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Rash Decisions: Pt 3 -- Happy Endings in the Midst of Harsh Truths

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Part three of the Rash Decisions Trilogy. Inuyasha and Kagome have to figure out a way to escape new dangers brought on by a wish upon the shikon no tama. Will it lead to happy endings or broken ...

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Romance - Characters: Inuyasha, Kagome, Kirara, Miroku, Sango, Sesshoumaru, Shippo - Warnings: [!!!] [X] - Published: 2006-08-15 - Updated: 2006-08-15 - 1742 words


Rash Decisions: Happy Endings Hidden in the Midst of Harsh Truths.

"So, what happened Inuyasha?" Kagome had a worried look in her eyes. "Are you hurt?" She looked at him seemingly checking him out. When she was sure that he was unharmed she ran to him and threw her arms around his waist.

"Guys... there is a big problem... and that fucking demon that was here earlier ... well, he was just the beginning

Kagome looked at Inuyasha with terror in her eyes as he explained everything that Sesshoumaru had said. When at last he had finished speaking, Miroku and Sango simply sat hushed. Kaede however, did not seem to be in the least bit surprised.

"You knew didn't you Kaede." Inuyasha finally whispered to the elder Miko who merely shook her head. "Well, what should we do?" His motioning was towards Kagome.

"Aye my child, this is something that I have feared. It is however up to Kagome and yourself to decide what ye will do. But please do choose a wise path; unfortunately there will be no time for delay. Ye must choose and choose soon." Kaede slowly stood from her seat beside them on the logs and let out a sigh. "This old woman is bedding down for the night. Perhaps I should recommend slumber for the rest of you as well." Those were her last words to the worn out and tired group that remained seated around the fire.

"She's right; I think I am going to go rest for the night as well. Lady Sango, would you care to join me? As seeing that these two most certainly will be needing some time to talk, it might be of best interest for all of us." She eyed the houshi up unclear of his intentions playing true or not. But when Sango looked to Kagome and Inuyasha's worry stricken expressions, she knew that he was right.

"You'd better not try anything. We wouldn't want a dead houshi on our hands now would we?" Inuyasha let out a slight laugh at the seriousness in the Taijiya's voice and the look of complete terror that centered Miroku's wide eyed gaze.

"Yeah Miroku keep that 'cursed' hand away from the poor girl's backside... if she killed you the smell of your rotting corpse would be a bit too much to handle" Miroku straightened himself and let out a sarcastic huff towards the hanyou, before looking back to Sango with a false innocence.

"Do not worry my dear Sango, for you I will keep this wretched cursed appendage away from your lovely ... ample... extremely gor..."

"Watch it monk...we all know that the 'curse' was lifted upon Naraku's defeat." there was warning on her face as well as in her voice; Miroku swallowed a newly forming lump in his throat. They both walked back to the huts, leaving Inuyasha and Kagome to talk.

"I cannot let you die again Kagome. I refuse to-" He was silenced by her finger on his lips.
"Don't worry Inuyasha. I trust you. That is why I must ask you to tell me all of what your brother said. The stuff you left out... tell me please Inuyasha." How the hell did she know? He thought before letting his body slump into a sigh. His gaze lifted to hers and Kagome smiled.

"I... Damnit Kagome. We have to figure something out. There are demons that want to see to it that we are both destroyed. I mean... I could handle it if it was just a threat towards me but... I don't want to even think about them touching you... of you dying at the hands of a demon again." He choked back tears, not allowing them to fall and hugged her close. He was surprised when he heard a slight bout of laughter from her throat. He pulled away and looked at her wide eyed; no words would form.

"Oh Inuyasha... you worry too much. I know that it scares you, and I know that it is bad but, I do have an idea." Her stature became serious again as she seemingly tried to hold back hurting tears. "Inuyasha, you're human." He squinted a bit and shuddered at the new truth.

"Yeah, so what about it Kagome?"

"So... I mean, I know it would be an adjustment and all... and I know that Miroku and Sango would be greatly missed but... since the aura of the jewel is within the both of us now... we could come back anytime..." she looked down into her lap, unable to find a way to speak her possible solution. Inuyasha however, quickly caught on to what she was attempting to present to him.

"We could live on the other side of the well in your time. Is that what you are trying to say Kagome?"

"Yes." Her voice was smaller than normal, hushed as if afraid of the response that she would get from her hanyou. Finding her courage, Kagome let out a breath and straightened her body; gazing into his eyes she gave her reason. "Inuyasha... yes, you and I... we could live on the other side of the well with mama. I could finish up school, or at least try to anyways... and we could get jobs, then save up some money and... and well maybe find a place of our own... just you and me. You're human now and though it would take some getting used to, you have spent some time in my era... so you wouldn't be completely clueless." His reluctant stare made her uneasy.

"Kagome..." he looked away from her as his voice was barely a whisper.

"Inuyasha I mean, I know that it's a big sacrifice but... but I love you too much to watch you die... or to die once more myself and know on some level, that you are alone again... defenseless to live for me. If we go Inuyasha..." She reached out to touch pull the stray hairs that framed his face to her own; pressing her forehead to his. "Inuyasha, we could have a family with a better guarantee of safety." He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her waist; pulling her closer into his embrace. There was a grin washing over his face.

"Kagome... I ... I'm speechless... a family? You want to actually have a family with me? Since when? I... I ... I mean... Kagome...?" She could have laughed at his own confusion but opted to kiss him instead.

"Since the moment I knew I loved you Inuyasha. Since the moment I realized that even though there was, in my mind, someone else for you... there would never be another for me. I guess I've always wanted to have a family with you. Even as a hanyou Inuyasha, to me it didn't matter what form you took, it still doesn't. You were and always will be my Inuyasha. I love you for who you are, and I only want you to love me forever... Kami knows that I will never stop loving you." There were tears treading down her cheeks, and Inuyasha couldn't resist the urge to kiss them away.

"If it means that you won't be killed because of this mess that I have put you in... and as long as you are near, then it really doesn't matter where we live. Kagome... I would love nothing more than to be the father that I never had... to be by your side for as long as we both breathe. If of course... well if you'll have me?" He looked at her with a glimmer of hope in his eyes. She smiled through her tears and hugged him again.

"Weren't you listening silly! Of course I will, I didn't say that just to fill in the silence. I meant every word. Inuyasha, I want to be happy... with you. It is just an idea but... it may be the only choice we have." Inuyasha grasped Kagome's hand within his own and helped her up from the log.

"Why don't we both turn in for the night Kagome? You've got to be exhausted... Kami knows that I am." She nodded and followed him to the hut.


When they entered the room, Kagome quickly walked over to her knapsack and pulled her sleeping bag from it and laid it down open on the floor. Pulling out an extra blanket she laid it over the spread out sleeping contraption and let out a sigh. Inuyasha turned to leave for the undesired solitude of the sakura trees when Kagome's voice pulled him back.

"Where are you going Inu?" She looked him over in a way that made him think that there was something wrong. Upon looking down at himself, he realized what it was. I'm still could I've forgotten. His eyes saddened, her scent was so faded. Glancing up, she let out a sigh and started to speak again. "I ... I opened it up so that we can both sleep here tonight. I don't think that we should be alone right now." She held both of his hands; swinging them playfully in front of her. Inuyasha followed and lay down on the quilted fabric and as Kagome laid her body beside his, he wrapped his arm around her to pull her close; letting her clasp both of their hands to her heart. They both lingered in the quiet of their thoughts before Inuyasha let his voice resound yet again.

"So, when did you want to leave Kagome?" She turned her head to his gaze; still holding his hands close within her bosom.

"When did you want to go? I'm fine with whenever you are ready to do that, it is a big step after all." She closed her eyes, as if trying to find a peaceful thought.

"Tomorrow." She whispered firmly as she snapped her eyes open to stare deeply and intently into the eyes of the ningen beside her. Trying to ignore the tension of the situation, the young couple attempted to sleep. Darkness engulfed Inuyasha, forcing him into a state of dreaming that he was not yet ready to fall into. Without knowledge, there was a barrier formed by the young Miko... weakly protecting them at their most vulnerable state.

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