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Chapter 12 - Woes

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Poartkey chaos and challenges delivered.

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The Fellowship of the Fox
by Ryuuohjin

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- I do not on any way own Harry Potter or any of it's world or characters.
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Chapter 12 - Woes

Sitting on his Dark Throne at Malfoy Manor, the self-proclaimed Dark Lord Voldemort, Scourge of Britain and an all out bastard, was unhappy to say the least and when he was unhappy he tended to spread the feeling around, he screamed out in frustration and then turned to his current ire. "CRUCIO!"."

Draco Malfoy screamed as the curse hit him. Draco knew that the Dark Lord was not a forgiving person. He had learned enough from his father to ensure that he knew exactly what serving his master would be like. But he never expected to fall under the cruciatus curse for quite so long. Oh, he knew he'd be punished for being caught red-handed by his father, in an attempt to hide a stunned Peter Pettigrew. But for his life, Draco couldn't remember why he had attacked the rat in first place. Only that it needed to be done.

"Draco," a cold high voice said to the blond teenager who laid sprawled. "Tell me why I shouldn't kill you Draco."

"I've been nothing but faithful My Lord," Draco said as he stared at the floor.

"Faithful? Faithful enough to attack one of my loyal servants?" Voldemort said softly but in a voice that chilled the very air Draco breathed.

"My Lord, I have no idea...I swear."

Sweat now beaded on the brow of the teenage boy. The silence in the room was deafening. He couldn't even hear the shuffling footsteps of the two muggles that had been imperiused to serve his master. In fact the only sounds existing to Draco Malfoy at that moment were those of his own breath and heartbeat.

"Crucio," Voldemort held the curse, "don't lie to me, tell me why you did it, who put up you to it."

"I'm not lying, master; I really don't know why I attacked him," Draco stammered with a quivering voice.

Draco screamed once again as another cruciatus was cast. The result: Draco was prostrate on the floor, panting heavily as his throat burned from too much yelling. All he could do is lie there, gasping for breath, and waiting for the next curse.

"We shall see," The Dark Lord replied. "Now look at me Draco, open your mind to me."

Draco tried to shrink away from the look in Dark Lord's eyes, but no matter what, he couldn't look away. Hopelessly drawn into that malicious red glow that promised only pain.

Searing red-hot pain tore through Draco's head as the dark lord ran rampart in his head, searching through his memories.

"WHO ARE YOU PROTECTING?" Voldemort screamed out. "What memory are you trying to hide from me?"

"Nobody, my Lord," Draco cried hoarsely, as he forced his throat to work. "I...I would never betray you. Please, you must believe me."

"Must? I must believe? Why should I trust you? What have you done deserve such
faith from me?" The Dark Lord voice growled venomously.

"Legilimens," he snarled as his wand came up again as dug deeper into the memories of Malfoy heir. He fed more and more power to break the memory modification that he was positive had occurred. Ignoring the screams of the boy he continued the assault. Twenty minutes later Draco was lying on the floor crying as pain like he had never known before shot through his head. The Dark Lord had been most brutal in his mental interrogation, the pressure of his probe and the pain as he riffled through his head became unbearable, his chest was all but ready to explode at any second and he could only barley even breathe!

Then everything stopped.

But before Draco could gasp for breath, a banishing charm then slammed him against the unyielding stone wall behind him. Voldemort lowered his wand with an irritated huff, as he sat back in his throne, letting Draco helplessly sag to the ground. Draco choked, gagged and coughed as he tried to bring precious air back into his burning lungs once again.

It was several long seconds before Draco could breath normal again, still breaking into coughing fits. "My lord, I beg off you, please believe me. I really don't know why I attacked Pettigrew." Draco whimpered, letting his head hang low. The sound of Voldemort chuckling darkly made Draco clench his teeth, trying to not flinch at sound.

"I-I would never betray you, M-My lord."

"Liar. You betrayed me already, but never again."

Chains suddenly appeared around his neck, and tightened so hard that Draco felt the skin breaking open, the links grinding against strips of his blood. Anything he had tried to say died out in a choked scream. They kept on crushing his neck until Draco started to see spots dancing in front of her eyes, but Dark Lords words were so clear.

"But I did promised your mother to spare your life. Therefore Draco, I'll spare it, but we have make sure this can't be repeated. So I will give you one last chance, so in return for sparing your life, Draco, what will do to prove you are worth this great honour?"

The Dark Lord stood up and took a step closer to the boy. The chains immediately eased up, leaving Draco coughing up bloodied spit. Draco tried to stay awake but it was becoming increasingly difficult. The pain from before had kept him from resting, and then those red eyes made him feel extremely uncomfortable; by now he was just drained. The physical pain was nothing but a dull ache, just an insignificant reminder that he couldn't move in his present state.

"But know that I can't trust your word anymore. So, Draco, what will you do to prove that you can be trusted." Several spines felt a shiver run their lengths as Dark Lord's voice levelled out and became a low tone that promised pain.

Draco knew then his next words would count more than any he had uttered in his life. This was his chance, not at glory, for he knew better than to think he could get that anymore, but for life itself.

"I swear I would never betray you out of my own will. I would anything to prove it to you," Draco croaked tiredly.

"You will get the chance prove that to me later. But first we need to establish a deterrent to remind you of why you should not cross me." The Dark Lord said darkly.

He then cut hand drew a circle around the teenager with his blood, a long pale finger then painted a rune Draco's forehead. When he was done started to chant and began moving his wand in a complex pattern of graceful arcs and smaller, harsh movements as if writing with his wand in the air, it was elegant in form but with something feeling wicked about it. The Dark Lords voice was as smooth as silk with a mix of steel, and laced with something akin to venom.

"Sanguinis, ossis, et retiacula duo.
Organa, vasa, cutem.
Quod est unum.
Duo illa sunt unum."

The boy tossed and turned on floor, one hand clenching his clothes tightly while the other clawed at her head. His mouth opened several times as if he were talking but no sound louder than a pained whimper escaped his lips, as blood around him started to glow eerily.

"A turbidus fila telarum.
Textui originali.
Vicissim in mendacio.
Summa perspexisset renuntiat."

After making a jabbing motion towards Draco, which body creaked as it suddenly spasmed and his back arched off the floor. His eyes opened wide and for a moment a little red lights seemed to dance in his eyes, but just as quickly it was gone. A strained hiss was the only sound he made even as he grabbed his short blonde hair with both hands as if trying to fight off a terrible headache.

"Inurere: Mancipium ad participatur mors."

Then, almost like somebody flipping off a switch inside him, he flopped bonelessly unto the floor and his ragged breath started to calm down again, and appeared to be in deep sleep. The rune on his forehead now branded on his skin and look like it was part of it, like it had always there.

The human blood seal was amongst the more ancient and most fascinating magic one can find in the world. Voldemort thought as he studied the body in front of him callously. Though no regrets or remorse would ever be felt by him. It was a simple curse, and for that reason, it's powerful.

The most fascinating aspect, he thought, was should master get ill or injured, the brand would leach slaves magic and life to sustain the master, until the master was healed, or the slave had perished. That along with one direction shared pain. Which meant any pain the master's body experienced would be transmitted directly to the slave. And should the master die, that death would be transmitted, as well.

It was precursor to the house-elfs, and similar to an horuxus it was stop gap measure from passing on. But unlike horuxus it offered no protecting against spells like the Killing curse, which just severed the connection between the body and the soul. Since the body was unharmed, it would just result at that both the master and the slave would perish.


"As I was saying the dark lord is planing….."

'Seriously how can anyone here take this git, seriously I mean look at his hair has he never heard of shampoo. Please let him stop talking soon I beg you make him stop, or at least make him talk faster I mean can he go any slower. I'm hungry and need food. And this stupid over grown bat are making me wait,' thought Sirius, as there as Snape drawled on.

A meeting was currently in progress at the Headquarters for the Order of Phoenix (an secret organization that had been founded to fight against Voldemort and his Death Eaters). Severus Snape was currently reporting on the latest movement of Voldemort from within the Death Eaters ranks.

Many thing had happened lately, none which Sirius thought was any good. First it was that someone had snuck into to the Hall of Prophecies at the DoM, Moody was still grump about how the had gotten away. Then there was discovery of his godson's disappearance, which still had no clue on.
Which had led them to finding that someone meddled with mind of Mundugus Fletcher, which promoted all members to be checked, just to be on the safe side.

Not mention the goblins seemed to have allied themselves with someone, that was neither them nor the Death Eaters, or even with Ministry. They were quite tight lipped on who it was.

The only good news Sirius could remember hearing was that, someone had apparently pranked the Dursley's good. And that his godson had managed to emancipated himself, which Sirius thought was good because that meant Harry was at least still alive.

From what he had heard Cornelius Fudge was in deep trouble, because of yesterday's paper. The man now had a choice, to grow a bloody backbone or get shoved out of the way. Either way change were necessary one way or another. Dumbledore were also in trouble, but he seemed to have weathered it out much better Fudge.

Then there were his godsons friends, they were hiding something. He didn't know what but, they clearly hiding something. He drawn from his musings when a flock of birds suddenly appeared in blue flash in middle of room, leaving everyone in shock for a moment.

Moody was the first to react, everyone else was still stunned at what was happening. And started to fling stunners left, right and centre. Everyone else snapped out of it as soon as the first of the birds hit ground. As everyone was focused on the feathered intruders, Kreacher silently pop in and laid a
red envelope on the table, which had begun to smoke at the corners, only to then pop out without anyone being none the wiser.


Voldemort was annoyed by that his mental probe hadn't reveled much. He had found the compulsions, which he easily overcame, and noticed that some part of the boys mind had been wiped, and new memories had been implanted in there stead. He thought he'd done it when he felt the memories shatter only to be replaced by a girl in wearing a fox mask. The Malfoy heir clearly didn't recognize the girl, nor could the Dark Lord from any of the boys memories.

Over the next few days he had planned to free his most loyal servants from Azkaban and start on gathering his army again. It shouldn't be all that hard to convince some of the Giants tribes and Werewolf tribes to fight alongside with him. While he was disgusted by their presence, they made good soldiers.

Giants were not easy to deal with as they had little or no intelligence but once convinced they could be a major force in his army. He was sure Dumbledore had sent an envoy to the Giants as well but they would not succeed. Dumbledore failed to understand that the true nature of the Giants was not peace but battle. Giants fought all the time. They fought their own clan-members for food, women and power. Once you understood that, it was pretty easy to get them on your side.

The Werewolf tribes should be easier to deal with. They had been suppressed and hated by the Ministry of Magic for decades. The laws that had passed against Werewolves ensured that no one inflicted with the disease would be able to work or live in the Wizarding World of today. The discrimination against them was blatant and many harboured ill feelings and hate for the Wizarding World. All he had to do was promised them revenge against those who made their life miserable and better rights when he was in charge.

He wasn't about to reveal that he thought of Giants and Werewolves as beasts and cannon fodder that could be used to bolster his army. Why send Pureblood Witches and Wizards when you could send beasts instead? That many would die didn't matter to him; all that mattered was that he gained control of the Wizarding World.

"Wormtail, get your useless behind over here." Voldemort yelled.

"Y-You called M-My Lord?" Peter Pettigrew aka 'Wormtail' grovelled before his master.

"Wormtail, where are we on the preparations of my army?" Voldemort demanded.

"Oh, shite."

Voldemort glanced up at the quiet curse. It was not the words themselves that were strange, but the fact that he had heard them from across the throne room he had built in the Malfoy's basement.

But before he could locate who had said it, the room began to shimmer with the colour of an incoming portkey. A second later a huge pack of highly confused ferrets phased into being.

The same thing were happening all through out the manor as ferrets was starting to overflow
it. While busy everyone dealing the ferrets, Dobby moved around unnoticed his way over the beams of the Malfoy home's arched ceiling, taking any scroll and book, jewellery, painting, rug and precious metal he could find that he felt should rightfully belong to his master, the great Harry Potter. And occasionally threw a vial of bottled fiendfyre into any hidden rooms or compartments he found, further adding to the chaos around him.

Since, since his previous master had sworn loyalty and pledged all that was his to the Dark One. Dobby's mew master, Harry Potter, had defeated the Dark Lord as a baby and four times since then, even. By magical rules, everything that belonged to the Dark One then became Harry Potter's, including that which belonged to his minions.

It was this somewhat unorthodox line of thought. That made Dobby feel he was rightfully charged to help his Master Harry Potter with what the house elf felt he needed. So for now, Dobby was playing scout, mole and saboteur, going into the death eater's den to see what was needed and how best to help Harry Potter.

When the anti-portkeys wards around the Manor shattered, and the dragon Rhy had tagged arrived on the scene, which was quite pissed off from suddenly being transported somewhere while eating. Dobby knew it was time make a hasty retreat, and popped way.


As the inhabitants of Malfoy Manor was dealing with their sudden intruders, similar occurrences were happening all the country. A large swarm of Cornish pixies had suddenly appeared in Diagon Alley, spreading pandemonium as the pixies shot in every direction like rockets. They grabbed ink bottles and sprayed passerby's with them, shredded books and papers, tore pictures from the walls, upended waste bins, and smashed windows. While in Knockturn Alley imps had appeared wreaking their own sort havoc and mayhem.

In Hogsmede a couple of hippogriffs and gryphons that had suddenly appeared. They were not happy, which they willing showed anyone who dared to approach them.

All the uninhabited homes of any Death Eater, were invaded by acromantulas, while other Death Eater dwelling had trolls appearing. Nifflers and doxies ran rampart amongst in houses of the richest of the Death Eater sympathizers, along with others pests. Squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, badgers, deers, and elks were appearing at the rest, causing trouble wherever they went.


Chaos also reigned supreme at St. Mungo's and the Ministry. As patients were disappearing and appearing all over the hospital. The Longbottom's had disappear to Merlin knows where, and Gildroy Lockhart had suddenly appeared at the entrance as confused as ever. If that wasn't enough there flooded with people getting from sudden appearance of all over country.

Monkeys plagued the Ministers Office, as well as that of his undersecretary, and foxes ran free in the lobby. The Department of Magical Law Enforcement, was dealing with a sudden infestation of
garden gnomes that had appeared in the morning. While the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, had been invaded by a pack of wolf. The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, were spread thin all over the country, and had their hands full with
sudden appearances of animals everywhere. The Department of Magical Transportation, especially the Portkey Office, was in complete disarray as their sensors had been overloaded from the huge amount of unauthorized and illegal portkeys that had been activated .


It seemed to him like he was doomed to fail in everything he had planned ever since his rebirth last summer, Voldemort thought surly as looked around on the devastation around him. He lost several low level Death Eaters in their attempt to subdue the dragon, the running around everywhere hadn't made things, even some of his inner circle had been severely wounded.

The wards had been heavily damaged and the anti-Portkey wards had been destroyed. Someone had made a portkey powerful enough to blow the wards to pieces? His wards! And to add insult to injury, the only left of the once magnificent manor was the basement, where they were currently residing.

Sure some things had gone smoothly; like how the Ministry of Magic and thus the rest of their world refused to believe in his return, . This gave him the time to gather his men and start on planning to rebuild his army. But even that was overshadowed by the fact that the Potter boy had managed to get away that night.

He still didn't understand how a fourteen year old boy with nothing more than a Hogwarts education had managed to get away from him. The event of their wands locking together and preventing him from killing the boy baffled him, and while he was very curious about what had happened he was also sure that it was an isolated event. The next time he saw the Potter boy he would die, he would make sure of that.

Although the Dark Lords day was done yet as he soon would experience. He was surprised when an owl flew passed him and dropped a red envelope, that was smoking waiting for somebody to open it, on the floor. He tried to Vanish or Banish it without success, as apparently the sender was well aware of that popular method of dealing with the damnable things. Before he could anything else it exploded with a roar.

“TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE,” boomed a voice of indistinguishable gender or age. It was a voice that chilled the bone-marrow, a voice of breath-taking, ice-cold venom. It was not only loud, but was also accompanied by a shock wave that sent Wormtail pin-wheeling into wall behind him. Several others Death Eaters nearby was also sent flying. Unseen by all the rest of Wards around the manor shattered, which no one would notice until over an hour later.

"hearken! we art the ones that hast watch'd in silence, as the strong prey'd on the weak. hearken! we art the ones that hast feelt spleen, as the light cower'd 'ere the dark.
hearken! we art the ones that hast stood in vigilant, as the light fad'd and the dark return'd. hearken! we art the that hast despaired, as corruption and bigotry hath ran rampart. but nay moo! enough is enough; thither is nay doubt that the cup hath been been fill'd to the brim, and we art not gonna take it anymore.
behold! we art fellowship of the fox, and we wilt scatter the darkness and return it from whence it came. we rise up because neither the ministry n'r the order art dealing with the problem. while the order just waits and watches, the ministry pretends nothing is amiss.
take heed! thy flight from death shalt be nay moo, as justice will prevail.
argal lets caterwauling havoc! and let loose the hounds of war."

As the letter burst into flames Voldemort was slumped over in his throne, ears bleeding from the level of sheer volume involved.


Albus Dumbledore nodded at Alastor thanking him silently for his report on their current situation. There wasn't much known as of yet and little to be found. While all birds had been stunned and caged, they didn't where they come form. They managed to conclude from someone had attached portkeys the avians, and wondered who and for what purpose would do so. But what worried Albus the most that managed to create a portkey here, especially since he had cast fidellus over the place. Only a selected few should able to remember Grimuald Place 12, much travel to it. He any doubted the children would have either the knowledge or the skill to create portkeys. Which meant it was someone currently in the room now that had created the portkeys.

A subtle cough drew Albus out of his musings. It was uncharacteristic of him to get so distracted, but it had been happening more often lately. He looked around the room at the many trusted members of the Order seated around the long, rectangular table, waiting for him to take charge, give orders, prepare a plan of action. With a deep sigh, Albus spoke.

"Very well, Alastor. Our next course of action should be- "

A sudden explosion made Albus swallow his words, as roar of sound filled the kitchen, shaking dust from the ceiling. All eyes turned to the smoking red envelop no one had noticed before now. Only to flinch as suddenly a loud booming voice echoed deafeningly off the walls making their eardrums throb.

"What the- !" someone grumbled as they tried to cover their ears from sudden sonic attack.

"harken! we art the ones that hast watch'd in silence, as the strong prey'd on the weak.
harken! we art the ones that hast feelt spleen, as the lighteth cow'r'd 'ere the dark.
harken! we art the ones that hast stood in vigilant, as the lighteth fad'd and the dark return'd.
harken! we art the that hast despaired, as c'rruption and bigotry hath ran rampart.

but nay moo! enough is enough; thither is nay doubteth that the cup
hath been been fill'd to the brim, and we art not gonna taketh it anym're.
beholdth! we art fellowship of the fox, and we wilt scattereth the darkness and returneth it from whence it came.
take he'd and beware! we art not thy allies n'r thy enemies, unless thou maketh us one.
we riseth up because neith'r the ministry n'r the order art dealing with
the problem. while the order just waits and watches, the ministry pretends nothing is amiss.
argal lets cryeth havoc! and leteth loose the hounds of war."

As a ringing silence fell, as the Howler burst into sudden flame and reduced itself to ash, leaving everyone standing around in shock.


Cornelius Fudge was having an extremely bad day and it was barely past morning yet. He had arrived early in preparation in to down Dumbledore a notch or two. He and his Undersecretary, Dolores Umbridge, had drafted a letter to the Wizengamot concerning the unsuitability of Albus
Dumbledore to continue his position as Chief Warlock. They had spent a couple of hours planning out the next few weeks once the news of Dumbledore's scheme to undermine the Ministry came to light. Dolores had even thrown out the possibility of having Dumbledore's order of Merlin revoked. Now he sat drinking his third cup of tea trying to grasp what had gone wrong. He had Director Bones' preliminary report sitting beside the freshly read Daily Prophet.

He stared blankly at his desk wondering how many days he had left to sit in his current chair. As he
absentmindedly sipped at his tea, he mentally pondered all of the witnesses that Madam Bones had detailed the portkey chaos that started this morning. He sat his teacup down and turned the page to the other big story headline..

As Cornelius glanced down at the all familiar picture of Peter Pettigrew and of course Sirius Black, he thought back to more than a year ago when Harry Potter told him that Pettigrew was alive and that Black was innocent. "How could I have known?" He thought as he continued to study the picture of Black. Now instead of the madly insane looking Sirius Black that had been used in the last two years, a more pleasant picture of him standing side by side with James Potter, each with an arm around the shoulder of the other like they were brothers, was on display. Fudge was about to crumple the newspaper up and throw it away when he saw the last headline that he knew could put the final nail in his political coffin.

Sirius Black, Innocent?

By: Rita Skeeter

Could Sirius Black be innocent? The Boy-Who-Lived believes it's possible.

Mr. Potter is also quoted as stating that he has looked up the trial documents of Black's incarceration and has come up empty. This reporter's own investigation shows there was no trial on record. But why would Mr. Potter be so curious about the man who put his own family into Death's grasp? The man who betrayed his family and got his parents killed?

It could possibly be because Sirius Black is Harry Potter's godfather, having accepted the position magically the very same day of Mr. Potter's birth.

That's right, dear readers. Sirius Black took a magical vow to protect his newly born godson, Harry Potter. How, then, could he betray that same godson and still be alive?

Mr. Potter has also been heard to comment that Sirius Black was the primary person who was meant to take care of him with his parents' deaths, and investigation shows he would have then gone to his godmother, Alice Longbottom, who has been hospitalized since a few days after the Potters' untimely deaths.

That is on top of Mr. Potter having telling this reporter that he felt someone manipulated the system to control where he went and what he learned as he grew up. So the question must be asked, is Sirius Black guilty? Or was he the victim of someone who wanted to control Harry Potter?

This reporter doesn't know, and neither does anyone else. But she is sure to look into it and let you know what's happening

Minister Fudge was fuming this had come to light, but then he realised that he was not the cause of Sirius wrongful imprisonment, he could swing this and come out looking like a Minister who made sure Justice Prevailed.


As Cornelius Fudge was busy scheming, an unremarkable owl, dropped a smoking letter in the of the lobby. But before anyone could to it, a choir of dissonant voices echoed loudly through out the Ministry building.

"Attention! We are the ones that have watched in silence, as the strong preyed on the weak.
Hear us! We are the ones that have feelt anger, as the light cowered before the dark.
Listen! We are the ones that have stood in vigilant, as the light faded and the dark returned.
Take heed! We are the that have despaired, as corruption and bigotry has ran rampart.
But no more! Enough is enough; there is no doubt that the has been cup been filled to the brim, and we are not gonna take it anymore.
Behold! We are Fellowship of the Fox, and will scatter the darkness and return it from wence it came.
We rise up because neither the Ministry nor the Order are dealing with the problem. While the Order just waits and watches, the Ministry just turns a blind eye.
Be warned! War is upon us, as the Dark Lord and his minions have returned.
Therefore lets cry havoc! And let loose the hounds of war."

And with that the letter burst into violent flames, not even leaving a pile of ash behind..



////////// AN ////////////////

Hello again, and was another late chapter.
I had lots of fun butchering the English language while writing the howlers.
The Rita Skeeter article I snatched from another fic don’t remember which.
Got the human blood seal idea form the anime; Fate Kaleid Liner PRISMA ILYA Zwei.
If could correct the Latin the chapter I happy, I just ran it though an online translator.

It should be:

Blood, Bone, Networks.
Organs, Vessels, Skin.
One is one.
Two is one.
A turbid thread.
Fidelity to original.
Falsehood in reverse.
The sum observed.
Brand: Slave to Shared Death

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