then replied, before his Daughter ran over to the others and slipped on her purple and yellow coat. Gordon then gave his Wife a slight smile as the Kids walked out of the house, but she simply sighed with the same expression and followed them, leaving the Police Commissioner on his own in the House and holding a Banana.

Twenty minutes later and Jim Gordon left his home in a new suit which was under his favourite Mak-coat, feeling somewhat fresher than he did earlier while he walked down the wooden stairs of the balcony and climbed into the passenger seat of the Patrol-Car that was parked right next to it.

"Morning Commissioner, heading my way?" a male voice asked with a sarcastic yet respectful voice from his left, making the Police Chief look in that direction to see a chubby Police Officer at the wheel, smiling back.

"You're a funny guy, Officer Bullock. But if you ever want to see that Detective badge..." he began to reply in an authoritative tone, which immediately made the younger guy look uneasy.

"Look Commissioner, what I just did...I didn't mean anything by..." he started to apologise, only stopping when he saw a slight smile appear on his Boss's face.

"I'm pulling your leg Bullock, relax."

"Oh, okay then. And I thought you were the one without a sense of humour, Commissioner." Bullock replied with a sigh of relief.

"I can be light-hearted when I want to be, just a Man in my position usually can't afford to." Gordon said back, gaining a nod from his Subordinate.

"Well Comissioner, your secret is safe with me." he replied with a smile, which earned a mirrored gesture in return.

"Good, so how about we get to work?"

"Yes Sir, Commission Sir." the Officer said back in an enthusiastic tone, while turning on the vehicle's engine and then pulling away from the curb and back onto the road.

As they drove away from Gordon's Residence, the Police Chief pulled the un-eaten Banana from his coat pocket and continued to pull back the skin, until the edible fruit was alp that remained.

"So were you waiting outside my House for a long while, Bullock?" he asked, before taking a bite out of the yellow fruit.

"Only about 30 minutes, Commissioner. Which is nothing to complain about...not that I would, mind you." Bullock said back, a tinge of nervousness on his voice as he said that last sentence. But Gordon simply nodded back as he continued eating his breakfast, looking out at the City as they drove through it towards the Police Headquarters.

"Glad to hear it, though I don't usually make it a priority to have my Officers wait for me for so long." he replied while finishing the fruit off, but the younger Man shook his head in return.

"As I said Commissioner, it's not a problem. Not when I can see that you have troubles of your own to deal with." he said back in a respectful, yet straight forward manner. This made the Police Chief look over at his Subordinate with a surprised expression, one that gained an unsure look back as they stopped at a cross-junction.

"You've noticed then?" Jim asked, earning a nod from Bullock who kept his attention on the road ahead, waiting for the traffic lights to change from red to green.

"Yes Sir, I saw how angry your Wife looked as she left with your Kids, it was a look I remember seeing my Ex-Wife with plenty of times over a year ago."

"Yeah, well we are having a tough time right now." the Police Commissioner replied with a truthful tone, while their Patrol-Car then began to move as it passed the now green traffic-lights, with Bullock maintaining focus on his driving.

"I can see that and I know it's not my business, but if you ever want to talk about it Commissioner..." he started to say, only for Jim Gordon to cut him off with a friendly if slightly annoyed smile.

"I appreciate that Bullock, but that will be unnecessary." the Police Chief quickly inter-cutted, gaining a knowing nod from his Subordinate.

"Okay then." he answered back, never taking his eyes off the vehicles ahead of them as he drove.

"But this is just something that Barbara and I have to deal with ourselves." the older Man tried to say back with a hint of hope to his voice, but deep down he knew what the real issue was that was affecting his family right now. So as Gordon sat in the passenger seat and looked out at the world that was passing him and Bullock by, with nothing but silence between both Men. His mind stirred up memories, memories of a night that tainted the very foundation of his being as voices could be heard.

"You're not going to hurt my Family."

"No, just the person you love most."

"You don't want to hurt the Boy, Harvey!"

"It's not about what I want, it's about what's FAIR!"

"Jim, stop him..."

"Fair enough, you first..."

"Harvey, you're right. Rachel's death was my fault. Please don't punish the Boy, please punish me."

"Tell your Boy it's going to be alright, Gordon. Lie, like I lied."

"It's going to be alright Son."

"You either die a Hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the Villain..."

"No you can't, you're not...!"

"I'm whatever Gotham needs me to be, call it in."

Hearing the voices of these memories gave the Police Chief a chill, one that went all the way down to his soul. This cause him to sigh as he looked of the side door window, gaining the attention of Officer Bullock.

"Commissioner, are you alright?" he asked with a worried tone, while keeping his eyes between the road and his Boss.

"Yeah..." Gordon began to say as he turned his attention back to the traffic ahead of them, taking deep and steady breaths as he calmed himself.

"...I guess I would like To talk about something different now, that's all."

"Of course Commissioner, then how about I tell you what I heard about Lieutenant Foley from last night." the younger Man then said, gaining a curious expression from the Police Chief in return.


Meanwhile, just past the outskirts of Gotham City. Alfred Pennyworth was walking down one of the long corridors of Wayne Manor, dressed in his usual steam-pressed suit as he carried a tray towards a large door just ahead. The morning sun-light was shining through the windows, bringing the white-painted interior to life as the Butler stopped at the door ane opened it, which made his eyes widen a little as the next room was revealed to him.

For before him was the Master-Bedroom, which had a Victorian-style to it. And it was complete with a giant Oak-Wardrobe, dressing-table and a four Poster-Bed...which was empty.

'I should have known.' the Old Gentleman thought to himself with a knowing expression as he saw the messed up sheets lying over the Bed, before shaking his head and then leaving the room.

Alfred instead went back downstairs and into the large Living-Room, straight to the Piano that stood beside a bookcase bursting with old books. The Butler then while holding the tray with perfect balance on his right hand, one of many skills he had gained through his long and busy life, played a small melody on the Piano with his left. With the final note echoing through the room, the sound of something unlocking behind the bookcase made the Gentleman turn towards it as that piece of furniture suddenly moved to the right, revealing a hidden elevator that he then entered, before it's doors closes behind him and descended to whatever was below the Mansion.

When the elevator-doors next opened, the Butler stepped out into what looked like a mine tunnel which was lit up via several lights hanging from the ceiling, along with a number of power cables.

'We have been back less than a week...' Pennyworth began to think as he walked just a couple of yards, before the tunnel opened up into the Bat-Cave. And as if on command, a swarm of Bats flew overhead as the Old-Gentleman looked around at his surroundings from where he stood on that upper-level. The layout of the Cave had not changed that much from what it had been like before Ra's Al Ghul and his Men burnt down the Manor two years ago. The Main entrance to this Base was still hidden by the waterfall, with the Bat-pod and second Tumbler parked near it on the ground floor. So far the only changes had been made were to the foundations of the Manor above which were strengthened and the installation of a new Armory and Bat-Computer at the end of the upper level.

And that was where Bruce Wayne currently was, sitting down in front of a large screen, which itself was surrounded by several smaller ones.

"Morning Alfred." the younger Man said, not even turning round to see his faithful Butler and Confidant, who simply shook his head as he walked up to him.

"I see I was right once again, Master Wayne." he replied, gaining a curious look from the Billionaire as he swivelled his chair around to face him.

"About what Alfred?"

"Well, remember last year..." Pennyworth began to say, while placing the tray down on the small table beside his Master.

"...when I said 'you can go from not sleeping in a Penthouse, to not sleeping in a Mansion'. Well...I told you so."

This made Bruce's expression change to one of confusion as he reached over to the tray, taking a piece of buttered toast from a plate lying on it.

"I would agree with you Alfred, had I stayed down here after getting back from last night's patrol. But I did go to bed." he replied before taking a bite from the food, while the Butler looked back with a caring yet worried expression.

"But that was only a few hours ago Master Wayne, you should still be in bed."

"Unfortunately I have a busy day ahead of me, so I can't think of having a lie-in today." the younger Man replied as he turned back to the Computer and started typing on it's large keyboard, gaining a knowing expression from Alfred in return.

"Ah, you mean your 10:30am meeting with Mr Fox and the Wayne Enterprises board."

"Yes, plus I have a few ideas I would like Lucius to explore for me with Applied Sciences." Bruce said back as he looked over some information on the main screen, while Pennyworth looked at his watch.

"Well I think you better get a move on, as that is only an hour away." he replied, which made his younger friend nod back.

"Yeah, I was just about to get changed and head out. I was only going over the data on Lieutenant Foley..." he started to say, only for Alfred to cut him off as they both stared at the screen.

"You mean the GCPD's new lieutenant, the man currently leading Gordon's anti-Batman squad." he said while gesturing to the screen, earning another nod from Bruce in return.

"Yes, I nearly had another run-in with him last night in Old Gotham while taking care of Zsasz and a group of armed thieves."

"Making things difficult for you, Master Wayne?"

"Not so much, but despite what he has publicly said about chasing down Criminals and myself, I can't help but feel that he wants to focus on me more." the Billionaire said back with a slither of worry to the tone of his voice, gaining a knowing expression from Alfred.

"Well can you blame him...or the GCPD? You were the one who had Gordon hold you responsible for Harvey Dent's crimes..." he started to say in a 'matter-of-fact' tone, only to stop as Bruce looked back with a determined expression.

"That was to protect the people of Gotham. Not just from the truth of what Dent had done, but also so that all the Criminals he had put away would stay behind bars."

"And that was a decision I agreed with, despite how difficult it would make Batman's mission. I told you before, Master Wayne, that 'things were always going to get worse before they got better'." Alfred replied, making Bruce nod back slowly as he looked at a framed-photo that was standing on the table beside the tray.

"You were right too, things did get much worse..." he started to say before drifting off as a sad look befell his fa ce, which made the Butler look at the same picture and see that it was of Rachel Dawes.

"Yes, that was a terrible tragedy..." he began to reply, remembering the letter for Bruce that she had given to him, the one that he later burnt to protect his friend.

"...but she wasn't the first, nor will she be the last. Which is why Gotham still needs you...still needs the Batman, even if it despises you."

This made the younger Man turn and lookup at his Confidant, an appreciative slight-smile on his face.

"Well, good to know that this is not all in vain." Bruce then replied.

"I am not one to sugar-coat the truth for you Master Wayne, only to ensure that you pick yourself back up and get back out there."

"Well..." Bruce started to say, an appreciative slight-smile appearing on his face as he looked at his friend.

"...I am lucky to have you here then, to help me with this mission of mine."

"Always Master Bruce...and it's 'our' mission." Alfred replied with a caring smile, one that Wayne mirrored before turning back to the Computer and shutting it down, which made the Armory nearby slide back down into the floor, taking the Bat-suit out of view.

"Well I better get going." he said while getting up and starting for the elevator, with the Butler following beside him.

"By the way Master Wayne, I forgot to ask..." he started to say as they entered the lift, with the younger Man pressing the button beside him.

"...why were you a little late back last night, after contacting me originally?"

"I thought that since I was in Old Gotham, I should pay my respects." Bruce replied with a knowing look, which made the older Man nod back as he knew what the Billionaire meant.

"Of course Sir, I know they would be very proud of you." he said back as the doors closed, and the elevator then took them back up to the Manor.
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