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The journey is not over, it is just beginning. The tragedy of loosing a loved one is great on everyone's heart. They all must find themselves and their place in the galaxy. While doing so they will...

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Blacker than I am tenebrous, no room to breathe or speak. But plenty of room to feel. Plenty of flavor. Deep space was merciless unto those whom were cumbersome. But it was unnecessarily forgiving to these adventurers. Adventurers? Hardly. They were mere tools. And you, Inventor, the blade of my arm, will pay in kind. For what you did to mine, I will do to yours.

The Blue Typhoon was a brobdingnagian, blue and white battleship designed for faster-than-light space ship was around 900 feet long and about 400 feet wide. If the ship was faced left and we were looking at it directly from the side, starting from it's cyndrillically-coned yellow tip, next the forward bulkhead, adjacent to, was the fuselage and mostly all of the crew's supplies. Next to, on the bottom of the yellow tip, was a downward-vertical stabilizer that extended at a 210 degree angle from the inner ship to ¾ of the yellow tip's length. Near the mid-section of the ship(from left to right(around 400 ft. in)) was a relatively thin panel connecting an even thinner wing, plated with an aluminum skinned structured that was honeycomb(Plated?) shaped on the inside - an adopted shape and idea from another adventure Tails had had. On the wing on the right was a slat and next to that was a flap, and to the right of that was an aileron.

Next to the panel away from the wing was a reverse thruster - mind you this is still at the bottom of the ship. The reverse thrusters in essence could be used for one-way attitude control but it was mostly only for one-way horizontal stabilization. Tails' wasn't fond of using his patented three-way method, inasmuch as it would burn out the thrusters since they could not move up or down. But Tails was creative. He had to be, many a times.

On top of the yellow tip were three spikes extending outwards pointing the same way the yellow tip was. Since the ship was symmetrical, where the spikes rose was a runway, and there, were two large incandescent lightbulbs, with a cyan covering. Straight beyond that/next to the runway were four pairs of trees lined up in perfect synchronicity. The runway was gray and extended 300 feet long, where it made birth was in a hangar elevator that reached all the way to the bottom. You could find many planes and other miscellaneous vehicles there.

I've almost had every part of this ship memorized. I take that back from before. Nothing is more tenebrous than I.

The elevator roof, being 50 feet long, had a cabin of it's own, traditionally the cabin was farther in, so this was more of a tertiary cabin. It had two wings of sorts on it's sides. Adjacent, the ship had a purple and white thin body, which was the cargo bay. Part of the cargo bay was a reactor. It was yellow on the outside and it spun whenever the ship needed to extract and release needed and excess energy from the Master Emerald.

The Master Emerald was a tricky piece of rock. To contain it although, was not hard. Knuckles took care of that, being the Guardian. Half of Tail's work was done. The other half took an immense amount of preparations. For the Sonic Power Cannon to take so much and yet so little energy from the Master Emerald, the emerald itself had to undergo massive amounts of stress and decay. Tail's had installed it to the reactor core. The emerald went through a contemporaneous reaction of nuclear fission and fusion. It released its energy giving the ship what it needed and that included the cannon. Then made it's own energy.

The Green rock was a confusing element as well. Tails had not managed to cross reference it to anywhere they had traveled, it's origin was still unknown. But he was finally getting somewhere with it. The fox discovered that every time he took a chip off of the emerald-with Knuckle's permission of course- the emerald would regenerate. He applied this to a concept which he called Perfect Autonomy. He was in the middle of finishing blueprints for it, but he could not keep his excitement in and began working on it - the ability to produce self-sustainable fuel.

Tails made the aft bulkhead an almost 300 foot-long structure. It was supposed to be where the rudders were, and it took Tails three whole months to build. For Tails, even that was slow. He pondered on whether he should feed the ion thrusters and engines with a xenon propellent(or something like unto it). Unfortunately the xenon ran out too quickly and had to be replaced periodically. The Ion propulsions had to be charged by plasma. But the same problem occurred to him, he had the most difficulty with sustaining and self replicating his own fuel, since their travels in space would be prolonged. And he was right.

The rest of the ship, simply put, there were two torpedo-like thrusters and a secondary bridge which lead to the primary bridge.

Tail's Towering Trophy was made a mess. It was struck into, beat, and as a result some parts of the ship had lost pressure and had made it dangerous to access. Chunks of space-ship were strewn around the Typhoon, some of it hurtling away and towards a deepening dark planet lightly encompassed by white roots.

Don't do it! Please.

Why don't we call it… poetic justice.

The roots belonged to a young Seedrian. A tender, plant-like girl with a courageous heart. The Great beings would sing songs of praise to this wonder, the little girl had saved all plant and animal life in the galaxy.

Fitting, yet unfulfilling.

Her tears had drooped down into nothingness, and would be forgotten. They would, in time, find their way home. The yellow, two-tailed fox would not notice, he was occupied with the matter at hand, and the actions him and his companions had made.

If you allow this to happen we will all die.

Two golden, radiating lights stood by, two and a half miles away. They looked at each other, the situation was about to get worse.

Destroy it!

Everyone was in awe. Some were disgusted at first but knew it had to be done. Tails was gasping for air, he could not breath, and his sight was failing him. His tender, yellow body would not respond to the commands of his mind, all he could do was stare out into the calamity that he had calmed, and the cataclysm that would come.

Can you not see? He is too blinded by his own hubris to see or even hear you.

Tails was on the cold floor of the primary bridge, the room was a light leper-yellow, and it began to gloam.

Inventor, you no longer have to sacrifice for those you love. You have killed her in cold blood and you cannot even see her next to you. You will kill her again.

Tails laid his head on the floor, his face pointed at the ceiling. All he saw at this point was blood in his eyes, blood that literally covered around his pupil, and figuratively smeared his hands. He saw her now, she started from the ceiling, she was more beautiful than ever. The green girl seemed gargantuan now, she got closer. What did you do to deserve this? I'm so sorry. I.. I.. lo-

Tails do not worry, it will soon be your time. And you will join her.

What? Tails was frightened at these words, the being turned black, it's eyes were green and bloody, spikes grew from every appendage. The being shot out at him with all of its might.



What is she up to? Cunning devil tricked us all. She mustn't get way, this time.

"Why must we bicker? This insufferable argument has gone on long enough!"

"We bicker because we must. For the good of all realities."

The Council of Reality had commenced, many beings from other galaxies had come to protect all whom existed. To the mortal eye it would appear that this realm was showered with white, but it mostly appeared blue. There were towers and great pillars extending to beyond reach of normal hands. It also seemed as if these edifices floated on top of clouds, the heavens, was a name referred to this place of beauty. And in the center was a very tall and spacious building, it resembled a court room of old ages, with steps leading up to it, and numerous pillars in the front. Two gigantic marble doors were currently closed to the more common beings. Some of these beings were of exalted nature, very god like in presence. The beings glew in every place they were found. All of them had robes of silk and shiny jewelry on them, and on their heads. The council had spent many cycles deciding, plotting and planning.

The courtroom was split into four parts, the one that was being used was the actual court. It was boxed in and sound proof. In the center there was a circular step-down, and leading up to the radius was a step-up so that whomever would speak would stand and walk up there. Around the circumference was a lined row of many marble chairs stuck to the ground. On one wall were seven raised up thrones, full of all precious metals, and gems, on them sat the great beings, the High Ones.

"Can you not see that there is an evil out there returning? It's agents are growing in power as we argue. Taking action now would be best, take them by surprise."

A sharp voice was heard from a few feet away, "If I may interject."

"The Council recognizes Filanthro̱pía the charitable One."

Filanthro̱pía smiled, and started, "Knowing empirically about what's really out there, would it not be best to reason with the creature? Or at least know what it's true intentions are? She stopped. I have been suspecting for some time that this creature is of ancient origin, as ancient as you High Ones. Would it not have equal power?" She paused, not necessarily. However, we are still outmatched.

"What are you getting at?"

Filanthro̱pía resumed, "We are all familiar with the prophecy. I believe the creature is after," she paused again, "them. It's more than safe to say that actually." Now, I'm not convinced they can stop the creature, but if we were to distract the creature, make it think it has won, that is when we must strike!"

"You are no tactician! Regardless, are you saying we should destroy our very creations? This is unorthodox!"

Filanthro̱pía was not amused, " tactician, noun, someone who has specific means of accomplishing goals. Son of the High Father, I recall the "tactician" not being present with us any longer." There was a sudden jump from the entirety of the council, she had hit a nerve. But even that would not stop her, "Unorthodox, adjective, contrary to what is the norm. Enlightened Ones, we have massacred our creations since The Great Emergence.

Filanthro̱pía continued with her thought, "High One, I'm proposing we save all of existence! You of all beings should know, she paused once more for effect," with of course, a modicum of respect and sympathy, that that evil can betwixt any soul,"another pause,"even one as high as you."

There were murmurs in the courtroom. Some of the Great Ones looked away, others looked down, hopeless and downtrodden, only the High Father looked back,"Then Sofía, whom must we send?" He directed himself to another in the court.

"The Council recognizes Sofía the Wise."

"High Ones… what Filanthro̱pía states makes sense, and she has merit, however, we mustn't act so rashly," he pushed his fur out of his eyes.

Another raised a tentacle.

"The council recognizes Gnó̱si̱ the Understanding."

"I second Wisdom's comment, and I rebuttal with an example." He faced one in the council. "Old One, your planet is fragile, and yet every piece is important, how would your people react to this?"

A dark-colored humanoid raised his hand.

"The Council recognizes Empeiría the Skillful."

"You were smart to pick me in your rebuttal Knowledge, I have been in many battles, and no one knows as better as I that every piece counts on the battlefield. Yes I agree with you, and yes these are our children, but we are their protectors, the leaders of all. As such, we must protect them as a whole, even if it means sacrificing a few for the betterment of existence."

"Gnó̱si̱ was no friend of Empeiría, there was a mutual hate there where none should be. Back and forth, Knowledge started,"This goes against everything we are."

"We let trillions die every cycle."

Gnó̱si̱ was getting impatient,"Some of these are my children!"

"Accidental children."The Old One remarked.

"Enough! The Council goes back to Sofía.

Sofía Hesitated, he did not want to give a wrong answer. "I… Ideally, Mercy, the creature will not suspect it, it will think we have gone mad."

"But truly this is madness! Send our most righteous?!"

Another High One raised his hand. "Mercy, divulge your thoughts on the matter."

"The Council recognizes The Compassionate."

"I, I… I need some time."

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