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Chpt 11: This isn't how it was supposed to be

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Okay. So this is long overdue. But I still love you guys!

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Chpt 11: This isn't how it was supposed to be

A few days later I find myself sitting in Patrick's mother's living room surrounded by white streamers and a thousand of Becca's bubbly blonde friends. This scenario is far less fun and a lot more uncomfortable than I'd first expected. Since my conversation with Mrs. Pat every time I see Patrick these three questions instantly pop into my head,

A.) Would he ever propose?
B.) Would I say yes?
C.) Is that really the man I may spend the rest of forever with?

None of which I have an answer too, and all of which I'm not sure that I want one to.

I'm currently thankful for the fact that Mrs. Pat has locked all the boys in the basement for the duration of the shower. I think his presence would be the only thing that could make this whole ordeal any more awkward. Except maybe strippers.

I haven't really had the guts to randomly approach the topic of marriage with Patrick just yet. The conversation of "Hey, so your mom wants us hitched." isn't really one I'm looking forward to. And if it wasn't currently cause me to form an ulcer I'd probably just ignore it.

The party came to a close and I was busing myself with tearing down streamer as my effort in the clean up process. The boys slowly ventured up the stairs, one by one as they found it safe for them to do so now.

Patrick walked up behind me, wrapping an arm around my middle and resting his head on my shoulder. He wore no hat today, as they were not allowed in his mother's house. It hung neatly from a hook in the foyer.

"Hey there lovely. How was the shower?" He whispered into my ear sending shivers down my spine and making my fingertips tingle.

"Hi," I squeak and turn in his arms to face him. He places as soft kiss on my lips and I'm thankful that his arms are around me when I feel my knees go weak. When did he get so good at that? "It was fine, you know me and girl gatherings."

He smiled pulling me tighter to him, "Yeah. Not always the best mix."

"So, Mr. Stump. What's the plan for the evening?" I ask wrapping my arms around his waist. This is all still a little weird for me. A good weird. But weird.

"Mmm, rehearsals. You coming?"

I lay my head on his chest, while I'm not looking forward to facing Pete I guess its unavoidable. I nod against him, "Yeah, for old times sake."

He laughed and kissed the top of my head before separating us so that only our hands remained linked as they dangled between us. As we walk to the door and say our good-byes Mrs. Pat grins knowingly at me and pulls me in for a hug.

"Bells will be ringing" She sings in a whisper, and winks at me as I walk out the door. And I can't help but smile.

Unlike the shower rehearsals prove to be slightly less awkward than I'd expected. Pete sat across the studio from where I was perched atop Patrick's amp. He smiles softly at me and I return the gesture. I'm not quite sure how this is supposed to go. I'm not exactly used to breaking hearts, more so the other way around.

"I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, Take This To Your Grave anyone?" Pete asks breaking me from my thoughts. He stood and strapped on his bass, looking to Andy who grinned and started the beat to "Dead On Arrival" Joe smiled, along with Patrick and the song kicked into full swing.
A smile formed over my own lips as I sang along out loud until the song ended. "You guys never cease to amaze me." I hopped down from my perch to kiss Patrick on the cheek only to have my guts twist when I see the look on Pete's face.

Just when things were getting back to a skewed sense of normal leave it to awkward situation to come in and ruin the day.

I hate feeling like I'm being pulled in opposite directions by my own head and heart. I'm starting to realize that one's got it in for the other, and the out come probably won't be very pretty.
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