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It was that one day. The day that everything changed.

Category: Warriors - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Published: 2015-10-12 - 343 words

I ran from the house, in other words, outside, in our backyard. I was feeling emotions, not the happy, normal ones, but the ones that bring negative thoughts. Loss, sorrow, anger, all at once, to form that monster within me, that is on the brink of explosion.

This is it! I stomped my feet to the ground, barefoot, as usual. I did not care of the risk of disease, I wished to be wild, wild and free... Like the warriors, from the books. Roaming the forest, friends by their side, a rival to keep trouble, the clan as your family, to look after each other, and even at the end, rivals may seem as the best friend that you miss when you or them, pass away.

I kept those thoughts in mind, holding them close to my reality. But, the truth is, that the warriors world is not even a place. Just a book that gives you different thoughts of you, others, the animals around you. It messes with me, invading my mind to give me lesser hope, truth is that I wanted to be a warrior, but I do, still.

I stood there in my place. "Why!!!" I yelled.

I was known for being the friendly one, but, that was not true. It was only a skin to hide myself in. I am darkness, or for the least, enveloped in it. I use that artificial happiness to widen the gap of hope, to help myself fight that darkness, because, even though it rules me, there is still that shard of light. I just had not found it.

But, instead of getting that happiness and hope, people cast me odd glances and called me 'weird'. I was completely hopeless.

I stood near a puddle that was on the ground, in a way, I was just like it. The water is there, but soon, it will be consumed until nothing is left.

I gazed hopelessly at the sky before closing my eyes.

A tear fell.

But as I opened my eyes, something was different.
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