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Old Friends

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This is actually a crossover between X-Men and Criminal Minds, but takes place in mostly the X-Men world. Spencer Reid is tired, no, exhausted. So much has happened to him, and he is just sick o...

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It was a beautiful autumn day when the stranger arrived at the mansion. The leaves were turning pretty hues of red and gold, the weather was relatively warm with only a slight breeze adding a tiny nip to the air. The sky was fairly clear, only a few clouds in sight. Though the stranger didn't notice any of this. He was tired-no exhausted- physically, mentally and emotionally. He just wanted a nice quiet place to sleep. Hearing a low, dangerous growl, he knew that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

Whipping around, he cursed in his head. He was hoping he could have made it inside before they had this confrontation, but, thinking back on his plan now, he realized that probably wouldn't have made this conversation any less violent. At least out here there was less of a possibility of breaking anything valuable.

"I-I'm not here to cause trouble, Logan," The boy said holding his hands up in a sign of peace.

"Yeah, right," Logan growled." Then what are you here for?"

The taller man hesitated, unsure what to say. Then, softly said "I don't know."

The those words shocked Logan. The emotion in them also served to make him soften a bit. He put his claws away and rose from the fighting stance he was in. The other man sounded so lost, so like the young boy Logan once knew, that he subconsciously dropped his guard.

Taking this as a good sign the other man slowly put his hands down. He really didn't know why he was here, he just... had no where else to go. Shoulders slumping a bit, the young man let out a sigh so full of weariness and exhaustion it had Logan wanting to curl up and take a nap just from hearing it. He drew in on himself, wrapping his arms around his waist as if to hold himself together. His voice sounded tiny and defeated when he spoke again.

"I-I don't know w-why I'm here," He stuttered. "All I know is that I'm tired Logan, so tired. and I couldn't think of anywhere else to go. I just need someplace where I can feel safe again and, as stupid as it is,the first thing I thought of, was you. A-And I know I-I'm probably the l-last person you want to see right now, b-but I'm desperate and obviously not thinking clearly, and I'm realizing now that I should probably go before I cause anymore trou-".

"Kid," Logan cut him off. He could see that the other was dead on his feet, and, while some people might dispute it, he wasn't cruel. The kid had obviously been through a lot and had seemed to have worked himself into a state. So, fearing he was going to regret it later, he made a quick decision.He sighed before starting toward the younger male saying, "Come on, Stretch, let's get you inside." He patted him on the shoulder real quick as he walked by, ignoring the flinch the man gave.

The stranger was shocked. That was it? After all this time, everything that happened, that was all the reaction he got? He wasn't sure what, exactly, he was expecting, but if anything, it was a lot more anger. He expected this to end with at least one new scar for him (of many), not to just be invited in. Did he look that pitiful? His head hurt too much to really think about this. Later , he promised himself, Later I'll think on it. Right now, I need to find a bed . And so he followed Logan to what he was hoping would be a warm place to sleep, maybe a meal. He really should've known it wouldn't be that easy.


Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Kurt Wagner and Remy LeBeau were all confused and a bit worried. They were in the Danger Room, training with Logan, when he suddenly stopped, sniffed the air, growled menacingly and ran off. Unsure what was going on they all followed in the same direction. They quickly lost Logan and were left standing in the front room. Just when Scott was considering sending out a team in case there was a threat and Logan needed help, the front door opened and in walked the devil.

Jean and Kurt bombarded him with questions while Scott launched into a lecture about just running off. Remy, though was quiet, staring, not at Logan, but past him, at the tall man behind him. The others noticed him too, and quickly fell silent. The man was tall, lanky, with no meat on his bones. He looked like a the slight breeze outside might snap him in half. His honey colored hair was long, but not like it was a fashion statement. It just looked like he was overdue for a visit to the barber. He had wide, hazel eyes that were punctuated by the dark bruises under them. Those and the lines on his face made him look older than he was and tired.

The rest of him didn't look much better. His shoulders were slumped, as if he was carrying some great weight. He stood hunched, as if waiting for a blow, liked a kicked puppy. Then he looked up and saw all them standing there, and it was like he changed before their very eyes. He stood up straighter and pushed his shoulders back so he no longer looked like an injured animal. His hair fell over his eyes in such a way that the dark circles under them somehow looked less noticeable. He transformed from someone who looked old and weathered, into a shy young man. He looked like a college student who had stayed up too late studying. The change was so quick and drastic that it left Jean wondering if she had seen the worn down look at all.

"Alright," Logan's gruff voice broke the silence, "Stop your pestering and get out of the way. I just had something to take care." Usually, this is where Spencer would throw in something sarcastic, like 'Oh so I'm just something to you now?', with maybe more than a little innuendo thrown in. Not this time though. Talking with Spencer on their way up to the house had almost made Logan forget how tense things were between them. It almost made him forget how things ended last time he saw him. But, Spencer and him weren't like that anymore. Their relationship wasn't like that anymore.

"Who's this?" Scott asked. Being the leader of this team, he needed to know who was being invited into their home. He needed to be able to protect everyone there.

Wolverine sighed. He was hoping that this conversation could wait. The kid was exhausted and he honestly didn't know how to introduce him and explain how they knew each other. It was a story he didn't want to get into. Though, he didn't have to worry about it because he introduced himself.

"I'm Spencer, an old friend of Logan's," And then he gave a small wave. Logan hated that, hated that he had to be afraid to touch people. Hated that he couldn't stop it before it all happened, or even help after.

"Hello, Spencer, I'm Jean," The redhead introduced herself, having no idea that Spencer already knew who she was. Already knew who all of them were. "And this is my husband, Scott."

Scott was a tall man, Spencer knew he was two inches taller than his own 6'1". But where Spencer was lanky and a bit awkward, Scot was firm muscle, moving with his own type of grace. His wife, Jean, was nine inches shorter than her husband, standing at 5'6". Her hair was as red as her codenames' namesake. She was powerful, he knew. Omega class, his mind whispered.

The next one to introduce himself was Remy LeBeau. He was tall as well, the same height as spencer, but again with more muscle. He had long auburn hair that was currently braided. Spencer knew that his eyes, while currently being covered by sunglasses, had red irises and black sclera. He had a thick cajun accent, thicker than JJ's husband back home, Will's. Spencer loved the sound.

And last but not least Kurt Wagner. "He was blue and furry and had a tail', Spencer thought, recalling an account he read of someone who had thought they'd seen nightcrawler. The account was fairly accurate. He was blue and fury, and he did have a tail. He also had yellow eyes and fang-like canine teeth. His ears were pointed and all in all, he looked a bit demonic. But Spencer knew he was a devout catholic.

"Alright, now that we've all rubbed elbows, I'm gonna take Stretch upstairs and get him settled into a room. He's had a long trip out and we can all talk later. Capieche?' And with that Logan pushed through the group of people, with Spencer following behind.

Finally, Spencer thought, I can get some sleep. And he followed Logan up the stairs, still trusting, after all these years, that Logan would take care of him.
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