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The Seduction Series, Chapter 2

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The story takes place after the raping of Christian

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Seduction Series

Part 2

Disclaimer: Not suitable for Children, Strong Language, Sexual Content, may be offensive to some (Rated R)

Christian gasped. "Gina!" "What the hell are you doing here?"
"I came to see how your procedure went, asshole." she replied.
Christina hung his head in embarrassment at the urinal. He flushed the urinal.
"Who told you about the sigmoidoscopy? Is nothing sacred?" Christian snapped.
"I guess not, Christian," Gina replied with sarcasm.

Christian felt trapped. He huddled closer to the urinal.
"Damn, these things don't offer much privacy, I should have used the toilet in the stall," he thought.

Gina slowly walked up to Christian.
"Have you missed me?" she quipped. She began to trace her finger down the back of Christian's neck. Her finger travelled down his spine.
She thought, "The hospital gown was very revealing, she missed his sleek, sexy body."
Christian quivered.
"Oh God," he moaned. "Please.....please don't sto-" he begged.
"Don't stop what, Christian?" Gina asked. Her hands untied the gown strings and spread the gown, separating it.

Gina's one hand caressed his one shoulder. "Such broad, wide, shoulders, hmmmm very masculine," she thought to herself.
Christian began to break out into a sweat, she could see the beads of sweat on his body.
Her other hand moved down between his legs. "Spread 'em!" she demanded.
Christian obeyed her request. He leaned his hands against the wall behind the urinal and spread his legs slightly, so she could reach for his now, ever-hardening c*.

"My, my, Christian. You've never been slow to get it up, have you?," she remarked.
"No," he smiled slowly. He was taking great delight in the attention and so was his d*.
"Maybe I should finish what I started...hmmm?" she mused.
"Uh, huh," Christian nodded in agreeance.
Gina took his hand. "Follow me," she instructed.
"Where's Liz?" Christian nervously asked. He began to pout. He wanted a good lay NOW and he knew Gina would deliver.
"Don't worry, Christian," "I told her you'd be in good hands with me!" she replied, grinning.

Christian began to strip off Gina's clothes at the side of the bed.
She slapped his bare-naked ass, "Can't you go any faster, asshole?" she demanded.
"Hey, don't talk to me like that, bi*!" he snarled.
"Do ya want it or not?" Gina snapped.
"Yes!" he pleaded.

Christian pushed Gina onto the bed. She was naked now except her bra and panties.
He moved on top of her. The restraints were still attached to the bed. Gina noticed them there.
"OOOooooo, what are these?" she asked mischieviously.
"I was a naughty boy, I guess," Christian grinned. "Do you want to try them out? I can soon arrange that," he leaned over, whispering in her ear.

"Yes!" she demanded. Her breasts were now aching to have her bra removed and her c* was wet with excitement in her panties.
Gina grabbed Christian's hard member. "You are so ready, Christian!"
Christian ripped her bra and panties off and grabbed her wrists to restrain them.
He then spread her knees apart and then thrusted himself inside of her moist, dripping c*.

"The act was lustful, just the way he liked it," he thought. "No time or need to bother with condoms, this time!"
His breathing picked up, and just as they were about to climax together, Liz appeared in the doorway, her arms crossed over her chest.

"Can I join?" she asked, grinning.

To Be Continued
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