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The Other Watson: The Grace Chronicles Volume 1 Book 1

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Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, the most famous duo in all of literature and maybe all of entertainment. Sherlock thinks he knows everything he needs to know about John and John's life, however wh...

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The Other Watson

“I’m bored John,” I wined, flopping onto the couch. It had been a very slow couple of weeks at 221B. Moriarty was laying low which made me unbelievably curious. All I could think of was what he could be up to, and I hated that I didn’t know.
“Well Sherlock, why don’t you play your violin, or watch something on the telly, or do anything except bother me.” John replied. He was sitting in his normal chair his laptop resting on his lap as he was typing away.
“What are you even doing?” I asked as I slowly craned my neck over to try to catch a glimpse at the screen.
“I’m…” He started but he didn’t even need to finish. By the ridiculous amount of typing he had been doing and from the green I saw on the screen, I easily deduced it.
“No, wait, you're writing in that blog again aren’t you.” I spat going back to my sulking when suddenly the doorbell rang. “Shut up!” I yelled into the air directing my yell at that stupid doorbell.
“God, Sherlock, the doorbell is not going to just stop because you yell at it.” John sighed I could hear the annoyance in his voice but he didn’t both to look up from his computer.
“Wait for it,” I said, holding up a finger knowing perfectly well that Mrs. Hudson would answer it so it would be pointless for me to move.
“Sherlock!” Mrs. Hudson yelled. Usually I would wait until she brought up the client but there was something different in her tone of voice, a panic of sorts.
“John!” I yelled as I bounded down the stairs. I was at the bottom in a matter of moments and that was when I saw her.
In the doorway, I saw a young girl, who looked about twenty-two; her brown hair curled. Her skin was pale, the only color, was bruises. I could see blood running down from her head plastering her hair to the right side of her forehead. Her left eye was swollen and she had a giant gash on her lip. Her t-shirt was ripped so much that it was almost falling off. It covered her chest and the right side of her stomach, but one sleeve was completely missing. Her wrists had signs that they were bound with handcuffs. Scenarios ran through my head, each more exciting than the one before, the case was going to be good. Suddenly all of my thoughts stopped as I looked into the girl’s eyes. They looked like John’s. Not the color, no, hers were brown compared to John’s blue green, but both the girl and John shared a softness in their eyes along with worry and a hidden darkness.
“Mr. Holmes,” she gasped as she walked towards me a slight limp on her left side. She had taken only but a few steps when I saw her eyes roll back into her head. I lunged forward grabbing the girl before she hit the ground.
“Sherlock?” John asked as he came down the stairs. His eyes went wide when he saw the girl in my arms as he froze, terror and shock filling his eyes. I could tell he knew the girl, well, but I was too preoccupied in the unconscious girl now in my arms to deduce him.
“John?” I asked as I stood up, the girl still in my arms. I looked around to see if Mrs. Hudson could be of any assistants with the girl, but she had quickly disappeared. It was silent for a while before John finally spoke.
“Oh dear God, Grace.” He gasped. His eyes looked their way up and down the girl’s body. I could see the doctor quick in as his eyes would stop on each wound determining their severity.
I carried the girl, or as John called her, Grace, to John’s room, as he instructed. It was not hard to determine that John had to be related to the girl in some way as I had quickly ruled out romantic entailment, due to the girl’s age. Quietly, I set her on the bed and then left, closing the door behind me. I looked around, but I could not find John, so I headed back downstairs, where I found him pacing. His face was filled with such worry, the girl meant a great deal to him but still I could not determine who she was to him.
“Well?” John asked when he saw me.
“She looks to be around twenty-one maybe twenty-two. From the bruises on her face, I could say abusive boyfriend. However, from the bruises on her wrists, I would say that her hands were handcuffed above her head, so I would say this is a bit more serious. This is fantastic!” I exclaimed, finally something to do, however as soon as I said it I saw John’s face and realized that was the complete wrong thing to say.
“Jesus, Sherlock, that’s my little sister!” John screamed and for a moment I thought he was going to hit me.
That’s Harriet?” I asked completely dumbstruck. My picture of Harriet, to which I created in my head looked nothing even remotely close to the girl upstairs, and I was hardly ever wrong.
“No,” he sighed sitting down in his chair. “That’s Grace, my other sister.”
John having any other siblings hadn’t even crossed my mind as John told me Harriet was the only family he had apart from his mother as he father left the family early in his life.
“Why didn’t you tell me about her?” I asked, a little hurt though I hardly expected John to explain to me his whole life story, nor did I want him too, I never believed he would lie to me about something as insignificant as having another sister.
“Because Sherlock, she’s like you. She always loves danger and solving mysteries, no matter how much trouble she gets into. When she found out you were my flat mate, it just got worse. She is clever and all, but, she just doesn’t know when to stop. And now,” he said, placing his head in his hands, “Oh God, Sherlock.”
“John, she will be fine, and I promise you, I will find who did this,” I said, and he turned to look at me, a gratitude in his eyes. I meant it too, there were very few people in the world I generally cared for, though I would never dare admit it, and if someone hurt those people, or hurt someone those people cared about, hell would rain down upon them.
A blood curdling scream suddenly rang out throughout the entire flat. John flung out of his chair racing up the stairs with me closely behind him.

“Gracie!” I screamed as I flung the door to my bedroom open. I found Grace, sitting up in the bed, screaming. Her eyes were open but she just stared blankly at the wall. I had never seen her like that. When she was younger and had nightmares she made smaller noises, nothing as extreme as this. Something terrible had happened to her and it killed me. “Gracie, it’s me, it’s John, you’re ok, you’re safe.” I said shaking her slightly trying to break her out of her trance. Slowly she stopped screaming and looked at me.
“John?” She gasped as she flung herself at me and started sobbing. Her sobs were so strong that she was shaking. I was terrified seeing Grace this way.
“It’s alright Gracie, I’m here.” I soothed wrapping my arms around her gently careful not to hurt her any more. Thought I truly wanted to pull her into my arms as tightly as I could and I wanted to never let her go. Though she was 22 I still saw her as my baby sister who needed protecting.
“John,” Sherlock said pointing at Grace’s stomach. His head cocked to one side and I could tell he was trying to deduce her. Ignoring that fact, I looked down and saw what Sherlock was seeing. Grace’s shirt had blood on it near her stomach.
“Gracie, are you hurt?” I asked worryingly but as soon as I said it I cursed at myself mentally, of course she was hurt. “Can I see?” She nodded and I slowly lifted her shirt up. My stomach dropped when I saw it. She was never supposed to be a part of the fight that Sherlock and I were fighting. That’s why I tried to keep her at a distance, but it clearly hadn’t worked. He knew. “Jesus, Sherlock.” I said turning towards Sherlock who looked worried, generally worried. Carved into Grace’s side was the letter M.
“Moriarty,” Sherlock said confirming my fears before heading downstairs.
“Sherlock!” I yelled, I needed to know what he was thinking, what his theories were. While most times his showing off annoyed me, I knew that he was right more times than not and if he thought Grace was in danger, than we needed to protect her and keep her as far away from that madman as possible.
“John?” Grace sniffed and I quickly turned back to Grace. She looked so scared.
“Yes Gracie?” I said as I grabbed her hand trying to comfort her.
“Where am I?” She asked and I saw the confusion in her eyes.
“You’re in my room, do you remember how you got here?” I asked as I looked her up and down. None of her wounds were life threating though the gash on her head bothered me. Not to mentioned that she had clearly been beaten by someone. In some of the bruises in her face I could see finger marks where the fist hit. Anger grew inside of me as I wanted to kill whoever did this to her.
“No, I remember knocking on your door and then this old woman opened it and let me in.” She said as she struggled to remember as she brought her hand up to her head. She quickly drew it away as she winced.
“Do you remember anything after that?” I said as I slowly parted her hair. The gash was bad, but nothing that would need stitches.
“I remember, the lady yelling something and then I saw Mr. Holmes, but after that, it’s just black. What happened John?” She asked.
“Well, you passed out luckily Sherlock caught you or else you would probably have a concussion. Then he brought you up here. What is going on Gracie are you in some kind of trouble?” I asked.
“I need to talk to Mr. Holmes.” She said completely avoiding my question as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed as she attempted to stand but she started to fall. Quickly I caught her and steadied her. She was much skinnier than the last time I saw her in a sickly sort of way. Also she had grown to where she was now a good few inches taller than me.
“Alright well, none of your cuts are that deep, so I’ll just need to bandage them. Ready?” I asked though I was not going to let her off with not telling me what was going on. As soon as I patched her up, I was going to get to the bottom of it. Slowly I placed her arm around my shoulder as I helped her walk down the stairs.

“Sherlock,” John called and I turned to see John and his sister coming down the stairs. As I watched them together I could finally see the resemblance. “Can you stand?” He asked his sister, and she nodded, although I could tell that was a lie. “Sherlock will you keep an eye on her, I have to grab some bandages from Mrs. Hudson, I’ll be right back.” He said as he left her standing by the doorway.
“Mr. Holmes,” Grace said as she slowly started towards me. As I watched her struggle to walk my head cocked to the side. There was something about this girl, something that intrigued me.
“Please call me…” I started as she started to fall. Quickly I reached out and caught her. “Sherlock,” I said as she looked into my eyes. We stayed like that for a moment, and I started to feel a strange feeling, a sort of attachment growing towards her. But I quickly deleted those thoughts focusing more on trying to unravel the mystery of how she knew Moriarty.
“Sherlock,” she said clearing her throat as I steadied her again an awkwardness filing the air. “John and you are in trouble.” Slowly I helped her over to the chair my hand brushing against her skin causing a chill to run through me but I quickly drew my hand away.
“What is wrong with you?” I thought to myself. My thoughts swirled around but they always seemed too landed on some feelings I had towards Grace. “You don’t feel anything!” I thought.
“When are we not,” John said coming up the stairs a slight smile on his face. He was carrying multiple gauze and some peroxide.
“I’m serious John,” She said. “It’s Moriarty, he’s crazy and he wants nothing more than to destroy you, Sherlock,” She quickly turned to look at me a softness in her eyes. “And he’s not going to give up easily.”
“How do you know Moriarty? Gracie, what have you been up to?” John asked as he began to bandage her head causing Grace to wince
“John,” she sighed avoiding eye contact. I just kept quiet as I studied her. She wanted John’s approval, as what most younger siblings longed for, but I could see in Grace’s eyes that she never believed she would get it, or she didn’t believe she deserved it.
“Grace Marie Watson!” John yelled and I saw Grace nearly jump out of the chair. It startled me as well, I hardly ever saw John be cross with anyone apart from me.
“For a couple of months, I’ve been following Moriarty, tracking what he’s been up to and everything he does revolves around one person; you.” She said pointing at me. I sighed, John was right, she was like me, she was obsessed with Moriarty. However I could tell that she played some part in his twisted plans, but I couldn’t figure out what. She was much more than just leverage against John or else Moriarty wouldn’t have let her live. If she was just being used as a pressure point, we would have known that Moriarty had her. No he had much bigger plans for Grace.
“Why in the hell would you follow Moriarty Gracie, he’s crazy you’re lucky you weren’t killed!” John screamed.
“Why do you treat me like a child? I’m 22, I can handle myself!” Grace screamed back, she had the same fiery attitude in her voice that John did.
“Clearly you can’t!” John screamed back.
“How did you end up with the bruises?” I asked trying to cool the tension in the room.
“Yesterday, I followed Moriarty to an abandoned warehouse. He must have known that I was following him because as soon as I got close to the building I was jumped. They must have drugged me, because I don’t remember how I got tied up, but I woke up and Moriarty was standing right in front of me, his face inches from mine.” I saw John cringe when she said this. “He smiled and said my name, my full name John, I don’t know how he knew but he did. Then he left, but not before he did this.” Grace lifted up her shirt and I saw the wound, it was unmistakably the letter M. Quickly John placed the bandages on the wound. “As he left,” She continued, “He whispered something to one of the men who was in the room. Then the man came over and just started hitting me repeatedly. He didn’t ask any question or anything, he just hit me. It seemed like he was hitting me for hours before I passed out. When I woke up, I was in another room and written all over the walls was Sherlock, everywhere Sherlock, Sherlock. I was alone for a while before Moriarty came in and he let me go, he took off the handcuffs and just let me walk away. So I left and I came straight here because I had to tell Sherlock and you and warn you and I came to help.” Something about her story bothered me, when she said that she didn’t know how Moriarty knew her name, she was lying. Grace knew Moriarty and vice versa. There was a lot more to the story that she wasn’t telling.
“No, you’re not!” John laughed dragging me out of my thoughts.
“You’re not Dad, so stop telling me what to do!” Grace shouted and I closed my eyes. I knew the subject of their father would be brought up at some point.
“Well maybe Dad would still be here if you weren’t so damn difficult!” John yelled angrily.
“John!” I yelled but it was too late I could see the tears start to well up in Grace’s eyes.
“Fine John, maybe it would have been better if Moriarty had just delivered my head on your doorstep instead of letting me go!” She screamed as she ran upstairs.
“Grace!” John yelled but he didn’t go after her, he just fell back in his chair. “She can be so stubborn sometimes.”
“Go apologize.” I said but as soon as the words left my mouth they felt foreign to me and I had no idea why I said them.
“What?” John asked shocked. “You are telling me to go apologize.”
“I don’t want you to end up like Mycroft and me, so please.” I said softly trying to justify what I had said but I knew that was a lie.
“Sherlock?” He started to ask and I could tell he was seeing through my lie. He had been living with me long enough that he had started to see things the way I did.
“No, just go do it.” I said wanting him out of the room so I could think.
“Alright Sherlock, alright,” he said as he started up the stairs leaving me alone to think.
“You care for this girl! A girl you just met! Your flat mate’s sister!” My mind screamed at me.

“Gracie?” I called as I reached my door. I still couldn’t stop questioning why Sherlock sent me to go apologize. He was hiding something, but I had bigger things to worry about.
“Go away John!” She yelled the stubbornness in her voice was almost comforting compared to the fear she had just minutes before.
“Please Gracie I want to apologize.” I begged as I placed my hand on the wooden door.
“For being an arse,” she sneered and I smiled I had missed my sister dearly.
“Yes I want to apologize for being an arse.” I heard her laugh. The door opened slowly and I saw Grace’s bruised face tears staining her face.
“Oh Gracie,” I said as I walked into the room and gently placed my hand on her bruised cheek. “I promise you Sherlock and I will catch the guy who did this to you.”
“John, Moriarty knows who I am, there is no safer place for me than here.” She said. Grace was smart, and I knew she was right, but I didn’t know how Sherlock and Grace would react to one another.
“I know,” I sighed knowing that Graces mind had been made up and there was no way I could convince her otherwise. She was too God damn stubborn for that.
“Then why can’t I help you?” Grace asked as she looked at me a pleading look in her eyes.
“Gracie I see the most horrible things and both Sherlock and my lives are in danger every day, I can’t risk losing you.” I explained. “I want you to live a semi normal life, and this,” I gestured around the room then back at her. “Is definitely not normal.”
“John, I think we both know that I am far past normal.” She smiled slightly. “You need to realize I can take care of myself. I don’t need you to watch out for me anymore.”
“I know, but you’re my little sister, I have to watch out for you. It’s my job.” I said kissing her forehead.
“I think Sherlock needs more looking after than I do,” She laughed which reminded me of how truly awful Sherlock was around other people.
“Speaking of Sherlock if you’re going to stay and help us, you have to promise me that you won’t let anything Sherlock says affect you.” I said. “He means well, really, it just doesn’t always come out right.”
“Alright,” she said smiling.
I pulled her in for a hug again as I said, “Let’s get some ice for those bruises.” We started towards the stairs when we heard Sherlock yell.
“John!” Quickly Grace and I headed down the stairs to find Sherlock in his coat putting on his scarf. “Lestrade called; apparently Grace isn’t the only one who has been attacked by Moriarty.” He said. “John are you coming?” I nodded. “And Grace?” He stared at her as he cocked his head to the side again a slight smile on his face.
“I would, but I can’t go out looking like this,” She said and I was relieved. Grace did not need to be going anywhere that Moriarty had been.
“Wait right here,” Sherlock said and he disappeared into his room. Within seconds, he was back out carrying one of his coats with him. “Here, it might be a little big,” He said handing it to Grace. I stood shocked. Sherlock was giving one of his coats, one of the only things he held dear to him, to Grace, someone who had barely met but a few moments before. I felt as though I was looking at a completely different person. My shock quickly faded as I realized this would solve Grace’s problem allowing her to come with us.
“Well, wait, what about the bruises, she’s going to get a lot of question about those.” I said hoping that it would get her to stay.
“Mrs. Hudson has some makeup; she could use it if she really wants to go.” Sherlock said his eyes never leaving Grace.
“Stop looking at her like that!” I wanted to scream but I just held it in.
Grace opened her mouth but I stopped her. “She is way too weak to go to a crime scene.” Now my mind was made up, Grace was staying at the house, I needed to know what the hell Sherlock was up to.
“John, I’m fine really, I want to go, it’s exciting.” I looked at her in shock, she sounded like Sherlock. “I’ll go see Mrs. Hudson about that makeup.”
I wanted to object but now I knew I was outnumbered two to one. Grace was coming with us, no matter what I said.
“Alright, she’s just downstairs, we will be waiting outside,” Sherlock smiled.
We followed Grace down to Mrs. Hudson’s door. “Mrs. Hudson!” Sherlock yelled, which caused Grace to giggle in a flirtatious sort of way. That really set me on edge. There was no way I was going to let my sister fall for Sherlock Holmes.
“Sherlock, I do have a doorbell.” Mrs. Hudson sighed in annoyance as she opened the door. “Oh hi sweetie, how are you feeling?” Her face quickly softened as she saw Grace
“Oh I’m fine, but we are going to a crime scene so…” Grace started when Mrs. Hudson suddenly turned her attention to Sherlock in anger.
“Sherlock! The poor girl has been beaten and you are taking her to a crime scene! It’s alright dearie, you can stay here with me.”
“No, no, Mrs. Hudson, I want to go, I find them exciting.” Grace quickly said.
“Really? Wow, you sound just like Sherlock.” Mrs. Hudson smiled looking at Sherlock, who went outside. Then she looked at me, and I could see the look in her eyes. I shook my head but her smile just grew wider.
“Anyway, I need to borrow some makeup to cover these bruises.” Grace said but she wasn’t looking at Mrs. Hudson, she had watched Sherlock leave and she was still staring at the door.
“Oh yes, come on in dearie.” Mrs. Hudson replied, giving me one final smile before she led Grace into her flat. Quickly I headed out to Sherlock trying to get to find out what exactly he was up to.
“You are being uncharacteristically patient.” I said when I found him leaning on a cab he must have got. I did my best to hide my suspicious but I knew Sherlock had already seen it.
“I’m just trying to be nice to your sister, that’s all.” He said not looking at me.
“You be nice,” I laughed. “You never try to be nice to anyone, Sherlock, and why are you letting her come along?”
“John, are you suggesting, we leave your sister at home.” He retorted in a tone that made me want to deck him in the face.
“But you didn’t tell her to come, you asked her to come you gave her a choice, and when she said she couldn’t come because of her clothes, you gave her your coat. You never give anyone your coat.” I said but Sherlock didn’t respond. “Sherlock?”
“John.” He snapped finally looking at me an annoyed look on his face.
“Sherlock, what are you up to?” I asked.
“Alright, you told me she was like me; I want to see for myself.” He sighed.
“You are testing my sister to see if she is good enough!” I yelled now I really wanted to punch him. He was doing the same thing he did to poor Molly, he was using Grace’s feelings to his own advantage.
“John don’t overreact.” Sherlock rolled his eyes.
“Overreact! How am I supposed to react when the great Sherlock Holmes is…” I started when Grace came out.
“The great Sherlock Holmes is what John?” She asked her eyes locked on Sherlock
“It’s nothing, John is just jealous that I gave you my coat.” Sherlock smiled opening the door to the cab.
“For once John is jealous of something that I did.” Grace smiled as she got in the cab. Her words stung a bit, did Grace really think I was never proud of her.
“John,” Sherlock said gesturing for me to get in.
I looked to see that Grace had taken my usual spot, so I slowly slid in next to her making sure her and Sherlock were not sitting together. Sherlock got in and we headed out.

“Where in the hell have you been Sherlock,” Lestrade asked when we reached him. “Wait, who is she?” He asked pointing at Grace causing me to roll my eyes.
“She is with me,” I said walking away, completely ignoring Lestrade, Grace closely behind me.
“Sherlock wait, she can’t come…” Lestrade started and he had begun to annoy me.
Angrily I turned around and glared at Lestrade, “I said she is with me.” I sneered.
He threw his hands up in surrender and I turned back to walking down the long hallway. From behind me, I could hear Lestrade and John whispering.
“Who is she?” Lestrade asked, “I’ve never seen him act like that around anyone, apart from you.”
“She’s my sister.” John replied.
“That’s Harriet?” Lestrade asked shocked.
“No, no, that’s Grace, my youngest sister.”
“Oh and does Sherlock…” Lestrade started but I was not going to let him finish that thought.
“Did you just bring us here to walk down a hallway, or are we actually going to see something of importance.” I said as I turned back around. However my eyes didn’t look at Lestrade. They were focused on Grace who had a confused look on her face.
“Turn left,” Lestrade said and I followed his instructions turning away from Grace.
“Oh God,” John said when he saw what I was seeing.
We had turned into one large room covered in graffiti, on each side there were large wooden support beams that were each spaced about ten feet apart from each other. They led to the back wall, which was all windows. Each beam went all the way to the roof and was connected by another large beam. In the middle of the room was body, a man, his hands were handcuffed above his head to one of the horizontal beams. The handcuffs were long enough that the man’s feet were only ten inches off the floor. There was a giant cut all the way across his neck from ear to ear. Blood streamed down from his neck over his shirtless body and onto the floor, pooling under his feet. Looking at his stomach, I saw that the letter M was carved there. I turned to look at Grace to see her reaction, but she was not behind me. I turned back to find her running towards the body.
“Grace!” John yelled and the emptiness of the room caused his voice to echo.
“Grace?” I asked as Grace stopped before the body and turned around but she wasn’t looking at me, but more at something behind me.
“Stupid, stupid,” She said as she walked towards another beam.
“What?” I asked following her.
“Me, I can’t believe I didn’t recognize it.” She said.
“Grace, what do you mean?”
“This,” she said as she ran her hand over the beam where the letter S had been carved into. Made my some teen I assumed.
“Grace, what’s wrong?” John asked coming up behind us.
“Yesterday, that was me,” she said pointing at the body.
I heard John mutter something under his breath, but I was too busy making a mental picture of Grace, hanging there, her face bruised and beaten to hear what he had said. I shrugged off the chills that had started to climb up my back. Needing a distraction from these strange feelings I quickly went into my mind palace mode trying to figure out how the scene would have unfolded.
“Show me everything you saw.” I said grabbing her by the shoulders and turning her so she was facing me. She nodded and I let go of her shoulders watching her as she walked towards the body. She stopped right in front of it and stood on her tiptoes so that her face was level with the corpses. John was right, she was definitely like me.
“This is where Moriarty was,” she said turning towards me and then back to the body. Her focus was drawn to the man’s trousers. “Does anyone have any gloves?” She asked and I quickly turned towards Lestrade who threw me a pair, which I then handed to her. Quickly she put them on and reaching into the man’s trouser pocket pulling out a folded up piece of paper. I looked over her shoulder as she unfolded it. The piece of paper of paper read: “Beware the Ides of March,” followed by the letters:
And it was signed “Love M.”
“It’s just a bunch of rubbish,” John said as Grace handed it to him. I rolled my eyes. John had been around me long enough and had known what Moriarty’s games consisted of to know it wasn’t just rubbish.
“No it’s a…” I started.
“Caesar cipher,” Grace finished causing me to stare at her a smile on my face. She was smart, and I mean smart on my level of smart.
“How do you know that?” John asked Grace.
“It’s easy, “Beware the Ides of March,” Caesar.” She said smiling. “All we need is the shift number.”
“15,” I said and it was as though I was talking to myself inside my mind palace. Grace was so much like me but at the same time so very different.
“Right, the 15th of March.” Grace said.
I held the paper in-between us so we could both see it. Quickly my mind changed the letters around as I decoded the message.
“Got it!” Grace yelled breaking my concentration.
“Really?” I asked impressed I had never met anyone, apart from my brother, who could decode Caesar ciphers in their head, let alone faster than I could.
“Really?” John asked shocked.
“It says; Hi Sherlock, miss me! I haven’t been to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in a while maybe I should drop in. I’ll say hi to Miss Hooper for you.” Grace didn’t even have time to finish reading the cipher before I took running back out of the building.
“Molly!” John yelled running closely behind me followed by Grace.

“Come on Molly, pick up, pick up.” I begged gripping my mobile. Molly was just one of Moriarty’s pawns, I knew we should have told Molly about Jim, she had no idea how dangerous he truly was. The Jim from IT that Molly knew was just a ploy to get to Sherlock.
“Hi, this is Molly Hooper, sorry…” Her voicemail started before I quickly ended the call.
“She’s not answering!” I yelled, I didn’t know how much time we had to get to her before Moriarty did, and I feared he was already there.
“Can you go any faster?” Sherlock screamed at the cabbie and for once I didn’t correct him for his rudeness.
“Guys, just calm down.” Grace said looking back and forth between the two of us.
“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down!” Sherlock yelled with an anger in his voice I hardly ever heard. Sherlock cared for Molly, not in a romantic way, I didn’t believe he was capable of that sort of caring, but he still cared for Molly as a dear friend, and Sherlock would do anything he could to protect his friends, though he would never admit that to anyone.
Shocked, Grace placed her hands in her lap and put her head down. I was about to say something when Sherlock yelled at the cabbie again.
“Just stop!” Sherlock screamed.
The cab pulled over and quickly I paid the cabbie, something that had become my unofficial job since living with Sherlock since he never carried money with him, and followed Sherlock.
“What are we doing?” I yelled as Sherlock took off running.
“We, are running John!” He yelled back in his voice that made me feel stupid. Grace and I took off after him.
After many blocks, we finally reached the hospital. We sprinted through the doors, past all of the doctors trying to stop us, and headed towards the morgue. We were just about to the corridor when a scream rang out through the halls.
“No,” I gasped as we turned the final corner. Sherlock sprinted towards the doors as he slammed into them with all his force but they wouldn’t open.
“Molly?” He screamed showing emotion he normally wouldn’t show slamming into the doors again I could hear them creek against the strain but they still stayed shut.
“Molly!” I screamed as I copied Sherlock slamming my body into the doors.
“Guys stop!” Grace yelled shoving us both out of the way. I watched as she pulled a bobby pin from her hair and started to pick the lock. She had learned to pick locks at an early age, something that I had taught her though I wasn’t proud of it. Quickly the doors opened and we all charged in however as soon as we were in, we all skidded to a stop as the smell hit us. It was unbearable. It smelled like…well death. I placed my hand over my nose as I took in the scene before me. Hanging from one of the lights in the middle of the room was a body. Like the previous body, its neck was slit open, blood pouring down its shirtless body, mixing with the blood from the M carved into the stomach and pooling under the body’s feet. The only difference was that this body was female. It looked like Molly, however its face was down, covered by her light brown hair, so we couldn’t be sure. However, by the look on Sherlock’s face, I could see that the body had Molly’s measurements.
Sherlock quickly went over to the body. He reached out his hand to move the girl’s hair out of the way and I could have sworn I saw his hand shaking. Just as he had grabbed her hair a small voice whimpered from behind us.
”Sherlock,” it said.
We all quickly whipped around to find Molly cowering in the corner.
“Molly!” Sherlock and I said in unison as we rushed over to her. “Are you alright?” Sherlock asked helping her to her feet.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” She said wiping her tears away, “I came in and I found her just hanging there,” Molly started to cry again. “I work in a morgue for God sake, this shouldn’t scare me.”
“Molly, are you sure you’re not hurt?” Sherlock asked looking Molly up and down he did that about three times before he backed away slowly his attention turning back to Grace who was looking at the ground.
“I’m fine Sherlock, really.” Molly said a giddy school girl smile on her face. I never understood why Molly still cared for Sherlock even after all the horrible things he had done and said to her
Sherlock sighed in relief as he backed away from Molly, giving her some space.
“Why didn’t you answer your mobile, we tried to call you?” He said sternly.
“I was at lunch with Jim,” she said a little sheepish.
Sherlock sighed and I gave him a look that asked the question, “Should we tell her,” but he quickly shook his head no as he turned and walked towards the body running his hands through his hair.
“Sherlock,” Grace said following after Sherlock.
“Who is she?” Molly asked as Grace placed her hand on Sherlock’s shoulder. I could hear the jealousy in her voice
“That’s my sister,” I said as I watched as Sherlock gently placed his hand on Grace’s. I wanted to say something or better yet tear Sherlock’s arm clean off.
“That’s Harriet?” Molly asked shocked as she looked Grace up and down.
“Why is everyone so shocked by the fact that, that could be Harriet?” I said a bit insulted, “But no that’s my youngest sister, Grace.”
“Oh,” She said turning back to look at Grace and Sherlock.

“Sherlock,” Grace said, and the way she said my name sent chills down my spine. “Are you alright,” she asked as she placed a hand on my shoulder causing my stomach to feel a warm sensation.
“Yeah of course,” I said. I felt her hand start to move so, I suddenly, without knowing what I was doing, set my hand on hers. “I want to apologize for yelling at you it’s just…”
“No, I understand, I shouldn’t have told you to calm down.” She said slipping her hand out from under mind as she dropped her hand.
“No, you were right, our emotional reaction to the situation was not helping anyone. You’re brilliant by the way.” I said and I was shocked, I was thinking it, but never in a million years had I wanted to say it out loud. The words just slipped out. “I don’t just say that to anyone either.”
“You’re the only one who thinks that then,” she replied with a sad smile on her face, a deep sadness in her eyes.
“What do you mean?” I asked and suddenly everything I had ever taught about emotions and how “caring was not an advantage” was gone as I reached out and grabbed her hand trying to comfort her.
“Ehem,” John said clearing his throat and I quickly let go of Grace’s hand returning me back to reality. Back to the true Sherlock Holmes, the man who loved one thing and one thing only, my work. “Don’t you think we should call the police?” He asked.
“I don’t have a gun with me so…” I smiled a thick hint of sarcasm in my voice.
“How about I call them like a normal person.” John said a tick hint of annoyance in his voice.
“Fine, we could do that.” I grumbled as I grabbed two pairs of gloves for Grace and me. It was time for me to actually get some work done before the police came and ruined it all. After handing one pair to her, I quickly put my pair on as John called the police.
“What, what does the M stand for?” Molly asked using her small mouse voice witch always annoyed me.
“Moriarty,” I said as I searched the body for another note.
“Sherlock,” John sighed hanging up the phone and I realized that Molly didn’t know and I had just told John not to tell her about her precious “Jim.” It was too late for me to try and change what I said, so it was up to John to help Molly, he was better in that department anyway.
“As in Jim,” she gasped, Molly was a bright girl, I was surprised she didn’t see it before. But maybe Moriarty was a better actor than I thought.
“Yes Molly, you have to stay away from him,” John said as he turned to me. “Lestrade said they are on their way, but traffic is heavy. Also, he says to not touch anything until he gets here.”
“Grace, what do you make of this?” I asked pointing to a scar just below the woman’s collarbone, ignoring what John had said.
“It looks like a cattle brand,” she said tracing the scar, which was distinctly shaped like an M, with her finger. “But why? Moriarty already carved an M into her stomach, why brand her with an M as well?”
“I don’t know, but the other body had it as well.” I said as I began to run through my thoughts. Moriarty never did his own handy work and he especially didn’t like being associated with it, so what made this different.
“Can I see?” John asked. I nodded as I let him through. It was only a few moments of examining her that John came back with results, one of the many reasons I kept him around. “She has been dead for a day, maybe two, and that brand was definitely made after she died.”
“Why brand her after she’s dead?” Grace asked.
“I don’t know, but there isn’t a note anywhere on this body.” I sighed frustrated as I ripped off the gloves.
“Sherlock, I hope you didn’t…” Lestrade started as he walked in a whole team behind him. But I didn’t have time to deal with that, I had other and much more important problems to deal with.
“We’re done here,” I said, “Molly you’re going to stay with Mrs. Hudson for a while.” I quickly walked out of the morgue followed by John, Grace and Molly.
“Ok?” Lestrade said.
After stopping at Molly’s flat to grab her some clothes, to which she didn’t have many, mostly just non flattering sweaters, we headed to Grace’s flat. It wasn’t a very impressive flat, it was actually in a really bad part of town. The building was falling apart and the land lord gave us a very dirty look when we walked in.
“I’m just grabbing my stuff,” Grace snapped when the man began to question us.
As we got to the door, I saw a giant eviction notice plastered on it and I realized why the man was upset.
“Grace, why does your door say “evicted?” John asked in a concerned yet disappointed
“Because I didn’t pay the landlord any rent.” Grace replied sheepishly as she opened the door and ran inside.
“Why not?” John asked as we followed her into the flat. It was completely empty. All that was in the flat was single folding chair that faced a wall that was covered in newspaper clippings and pictures. A wall that look eerily like the one I would put up when I was on a case, well a case that was actually worth my time.
“I got fired from my job.” Grace called from a room in the back.
“Why?” John asked as he picked up one of the empty pizza boxes that, along with clothes, were scattered around the flat.
“I never showed up.” Grace said and I could hear how ashamed she was.
“Grace,” John sighed as he used his finger to rub his temple.
“Moriarty has kind of preoccupied my time John.” She said coming out of her room with a very small suitcase. “Alright we can go.”
It was around dinnertime by the time we got back to the flat and I could almost hear Grace’s stomach rumbling.
“Mrs. Hudson!” I yelled as soon as I opened the door.
“Yes Sherlock,” she replied as she slowly opened her door.
“Molly is going to stay with you for a while.” I said shoving Molly in front of me as she made a squeak.
“Oh yes, come on in dearie, we will get you settled.” Mrs. Hudson smiled her kindness even after everything I had put her through made me smile a bit. But I quickly lost the smile as soon as I saw John staring at me.
“Thank you,” Molly said as she headed into the flat.
“Alright anyone hungry?” I asked completely forgetting about Molly.
“Yes,” both Grace and John replied.
We headed to the usual café and got our usual table. It was the only café in town that didn’t have people that annoyed me.
“What do you think Moriarty is up to Sherlock?” John asked as he ate his usually meal of pork pie. Grace had ordered a salad to which she had barely touched, and I had nothing, as I usually never ate while on a case. I was far too distracted to concern myself with something as trivial as food.
“He wants to play another game, but I’m not playing this time.” I said seriously as I watched as Grace twirled her fork around her plate.
“But you have to, if you don’t he’s just going to keep killing innocent people.” John said
“And he’s just going to keep killing people until he’s beaten me. That is why I have to beat him first.” I replied.
“How do you plan on doing that?” John asked as a loud crash came from the kitchen.
Grace jumped and pulled out a gun.
“Gracie!” John gasped as I quickly reached across the table and grabbed the gun as I put it in my coat. “Why do you have a gun?”
“It’s not mine John, it’s yours. I took it from your drawer when I was in your room.” Grace sighed and I could see her hands were shaking.
John didn’t reply he just stared at his food. It was a few minutes before John finally broke the uncomfortable silence.
“I’m ready to go, how about the two of you.” John snapped.
“Yes, let’s go,” Grace sneered and they both quickly stood up and went outside.
“This is going to be a long night,” I thought.
The cab ride home was silent as I sat between John and Grace both of them staring out their own windows. “Is this what Mycroft and I are like?” I wondered.
When we reached our flat, John stormed up the stairs. “I’m going to bed.” He called.
“It’s 8:30 John!” I called, John was never one to even think about heading to bed before 10:30 at the least.
“I don’t care!” He called back making me smile.
Grace grumbled as she fell onto the couch. “Sometimes he just…” She sighed as she paced her head in her hands.
Slowly I walked over and sat next to her. “He’s just trying to protect you that’s all.”
“But I don’t need protecting,” she sighed propping her head up on her arm so she was looking at me. “He just doesn’t understand that.”
“I know what you mean, I have a brother like that.” I said and I was taken back. I was talking about Mycroft, which I never did.
“Really is he older or younger?” She asked.
“Older, and he just assumes I…”
“Can’t do anything right.” We said together, then we laughed. She slowly looked up at me, her eyes staring into mine. I could see her start to blush as I grabbed her hand. There was something so different about Grace. She was like me, she was smart and she thought like me. But she was like John because she cared about people. Slowly I leaned closer as she did the same, our faces were inches apart. “Grace.” I said. My mind was screaming at me to stop but I didn’t listen.
“Yes,” She said as I started to lean in ready to kiss her. I watched as she started to lean in, but just before our lips met, I stopped. This wasn’t me, I didn’t do this, I didn’t do the romance thing.
My mind screamed at me. “This is emotion you are showing!” Listening to my thoughts, I backed away and cleared my throat. Grace opened her eyes and backed away as well. We sat in silence; the sexual tension was so high I almost had to sit on my hands to stop myself from grabbing her and kissing her. “While we were in the morgue, after I called you brilliant, you said I was the only one who thought that, what did you mean?” I asked trying to break the tension.
“I get really obsessive about things, so I don’t really have a social life. I’m a whole lot smarter than most people in my life so they don’t exactly like me. I’ve never really had any friends so.” She said as she wrapped her arms around her knees.
“Well I think you are brilliant,” I said and my emotions took control again as I moved a strand of hair from out of her face. I leaned close again, but this time she backed away.
“I should probably get some sleep.” She said sheepishly. “It’s been a busy day.”
“You can sleep in my room, for tonight.” I said as I quickly got off the couch trying to clear all thoughts of Grace in my head, but they wouldn’t go away.
“Are you sure?” She asked as smile on her face.
“I’m sure, now go.” I smiled.
“Thank you Sherlock,” She said, then she grabbed some clothes from her suitcase and then headed into my room.
I smiled when she opened the door again and threw a blanket and my sleeping clothes at me. Quickly I changed into them and then lay down on the couch. I did my best to stay awake but I found myself thinking only of Grace. So I believed my only option was to sleep to get my mind off of her, however I ended up dreaming about her.

That next morning, I woke up rather early; due to what I could only imagine was guilt from the way I had acted the previous night. Quietly I crept down the stairs only to find that my sister was not the only sleeping on the couch, instead I found Sherlock. “Why is he sleeping on the couch? And where is Grace?” I thought. Slowly I walked over to Sherlock’s room and opened the door. I looked in to find Gracie asleep, Sherlock’s sheets wrapped around her. I shut the door and angrily hurried over to Sherlock. He was dead if he had even laid a single finger on her. I didn’t think that that was something I was going to have to worry about with Sherlock. “Sherlock!” I quietly yelled not willing to wake my sister. However, he didn’t wake up. “Sherlock!” I yelled a bit louder kicking the couch. He woke with a start and rolled onto the floor with a thud.
“John what in the…” he started, rubbing back as he sat up.
“Why in the hell is my sister in your bed!” I yelled full force this time.
“She looked tired, and I didn’t want her to sleep on the couch. It was just for a night, that’s it.” Sherlock whispered.
“That’s it?” I asked suspicious.
“That’s it.” He said
“So there is nothing going on between you two.” I asked questioningly.
“Of course not.” He said annoyed.
“Good because then I would have to kill you.” I laughed helping him up.
“Wow, could you guys be any louder.” Gracie said as she came out of the bedroom. She stood there, in short shorts, that were tight on her skin, and a tank top that in the light was see through. Way too sexy, I thought, to be wearing to bed.
“Nice bed head Gracie.” I laughed trying to fight my urge to throw covers over her.
Quickly she patted down hair. “So,” she said flopping in one of the chairs. “What are we doing today?”
“Today we are going to beat Moriarty. John, I need you to go to Lestrade and figure out if the two bodies have any connections. Grace, do you remember what the brand looks like” Sherlock asked and Grace nodded. “Do you think you could sketch it out for me? We will take it down to my homeless network and have them look around to see where Moriarty could have gotten it. Then we will head over to the warehouse. I felt like we may have missed something.” Sherlock said as he grabbed the drawing Grace had quickly sketched. “We will meet back at the café at 5.”
As soon as everyone had gotten dress, we headed down to get a cab. Quickly one stopped and we all quickly got in.
“If anyone gets into any trouble, we call the other,” I said not liking the idea of Sherlock and Grace going somewhere by themselves, I knew Sherlock could take care of her but my fear was he would be to wrapped up in the case to realize something was wrong.
“Hmmm? Oh, yes.” Sherlock responded but I could tell he wasn’t listening. “Stop!” He yelled at the cabbie. Quickly he grabbed the sketch and raced out of the cab. “I’ll be right back!” He yelled.
I watched as Sherlock ran over to one of his homeless network workers. He handed over the sketch and some money and then quickly got back in the cab. “Alright, head to the police station.” He said and the cab started off again.
“Homeless network?” Grace asked looking at me.
“Don’t ask.” I whispered Sherlock could go on for days about his homeless network and how efficient it was.
“Alright John, find out everything you can, don’t leave out any details and…” Sherlock started as the cab slowed to a stop.
“Be you,” I smiled sarcastically as I got out of the cab. “Now you take care of her Sherlock, alright.” I said.
“Of course John.” He replied and I shut the door and watched the cab drive off again.

When we reached the warehouse, I quickly paid the cabbie, which I specifically put the exact amount of change I would need in my coat pocket before we left the flat, and then helped Grace out of the cab. “Ready?” I asked.
“Yep.” She said grabbing my hand and pulling me forward.
“We’re going to need a plan to get in because they only let me onto a crime scene for about five minutes at a time, and that’s only if Lestrade is with me, so give me a second.” I sighed as I ran scenarios in my head trying to find which would work best but thoughts of Grace kept distracting me, it was becoming a real problem that I knew I was going to have to deal with.
“I am starting to doubt that the great Sherlock Holmes is as great as he thinks he is.” She smiled. “I have broken into a few crime scenes in my day. Just stick with me and you’ll be fine.”
“I said give me a second.” I grumbled.
“Just go ask to get in and leave the rest to me.” She smiled her face lighting up as she pushed me in the direction of the building.
I did not argue, I just did what she said. Usually I would have never listened to someone else; I would have done what I wanted. However, there was something different about Grace. I just felt different when I was around her. She made me want to be nice, and made me want to care. Every time I saw her, I got nervous, and I never get nervous. I thought I was losing my mind with the way I was acting.
“What are you doing here?” The officer asked he wasn’t at the warehouse yesterday which was good because he wouldn’t recognize Grace, which me however he knew right away.
“I’m here to look around.” I said and I realized I couldn’t see Grace anywhere.
“You already did that, so why don’t you just get…” the officer snapped.
“Officer!” I heard someone yell. I turned to see Grace coming running towards me tears streaming down her face. “Officer there is this man chasing me and he’s got a gun! He in that ally.” She sobbed as she clung to the officer almost pulling him to the ground. I stared at her eyes wide. She was fantastic.
“I can’t leave my post, especially with Sherlock around…” The man started when Grace let out a giant scream.
“Please,” She screamed. “I’m afraid for my life.”
“Alright you stay here with Sherlock; I’ll go and see about his man.” The officer sighed as he quickly called for backup. “There will be someone here in a few minutes so don’t even think about going in.” He said to me before he took off.
“I’ll just take her home!” I yelled trying to hold in a laugh as I pulled Grace into the warehouse.
“How was that,” She said wiping the tears away.
“That was fantastic!” I laughed as I grabbed her hand.
She laughed too as we walked down the long hallway hand in hand. We turned into the large room; it looked empty without a body hanging in the middle.
“What are we looking for again?” She asked.
“Anything at all, just look for something that seem useful.” I responded.
“Alright,” She let go of my hand and looked around.
I walked over to the post where the “S” was carved into. That’s when I noticed that there were things carved into some of the other beams. Quickly I walked over to where the body was hung. The handcuffs were still attached to the beam. I grabbed them and hoisted myself up so that my face was level with what the body’s would have been. What I saw shocked me. Carved into each of the beams was a different letter and from this angle, they spelled out “She’s Gone.” I dropped down looking for Grace but I couldn’t find her anywhere.
“Grace!” I called but got no response. Moriarty knew that I would come back, he knew that I would look from the victim's point of view, and he knew that I would bring Grace. He was a step ahead of me. “Grace!” I yelled and this time someone responded.
“Sherlock!” I heard Grace terror in her voice.
“Run, Sherlock, run, and find the other Watson!” Moriarty’s voice laughed as it echoed through the building.
I took off running, chasing down hallways, not having any clue as to where I was going. The only time I had ever been that panicked was when Moriarty strapped that bomb onto John’s chest.
“She’s just dying to see you!” Moriarty’s laughter filled my head.
Suddenly a gunshot rang through the silent halls causing me to skid to a stop eyes wide with terror.
“No!” I screamed he couldn’t have killed her, Grace could not be dead.
“Sherlock!” I heard her voice, her wonderful beautiful voice. I sighed as I turned to see a closed door.
“Grace!” I yelled opening the door. When I opened the door, something rammed into me. I looked down to find Grace, her arms wrapped around my waist and her head leaning on my chest. “Are you alright?” I asked awkwardly, unsure of how to comfort her. Thinking about what I had seen others do, I slowly wrapped my arms around her.
“I am; he’s not.” She said pointing back into the room. On the floor was a man a bullet hole in his head. “He’s dead, I killed him!” She screamed and I unconsciously held her tighter.
“What happened?” I asked rubbing circles on her back desperately trying to calm her down. My mind was screaming at me once again, but I quickly shut out my thoughts worrying only about Grace.
“There, there were arrows carved into some wood. I followed them thinking they might lead to something important, it was stupid I know but I thought it could help. However, I walked into this room and the door shut behind me. I turned and there was this huge man. He hit me with the butt of his gun then…”
“Wait, where did he hit you?” I asked seriously.
She moved her hair and I saw a giant gash. It was at least two inches wide and an inch deep.
“We will need to have John look at that.” I said pulling her close to me again, John was going to kill me for letting her get hurt.
“Anyway, when he hit me, I passed out. I woke up when I heard you calling my name. I tried to respond but he hit me. That’s when I realized he was the man Moriarty ordered to beat me. When you called again, I yelled and he came after me. I tried to dodge him but he was too fast, he knocked me to the ground and held a gun up to my face. I fought him and pushed the gun in his face that’s when it fired.” She said her breathing raspy.
I ran my fingers through her hair, grateful that the bullet was in his head and not hers.
“I didn’t mean to kill him Sherlock, I really didn’t.” She cried.
“Shh, you were defending yourself. There was nothing else you could have done. Besides, if he were alive, I would have killed him for hurting you.” I smiled.
She laughed but it was a sad laughed. I quickly wiped her tears away before I leaned in and kissed her forehead.
“Sherlock,” she whispered.
“Stop it Sherlock!” My mind screamed but I was already too invested.
I leaned in and kissed every bruise on her face.
“Better,” I whispered holding her close. I leaned in once more, this time to kiss her lips, when a voice from behind us interrupted us.
“Hey!” It yelled and I quickly put a protective arm over Grace. I turned to see the officer running towards us. “Sherlock I told you not to come in here,” He sighed. “And you,” he pointed to Grace, “Are arrested on the charges of lying to a police officer.
“Yeah, that’s not happening.” I said placing her behind me.
The officer pulled out his gun and came closer. He looked into the room and his face went white with what he saw. “Oh God,” he said then he grabbed his walkie-talkie. “I need backup.”
“That’s not going to be necessary,” I smiled turning back to Grace.
“Sherlock,” She shrieked and the next thing I knew I was face first on the ground.
The officer, after handcuffing both Grace and me, loaded us into his police car. However, we didn’t leave for a while we just sat there.
“Are we going to leave any time soon?” I sighed, the longer I was stuck in the car, the longer Moriarty had to get even farther ahead of me.
“Someone wanted to see you before we take you and your little girlfriend down to the station.” The officer sneered.
“Who would want to see…?” I started but I stopped when I saw who got into the car. “Oh, Anderson, I should have guessed.”
“So, the psychopath has finally cracked?” Anderson smiled.
“I am a high functioning sociopath not a psychopath, we have discussed this.” I said annoyed.
“Well considering you killed a man…” Anderson sneered.
“He didn’t kill him I did!” Grace yelled angrily as she defended me.
“Grace,” I said shaking my head she did not need to be getting into any more trouble than she already was.
“Who is she?” Anderson asked the officer glaring at Grace with his beady little eyes.
“She was with him, I just assumed she was his girlfriend, they were…” The officer started.
“The freak doesn’t have a girlfriend.” Anderson said. “If anything he probably found her on the corner.” He laughed and I growled, causing him to give me a strange look. “No you can let her go, I just want to bring Sherlock in.” I hated what Anderson said about Grace, but I was grateful he let her go.
The officer slowly got out of the car and walked over to the door by Grace. He quickly unlocked the handcuffs and got back in the driver’s seat.
“You can go we have to take this freak to the station.” Suddenly Grace decked Anderson and I heard his nose crack. “Owww!” He whined said grabbing his nose. “Well don’t just sit there, arrest her.
After the officer handcuffed Grace, again, we finally headed off to the station.
“John is going to be so mad.” She sighed as she stared at the floor.
“I don’t know he might be proud.” I smiled.
“Proud? What makes you think he will be proud?” She asked shocked.
“He hates Anderson.” I smiled which made her smile. “How does your hand feel?”
“It hurts really badly, but it was worth it.” She smiled.
“Why did you punch him anyway, not that he doesn’t always deserve to be punched in the face, but you didn’t know him?” I asked.
“I…” She started as she began to lean towards me.
“Alright, enough talking.” The officer said stopping the car. “Let's go,” he said grabbing Grace’s arm.
“I can walk, thank you very much.” I said when he reached for my arm.
“What in the hell is going on?” Lestrade asked coming outside followed by John. Both looked very worried as their eyes darted between Grace and me.
“Sherlock?” John asked, and I could hear the annoyance in his voice. “Grace?”
“These two broke into the warehouse crime scene and…” The officer started as he roughly grabbed my arm.
“No, no they are fine,” Lestrade sighed as he gave me a look like, “I can’t let you go anywhere.”
“And they murdered a man.” The officer quickly said.
“What!” Both Lestrade and John yelled.
I sighed as I thought. “I am never going to hear the end of this.”
We were quickly rushed into two separate rooms, I was interrogated by Dimmock to whom I had worked with before, and who absolutely worshiped the ground I walked on, so I told him the whole story and I was let off with a warning, as usual. However, when I got let out, and back into the room where John was waiting, I found that Lestrade was still interrogating Grace. Quickly I walked to the window as John began to yell at me.
“Sherlock!” He yelled and then he took a deep breath trying to find the right words.
“John, calm down,” I sighed rolling my eyes. John was being way too dramatic.
“Calm down,” He laughed, but I could see the rage in his eyes. “Calm down! My sister murdered someone!”
“It wasn’t murder it was self-defense.” I snapped as I was starting to get annoyed.
“How could you let her out of your sight?” John screamed at me with such disappointment in his voice.
“I know John!” I screamed back by now I had changed from annoyed to plain furious. Did John not understand how disappointed I was in myself for being so stupid?
“I knew it was a bad idea having her go with you. You promised you would…” John sighed his hands had curled into fist as if he was just waiting for the right opportunity to deck me, to which I undoubtedly deserved.
“I know John!” I screamed not being able to hold in my rage any longer. “I know it’s all my fault, you can blame me for the rest of my life, but you will never know what I felt when I heard that gunshot. But I promise you, I will never let her out of my sight again!” I yelled and I saw John just stare at me. His eyes were filled with confusion but also amazement. I didn’t know why I had said what I did. It just sort of came out. Quickly I turned to look out the window. My heart was still racing as fast as it had when I heard the gunshot. My hands still shook and my palms were sweaty.
“Sherlock?” Lestrade said coming into the room.
“How is she?” Both John and I asked. As soon as I said it, I got strange looks from both Lestrade and John.
“She told us what happened, and she isn’t getting arrested though she is getting a warning for punching Anderson.”
John and I snickered when he said this. I turned my head slightly and down the hall I could see Anderson still holding his bloody nose as he whined to Sally. After a moment they both turned and glared at me and I went back to looking at Lestrade. I didn’t understand why Grace had punched Anderson.
“It’s not funny,” Lestrade said breaking my concentration. I could see that his face was more amused than annoyed, and he was trying to hold back a laugh. “Anyway, John, I think you should examine her, she’s pretty shaken up.” John quickly nodded as he left me alone with Lestrade. “What is going on with you?” Lestrade asked.
“Nothing,” I said turning back towards the window, although every fiber of my being wanted to go to Grace.
“Maybe John doesn’t see it but I do.” Lestrade said and I just knew he had a stupid smile plastered across his face.
“See what?” I asked refusing to look at him. He was wasting his time if he thought he was going to get a reaction out of me.
“I see the way you look at Grace. I’ve never seen you look at anyone like you do her.” Lestrade said.
“She’s John’s sister,” I stated flatly.
“That doesn’t mean you can’t have feelings for her.” He replied.
“Ha, ha,” I laughed, “me have feelings, good one Lestrade,” I sighed. I didn’t know if I said this for Lestrade or for myself. Ever since I was little I had been taught that showing emotion was a weakness. I had it drilled into my head, and it wasn’t really until I met John that I finally started caring, but even then, nothing like the way I felt with Grace. However, acting on my feelings, was not something I was willing to do, at least not yet.
“What are you talking about?” John asked coming back, his arm draped around Grace’s shoulder. She looked absolutely terrified.
“Nothing,” I said looking at Grace. As she looked back at me, I could almost see a longing in her eyes. Quickly I looked down at my hands, uncomfortable with how her glance was making me feel, as I asked. “How are you doing?”
“She’s got a concussion and she’s pretty shaken up, but other than that she’s fine.” John replied before she could speak.
“Can we go home?” she said meekly in a voice I hardly recognized as hers.
“Of course.” John said helping her over to me. “Will you hold her? I have to go grab my notes.” He said walking away. I nodded as I slipped my arm around her waist supporting her weight. I could feel Lestrade staring at us, afraid he may say something, I quickly walked Grace outside.
“Are you alright?” I asked as we stood outside. The cold wind causing Grace to come closer. She stood looking up at me as I stood a good few inches taller than she did. As I looked down, I could see the tears start to well up in her eyes.
“I killed someone Sherlock; I don’t think I’ll ever be alright.” Grace said her voice cracking.
“Ok, alright being a relative term “I smiled pulling her closer doing the best I could to try and make her feel better, in the only way I knew how. Slowly I kissed the side of her head then whispered into her ear, “I’m so sorry.”
“Sherlock,” she whispered turning her head so our faces were almost touching. My mind took back over and I quickly turned back to the street and got a cab.
“Gracie, are you alright?” John asked coming out. Quickly his arm replaced mine around her waist leaving me alone. We loaded into the cab and headed home. The trip was excruciatingly long as I tried not to grab Grace’s hand. It was late by the time we reached the flat, as soon as I opened the door, I race up the stairs as John helped Grace. I did my best to catch my breath trying to calm my emotions down but they just continued to race.
“Thanks for your help,” John said as he helped Grace through the door. As soon as I saw her I froze. I wouldn’t move I just stared at her.
“What are you doing?” Grace laughed.
Her laughter finally broke me out of my trance. I turned to find John giving me a strange look.
“Does she need anything?” I asked trying to distract John.
“She just needs to sit down and not fall sleep.” John said still giving me a look like, “What the hell was that?”
“But thank your concern.” Grace smiled grabbing my hand.
“Anyway,” John said and Grace quickly let go of my hand. “I have my notes about what I found out with Lestrade.”
“Good,” I said as I sat down at the table.
“Both of the victims had financial troubles to which were somehow mysteriously solved about a month ago. A direct deposit of ten thousand dollars from someone just known as Max. However Lestrade looked into it and found that they got their money from Mad Max’s Money Maker. It gives people who need money, a loan, no questions asked, however it has an insanely high interest rate “John said.
“And if you don’t pay them back you pay the price,” I said rubbing the back of my neck, this case was more frustrating than I had anticipated.
“You think Max killed them, not Moriarty?” John asked.
“No, Moriarty definitely had something to do with this, I bet Max is one of his clients.” I said. “But I don’t understand why Moriarty would want to get his hands dirty as such a small client.”
“Do you realize what we are dealing with if he is one of Moriarty’s clients?” John sighed.
“I know, I know.” I ran my hands through my hair frustrated, “And there is no way we can beat him without playing his game.” I turned to look at Grace, who was asleep.
“Shit!” John yelled running over to her shaking her awake.
“What!” She groaned grumpily.
“You can’t fall asleep,” John said as he yawned causing Grace to yawn.
“That’s not helping,” She whined.
“I’m sorry, I got up rather early.” John said.
“Is anyone hungry?” I asked thinking of ways to distract Grace from sleep.
“Yes!” Grace yelled causing me to laugh.
“I am as well Sherlock,” John said yawning again.
“I’ll call and get some Chinese, what does everyone want.” I asked.
“My usual.” John said.
“Anything, you can order for me Sherlock,” Grace said licking her lips. Her brown eyes looked gorgeous by the lamp light. I watched as her face turned a cute shade of pink when she saw me looking at her.
“I’ll go ring them up.” I said grabbing my mobile as I headed into the kitchen. Quickly I called the restaurant. However I was distracted by the voices coming from the other room.
“Grace,” I heard John say, and I quickly turned to look at them. Neither one of them realized that I could hear what they were saying “I am sorry for the way I have been acting. I just worry about you.”
“I know and I worry about you too, but we have to learn to trust each other.” She replied.
“I know,” he said and I watched as they hugged. “Now,” He said his voice lowering to a whisper.
“Why are you whispering?” Grace whispered a slight smile on her face.
“Because I don’t want him to hear me.” John said and I stood up a little straighter as he gestured towards me.
“John?” Grace asked apprehensively.
“What is going on between you two? I know you and I do not want you to get invested in someone like him, because he’s not like other guys. He is married to his work and that’s how it’s going to stay.” John said.
“You don’t know that, John.” She said her voice almost inaudible. However I could still hear the sadness.
“You do like him don’t you.” John whispered.
“Of course I do John,” she said and I gripped the phone tighter. “He understands me. This past day I have felt the greatest I have ever felt in my entire life because here, I’m not the freak who does nothing but follow the cops around, to him I’m normal.”
To me she was more than just normal; she was beautiful and perfect in every way. She understood how I felt and she saw things the same way I did. I had never felt before what I did when I was with her.
“Hello?” I heard a voice say and I realized it was from the phone. Quickly I told them our order and then hung up, eager to get to Grace.
“What are we going to do all night?” Grace asked as she watched me walk into the room.
“We could watch something on the telly or… or Sherlock could play something for us on his violin.” John said and I glared at him but he just looked at me with a huge smile.
“You play?” Grace asked wonder in her eyes.
I nodded.
“Can I hear something?” She asked which took me by surprise. I wasn’t really used to people asking to hear me play. Mostly it was just my brother and John begging me to stop.
I nodded and I grabbed my violin. “What would you like to hear?” I asked and suddenly I felt very nervous. It was a strange feeling, I had never been nervous in my life, but as I stood in front of Grace, I could feel my heart beating rapidly. I gripped my violin tighter as I twirled the bow in my other hand.”
“Anything.” She smiled.
I took a deep breath before I started to play, not sure what I was playing, the notes just came into my head. It was a beautiful ballad. I closed my eyes and pictured what if would be like to hold Grace in my arms and to feel her lips on mine. After I ran out of notes, I slowly opened my eyes and lowered my violin from my chin.
“That was beautiful,” Grace said. “What was it called?”
“I don’t know it just sort of came to me.” I said.
She looked at me in astonishment. “You’re telling me you just made that song up.” I nodded. “What are you going to name it?”
“I’m not sure.” I truly didn’t but I knew it would eventually end up being named after something to do with Grace thought I wouldn’t dare tell her that.
“Well, it looks like John sure liked it.” She laughed looking over to the sleeping form of John.
I smiled as she slowly woke him up.
“Wha… oh Grace, I’m sorry, I promise I’ll stay up with you.” He said rubbing his eyes when suddenly the doorbell rang. “That must be our food.”
“I’ll grab it.” I said as I headed towards the door.
“Wait, do you…” John asked seriously.
I nodded pulling a gun from my coat before putting it back.
“Wait, why does he need a gun to get our food?” Grace asked.
“Let’s just say we have lost all faith in our delivery service.” I smiled as I headed downstairs. As I opened the door, the man quickly handed me the bag of food, then held out his hand waiting for payment. Quickly I handed him the money and took the food back to John and Grace. “Here, I’ll help,” Grace said as I brought the bag into the kitchen. We both reached into the bag, our hands touching. We held them there for a while, before I grabbed one of the boxes, looking at it.
“This is yours.” I said quickly handing the box to Grace. I then grabbed the other boxes and rushed back to the parlor. We quickly ate and then we just sat there looking at each other.
“What are we going to do until morning?” Grace asked as I grabbed our trash and threw it away.
“I don’t,” John yawned, “know.”
“Stop that!” Grace laughed yawning. “Wait, I have an idea,” She said grabbing John’s laptop.
“Wait it has a pass…” He started as Grace logged in. “How did you do that?” I always questioned why John kept his password on his computer. It didn’t matter how many times he changed it, I quickly deciphered it. There was that one day when he made me incredibly anger after I logged into his computer and the clue was the earth rotates around what. In response to that I changed his password and the clue was how many types of tobacco ash I analyzed. It was a month before he final got back into his laptop.
“John, I am your sister, I think I can guess what your computer password is.” She said putting on some music. Quickly she grabbed John’s hand and I watched as they danced to an upbeat song. They were both laughing as John twirled Grace around. Her dazzling white smile made me smile as well.
Suddenly, I held my breath as Grace twirled right into my arms and the song turned to a slow love song.
“May I have this dance, Mr. Holmes?” Grace whispered.
“I don’t think Sherlock knows how to dance Gracie.” John smiled. I glared over Grace’s shoulder at John, who put his hands up in surrender before he slowly closed his eyes listening to the music. I then turned back to Grace as I stared into her eyes as I slowly placed my arm around her waist, my hand at the small of her back pulling her close. With my other hand, I grabbed her hand. We twirled around the room our eyes never leaving the others. We waltzed together still staring into each other’s eyes as the song kept changing, but neither one of us cared, we were both content being in each other’s arms.
“Sherlock, I’m so glad I’m here.” Grace said putting her arms around my neck and leaned her head on my chest. My heart beat faster as I could feel the warmth of Grace’s skin though my shirt.
“So am I,” I said letting emotion slip. Suddenly I realized that there was no music playing anymore.
“Yeah, I think the music stopped a while ago.” Grace said reading my mind.
“How long have we been dancing?” I asked trying to figure out how my mind just let me dance with Grace and not think of anything else.
“I don’t know, but I would say it’s been a while.” She said turning to look at John who was fast asleep. “Well, I guess he won’t be staying up with me all night.” She grabbed a blanket and laid it on John. “Well its 3 A.M., so, I guess I’ll just um…” She said as she ran her fingers through her hair.
“We can go into my room.” I said as I grabbed her hand and walked into my room. We both sat on the bed and talked, just talked, until morning.

I woke up and found myself not in my room. “Oh no,” I thought as I remember what happened last night. “I must have fallen asleep, after I promised Grace I would stay up with her.” But as I looked around I couldn’t find Grace anywhere. “Where is Grace?”
“Oh look sleeping beauty has finally woken up.” I heard someone say and I turned to see Grace in the kitchen.
“Grace, I’m so sorry I fell asleep.” I said feeling terrible.
“No, John, its fine, Sherlock and I talked for a while, and then we went to the store and got some food.” Grace said.
“Wait you and Sherlock…” I stared at her.
“And, now we are making breakfast.” She smiled.
“Sherlock. Breakfast.” I said trying to hold back a laugh.
“Yes and your help would be appreciated.” Sherlock said walking into view. I laughed when I saw him, he was covered, head to toe, in flour. I started over towards the kitchen when Grace stepped in front of me.
“No!” She yelled pushing me back onto the couch. “Sherlock needs to know how to make this himself.” She said going back into the kitchen. “You boys can’t just go on eating take out for the rest of your lives.”
“I beg to…” Sherlock started but Grace quickly shoved him back into the kitchen.
“What are you making?” I called a smile on my face as I leaned back on the couch to relax.
“It’s a surprise!” She yelled back when suddenly there was a loud crash followed by Grace yelling, “Sherlock!”
After a good hour, Sherlock and Grace, who were both covered in flour, came out with the food. They had made muffins, scones, eggs and sausage. The eggs and sausages looked good, however the muffins looked a little flat and the scones were as hard as rocks.
“I made the muffins and the scones,” Sherlock smiled proudly. I looked over at Grace with a questioning look wondering if eating something that Sherlock had made was a good idea. In return, she gave me a look like, “you better eat them.” The muffins were not half bad, but the scones were terrible. It took all my power to choke it down.
“That was really good,” I coughed with a smile on my face as Grace picked up my plate. Suddenly my phone rang. I looked to see that it was a text message from Grace. “Gracie, did you just text me?” I asked and I watched as her face turned as white as the flour she was covered in. “What’s wrong?” I asked.
“John, Moriarty took my phone.” She gasped.
As she said this I quickly opened the message. It read; “Hello Sherlock, John, and sweet Grace
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
.-. --- -... . .-. - .- .--. .- ..-. .-.. .. -.
“We are all mad here” :)
49, 34
11, 137
46, 93
142, 5
133, 56
45, 69
233, 56
211, 62
9, 204
84, 9
43, 63
11, 65
221, 103
“Is this another one of Moriarty’s puzzle, I see some Morse code.” I stated handing it to Sherlock.
After looking over it, he quickly handed the phone to Grace and then took out his own phone and typed something into it. “John can you decrypt the Morse code?” He asked not looking up from his phone.
“Ok,” I said as Grace handed me my phone back. I looked at the Morse code and quickly started to decode it. R, O, B, E…
“Alice in Wonderland!” Sherlock shouted breaking my concentration.
“What?” I asked looking up from the phone.
“‘We are mad here” it’s from Alice in Wonderland.”
“Why put a quote from Alice in Wonderland, and what are the numbers?” I asked.
“I have an idea,” He said, “Have you figured out the Morse code.”
“Almost,” I replied looking back at the phone. F, L, I, N, “Got it!”
“What does it say?” Grace asked.
“Not what, but who, it’s a name, Roberta Paflin.” I said.
“John, I need your laptop.” Sherlock said quickly as he grabbed my laptop.
“Where is yours.” I asked not even bothering to tell him about the password. I hadn’t changed it since the last time he had cracked it.
“In my room,” He said not looking up from the screen.
I sighed as I walked over to look over his shoulder. Although I was kind of distracted by Grace, who was doing the same thing I was, however she had her hand rested on Sherlock’s shoulder. However I quickly turned my attention back to Sherlock, he was looking up Roberta Paflin. “She’s an illustrator for…” I leaned in close so I could see. “Alice in Wonderland.”
“I knew it.” Sherlock said clicking on the images of the books that Roberta had illustrated. “It’s a book cipher; we just have to figure out which book.” He said pointing at the two different covers.
“It’s that one,” Grace chimed in pointing to the one with Alice falling down the rabbit hole.
“I get it; Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.” I said. “How are we going to find this specific book?”
“I’ll go find it.” Sherlock said quickly as he brushed off the flour then he grabbed his coat and scarf before he headed out. “I’ll be back soon!” He yelled and then the door shut.
Grace smiled as she wiped the flour off herself. She then headed into the kitchen and I followed her. Disaster didn’t even begin to describe the state of the kitchen. Flour covered the walls, and batter covered the floor. Scattered around the kitchen were pots and pans, and in the trash was what looked like a mountain of burnt muffins and scones. It looked like a war zone.
“How did you even make breakfast?” I asked lifting my feet up to find them covered in batter.
“Don’t ask me?” She smiled when we heard the door open and shut.
“Well, he’s back quick.” I smiled but as I turned to Grace I found that she wasn’t smiling. Instead she had a terrified look on her face.
“John,” Grace said grabbing a knife, “That’s not Sherlock.”
I quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her to the wall grabbing a knife as well. Slowly I brought my finger up to my lip as I held my breath. Everything was silent for a moment, and I feared that you could hear my heart pounding in my chest. I gripped the knife in my hand tighter as two big me turned the corner walking into the kitchen. In a flash, Grace was up and stabbing one of the men in the shoulder. As he screamed in pain, I quickly charged the other guy. I sliced the knife at the man but he dodged it. I kept slashing away every time the man dodging my stabs. Soon everything blurred, when suddenly I heard Grace scream.
“John!” I heard Grace scream. I turned to see her standing with a bloody knife on her neck and a man holding her. Suddenly I was knocked flat on my back.
“Drop the knife!” The man who was holding Grace said. I quickly did as he said and as soon as I dropped the knife, two men came and grabbed my arms. Another man had come into the room without me noticing, he was heavier set than the other two and had black hair that was greased back. Slowly he made his way towards Grace.
“Why, Moriarty was right, you are a pretty thing.” The man said caressing Grace’s cheek.
“Don’t touch her!” I spat trying to break free. I could feel the rage building up inside me. As I struggled, my eyes never left Grace’s. To my surprise, she didn’t look scared as she started back at me. Her eyes were filled more with worry.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” The man said and he snapped his fingers. The man holding Grace then pressed the knife deeper into her neck causing her to whimper.
“I’m stopping,” I quickly said, standing perfectly still, desperate to have him free Grace.
“Who has the handcuffs?” He asked.
The man who Grace had stabbed came up and pulled out some handcuffs.
“Nail ‘em up.” The man who I assumed to be the leader said and the man followed his orders. In the doorway to the kitchen, he took out, what looked like a railroad spike and nailed it to the beam. Then the man holding Grace lifted her up and chained her hands with the handcuffs.
“No,” I thought realizing who it was. “Max?” I said as I saw him take out a knife.
“Oh, you know me.” He said flattered. “You must be familiar with my work.” He smiled showing his yellow and crocked teeth.
“No!” I screamed as he brought the knife towards Grace’s stomach. He sliced her shirt open and I prayed he wasn’t going to do what I thought. Again, he brought the knife to her stomach as he said. “Moriarty says I’m not allowed to harm you.” Another man came up the stairs. He was carrying a brand and I realized what he was going to do.
“No!” I screamed and I felt the hot sting of tears in my eyes. “Please don’t.”
“However, he did want to leave his mark.” Max smiled grabbing Grace’s chin as he turned to look at the fire place. “The fire place is a nice touch, and so convenient.”
“Don’t you dare!” I yelled as he put the brand in the fire.
“Are you threatening me?” Max asked turning towards his men and nodded causing the man on my right to punch me in the stomach. “You are in no place to be threatening me.” He sneered turning the brand in the fire. He kept it there for a moment until it turned red before he brought it out.
“Please,” Grace whimpered as he brought the brand closer.
“Please don’t,” I begged my eyes darting between Grace and Max. I prayed that Sherlock would just come sweeping in to save the day like always, but he didn’t.
Max smiled as he brought the brand down on her skin just below the collarbone. My heart broke as Grace screamed out in pain, tears streaming down her face.
“I’m going to kill you! Kill you!” I screamed trying to break away. However, the grip on my arms just kept getting tighter.
“Alright well, my work here is done boys lets go.” Max said and the men started to drag me with them.
“No!” Grace screamed chocking on her tears.
“Oh don’t worry we won’t kill him… yet.” Max laughed as he smacked her across the face. “And this is where I say goodbye.” He placed his hand right on the brand and pressed hard. Grace’s screams caused a tear to run down my face. “Goodbye my dear,” Max grabbed Grace’s face and kissed her hard. “Oh wait I almost forgot.” He said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper which he then proceeded to put into the front of Grace’s bra. Then he hit Grace in the head with the brand. I watched as her head slumped forward. “Well Doctor Watson, shall we go.” He said then he hit me in the head with the brand.

It took me ages to find the book. Moriarty sure didn’t make it easy. I went to practically every single bookshop in London. Finally, after hours of searching, I found it in a little bookshop outside of Brixton. Quickly I opened the book to page forty-nine, word thirty-four, “are.” I pulled out the piece of paper and wrote down the words flipping the book to each page I needed. As I jotted down each of the words, I could feel my heart rate picking up. When I deciphered the last word, I took off running. The message read; “Are you afraid yet, you should be I’m going to hit home now.” I quickly found a cab and rushed home. I saw that the door was open and I quickly pulled out John’s gun that I remembered was in my coat. “John!” I called and I panicked, sprinting up the stairs, when I didn’t hear a response. “Grace!” I yelled as I walked into the flat. Time seemed to slow down as I turned to see Grace handcuffed to the beam. Her head was slumped forward and her shirt cut open. “No, no,” I gasped as I rushed towards her. I felt my breath hitch in my throat as I looked Grace up and down. I couldn’t find any blood but I could see an extensive amount of bruising around her midsection. They didn’t look fresh so I assumed they were from Moriarty. Suddenly my eyes stopped just below her collarbone, where there was a clearly noticeable M branded. My shaking hand slowly reached to check for a pulse and I sighed when I found one.
“Sherlock,” She mumbled opening her eyes. I could see that they were red from crying.
“Don’t worry, I’m going to get you down.” I said noticing in her bra. “May I?” I asked and she nodded. As I opened the paper, I walked underneath her so she was sitting on my shoulders.
“Thank you,” She breathed. Slowly I began to read the note, it was a message from Moriarty. “Did you have a nice time chasing the white rabbit?” It read.
“Damn-it!” I thought. “Moriarty sent me out on a goose chase.”
“Sherlock,” Grace mumbled again. I had to get her down, I just did not know how.
“Grace, I’m going to get you down, but, I’m going to have to move. Just tell me if your wrists start hurting.” I could see they were all read and bleeding. “I’ll be right back.” I said.
“Ok, wait…” She started but I was too busy trying to think of something.
I walked into the kitchen looking for something to free her.
“Sherlock,” Grace said.
“Hold on Grace, I’m still looking.” I said frantically looking around.
“Sherlock,” She said again.
“Just a minute.” I called.
“Sherlock!” She yelled.
“Yes,” I said hurrying to face her.
“In my pocket,” She said, and I saw what she meant. Sticking out of her jean pocket was a pair of keys.
“Oh,” I said as I reached into her pocket and unlocked the handcuffs. She collapsed into my arms and I put my coat around her. “Grace, where is John?” I asked and I panicked when she started sobbing.
“He’s gone, they took him.” She sobbed as she grabbed onto my shirt.
“Who did Grace?” I asked.
“Max,” she said sobbing harder.
“Damn-it!” I screamed causing Grace to jump. “I’m sorry,” I said rubbing her shoulders. This was not what I had meant when I said I wanted to feel Grace in my arms.
“We have to find him or they are going to ki…” She started leaning into my chest.
“No,” I said grabbing her shoulders and pushing her back so she was looking at my face. “Don’t you talk like that, we are getting John back.”
She nodded and I pulled her back into my arms. “How are we going to find him?” She asked wiping her eyes.
“I don’t know,” I sighed. Moriarty had crossed a line taking John, and he would have known that. That meant Moriarty was preparing for something big.
“Did you find the book?” She asked.
“Yes but…” I said.
“Well, maybe the code tells us where John is.” She said her voice filled with hope. I hated to take her hope away, but it would have been cruel for me to leave her thinking we had more than we actually did.
“Grace, the book code was just a way to get me away from you and John. Look,” I said handing her the paper.
“That means that Moriarty wanted John. John is just a pawn in his little game.” She said and I could see the anger growing inside her. “Give me your phone.” She growled.
“What?” I asked as I backed away.
“Give me your phone!” She screamed as she lunged at me and started reaching into my pockets.
“Grace.” I said trying to stop her.
“Where is it?” She shrieked going through my coat pockets. She pulled out the phone quickly punching in a number.
“Grace, what are you doing?” I asked as she put the phone on speaker.
“Oh, hello Sherlock,” A voice said and I recognized it as Moriarty’s. “Have you missed me, because I know I have missed you?” I could almost see that stupid smile on his face.
“Let my brother go!” She screamed dodging me as I reached for the phone.
“Oh, hello my Gracie.” Moriarty’s slimy words rang through the flat and I watched as Grace tensed up.
“I’m not yours,” She spat.
“But, you see, you’re wrong. I’ve already marked my property,” Moriarty laughed and Grace’s hand went up to her chest running her fingers over the brand. I watched as her hand curled into a fist. She started shaking with rage as she screamed.
“You son of a…” She started.
“Eh, eh,” He said, “no foul language in front of your brother.”
“Gracie?” Another voice said.
“John,” Grace gasped and I was quickly by her side.
“Are you alright?” John asked.
“Yeah, Sherlock’s here. He helped me down. Where are you?” She asked.
“Sherlock, Jenni…” He started when suddenly we heard the sound of skin hitting skin causing Grace to gasp.
“Yeah, he’s not allowed to finish that.” Moriarty said but his voice was drowned out by the sound of John’s screaming. I watched as Grace brought a shaky hand up to her mouth trying to hide her sobs. I grabbed the phone and took it off speaker, turning away from her.
“I’m playing alright Jim!” I spat. “Just give me the next clue!”
“Alright, alright, don’t get your knickers in a twist, pink.” Then the phone went silent.
I turned back to Grace to find her sobbing on the ground. Slowly I walked over and picked her up into my arms. She buried her head into my chest. I rubbed her back as we sat down on the couch and I positioned her in my lap, showing emotion I did not know I was capable of showing. “We will get him back, I promise,” I whispered into her ear. She cried for a while before her breathing slowed. I placed her head under my chin and wrapped my arms around her waist.
“How are we going to find him, Sherlock?” She asked.
“I just need to think, give me a moment.” I said closing my eyes and going into my mind palace. Words swirled around my head when suddenly it hit me.
“What was the mistake?” Lestrade yelled down.
“Pink!” I yelled.
My eyes snapped open. “That’s it,” I thought, “pink.” Knowing it was much too dangerous for Grace to come with me, I needed to distract her so I could leave.
“Grace, will you do me a favor, will you go get my laptop from my room.”
“Sure,” She said as she slowly got up and headed towards room.
The minute she was out of earshot, I made a quick dart for the downstairs. Once I was outside, I quietly made sure the door was locked before signaled a cab.
“Sherlock,” I heard someone call from behind me. I turned to see Grace in the coat I had given her the first day we met, which I couldn’t believe was only a few days ago. She was carrying my coat and my scarf. “Did you forget something?” She asked handing them to me.
“What are you doing?” I asked putting them on.
“You didn’t think I was going to let you save my brother without me did you?” She smiled.
“You aren’t coming.” I snapped
“I figured you had figured it out when I came back and… what do you mean I’m not coming.” She asked.
“You aren’t coming Grace, it’s too dangerous.”
“Since when have you cared if something is dangerous or not.” She snapped.
“Since I’m not longer looking out for just myself anymore.” I said and I watched as Grace got angry.
“You don’t have to watch out for me.” She yelled.
“I promised John I would keep you safe.” I lied. Although I had promised John, I would keep her safe, this decision wasn’t for John, it was for me. I couldn’t stand the thought of Grace getting hurt again, especially because of me.
“I don’t need a babysitter,” She said starting for the cab.
I grabbed her hand, roughly, pulling her into me.
“I’m going.” She said standing on her tiptoes so her eyes were level with mine.
“No you’re not!” I yelled.
“Yes I am.” She yelled back.
“Yes!” She replied.
We started at each other for a while, her brown eyes melting into my heart.
“Please,” She begged.
“Fine, but if things get bad you run as fast as you can, I can’t lose you,” Grace’s face turned read as my words came in. I cleared my throat. “I promised John.”
“Thank you.” She said hopping into the cab.
We headed to the only place I could think would involve pink, the house where Jennifer Wilson was found, where John and I worked together for the first time.
“Where are we going?” Grace asked.
“You’ll see,” I replied.
After a long ride, the cab pulled up in front of the house.
“Oh my God,” She gasped seeing the house. “Pink, a Study in Pink!”
“Not you too!” I yelled.
She laughed sadly and I could see the worry in her eyes.
“Do you remember what I told you?” I said helping her out of the cab and then positioning her behind me.
“Yes, run if you say to.” She said but I knew there was no chance she would run. The one part of her being like my I didn’t like.
“Alright just listen to whatever I say.”
“Yes Sherlock,” She said as we opened the door. As the door closed, I could hear Grace breathing heavily.
“Everything is going to be fine.” I said grabbing her hand as we went up the stairs. With each step, she gripped my hand tighter. The stairs creaked and cracked as they were old and all termite infested. Slowly we walked up the stairs, stopping when we reached the top. The door was shut, and again I put her protectively behind me reaching into my coat expecting to find the gun, but it was not there.
“Damn!” I thought it must have fallen out while Grace was wearing my coat. “Stay here,” I whispered grabbing the door handle praying she would actually listen to what I had said.
“No,” She whispered pushing the door open. The room looked exactly the same as the last time I was here. It was completely empty apart from a knocked over chair. Slowly we both slowly inched a little closer to find someone tied to it, John. His shirt was ripped open and he had a brand right below the collarbone same as Grace.
“John,” Grace gasped running over to him. Before I could join her something on the floor caught my eye.
I knelt down running my hand over the letters, R, A, C, H, E, when something caught my eye. However that wasn’t the only thing that was carved into the wood there was something new, it read “Keep an eye on Little Red, for the wolf is hungry.” I turned to look at Grace who was trying to lift an unconscious John off the floor. I rushed to her side putting one of John’s arms over my shoulder as she did the same.
“If it isn’t Grace.” A voice said and I turned around to find a big man standing in the doorway. “And you must be Sherlock Holmes.”
“I do not believe we have met.” I said trying my best hold my composer as I looked at Grace hoping she would give me a clue to who he was. She saw me looking and placed her hand on the brand. “Max,” I said.
“Oh, did Gracie tell you about our little run in yesterday.” He said moving closer shutting the door behind him. “To bad I was working, well, I’m free now.” He said wiping out a knife. “Come here,” He gestured towards Grace.
“No,” I said as she let go of John.
“Sherlock, I’ll be fine. “ She whispered walking towards him.
“No!” I yelled grabbing her wrist with my free hand pulling her towards me.
“Sherlock,” She sighed placing her hand on my cheek. I leaned forward placing my forehead on hers.
“Please,” I begged.
“I’m sorry,” She said as she quickly broke away from my grip.
“Come here beautiful,” Max purred causing me to cringe. He roughly grabbed her and pulled her into him. He placed a knife on her cheek as he said, “Moriarty said I was just supposed to leave the message and go, but I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye to my Gracie here.” He said and then he kissed her.
That was it; I set down John then charged Max. I knocked him to the ground sending the knife out of his hands. As I reached for it, Max kicked my feet out from under me. Then he reached for the knife. “Run!” I yelled at Grace as I kicked the knife out of the door. It stopped right in front of the stairs banister. Both Max and I raced to get it, however Max reached it first. I jumped on him reaching for the knife but it sliced my cheek causing me to wince giving Max the upper hand. He swung his arm back knocking me backwards. He pointed the knife at me a smile on his face.
“I have beaten the great...” He started when a shot was fired. Max looked down at his shirt which now had a giant red stain at his chest. He looked up and I swore I saw him smile before he fell over the banister. I turned around to see Grace holding the gun and John awake, staring at her eyes wide.
Of course, John made us call the police. The paramedics said he was fine, just a couple of cuts and bruises. He was not the one I was worried about however. “Grace,” I called. She was sitting in the back of the ambulance, right on the edge, an orange blanket draped across her shoulder. It took me back to that night so many months ago. “Are you alri… ok?” I asked.
“Yeah, of course.” She said not looking at me. She had her knees brought up to her chest and her arms pulling her legs into her chest.
“You know you cannot lie to me right?” I smiled.
She stood up angrily and started directly into my eyes. “You almost died.” She spat.
“Don’t exaggerate,” I sneered.
“No, Sherlock you almost died trying to be a hero. What were you thinking?” She yelled shoving me.
“I was saving your arse because you didn’t listen to me and stayed away from Max.” I snapped.
“If I hadn’t had gone to him, he would have killed us all!” She screamed back.
“And if I hadn’t had saved you, who knows what Max would have done to you!”
“Do you think I cared?” She shouted back.
“What?” I asked shocked.
“I would do anything to protect you and John, because you two are all I care about.” She turned away and I saw a tear slide down her face.
“Grace, I’m sorry,” I said placing her hand on her shoulder.
“Anyway, Lestrade said I’ll have to go to court, but there is no way I will get charged with anything. He’s talking to John right no…” She started as I grabbed her hand pulling her into me and silencing her with a kiss. As I passionately kissed her, I pulled her closer wanting no space between us. We broke apart only to catch our breaths then we continued kissing with fierce intensity letting go everything we had felt since we had met. I never wanted to stop. We kissed again before Grace broke away.
“We can’t tell John,” She said.
“No, no that would be bad.” I smiled kissing her again. “We better head over to him so he doesn’t suspect anything.”
She nodded and we walked away hand in hand and I felt the happiest I have ever felt in my entire life.
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