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Naruto: New Life

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Naruto is the 7th Hokage, he's got a beautiful wife, great kids and his dream job. His life was good. Until his best friends Sasuke and Sakura got a divorce and he was forced to pick sides. Of cour...

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Naruto’s life was going alright. Beautiful, loving wife, great kids, dream job. Then his two best friends went and got a divorce. Sasuke had been having an affair and got caught. In these rough times they expected him to pick a side. He didn’t want too; these were the people he loved most in the world…after his family of course. But he had to, so he chose Sakura’s side. Sasuke was in the wrong in this situation, so he had to support the victim. Of course emotional Sasuke just saw it as Naruto taking his long time crush’s side in hopes of getting some action. Naruto shook off the comment and invited Sakura and Sarada to live with him in his home.
It turned out his wife also viewed Naruto’s action this way, and after weeks of constant fighting filed for divorce. She had full custody of their precious daughter Himawari while their son Boruto went to Naruto. Life had been tough on everyone so it was no surprise when Sakura started to sleep in Naruto’s bed seeking comfort. This new life they all lived in started off rocky and painful but, eventually grew into something more.
To the story!
Sarada woke up early as usual. She had been going to sleep as early as possible since the divorce and had started to wake up early as result. She went to bed early to avoid her mother’s sobs at first but ever since she had started sleeping in Naruto’s bed the sobbing had stopped and Sarada’s early sleeping had become a habit.
Sarada yawned and stretched walking out of her room and into the main hallway. The divorce pain had mostly subsided by now, but thinking about it still hurt, especially after her family had all come together 5 years ago when she first met her father. But maturity would do that to you; after all, Boruto and Sarada were both 17 now.
As Sarada passed by her mother and Naruto’s room she heard a sleepy moan. She peeked into the room and blushed slightly. Her mother had her leg wrapped around the 7th Hokage and had pulled herself just close enough to brush her womanhood against the man’s morning wood. Sarada opened the door a bit more and slipped in. The pain from the divorce had subsided, but her infatuation with the 7th Hokage that began when she was 12 had not. Sarada blushed; the Hokage had taken his shirt off revealing his well-muscled body. The shirt he had worn was hanging from the corner of the bed along with most of the covers. Sarada picked up both the covers and shirt and put them back on the end of the bed.
Sarada started to leave the room but glanced back at the Hokage’s bed. She had gotten a whiff of the man’s scent on his shirt when she picked it up, and for some reason, it had really turned her on. Sarada quickly grabbed the shirt and headed for the bath. She put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and sat down with the shirt. She began to sniff the cloth, sighing at the scent of the man she loved still attached to it. She instinctively moved her hand down to the line of her pants and began to have fun.
Sarada held the shirt in one hand and the waistline of her pants in the other. She slowly pulled down the waistline to her mid-thighs and used her legs to wiggle the pants off. Sarada lay back on the cold bathroom floor and began to rub her womanhood while smelling the shirt. Her own touch was ecstasy. She gasped and began to rub the lips harder, now rubbing the shirt on her body.
She slowed down and laid the shirt on the floor. She tore off her top revealing her perky b-cup breasts. Sarada sat back down on the shirt and began to toy with herself again.
She began to slip her right hand’s fingers in and out of her sex while still rubbing around the edges while her left hand played with her breasts. Sarada began to quietly moan thinking of her beloved Hokage. This was not the first time she had masturbated to his memory. She had done this multiple times before, starting around the age of 14. But the shirt with his scent on it made the experience 10 times as hot, he was practically there with her. Sarada got on her knees and lowered her face to the shirt below her, now vicsiously fingering herself. She used 3 fingers to penetrate her sex while the other two toyed with her clit. She began to moan louder and louder as she masturbated to his scent.
After a few more minutes she had reached her climax. With the loudest moan she had ever made she came all over the shirt. Sarada panted, still weary from the pleasure. She would definitely be stealing the shirt for pleasure sessions like this again. But first she had to return it before the adults noticed.
With Naruto
The 7th Hokage yawned and raised his head as he woke up. He looked over to the opposite side of his mattress and found Sakura in her lose tank top brushing herself against his morning wood. Naruto smiled, in the few months they had been living together Naruto and Sakura had gotten even closer and at this point it was only a matter of time before they made love.
He unraveled himself from her limbs and stood up. He threw on the shirt at the end of his bed. He frowned; he hadn’t remembered getting the shirt wet. Oh well, it didn’t matter. He made his way towards the door, he was gonna have a healthy breakfast today. He had a feeling he would need that energy later.
Okay! Thanks for reading my first chapter! I know it was short but it’s really late right now and I’m too tired to extend it, next chapter even more of these strange relationships will develop. Hope you enjoyed!
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