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Is m-commerce the future?

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As growing adoption of smart devices makes shopping for the general population easier through apps, mobile commerce is on track to grow 300% faster than entire eCommerce by 2016. Data we researched...

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The use of "tablets, smart phones and smart watches are increasing day by day": Previously the usage of these devices was considered a luxury, but now it becomes a necessity of life. One cannot imagine his life without a cell phone. It enables the user to communicate and complete the task at any place and any time. The m-commerce technology has refined the field of business administration. M-commerce is the transaction of money using any type of mobile device. The Nielson study shows the rapid increment of the buying and purchasing mobile apps within a short period of time. According to a research, the mobile sales will expected to grow to more $626 billion at the global level, which simply means that in the near future, m-commerce will overtake the e-commerce. This infograph from Coupofy mentioned the effective ways to start the business by m-commerce strategies.

The entrance of the world in 21st century broke the boundaries between man and technology, the applications of mobile marketing are developing rapidly. Mobile phones had made possible,
1. to pay the utility bills
2. to pay for parking in Norway
3. to purchase railway and airplane tickets
4. to shop via mobile apps
5. to remain in touch with your regular customs

M-commerce can offer a series strategies to run a business, from ad campaigns, text coupons, special offers and the launch of a new product, it can easily generate new customers and sale. A text message can give and receive response six times higher than email. It is really wise to step in the mobile marketing to keep pace with the fast moving high-tech world.

The businesses of today are using e-commerce to an extent. People are taking online orders and market their product on social networking websites, but it fails to provide the mobile friendly shopping experience. On the other hand m-commerce offers more convenience for buyers and purchasers. Because it is not possible to carry the computer all the day, whereas smartphones are always on the hand of the person, so one can send promotion alerts and other notification directly in the pocket of the customer. It enables a healthy interaction with all the customers at a time.

People can buy their desired products from anywhere at any time and at any place of the global village. Furthermore, they can receive certain incentives specially based on their location. The purchased product is easily delivered at home of the buyer.

M-commerce will save a big amount from your business because its establishment cost is nil. Although a promotional cost through mobile base software is comparatively very low. The cost of buying the expensive hardware will also save. It is a good opportunity to start a business, particularly for the one who had a low budget for promotional activities. Most of the companies and entrepreneurs are opting for this technology.

"This infograph from Coupofy": showed clearly that the user friendly features and the quick accessibility of the m-commerce makes it more accustomed among the people, the customer prefers mobile apps for shopping rather to sit at the screens of their computers and used e-commerce. So the reader had to agree that m-commerce is the future.
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