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She didn't want to be scared of Kaname Kuran...

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Title Title: Valour
Author: Adlina
Fandom: Vampire Knight
Word Count: 320
Pairing: Kaname x Yuuki
Rating: PG-13
An unbetaed piece from me. This is my first Vampire Knight drabble. Hope you enjoy it!
The chilling midnight breeze felt warm to her skin as she stood all alone on one of the school towers. The absence of Zero's presence did not bother her for she knew he was in good hands. It must have been hard on him, despising what he would soon become. Yuuki was reminded of the time she was actually really scared of vampires. The vivid memory of Kaname's porcelain white skin smeared with blood haunted her sleep at night; she wished she could just forget.
She didn't want to be scared of Kaname Kuran.
"Be brave, Yuuki," she told herself. "Believe in your heart."
Still, whenever the memory returned, she would look at herself in the mirror and look at her very own horror-stricken expression. It was not fair how her life was full of irony. While her life was destroyed by vampires, she was then rescued and cared of by a vampire. She wanted to be brave so she did not have to fear Kaname. It hurt to see the hidden sadness in Kaname's eyes whenever she flinched at his touch when he thought she didn't notice.
But she did notice.
She was brought out of her reverie by the feel of someone's hand on her shoulder. Yuuki spun on her heels at admirable speed, ready to strike should the newcomer's presence threatened her.
But there was only Kaname in front of her. The small smile he always wore in her presence was there, but Yuuki hated how sad the smile seemed to be. Her gaze trailed to his lips. There was no blood there.
'There's no blood there,' she told herself. 'This is Kaname. I'm not scared of Kaname. I... I love Kaname.'
She blinked a couple of times and smiled brightly. "Hello, Kaname-sama."
Yuuki rejoiced as the lingering sadness in Kaname's eyes lifted a bit. For Kaname's sake, she would find her strength to summon her valour.
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