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One Piece: Friends with Devil

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Six months into the two years of training with Rayleigh, Luffy finds a peculiar Dungeon on the island of Rusukaina. Its power took him away to an entirely different world from his. Join Luffy as he...

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Chapter1: Rias Gremory, the Start of a New Adventure
It has been six months since the end of the Battle of Marineford.
Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, was separated from his crew at Saobody Archipelago by Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma. Sent flying for three days, he had landed on Amazon Lily, the rumored Island of Women, where he made an ally from the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock. It was there that he discovered his elder brother's impending doom of execution by the World Government. Determined to save his brother, Luffy set off for Impel Down to retrieve Ace from prison.
However, within the depths of prison, Luffy was defeated by Magellan and was slowly dying to death by his poison. However, he was rescued by Bon Clay and brought to the Okama King, Emporio Ivankov, who managed to revive Luffy from his near-death state. However, it is during this time that Ace had already been brought out of Impel Down to his execution at Marineford. Making new allies from with the inescapable prison, Luffy had caused a mass breakout of prisoners from Impel Down. Barely escaping from the warden of the prison, Straw Hat Luffy and his new allies set off towards Marineford to rescue Ace.
Entering Marineford, Luffy breaks through the thick of the Whitebeard War as he made his way towards the execution stand. Though many enemies, even those out of his league, stood in his way, he managed to bypass them with the help of the Whitebeard Pirates and his allies. Luffy had successfully freed Ace from his chains, and the two begin to devastate the battlefield.
However, it ended with Ace's death at the hands of Akainu. Luffy, traumatized by the event, went down into shock as he ended up in a catatonic state. The Battle of Marineford has ended with the arrival of Yonkou Shanks. Trafalgar has made an unexpected appearance as he retrieves both the injured Luffy and Jinbe, retreating into the deep sea.
Upon his awakening at Amazon Lily two weeks later, filled with grief and anger over his brother's death, he rampaged around the forest of the island. Jinbe went after the Straw Hat Captain to stop him. Luffy, blaming himself for his brother's death, realized he was too weak and na
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