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Nation Building: A Promise Kept: Part 2

by TheLemonSage

In the two years since the 4th Great Shinobi War, the world has slowly slipped back into chaos. Having had his dream of becoming Hokage taken from him, he sets out to reshape the world in much the ...

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Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. Also this story is a lemon fiction therefore is intended for people of a legal age from wherever they come from. So if these type of stories offend then stop reading now. Thanks.

Chapter 7: Nation Building: A Promise Kept: Part 2

Shion felt nervous as she followed behind Kayo towards the woman’s private bath. She felt rather bad about how their talks had progressed, since the Daimyo of Honey had been extremely gracious since welcoming her. Strangely, despite her stating that she could not join her country with Honey in an alliance which would create a new one, Kayo had not taken it personally despite how passionately she had tried to persuade her. It was tempting because Shion could see how the Five Major Shinobi Powers were positioning themselves to begin their various conflicts anew. Even the normally neutral Samurai of the Land of Iron appeared ready to align with Iwa in order to attack Konoha as they had not forgotten the slight of Sasuke being pardoned despite the numerous deaths he had been responsible for.

What truly tempted Shion to accept the offer was history had shown the Five Great Shinobi Nations made a habit of using the smaller nations such as hers as the battlegrounds for their wars. Even Demon, despite being well west of Iwa and Suna, the two closest Shinobi Villages, had not been spared. One of the worst massacres in Demon’s history was tied to the Third Shinobi War, and had occurred when Suna had caught up with a battalion of Iwa-nin that had been traveling through her country to open up a new front. The battle that had started had quickly drifted into a village setting fire to it, the result of which had ended up killing the citizens that had taken shelter in the local village hall and had been unable to escape the flames.

But, what had made her hold firm about rejecting the offer was her belief that by creating a new larger country it would actually invite future attacks. Kayo had conceded that it was a likely outcome, but was confident they could muster a force capable of repelling them. Due to conventional wisdom stating that most samurai were simply outclassed by shinobi. Shion had been doubtful that the standing armies of Honey and Demon would be enough. However, Kayo had informed her that she was planning to make similar pitches to the Daimyo’s of Vegetable and Bird. That information had nearly swayed her, but she doubted the Land of Earth, and the Land of Wind would necessarily remain passive as a new country was established along their borders so had remained firm in her decision. Not to mention the reaction of their fellow Lesser Elemental Countries.

Kayo stopped at the entrance to her bath and looked back at the Priestess of Demon Country. Shion noticed the coy smile that the Daimyo was wearing like she was about to reveal a great surprise to her. At first, Shion imagined that Kayo’s smile was because she held a large amount of pride in her bathing area. She was prepared to be impressed, but as the doors opened and the steam began to billow out. Kayo didn’t wait for it to clear before stepping inside. Shion quickly followed and the doors closed behind her. The Priestess having lost sight of her host in the haze moved hesitantly, but she noticed a shadow begin to appear in it. She moved towards it and gasped when Naruto came into view sitting at the edge of the water facing her.

Just as she got over her surprise at seeing him there, she began to realize that he was completely naked. But as if that wasn’t surprise enough, kneeling behind him and pressing her body against his back was a naked woman. The woman pressed into Naruto’s back and running her hands over his chest focused her gaze on the priestess allowing Shion to identify her as a Hyuuga due to her unique eyes. The Hyuuga smiled at her before placing her lips against Naruto shoulder. Shion felt a tinge of jealousy as she watched the Hyuuga begin licking his skin, but then Kayo appeared from the mist and settled against the blond man’s side. Naruto draped an arm over the Daimyo which settled on the flair of her hips as she laid beside him and Shion watched as he turned towards Kayo to kiss her deeply.

Shion felt her jealousy grow as she remembered how Naruto had turned her down upon realizing what she had been alluding to after they had defeated the demon threatening her lands. She had known that he hadn’t realized what she had meant, but it had still hurt a little when she had tried to act on the feelings later. Watching him now, she felt an urge to run over to him in order to make her own claim for the jinchuriki’s affection.

His lips separated from Kayo’s allowing him to say, “Hello Shion, it’s been a while.”

Shion nodded struggling to find something to say that fit the situation. She was also finding it difficult to keep her focus on him now that she was the center of his attention as the desire to drink in his naked form was too tempting. She felt his eyes travel over her body and felt a desire to drop the towel that she had wrapped around her. She refrained from doing so as she tried to channel the cold woman she had been before Naruto had entered her life as she said, “It has been a while, Naruto.” With her tone introducing some emotional distance between them, Shion found it easier to focus her gaze on him as she assumed a standoffish stance. She expected Naruto to frown, but instead a smile appeared on his lips. The smile caused a part of her to grow infuriated, prompting her to ask, “What’s so amusing?”

Naruto chuckled as he replied, “I suppose the situation in general could be described as that.”

Shion didn’t share the opinion as she countered, “Would you care to enlighten me?”

Naruto smiled as he pulled free of the two women pressed into him. He slipped into the bath which only went up to his waist as he closed the distance between them. Climbing up the steps to exit the water he stopped before her as he said, “I would love to.” Shion breathed in his musk and felt a burning desire for him to kiss her. She wondered if that was the reason that he seemed so much larger than the last time they met. It wasn’t just that he had grown taller or even more muscular, but almost like he was admitting a gravity that was pulling her towards him. Especially as he stood so close before her. That pull almost caused her to follow in his wake as he stepped away to walk around the edge of the bath. Shion’s eyes couldn’t help dropping down to drink in his muscular backside as he said likely sensing where she was staring, “I guess it is amusing how you are trying to remain stately in a situation that doesn’t exactly require it.”

Shion looked over at the two women on the opposite side of the baths as she retorted, “As opposed to what exactly? Should I be gushing all over myself right now?”

Naruto looked back at her in a way that made her blush as he said, “That can be arranged.” Shion’s pussy began to get started on that as her juices began to leak down her thighs both from the way his eyes bored into hers, but the tone he used that stated he knew if he took her in his arms her resistance would crumble. Naruto turned to walk along the edge as he began to walk back towards the two women still kneeling on the opposite side. He remained silent until he returned back to where he had been sitting when she had first spotted him. Both Kayo and the Hyuuga pressed themselves to him causing Shion to feel a sense of longing to switch places with one of the women. Naruto studied her a moment longer before explaining, “I’m guessing that you have rejected Kayo’s offer of joining forces.”

For Shion a light went off as she realized the woman was operating on Naruto’s instructions. Quickly forming a theory she said, “You’re planning to start a shinobi village, aren’t you?”

She was surprised as Naruto quickly answered, “No.” Explaining himself he added, “Honestly Shion, I could retire happily to our home in the Savanna. The Shinobi Villages have shown that they aren’t interested in peace. Here we are two years later, and what has changed?” Shion couldn’t exactly come up with something prompting Naruto to say, “Exactly! I mean they are still training children and using them in the field. This current peace is just the time the villages are using to put the pieces in place for a new round of conflicts.”

Shion nodded as many of her advisors seemed to be of the same opinion. But believing her combining Demon with Honey would not only exacerbate the situation, but increase the odds her people would be pulled into the coming conflicts as a central participant said, “That is true, which is why I told Kayo that I could not go along with her suggestion. But it isn’t hers, is it?”

Naruto grinned as he ran his hand over Kayo’s skin before cupping a naked breast. She moaned as he answered, “Actually, it is more an idea born of my Pride then anything I came up with. I meant it when I said that I would happily retire to our home. The outside world no longer interests me. I plan to start a family and focus all my energies to that. But at the same time, I accept the coming conflicts will eventually reach us. I can’t blame you for being hesitant to join us. You are a ruler and have to think of the people that you will be putting in harm’s way with your decision. But is it better to be in the path of the coming flames and in a position to stop them in their tracks, or to hope it doesn’t sweep over you as it burns everything around you and unable to stop it when they inevitably comes to consume you as well when there is nothing left to burn.”

Shion bit her lip as she could hear the wisdom in Naruto’s words. She knew that if a battle between Suna and Iwa broke out in her country, her forces would be hard pressed to stop them, even if their focus was on each other. Still, despite how powerful Naruto had become and her desire to put her faith in him again. She was worried that she would be doing so for her own desires, and it wouldn’t truly be for the good of her people. Her eyes focused on the two women who were once more rubbing their naked flesh against his. Watching them, she pressed her thighs together which caused her pussy to remind her how badly she wished she was one of them.

Trying to ignore the growing desire which was flowing down her thighs she asked, “But are you really enough to stop that fire?”

Naruto turned his head towards the Hyuuga who nipped at his lips before sealing her lips to his. They kissed hungrily before separating allowing him to turn back to her in order to reply, “Not alone. Hinata here is one of the women that will join me in sending those that try to use force against us packing.” He turned his gaze to Kayo, who stuck her tongue out which Naruto swallowed as he pulled her into another deep kiss. Shion resisted giving her pussy a rub as the woman that had seemed so poised throughout their meeting, now seemed to be almost animalistic as she indulged in behavior the priestess so wanted to join in. Kayo leaned back so Naruto continued, “And Kayo will be one of those who will be in charge of the country we intend to create.”

“Why create a country if you have no desire to rule it?” Shion asked.

Naruto smiled as he replied, “There is no need for me to rule it when the countries that will comprise it already have great rulers to begin with. In truth, this idea was born from the women that have joined me. I was hesitant to embrace it at first. Like you, I know this course of action will likely make us targets that much sooner, but let us muster our strength now so that when the time comes we can face our enemies together with you doing it in the political arena, and me on the battlefield. Together we will always be stronger then we can be alone”

Shion smiled softly before referring to the two women that looked like they were moments away from mounting him. She had noticed that much like her, the evidence of their desires were running down their thighs. “It hardly looks like you are alone at the moment.”

Naruto inclined his head before stating, “I can understand if that is something which bothers you. I did after all turn you down in the past. This is probably not what you imagined a relationship with me would entail.”

Shion nodded, although she replied, “True, but what woman imagines having to share the man she desires with others. But, I can understand it. There is only one of you…”

“And only one of you,” Naruto replied quickly causing the Priestess to smile. “Shion, if you do agree to become mine. Don’t think for a moment that means you aren’t unique or that I view you as just a possession to help further my goals.”

Shion had felt some concerns about that especially watching the two women. But, hearing Naruto’s words showed her the women were just free to act on the desires that she was also feeling and thus had abandoned themselves to them. Tired of fighting against them herself, she reached up for the knot holding her towel closed but stopped short of undoing it as she said, “If I am to accept your proposal, then I must insist on certain concessions.”

“What sort of concessions?” Naruto replied a little surprised.

“You must help me to pass my abilities onto the future generation,” Shion said giving an amused smile as a wide grin appeared on Naruto’s face.

“It will have to wait until our position is secure,” Naruto replied while feeling that his blood was eager to begin the rush to his cock as Shion began to undo the knot holding up the towel that was hiding her nakedness away, “but once it is, then I will gladly fulfill your request.”

Shion let it fall and felt a sense of empowerment as Naruto’s manhood which had remained soft despite the two women beside him twitch. She climbed down into the water using the steps before her. She closed the distance between her and the man who would be the father of her child stopping between his legs. Naruto moved to join her in the water, but she placed a hand on his stomach to stop him. He sensed what she intended so leaned down to pull her into a deep kiss. Shion felt her toes curl while Naruto kissed her possessively as he used the hand that he had behind her head to pull their lips tight against each other. She parted them and met his tongue as it eagerly slipped into her mouth, and began to dance with hers.

She pulled away when the need to breath became too overpowering. She continued to stare up into his eyes for a moment before lowering them to the dick that would soon be buried inside her. It had grown some during the kiss, but wanting to have a more direct hand in its growth, she lowered her head to his groin. She kissed along his thighs before coming face to face with the one-eyed serpent. She gave the head a small lick causing it to jump. She pulled back to study it again and then leaned forward to swallow it. She sucked vigorously, while rolling it around in her mouth with her tongue. She heard Naruto moan, which drove her on, along with the fact that she had begun to rub her pussy. The teasing of her quim caused her to moan into the quickly growing cock which began to tickle the back of her throat. Once he had grown rock solid, she let him pop free of her lips and her eyes grew wide at just how big he had become.

She began to wonder how he would fit inside her, as the most she had ever tried before had been her fingers. Naruto was eager to show her as he grabbed her beneath her arms and easily lifted her out of the water. Shion felt his hardness between them once she settled in his lap and pressed her tits into his chest to kiss him again. Naruto pulled her tight against his chest while their tongues resumed their dance from before. They separated after several minutes of heatedly making out. Shion on top of the desire she felt for the man that she was straddling, also felt a sense of complete contentment with her decision. She attributed this to the look of kindness and affection that although obscured by his own desire, was nevertheless easy to see.

Sitting up, she reached for his manhood and then guided it beneath her. She moaned softly as the head of his cock traced along the lips of her womanhood. She felt nervous as she pressed down on it, but once his cockhead slipped inside, she fully slammed herself down. She cried out in pain as he tore through her barrier, and gripped her body to him tightly so as to not move. However, Naruto simply wrapped his strong arms around her and rubbed her back soothingly. The pain quickly began to fade, in order to be replaced with a sense of fullness. She shifted slightly and felt the first telltale signs of pleasure which caused her to shift a little more.

She moaned and then began to raise herself off of Naruto’s cock before sliding back down. She started off slowly, letting a little of him slip free of her tightly gripping velvet sheath before burying him back inside. Her next trip up his pole went a little higher, before she’d slam her hips back down. Eventually, she reached a pace where only the tip of his cock would remain inside before reversing course and burying the pillar of flesh once more inside her.

Reaching a fevered pace, her pleasured filled cries were muffled by Naruto’s mouth due to the wet kiss that they were sharing. A kiss which ended as he reached up between them to grab one of her nipples and gave it a twist. Shion leaned back to let out a loud groan while her pussy clamped down around the shaft that she was riding. Naruto used the space that opened up between them to lean in and suck on the hardened nub of her left breast while he began to fondle the right. Shion buried her hands in his blond locks while she pulled him harder into his chest.

She let out a surprised gasp when Naruto suddenly slipped into the water with her. Easily supporting her weight, he began rapidly sliding her over his cock. Shion leaned back as she moaned loudly in ecstasy while tiny fireworks went off inside her every time his cock hit her core.

Naruto, stared down at his newest mate and was struck by her beauty particularly due to her being suspended just above the water causing her hair to float on the surface around her, the light blond hair giving her an almost angelic halo as a result. The beastly side of him grew ravenous to fully make her his prompting to lean forward to suck her breast and nip at her hardened nubs. His mate’s moans spurned him on, and he let out a groan into her mammary as her cunt bore down on him. The water around them grew choppy from their coupling and he was glad he had taken the time to place a seal that would prevent Shion’s cries from being heard as he was sure the guards just down the hall would have burst in already otherwise.

Shion’s locked her ankles behind him moments before she arched her back and let out a soul piercing scream. Naruto groaned but resisted the urge to plant his seed inside her. He instead carried her up the steps she had used to enter the water, while her spasming pussy tried to milk him. She clung to him as he spread out her towel before setting her down on it. Nearing the end of her climax, she relaxed her grip allowing him to push back on her thighs until her knees touched her shoulders. Shion looked at him questioningly, but then her face shifted into a mask of pleasure as he began to pull out of her still overly sensitive quim. He pushed back in quickly causing her to cry out before getting swept away again due to her quickly building to a new climax.

Naruto felt the telltale signs that he would be marking Shion’s womb soon. Shion sensed it as well prompting her to reach up to cup the face of the man that would someday be the father of her child. Naruto leaned forward to kiss her ravenously before she broke away from his lips upon climaxing again. Shion arched her back and screamed loudly when her lover buried his cock fully inside her. Her womb grew hot as it was pumped nearly to capacity with his seed. Shion’s eyes began to glow and she saw a vision that confused her as she was experiencing a similar feeling of ecstasy, but was riding her lover. Yet, as the future her came down from her sexually induced high, a smiling face she instantly recognized as her mother filled it. Her mother then pulled her future self into a very unmotherly kiss which Shion eagerly returned.

The vision faded, and Shion realized that she had blacked out as she awoke to find Naruto standing with Kayo and Hinata kneeling before him. The two women were eagerly cleaning his cock with their tongues. Shion sat up as she wondered what the vision meant, but figured the answer would present itself in time. However, it did fill her with confidence that she had made the correct choice. Yet all such concerns faded as she felt a desire to explore the new life that she had embarked on, so sat up and took a position between Hinata and Kayo to join them in bathing their lovers’ cock in their saliva.

Ahri’s eyes opened and she resisted yawning so as to not disturb her lover or the other women sleeping around them. She smiled from the feeling of being surrounded by naked flesh as the other women were sleeping around them as they tried toreceive some of the warmth that Naruto gave off. Ahri was lucky as she had one of the coveted spots by his side, the other of which was currently occupied by Karui. The Human/Fox hybrid slid her hand down from where it rested on his chest, and although tempted to proceed all the way down to grab his manhood, nonetheless stopped above his seal. She channeled her chakra into it, and then felt a pull which she let her consciousness follow.

A moment later she stood alone in a darkened space that could have stretched on for infinity for all she knew. There was a single light source above her casting a bright circle around her. She more sensed then heard something stirring in the darkness. The reason became apparent as her fellow Bijuu began to appear from the darkness as they stepped into the light. However, they appeared almost ghostly, which was a state they had been in ever since the Sage of the Six Paths dispersed their chakra bodies after the defeat of Kaguya.

Naturally, as she had not visited the meeting place since her change there was some confusion which was personified by the Four Tails asking, “Who the hell are you? And how have you arrived at this sacred place?”

Ahri turned towards the Gorilla like Bijuu before replying while sounding amused, “You don’t recognize me Son Goku? I can’t say that doesn’t sting a little.”

“Kurama,” the two tailed cat said in shock, “What have you done to yourself?”

Giving a quick spin before facing the two tails she replied, “I’ve assumed a human form.”

“Why,” the three-tailed turtle asked.

Looking over her shoulder at the Bijuu she answered, “Because it makes it easier to mate with my former host?”

“Former host? Are you now free of Naruto?” The Five tails asked.

“Yes,” Ahri answered, “My chakra body remains sealed within him. My spirit now occupies a human body.” Looking at her tails she added, “Although, I couldn’t help keeping some of my foxlike traits.”

“But why?” The Three tailed Bijuu asked again.

“To become closer with him,” Ahri answered wondering how it was her fellow Bijuu had no notion of what mating was. However, she supposed she shouldn’t have been too surprised since Naruto’s seal had kept her from witnessing outside events until it had weakened significantly.

The Seven tails displayed this lack of understanding as it stated, “You were sealed inside him. How could you get any closer than that?”

Ahri shivered from the phantom sensations of pleasure from her remembering the events of just a few hours earlier. She gave a smile that conveyed her amusement which she could tell several of her fellow Bijuu didn’t recognize. Again she wasn’t too surprised, since many of her fellow Bijuu had not had the best relationships with their hosts. Not wanting to get sidetracked from her reason for entering the meeting place that resided within her mate, she said, “Let’s table this discussion for another day. My reason for calling your spirits here is because I believe the time for your physical forms to return to the world grows near. It is still difficult to pinpoint, but I’m sensing areas where the unique chakra that comprised our forms has been gathering.”

“That would explain the pull I’ve been feeling,” the one-tails stated. “It will be interesting to see how the human’s react to my return.”

Ahri felt a sense of disappointment as she stated, “I would not expect a warm welcome.”

“What do you mean?” The Five tailed dolphin-horse asked, “Have the humans not learned anything?”

“I cannot speak in absolutes,” Ahri replied, “Yet, the peaceful times have not last. My mate has been forced out of Konoha, and this is because the ambitious use these times of peace in order to prepare to use force to impose their will. This is why I believe the Sage dispersed your physical forms. He read from Sasuke’s heart that in the aftermath of the war that he would try to manipulate events to his liking.”

“What do you mean?” the Six tail slugged asked confused, “He apologized for his actions.”

Ahri nodded, but replied, “That may be, but that just further highlights what makes the current period so chaotic. Both Kumo and the Samurai of Iron demanded some form of punishment for the lives he took. Naruto argued strongly for him so he is not exactly blameless, but by denying them justice he ensured bitterness would ferment towards Konoha. Furthermore, Sasuke has shown time and again that he places his needs above others. I believe he simply realized that he would not be able to implement his desires based solely on his strength. And therefore he decided to do so while under the guise that he was making amends. Yet he is hardly the only one that sees opportunity in the period of what is supposed to be the peace won from the war against Kaguya.”

“This is troubling,” the Three tailed said with a note of disappointment, “Then it is likely that soon the humans will come to covet our strength again and imprison us in new hosts.”

“A most likely outcome considering the current state of affairs,” Ahri agreed. “Yet, there is also the danger that your return poses as well.”

“What do you mean?” the one tailed asked.

“Well, I believe that when your bodies return they will do so without your consciousness’s,” Ahri answered. “If I’m correct, then the Old Man believed the fight for possession of our physical forms will begin anew, and if that is the case, he didn’t want you to be imprisoned again.”

“By imprisoning us here?” The Seven Tails stated incredulously.

“Here we can try to do something about it should your physical forms fall into the wrong hands,” the Fox Bijuu replied.

“How long has this thought been floating around in the head of yours?” The one tails said asked with a hint of challenge in its voice.

Ahri turned to face it before responding, “Only recently, I assure you. When I mated with Naruto something strange happened, and now he has an ability that he did not before. It is similar to Kaguya’s ability to travel between dimensions. It was that which made me begin to think more deeply into why the Sage acted the way he did, and what it means for the future.”

“I see,” the Nibi said hiding the tone of eagerness that would appear in its voice if it didn’t. Particularly as unlike its brethren, it had an idea of what mating entailed since it had been able to witness the act due to the close ties it had enjoyed with its previous host. Matabii hadn’t been able to feel anything, but could tell Yugito had enjoyed the act quite a great deal. The two tails suspected that the now human Bijuu before them intended for her fellow Bijuu to also mate with Naruto to see if other abilities were unlocked. “Then the important thing would be for us to make sure to inform you of any changes we feel which might be signs our physical bodies have returned.”

The two tails sensed that the Fox Bijuu had detected her eagerness, due to the small upturn of the woman’s lips that appeared as she said, “Exactly. There is a chance that your bodies might act on pure instinct without your will’s directing them. This could prove problematic should they stumble into populated areas. I would like to secure them before other interested parties even know to begin looking. Then if I’m correct it would just mean bringing both you and Naruto together in some way so you can reclaim your physical forms.”

“That is a rather big if in that statement, Kurama” Son Goku said with a snort.

The Nine-tailed Fox smiled as she said, “True, but time will tell. In the meantime, keep monitoring that pull you seem to be feeling. Also, going forward please address me as Ahri. It is only appropriate I take a new name along with the new form I have selected.” To her surprise, the other Bijuu didn’t comment which she suspected they attributed to their respect for Naruto, and her statement that her current form allowed her to be closer to him. She also believed that her showing them what was possible had a few of them pondering perhaps doing the same thing if for no other reason than to blend in. Having noticed one of the Bijuu not contributing she said, “Gyuki, I’d like to converse with you a moment alone.”

“Okay,” the Bijuu said in the usual monotone and single word response it had given since the end of the battle with Kaguya. She had initially attributed it to grief of having lost its previous host. Yet, now she was beginning to suspect something else due to her monitoring the pooling of the chakra that was used to create their physical forms in only seven spots.

Ahri studied the Bijuu for a moment as she felt the others disperse back into the darkness. When they were alone she asked, “I don’t think I ever had a chance to tell you how sorry I was about your loss. I’m sure you miss your previous host a great deal.”

“Yes,” the Bijuu responded although Ahri noticed it did so in a tone that seemed unsure.

Like a liar that was trying to keep up appearances, but didn’t have the information necessary to do so and knew it. Filing the information away, she asked, “It must have been quite the honor to have been selected to be the Bijuu for the Raikage.”

“Yes,” the Eight-Tails replied.

Ahri smiled as her theory proved to be correct, but didn’t point out the mistake since she doubted the creature before her had the answers that she required. Instead it was likely following the directive of the Bijuu that had sacrificed a tail to create it. Instead she asked, “But you still don’t want to talk about it?”

“Yes, it hurts to remember,” the facsimile replied.

Ahri didn’t doubt that was true since if it did have any memories they were likely hazy, so said, “Then let us forget about it for the time being. By the way, are you feeling a pull like the others?”

“Yes,” it replied causing Ahri to frown as she suspected it was lying again at first.

But figuring it couldn’t hurt to check the lead she asked, “Really, in which direction.”

The Bijuu turned its lead to look West, and said, “That way.”

The Fox-human Hybrid frowned, since unlike before the creature seemed quite positive of what it said. She had believed that it wouldn’t feel anything since if she was correct, there was no need for chakra to gather as the Eight Tails that had been disbursed with the others by the Sage had simply been a piece of the true Bijuu. Therefore, the reason she could detect only seven places where chakra was collecting was because only seven of the Bijuu’s were reforming. But she quickly realized what the fake standing before her feeling a pull meant, and smiled as she figured it was because the piece wanted to become a part of the whole.

Something which Ahri had no intention of letting happen since doing so might mean Naruto would lose out on a chance to make the Eight-Tails his mate, and potential unlock another ability he could use to defend his family. Already beginning to formulate a plan of action she said, “We’ll speak more later.”

“Okay,” the false Bijuu replied before fading into the darkness as well. Ahri disappeared from the gathering place a moment later, and regained consciousness to find her head resting on his chest. She let his steady heartbeat lure her back to sleep, and dreamed about a future where her mate was unrivaled especially because of the women by his side.

Karui stepped back to admire her handwork, and smiled as Naruto held his arms out showing off the costume she had designed for when he needed to leave the Warren and asked her, “Well, what do you think?”

Karui took a moment to study him, not that she would consider it a chore, as the fur cloak that he wore left his muscular chest exposed. A chest which had grown broader from the hard work he had put into making their home both livable and defensible. He had the hood of the cloak up so that his blond hair was hidden and the sabertooth cat skull he used as a mask did the same for his face, but left his mouth exposed between the fangs that ran down his cheeks. She had considered designing a mask that would completely cover his face aware that with a slight shift a rather identifiable feature of his could be exposed. But, she figured leaving his mouth exposed would at least let people be able to gauge his mood somewhat, since she did believe there would be times when he would need to interact with people outside of battle.

“I might be a little prejudiced, seeing as how I designed it, but I think you look great,” she replied.

Naruto looked down at his exposed chest asking, “You don’t think I’m a little exposed showing my chest off like this?”

Karui stopped before him and placed her hand against his chest before replying, “Mmm, not at all. I think it displays confidence, and…” Naruto shivered as she rotated her hand to run it down his chest and stomach as she added, “For the ladies you’ll encounter, it hints at what a virile man you truly are.” Her hand slipped beneath the band of his pants to begin rubbing his cock which began to harden at her touch.

Naruto groaned when she began to stroke him once he was fully aroused, and replied, “Still, I don’t think there will be too many cases where I’ll be taking a woman at a battlefield.”

Karui leaned in and used her other hand to push his hood back and remove the mask before kissing him. Their tongues clashed energetically before she pulled away to say with an amused smirk, “In case you’re forgetting someone won me over by fucking me rather than fighting.”

Naruto scratched his cheek looking torn between amusement and perhaps embarrassment at his actions to state, “Well I was just going with the flow.”

“I’m sure you’ll see the flow leads you to do so again,” Karui said dropping the mask to the floor. Stepping back she gave him a sultry look as she asked, “Like now for instance.”

Naruto studied the woman for a moment and found her irresistible due to the animal hide dress that she wore. The hem only reached just past her hips, and as she had bent over while making adjustments to his clothes, she had made sure to bend over so that her pussy had peeked out which he saw in a full length mirror she had built. Eager to be inside her again, he surged forward to pick her up which she anticipated and leapt into his arms to seal her lips to his. His hands gripped her butt possessively and pulled the hem of her dress up over her hips as she locked her legs around him. Naruto carried her over to her sewing table and sat her down on it and while locked together still, he undid the knot holding his pants up. Without breaking their kiss he pushed them down and pushed himself inside her finding her cunt wet and ready for him.

Karui pulled back to moan, “Oh fuck…”

Naruto took the opportunity that her pulling away presented to push the straps covering her breasts away and latched his mouth to one as he began to suckle it causing Karui to hiss. His lover although loving the attention that he was lavishing upon her tit, wanted him to begin moving within her more fiercely. She urged him on by using her legs to begin pulling him towards her.

Naruto got the hint, and unlatched his mouth from her nipple and pushed on the back of her knees until they were pressed into her shoulders. He then began drilling his cock into her pussy, which caused her to moan out loudly and contently. She silenced them though by wrapping her arms around Naruto’s neck and pulled him into another wet kiss.

Karui’s hands eventually slipped along Naruto’s shoulders to push the fur jacket he wore from them. The jacket bunched at his elbows, so he let go her knees to let it drop to the ground. She used the opportunity to wrap her legs around his hips again and used her legs to help pull him into her. Naruto, reached out and gripped her neck gently as his paced slowed to match the tempo her legs were setting. Karui’s amber eyes bore into his as he slammed into her fiercely every time she urged him forward. Although his pace had slowed, the power of each thrust brought her closer and closer to release. A release she announced with a roar as the thumb of his free hand rubbed her clit whole he buried his tool fully inside her and released his cum.

The stiffness of Karui’s body would beguiled just how vigorously her cunt was milking him of his seed. Naruto sighed contently as her muscles relaxed once they finished milking him. She laid back limply on her desk while Naruto stepped back from her and basked in the sight of her sweaty and pleased countenance.

A smile formed on his lips as from behind him Shizune said amused, “I thought the purpose of a fitting was to cloth the individual.”

Naruto turned towards the woman whose belly was swollen with his child as she neared the end of her second trimester. He took a moment to take stock of her appearance and like his other lovers had divested herself of her old clothing to clothes made of animal skins sewn by Karui. Shizune’s breasts were just beginning to swell, so she had taken to wearing only a loin cloth. The sight of her being enough to halt the wilting of his just pleased cock.

It began to swell again as the similarly dressed Samui said, “It doesn’t take much imagination to understand how even with the best of intentions they would end up in such a state.”

Shizune watching Naruto’s cock begin to stand again licked her lips hungrily as she replied, “No, I suppose it doesn’t.” She closed the distance between her and the man that had fathered her unborn child, “I hope you left enough for me, as it is important for me to get all the protein I can.”

Naruto pulled her into his side and kissed her hungrily. His hand snaked under her loincloth found her pussy to be dripping wet. He was about to comment, but let out a pleased moan and said, “I’m sure there is, but it seems Samui intends to drink it herself.”

Shizune pouted as she looked down to see the blonde former Kumo-nin had already dropped to her knees and was eagerly bobbing along his cock. “No fair,” she said before dropping to her knees to join her. Samui made room, and Naruto leaned his head back to bask in the feeling of the two women’s mouths traveling over his manhood. After a moment he looked down to drink in the sight, and then reached out to cup the back of each of their heads. He positioned them so that it appeared they were kissing around his cock. His lovers took the hint and opened their mouths wider so that their lips touched around his length. Naruto then began pumping his hips, moving his length between the oral oval they made.

He groaned as their tongues traced along his manhood while he slid it between them. Naruto stared down at the blonde and raven haired women, and felt a surge of gratification at the turn his life took that he had lovers who would allow him to use them in such a way for his pleasure. Eager to return the favor, he urged them back up to their feet and planned to position them so that they were bent over the desk Karui was still sitting on. However, Shizune had other plans so rather than be guided just to the side of Karui, she instead took up the spot between her legs and began lapping at her pussy to collect his seed.

Karui moaned softly while Shizune’s tongue began licking up the cum which had already begun to leak. But, as her cries began to rise in volume from the pregnant woman’s tongue beginning to explore inside her for more, she was silenced by Samui who pulled her into a lip-lock.

Naruto smiled at his lovers involving Karui, and moved behind the bent over Shizune. Due to the shortness of the material that had barely hidden her modesty, he could easily see she was wet and ready for him. Still, mindful of her condition he didn’t thrust in violent even though she had told him multiple times that sex wouldn’t endanger the child. He heard Shizune give a frustrated sigh into Karui’s quim, and took matters into her own hands as she raised up to grip the table and began throwing herself back into him.

Samui having moved to teasing Karui’s tit, quickly pulled away to kiss the raven haired woman to taste the elixir she had just been drinking. Shizune kissed back eagerly, but still not pleased with Naruto’s movements pulled away to look over her shoulder and say, “Naruto, fuck me. I’m not made of glass and neither is the baby.”

Naruto growled as he gripped Shizune’s hips and began fucking her furiously in long powerful strokes. Shizune cried out in contentment now that Naruto had gotten over his tepidness. She knew it would like return the next time, and in truth was pleased by it, since it showed his concern not just for her, but their child. But it also let her gauge her own comfort level, after all while what she had told him was the truth, she also knew it would be something she would need to monitor as discomfort could be experienced. But, currently all she felt was pleasure, which only grew as Samui was joined by a revitalized Karui in kneeling on either side of her and began sucking on the nipples of her hanging breasts.

“,” Shizune moaned as she received an image of calves nursing from the utters of a mother cow. An image that although still a bit early might become more accurate as she began to actually produce milk. Naruto added to the feeling as he slowed likely interrupting her cry to be for him, but when she didn’t further to elaborate leaned forward and began squeezing the breasts the other women were attempting to nurse from.

Naruto groaned into her ear, as her cunt squeezed down on him from the added stimulation. Which as Samui and Karui’s fingers began to rub along the top of her pussy caused Shizune to explode into a powerful climax. Her lover buried his rod deep inside her, and rode out her climax although he resisted flooding her with his cum since he still needed to bring Samui to release as well.

Shizune fell to her knees while still griping the sewing table as Samui stood and moved to a nearby chair. She removed her loincloth along the way, and then sitting in the chair gripped the back and raised her legs into the air while spreading herself for her lover’s viewing pleasure. Naruto pulled his cock from Karui, who had been suckling on it as soon as it appeared from Shizune just satisfied quim. Naruto moved towards the blonde and gripping her breasts pushed his length inside her soaked cunnie.

Samui wrapped her legs around him immediately, while Naruto began fucking her hard enough to cause the sturdy piece of furniture to rock back with each thrust. He groaned as much from being buried inside Samui, as from Karui crawling over to begin fondling his swinging nutsack. The blonde kunoichi’s gaze reflected a lust and desire that he doubted any man beside him had ever seen. It drove him wild to know that such women would willing give themselves to him time and again, and moreover were eager to beginning providing him with heirs. While flicking her nipples with his thumbs, he leaned in to seal his lips to hers. Her tongue quickly began to dance with his as her hands let go of the chair to move to his ass to urge him on.

He growled as he lifted her up finding the need to keep the chair upright was restricting his movements too much. Samui’s arms quickly encircled his neck as she leaned back as Naruto began to slide her over his length. It also allowed him to latch onto her breasts, and suck on her nipple like a newborn. She felt him groan into her breast, and a moment later understood why as she felt a pair of tongues tracing around where she was connected to him.

Naruto let her mammary go to growl, “Fuck!” He then stabbed his cock deep inside his blonde lover and released his seed deep inside her. She climaxed around him letting out a shout of ecstasy as she joined him in orgasmic bliss. As her inner muscles began to relax their milking action, he became more aware that the tongues which had been licking where he was joined with Samui had become more frantic.

Understanding what they wanted, he lift her off his cock and then held her above the two women. Karui and Shizune eagerly positioned themselves beneath her as his cum began to leak out now that his dick wasn’t holding it back. The sight of the two women eagerly catching his seed as it dripped from her snatch easily provided his dick with the needed inspiration to remain hard. Shizune noticed first letting Karui catch the last few droplets, as she began to run her hand over the cock that had taken her virginity and delivered the missing ingredient to help form the life now growing inside her.

Staring up with lustful expression she said, “Naruto, no fair. I’m the only one you haven’t given your cum to.”

Karui though wasn’t thrilled at the idea of waiting further to have his cock again quickly began to run her hand over his cock as well while saying, “I’m the one that has waited the longest for your cock.”

Naruto chuckled as he could hardly qualify the time it took for him to pleasure both Samui and Shizune as much of a waiting period. Samui then hugged her body tight against his as she came back to the present cutting off his view of the two women beneath her as she said, “We should simply go in reverse order. I’m ready for more.”

The other two women were obviously less than thrilled at the idea, but before the discussion could precede further the flap closing off Karui’s sewing area was pushed to the side. Kagura stepped inside and seeing the state of the women said, “It seems I missed more than my appointment for the fitting.” She reached for her skirt lifting it up to show off her pussy which was growing moist due to the smell of sex which permeated the air, and said, “But since it sounds like you three need time to discuss things, why don’t you let me ride that fat stick in the meantime.”

Naruto chuckled again as he could tell his other lovers weren’t thrilled by the idea. But he set Samui down and then sat down in the chair. He waved Kagura to him, who divested herself of her clothes while she approached, and then turning to be greeted by the disappointed looks of the others said reassuringly, “Don’t worry. Before I set out for Bird, I’ll make sure all of you are satisfied.”

He then groaned from Kagura sitting down on his cock. He turned to face her and immediately was pulled into a heated kiss. He was then enveloped by the flesh of the others as they knew Naruto would honor his word. Kagura’s moans quickly rose in volume causing Naruto to smile against the former missing-nin’s lips since he knew that his other lovers were attacking her weak points in order to bring their turns around quicker. He basked in the moment since he knew that once the countries of Bird, Vegetable, Demon, and Honey united things would quickly grow more dangerous, but still looked forward to the future especially as he intended to reconnect with Toki next.

Toki spun away from an overhead sword strike that would have cleaved her in two if she hadn’t moved or if it had not been blunted. There was a third reason which only added fuel to her dissatisfaction with her opponent. But, she took advantage of the missed strike and brought her own up, but even though she knew she should have been a hair too slow, it hit against the padding her instructor wore. He pulled back saying politely, “Well done Lady Toki.”

Toki kept her reaction polite as well while she removed the helmet that she wore and said, “Thank you.”

She handed the helmet and practice blade to an attendant before walking for the exit. Her advisor and friend Chishima approached her and was about to congratulate her, but before he could speak she said coldly, “Fire him.”

Chishima was obviously surprised, but kept his reaction muted as he followed behind saying, “Are you sure? This would be the third instructor in as many months.”

“Please do not make me repeat myself,” Toki said annoyed, “Your job is to do as I say. When I seek your advice then question me.”

Chishima frowned at her response, but nodded. She felt a little guilty about her coldness towards her childhood friend. She would admit that a part of it was due to his recently starting a new relationship in light of how theirs had fizzled out. A relationship which had come about after Naruto had helped expel the wandering Shinobi from Bird and the two of them had started one that would ultimately prove to be brief. It hadn’t progressed very far and although she wasn’t exactly blameless. She would attribute it to how Chishima had treated her. Or, more precisely how his attitude towards her had changed after discovering that she had been pretending to be her late brother. He hadn’t mistreated her in the relationship, but they did learn the pitfalls of trying to mix work and pleasure.

Things had started out well enough between them, but after a while Toki had noticed he would question her decisions as a Daimyo more freely then he had when he had believed she was her brother. It was something that she had noticed from a lot of her advisors actually, and it didn’t take a genius to realize the reason stemmed from her true gender being revealed. Their relationship had ended up damaging their friendship somewhat since when Toki had confided in him about her concerns. He had told her that she was imagining things. From there Chishima and her had exploded at each other and vented their many frustrations with one another. In the end, they had agreed to stop seeing each other romantically, but had not exactly recaptured the closeness that they had shared in their youth. Her recently finding out he was seeing someone new hadn’t helped matters as it had been through courtly gossip rather than from Chishima himself.

It hadn’t been the reason for her firing the sword instructor, since over the month she had given the man ample time to change his tendency of holding back against her. In the time since hiring him, she had won every match. It had been the same for the two instructors that she had hired before him as well.

She entered her room and sighed as she began to remove the rest of the training equipment. She left it stacked in a corner, and then proceeded to head to her private bath to clean the sweat from her. When she emerged, as expected the attendant had collected her discarded clothes and laid out a kimono for her to wear. She held up the finely crafted garb, and sighed not looking forward to the afternoon of having her decisions questioned. She set it down to begin dressing when her eyes settled on the Armor of the Cursed Warrior.

She felt drawn to it, and before she knew it was standing before the armor. She understood the appeal, since when she had worn it people had both feared and respected what they thought the warrior had been capable of. Kind of like how she had felt they respected her more when they had though she was Sagi.

Wanting to at least recapture that time in spirit, she began to put on the armor instead. Once dressed, she left her chambers but instead of heading to where the meeting was being held, she began to head to the stables. She cursed under her breath and figured one of the attendants she had passed had likely informed Chishima of where she was heading and how she was dressed, since he was waiting for her in front of the stables.

Obviously in a sour mood from having to fire the sword instructor and now having to reign her in, he waved his hand at her indicating the armor she wore as he asked, “What is all this? You know we have an important meeting today.”

“Reschedule it,” Toki said moving past him towards one of the horses.

“You know we can’t do that, it has been…”

“I’m sorry,” Toki said enjoying the way the mask of the cursed warrior gave her voice a menacing air. “I was under the impression that I was the Daimyo, and you the vassals. If I wish to cancel or reschedule a meeting then is it not on you all to accommodate my schedule? Not the other way around.”

“Perhaps if it was for a legitimate reason, and not just so you can play the spoiled princess,” Chishima said angrily.

“Then have it without me,” Toki replied just as heatedly, “You should find it easier to go around my decisions without me there anyway. You all are the ones that want to bow down before the new Tsuchikage by giving him the resources he demands. But it should be apparent that whatever we provide him will just be used so he can start hostilities against the Leaf and Sand again.”

“What would you have us do?” Chishima replied defensively, “If we refuse then they will just take them anyway.”

“Better they take a hostile stance up front and we search for allies, then for us to rollover for them and our country still burns as we are caught between them and Suna,” Toki responded passionately.


Toki’s temper flared at being questioned yet again so snapped as she mounted the horse, “See, what do you need me there for? You’ve already made up your mind to surrender.”

She then urged the horse forward at a full gallop so that it flew by the advisor. She quickly made it out of the castle grounds surprising the guards on duty as she flew past. Her small rebellion made her feel better, especially when coupled with the feeling of flying down the road at a full gallop. Her horse began to tire, so she relaxed her pace and as the feeling of excitement passed the reality of her country’s situation began to settle back in.

She also began to feel a little guilty with how she had handled her frustrations with her advisors and officials. She could understand their fears of being targeted directly by Iwagakure. It had been bad enough just being caught between the two great shinobi powers of Suna and Iwa. Yet, she just couldn’t sign off on the idea of appeasing the Earth Shinobi in the short term, only for the materials that they would provide them to ultimately fuel the war that would destroy her home merely as a side effect. She had sent ambassadors to Suna, but the Kazekage had been less then committed to the idea of defending Bird, unless they were provided with the same resources that Iwa was asking for. She had refused since her fear was that providing them to either side was just fueling the coming conflict. She didn’t have the same fear that Suna would take them by force, unless Iwa tried at which case they would claim to be safeguarding them. But, she didn’t doubt a significant portion of the chakra infused forests would be cut down and then be sent to Suna.

The resource that had both Shinobi powers salivating over hers like hungry wolves were the chakra infused trees that filled the forests of Bird. They were a boon which in times of peace they sold to both shinobi villages in manageable quantities so as not to deplete them. Yet in times of war, both villages fought over them in order to claim them as their own. In those times, Bird simply stayed out of it, but villages and many of the forests ended up being burned to the ground. Many of the trees that her country were supplying currently, were being done so for the first time in decades from areas that had been ravaged during the Third Shinobi War.

Her advisors for obvious reasons were against her position, feeling it was better to profit in the short term then to take her hard stance. But, Toki felt it was almost criminal for her to profit knowing that in time it would just lead to her people’s suffering. She felt if there was going to be suffering in either scenario then the right thing to do would be to at least insure it was for a moral reason.

“Someone help!”

The cry served to pull Toki out of her thoughts. She looked up to see a woman traveler who was being attacked by what appeared to be a pack of wild dogs. One of the animals appeared to have a hold of her bag and was pulling it, while the others circled around her growling. The woman decided the bag wasn’t worth her life so let it go before rushing into the woods. The dogs quickly gave chase and disappeared into the woods after her.

Toki sent her horse into a gallop, and finding it wouldn’t be able to move freely in the woods where the woman disappeared quickly dismounted to give chase. She pulled her blade as she ran while hearing the growls of the dogs. She frowned as she didn’t hear the woman any longer so feared she would simply find them dining on her corpse.

Yet, instead she emerged into a clearing and found the woman smiling at her with the animals panting all around her. “Thank you for coming, but as you can see we’ve come to an understanding. Now if you want to leave these woods alive how about we come to one as well.”

“Oi, what the fuck is this,” a man said as he emerged from the woods holding a blade on his shoulder. “Why the fuck do you want to rob some geezer in armor?”

The woman sent a glare towards the man that had spoken causing him to wilt slightly. In the back of her mind, Toki thought humorlessly, “At least some women appear to be respected by their male subordinates.”

The female bandit then explained, “Our would-be hero is riding around in well maintained armor that is from the Third Dynasty. If he’s wearing it for just a nice weekday stroll he has to be loaded.” The woman brought a finger up to her chin, and added thoughtfully, “Well now, the question is how to get him out of it without damaging the armor?”

Toki tightened her grip on her sword wondering where the attack would come from first as several more men stepped out of the woods to surround her. A shrill whistle cut through the air causing one of the dogs to charge at her. It leaped up to attempt to latch onto her throat, but Toki sidestepped the airborne beast and severed its head from the rest.

The dead animal’s remains had just hit the ground when the female bandit made it apparent she valued her beasts more than the men or even taking the armor relatively undamaged as she shouted, “Don’t just stand there, kill him!”

Naruto heard the shouted cry and rushed to where it had come from suspecting the person dressed in the cursed warrior armor was in trouble. He had been in Bird’s capital hoping to find a chance to speak with Toki. He knew with his new ability he could have likely just opened a portal into the castle, but feared doing so could alert others to his presence. Particularly if she reacted poorly to his arrival before he could confirm who he was, and depending on when she was alone, he couldn’t be sure she wouldn’t react negatively even if she knew it was him.

After all, a fatal flaw in Sakura’s plan to create a new country was the assumption that the women he had saved in the past would desire to bind their countries together for what ultimately was his and his growing family’s sake. He didn’t want to rule them, and while he liked to believe that currently he stood at the pinnacle of the shinobi world in terms of strength, there was no guarantee that he was. Or even if he was, that he would remain so forever. Not to mention that he had believed by the end of his adventure in Bird that Toki harbored feelings for Chishima. Having been in Bird for over a week, he had learned that it appeared he had been correct, but apparently the two had stopped seeing each other romantically. At least according to the local gossip mavens he had eavesdropped on.

But, even though she was not seeing anyone currently, that in no way guaranteed that she thought a relationship with him was worth letting her country become a part of the one he was hoping to build. Especially as it seemed she already feared her country might be taken over by either Iwagakure or Sunagakure. In essence, he was asking her to surrender her country’s identity, and while Shion and Kayo believed the new identity they would create by joining forces would help them survive the coming chaos, he couldn’t assume Toki felt the same.

Hearing about how Bird was trapped between the two great Shinobi powers had made Naruto realize that he might be able to offer her a better solution. But, he was hesitant to do so on the basis of joining his Pride. He would see it as being little different then offering to help her like Suna had. To be honest, Naruto was rather disappointed in Gaara having heard that the Kazekage had made handing over acres of the chakra infused wood conditional to his sending shinobi to help protect the country from Iwagakure aggression. He could partially understand it, as it was apparent that Iwa was preparing for war. But, Naruto still saw it as extortion, when if war was coming regardless the right thing to do was to just offer to protect those caught in the middle. He was sure if Gaara had responded in such a way, that eventually Toki would have provided him the resources needed. But to demand payment first, put her in the position of helping her contribute to the arms race between the two nations that would likely leave her country a smoking ruin.

He liked to believe joining with him was the better option, but it also meant it was likely her lands could be attacked that much sooner. Although, Naruto had no intention of letting Iwagakure set a single foot inside his territory, and he knew that could also be the case for Sunagakure, especially if Toki joined him.

But he knew such concerns were for the future, and if his suspicions about who was wearing the cursed armor was correct, then it could be a future without Toki in any capacity in his life. The thought caused him to increase his speed. But upon arriving at the clearing, he found the armored person facing several men with a woman looking on, and doing a decent job of holding them at bay.

The dogs sensed his presence, and growled in his direction, but he caused them to yelp in fear as he focused his killer intention on them. They raced off in the opposite direction causing the woman to look after them in confusion. She shouted at the men to deal with the nuisance quickly and took off after her beasts. She made it a handful of steps before he opened a doorway beneath her using her shadow. She fell into like she stepped off a cliff, landed before what he imagined was surprised Ahri.

Naruto smirked as he pictured his mate’s look of confusion at the woman’s sudden entrance, before it dawned on her that the woman was to provide a physical form for one of her fellow Bijuu. He was a little surprised at how at ease he was with his action knowing the woman was going to be a sacrifice to house one of the Bijuu. More so then even he had been as a jinchuriki as her soul would be consumed by his fox lover, but Ahri had explained it to him that nature was give and take. A herd of water buffalo usually sacrificed whichever member that a pride of lion took down and thus allowed the rest to live. In the new territory that he sought to create he knew he would have to commit himself to other such cold blooded decision.

Although, looking at the headless corpse of the canine he figured had been the first to attack the armored warrior, Naruto figured it was a fate the woman had ultimately brought upon himself. If her death helped so that the Bijuu were no longer used as pawns, then he figured his decision to consign her to such a fate was one he could live with. That was ultimately Naruto’s true goal for the Bijuu. He figured that by giving them a true physical form, it would allow them to live free in a manner they had never enjoyed before. After all, he felt even their creator was using them in a way. If as Ahri suspected, Sasuke had changed the answer he had given to the Sage about how he would use the power he gave them, then the Bijuu’s creator would have saved everyone a lot of trouble by being honest about it.

Instead, it left Naruto feeling like he was once more a pawn in the Sage’s game, and having not liked the results of the last the ancient man had simply reset it with new players by removing the Bijuu from the board for a time. With them set to return soon according to Ahri, Naruto got the feeling it was about to begin again. So whether the Bijuu joined him or not, he felt by giving them a human form it would allow them to control their own destinies for a change. Much as he had stated to Neji back during the Chunin Exams, he intended to be the master of his.

Naruto focused back on the fight as it was turning against the armor warrior despite the bandits’ apparent leader being removed by him. He studied the warrior’s movement and could tell he or she was self-taught for the most part. The reason being, that there were quite a few wasted movements that a proper instruction would have removed. He suspected recently the person had attempted to have them corrected, but likely hadn’t expected to find themselves in a position to use them quite so soon, or ever again if it was Toki.

Despite his suspecting it was her beneath the mask, Naruto was hesitant to step in. Not because he was afraid that she would mistake him for an enemy, but because he believed she would be angry at his doing so. She had after all been willing to take her country back with her own hands. Granted, she had misjudged who her enemy was, and would have perished if not for Chishima hiring Konoha. But there was a fiery spirit there that Naruto felt he would be stepping on if he rode in to save the day.

The fight was settled though and against the armored warrior when a bandit wielding a club brought it up as his masked opponent tried to cut him down with an overhead strike. The bandit’s club smashed against the hilt and knocked the blade loose from the warrior’s grip, who let out a distinctly female cry. Another bandit followed the attack up with a kick to her breastplate knocking her down, where the rest scrambled to leap on top of her. The masked warrior struggled while the bandit with the club approached saying, “It sounds like this set of armor came with a nice bonus right fellas?”

He reached down and pulled the mask away to reveal Toki’s face. Naruto wasn’t surprised that the bandits didn’t appear to have any idea who they were holding down to the ground. He doubted they were the type of thieves that paid much attention to who ran the countries that they traveled through. But, they were apparently smart enough to put two and two together to realize her value as one of them said, “If the boss’s estimate of the armor’s value is correct this bitch has to be worth a shit ton.”

Toki didn’t give the men anything but venom as she said, “I’d sooner die then see you bastards get a single gold coin.”

The bandit with the club smirked as he stated, “My associate and I have entirely different ideas of how to collect the bonus you represent.”

The bandit that had already been calculating Toki’s worth in terms of material wealth said, “I don’t know man. The boss lady will not be too pleased if you do. She says it brings down the value, especially if we end up selling her to some slavers if her family don’t come through.”

“Fuck her, she ain’t here right now. She’s too busy chasing after her mongrels,” the club wielder replied. But whoever the woman had been, she apparent had installed enough fear in her men that the bravado was short lived. Still, the club wielder didn’t want to lose too much face as he said, “But we’ll leave that be for later. Right now, the boss did say to get her out of that armor.” He produced a wicked looking knife as he asked his fellow bandits, “So what should we remove first… the top or the bottom?”

“I find the mood is what determines that,” Naruto said appearing behind the bandit. He channeled his air chakra around his arm and a blade of wind to form around it, which he used to separate the man’s head from his shoulders. Three of the four remaining bandits reacted similarly as one of the men that was holding Toki’s arm down, and the two at her legs immediately went for the weapons that they had placed beside them. The fourth instead pulled Toki to her feet and pulling a knife held it against her throat to use her as a hostage. It ultimately saved his life for a few moments as in that time, Naruto effortlessly sliced the remaining three to pieces.

Toki wasn’t exactly sure what happened in those chaotic moments since the situation went from her attackers debating selling or raping her to suddenly they were being attacked in turn. She watched though as the last bandit was bisected in half and wasn’t sure if her situation had improved any. Especially since much like her cursed warrior armor, the man that had appeared was wearing clothes obviously meant to intimidate. Her eyes locked with his and despite their being red and slitted almost like a demon’s, especially when peered at through the Saber-toothed skull he wore, for some reason she knew he meant her no harm. The man holding a blade to her neck however was another story as he shouted, “Stay back, or else I’ll slit this bitch’s throat.”

When her savior spoke, it was in a low deep growl which seemed to reverberate through her much differently than it did her attacker. “She’s the only reason you’re not already diced up for the wildlife to consume. Let her go, or you’re going to wish you had been these men.”

The man took a step forward, and the action caused her panicked attacker to make a critical mistake as he removed his blade from her throat to point it at him. Toki took advantage as she grabbed him by the wrists, and then flipped him over her shoulder. During the action, she managed to disarm him so that as he landed heavily on his back, she dropped to her knees and plunged his blade into his chest. She gave it a twist for good measure, and then immediately looked up at her would be rescuer. She imagined that she almost looked hopeful like a child looking for a compliment. Although she supposed what she desired was that he at least acknowledged that she wasn’t as helpless as her situation would have led him to believe.

She did notice a slight upturn in his lips which she could see between the teeth that framed them. “Not bad,” he said in the same growl-like voice. Then without further ado he turned as if to disappear back into the forest.

“Wait,” Toki called a little surprised by her action. He turned to look at her, and not sure what it was she wanted from him outside of an instinctual desire to enjoy his company longer added, “There was a woman. She had a pack of dogs with her, and seemed to command these men. Leaving her…”

“She’s been dealt with,” the man said, “She will not bother anyone ever again. The dogs may pose a threat someday if they go wild, so I would have your men try to locate them Lady Toki.”

“You know me,” Toki said surprised, which masked her disappointment as she had wanted to use the excuse of hunting the woman down to spend more time with the man. Hoping to achieve that goal, she added, “Then you know I can pay you…” She trailed off sensing her offer of monetary wealth for helping her was almost offensive to the man. Hoping to salvage her misstep she quickly added, “…well if you come enter my service.”

She could tell the offer intrigued him, which is why he asked with what she imagined was a hint of innuendo, “And what services would I perform.”

She felt a flush spread across her body as she took in his hooded form, which although was mostly covered his exposed chest let her imagination go a little wild. Especially as she said, “As a bodyguard,” and imagined him taking to his task quite passionately by following her into bed. She shook her head wondering what was going on with her, since she was indulging in such fantasies without having seen much more than his eyes and chest. Not to mention his fur coat was currently coated in the blood of the men he just killed. Yet instead of dampening her sexual desires she found her thoughts conjured the image of him taking her right there.

It seemed her fantasies wouldn’t have any chance of coming true as he said, “Sorry, it is an intriguing offer. But, I would prefer to keep my anonymity for the time being. Joining your court will hardly allow that. Thank you for the offer though, and perhaps our paths will cross again.”

She let her disappointment appear on her face, and got the sense that he wasn’t used to talking in his low gravelly tone just yet. “Then perhaps we can reach a different arrangement,” she said eagerly hoping to find a means to keep their paths from separating. A reason for which outside of her libido deciding to focus on him, being that she had the feeling that he was incredibly powerful and might prove useful against both Iwa and Suna’s designs on her lands. The Fourth Shinobi war had shown that battles between shinobi seemed to be comprised of cannon fodder versus cannon fodder with whichever side bringing the strongest shinobi to trounce them being the winner. She didn’t know if she was staring at a man that fell into that category, since although dealing with small time bandits was something most shinobi could do with ease. Yet, there was something inside her shouting out that he represented an opportunity too good to pass up. She just hoped it was more than just her wanting him to put a certain part of himself inside her. The feeling did seem to originate from the same place as her more base desires. But, she was quickly forming the opinion that her base desires were behind what was informing her belief of the strength he possessed.

“Such as…”

“Before we get into that,” Toki said quickly. “What should I call you?”

She noted a little hesitation as if he had a name ready, but wasn’t sure if he should give it. But, in the end he must have decided to use it as he answered, “Kurama.”

From the way he said the name, she thought that he perhaps expected her to have some sort of reaction. But, he seemed pleased by her lack of one. “Well Kurama,” she said testing the name out with her suddenly dirty imagination letting her picture her moaning it, “Before I make my proposal, can you give me an honest opinion of my skills?”

Kurama likely anticipated what her request would be as a slight smile appeared. He then stated rather bluntly, “You’re an amateur.” Toki had been somewhat prepared for a less than flattering assessment, but hearing it so plainly said did take her back. But, it was also somewhat refreshing all the same especially since everyone in her court bent over backwards to prevent themselves from saying unflattering things to her. He continued his assessment which contained a few high marks as he explained, “It’s obvious to me, that for the most part you are self-taught. But, in matters of the martial arts this is a horrible way to learn. It makes it so that your errors become ingrained. I see a lot of excess flourishes and such which in a fight serve no purpose. But, you do have talent and with proper instruction could become a decent warrior.”

Toki nodded happy with what she heard as she said, “Then what would you say to teaching me.” She feared he would turn her down as he seemed somewhat conflicted by the idea.

After a moment, he replied, “I’m pretty certain that such an arrangement would force me to appear among your vassals. If I’m going to train you, then it would have to be away from prying eyes.”

“Why?” Toki asked with a note of curiosity, she was also a little bit apprehensive since it dawned on her that she could be dealing with some kind of crazed killer.

“I would prefer not to say at the moment,” Kurama replied trying to put her at ease, “Also, I will not require monetary compensation.”

“Then what…”

“I’ll let you know what I wish when the time comes,” he replied interrupting her and stopping the question. He knew she was wary of striking a bargain without knowing the terms so he added, “I assure you that when the time comes and I let you know then you will have the right to refuse.”

His words did ease some of her concerns so she explained, “I kind of threw a temper tantrum to get away today. I don’t know if I’ll be able to slip away again.”

Kurama handed her an ornate knife that seemed to be crafted from bone which was marked with a seal stating Pride before he said, “Let’s meet again tomorrow night for the first lesson. What time do you tend to be alone?”

“Generally the only time is at night, but…”

“When the time comes hold onto the knife and swing it,” Kurama explained, “The doorway back to me will open a moment later.”

Toki nodded so looked down to tuck the knife away. When she looked back up Kurama was nowhere to be seen. She retraced her steps back to her horse and after sitting in her saddle was reminded of how wet she had become just being in the mysterious man’s presence. Heading back to her castle she knew she would likely get an earful due to her actions, and accepted she would deserve it considering how things had nearly turned out. Yet, she also believed that she might have also met the solution to the problems her country faced, and possibly to her lonely nights as well.

Shion smiled as her guest climbed the steps of her palace to introduce herself. The woman standing beside her and acted as her head of her protection detail noticed it and said, “Ever since your return from the Land of Honey, you’ve been rather energized. I take it this meeting has something to do with it.”

Shion looked over at the red head dressed in a uniquely strange armor breastplate and skirt and replied, “Indeed it does Erza. If the discussions we have go as my other guest and I hope then big things are coming.”

The woman that had taken over as commander of the Priestess’s bodyguard unit wasn’t sure if that was a good thing necessarily. Although, she did admit that ever since leaving Honey with Daimyo Kayo, her charge had been in an exceedingly good mood. She discreetly looked over towards the Daimyo of Honey who stood atop the steps with them and her surly General, Olivier Mira Armstrong. She suspected that the strong blond woman was as much in the dark about what the upcoming discussions would entail as she was.

Haruna reached them with her shinobi bodyguard following a few steps behind. Haruna bowed politely which the other two leader’s mirrored. When they straightened the leader of the Land of Vegetables said, “It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintances. It’s hard to believe this is the first time I’m meeting either of you in person.”

“I had the pleasure of meeting your father once,” Shion informed the woman, “but you were living in another country during that time. But the point remains that we minor countries do tend to keep to ourselves. That is at the heart of why we have asked for this meeting with you, but out here in the cold is no place to hold such a discussion.”

“Agreed,” Kayo said pleasantly.


Haruna nodded in agreement as well and so followed besides the two women making small talk as her bodyguard and friend Yurinojo fell into step with the other two women that she assumed were fulfilling similar functions. They were led to a somewhat small, but comfy office. The venue surprised her considering what she suspected was on the agenda to be talked about, which although hadn’t been stated directly. She assumed was to be an offer of alliance of some sort. She hadn’t been too surprised to receive the message although it had been strange since it bore both Shion and Kayo’s marks. Yet, due to the current state of affairs between the various major shinobi villages, she knew they were entering a time of extreme danger. Her country for example due to its border with Suna could find itself a marching ground for either Iwa or Sunagakure. Naturally as both villages would try to prevent the other from entering the country they called home, the minor countries existed as a sort of no man’s land where most of the worst fighting always took place.

She had been born just before the Third Great Shinobi War, so truthfully couldn’t recall much of it. But, in traveling her lands, she had come across more than one area that had once housed a village which had been caught too close to a conflict between the two great military powers. Her father had created the Flower Village in an attempt to mitigate it since he recalled the horrors of the Second Shinobi War, but the only thing both Iwa and Suna had agreed on was that the Flower Village had been a nuisance to their conflicts with them attacking both sides to drive them away from populated areas. She wasn’t sure which village had massacred the shinobi of the village as it had been done under the cover of darkness, and each side had blamed the other. Yurinojo had been a survivor of that attack, and she knew he harbored an intense dislike of shinobi from both Suna and Iwagakure.

However, while Haruna knew now was the time where most of the minor shinobi villages were likely preparing for the expected conflicts, like squirrels preparing for winter. She also knew any talks of a formal alliance would likely result in nothing more than a few promises to provide humanitarian aid after a battle broke out. The reason being that as the destruction of the Flower Village proved, the major powers hated it when the weaker ones tried to protect themselves, and a formal alliance would merely invite a pre-invasion invasion.

That was why after everyone settled down and the introductions of the people escorting the Daimyo and Priestess were made, Haruna was flowered when Shion stated, “Our reason for calling this gathering is to announce that Honey and Demon country will be formally uniting to form a new country. We are also extending an invitation for you to join us.”

Haruna quickly looked towards Kayo to see if Shion was serious. She couldn’t see anything that suggested it was an elaborate hoax. But before she could say anything the woman that had been introduced as Olivier stood angrily saying, “Why is this the first I am hearing of this? Is that the true reason we have been holding mock skirmishes with Demon’s Forces? To create some familiarity?”

Kayo nodded, before replying, “Why so angry? You were quite pleased when I first announced them. I know we are calling them preparations for potential conflicts, and there is a great deal of truth to that. I have little doubt that our actions will cause either Suna or Iwa to take steps against us.”

“The problem is that these exercises will avail us little against Shinobi opponents,” the blonde woman said annoyed.

“We are aware of that,” Shion interjected, “But the true purpose is to create a level of trust among our forces before we officially merge. Erza, for example, has spoken incredibly highly of your forces and the unit that you personally command. “

“Be that as it may,” Olivier stated, despite being pleased at having her men praised, especially considering it validate the purging of Honey’s forces she undertook after Kayo came to power to remove the dead weight, “The moment word hits Iwagakure, we can almost be assured they will seek to remove what they will likely view as an upstart country from the map. Their upcoming war with Suna or Konoha will all but demand it.”

“We concur,” Shion stated calmly. “In fact, we believe they will use Claw as a proxy agent to justify whatever actions they take against us.”

Olivier looked a little surprised at the thought of how Iwagakure would react having already occurred to the two leaders. Not to mention, their recognizing a strategy that Iwa would use that she herself had just come up with as being the most likely.

Kayo enjoyed the slight surprise that her general showed since she knew the blonde thought she had no head for tactics. Which she truthfully admitted she didn’t as it had been Tsunade who had explained the most likely reactions they could expect to their forming a new major power. Continuing with the reasoning the former Hokage had provided, she explained, “Iwagakure can’t be seen as being a bully here as it would be too easy for Suna to use that against them to muster opinions against them. But if they were to be called in to settle a dispute between countries then they could act and claim they were only fulfilling their customer’s request.”

“Then I can assume you have come up with a way to deal with Iwa or Suna should they take umbrage with us combining our territories to make a new power,” Olivier questioned as she calmed and took a seat. In truth a part of her was pleased with the development having always figured her talents were wasted in the small country of Honey. Not to mention her having despised the old men that had held power in its military. Yet despite her personal desire, she knew the math and even with all the might of the countries represented among them couldn’t match Iwa especially if they acted using Claw as a cover. Her gaze drifted over to Erza, who Olivier knew was a powerhouse having bested even a good portion of her personal command before her tactics had overtaken the woman. Her ability to change armors on the fly and make swords dance in the air had been hard to overcome, and she knew that the red head would be a match for all but the most skilled Shinobi.

Olivier’s gaze then switched over to Haruna who seemed deep in thought as well. She knew there might be some skilled shinobi within Vegetable still and if they could add the woman’s forces to theirs it might even the odds a bit. But, even if the army Iwa was quietly amassing along their Western Border was a force comprised of untested chunin and thus was meant to let them be tested in the small skirmishes that often broke out among the minor countries who shared a border with Earth Country. The Blonde general doubted even if Vegetable, Demon, and Honey combined forces the current Tsuchikage would commit the other much more dangerous forces since they were to be used against Suna and Konoha, or to defend the interior of the country. Therefore, if the country that would come into existence by the merger being discussed scored a decisive victory it would in essence temporarily end the threat Iwa posed to it, since the men and women lost wouldn’t be easily replaced. But, it could in theory also push back any plans Iwa had of invading the other two shinobi powers since it would need to weaken the forces it planned to use against its rivals to compensate for those losses. But the issue Olivier kept running into was the chances of their winning were almost small to nonexistent. She wanted to enjoy the thrill of such a battle, but she wanted it to be one that she had a chance of winning.

Haruna seemed to partially agree with Olivier’s assessment as she said, “It would seem to me that joining such an endeavor would be a mistake. In order to have even half a chance we would need to establish some sort of Shinobi village before we proceeded. Doing so would certainly alert our neighbors as to something strange being in the works. Currently, your mock battles have been written off as the usual preparations we minor countries engage in before the major ones use our homes for their battlegrounds.”

“Currently there are no plans to create such a village,” Kayo responded after she and Shion shared a look.

Haruna did seem disappointed by the announcement before stating, “Then I cannot in good conscious give my support to this plan. All I see such an action doing would be inviting a hopeless battle to our doorsteps. I will treat what I learned with the secrecy that the private nature of this meeting would suggest you wish to maintain. Yet, I cannot be a party to it. But out of curiosity, how would this new country be governed?”

“We Daimyo would share power equally by forming a council among ourselves,” Kayo stated before indicating towards Shion. “Shion would assume the position of high priestess of the new country to serve a similar role as she does in Demon.”

“Considering that before today we have never spoken in person,” Haruna said wondering what made the women so confident such an arrangement would work, “you seem rather certain we would have no trouble sharing power.”

Kayo and Shion shared a knowing smile between themselves before Kayo explained, “That is because we are fairly confident that when you see all we have planned that you will come to see the benefit of working together. There is still one other person that we intend to ask to join us.”

“Then why isn’t that person here?” Haruna asked with a note of confusion.

“It was determined that a different method of persuasion be used in her case,” Shion said after a moment of reflection. The Priestess smiled as although she knew Naruto would be making the case personally in Toki’s case, the woman would likely be inducted in the same way as she and Kayo had been.

Her attention was pulled from the Vegetable Daimyo to her head of security when Erza, who had merely been observing, stated, “You mean Daimyo Toki of Bird Country, correct?”

Shion couldn’t help but look surprised, although Kayo had covered her reaction much better. After a moment though, the Daimyo of Honey smiled as she nodded and said, “Indeed. I take it you have arrived at the conclusion because we have been focusing our concerns about what our merging forces will bring about on Iwa’s likely reaction.”

Erza inclined her head before explaining, “Currently Bird is the closest country to us which is most directly caught between Iwa and Suna. If we merge, then Suna is not going to like it any more than Iwa for the same reasons. If the belief is that Iwa will use Claw to start a war with us. Then Bird would be the most likely country for Suna to use. I know for example that the Daimyo of Bird has made a plea to the Kazekage for help should Iwa invade. Suna made it conditional on Bird turning over logging rights to their Chakra Trees for use in puppet creation. He might be willing to forgo that request if it removes a perceived threat that we would represent in their trying to outflank Iwa’s forces. Your lack of concern would indicate you believe Bird will be joining you.”

“We believe so,” Shion said after sharing another knowing smile with Kayo, “In fact, we believe the person that is currently asking her will be able to quickly bring her around to the benefits of the idea, both for her country and personally.”

“Really,” Haruna said not sure what it was about the women’s behavior that so piqued her interest, “Then why would you not have such a dynamic individual try to convince me?”

“Well that is always a possibility should you remain resistant to our endeavors to convince you,” Kayo said sounding amused. “But, we need to move carefully. Due to her countries importance to both Iwa and Suna, we assumed she is under constant surveillance. So it was felt a more discreet method of contacting her about our intentions was in order.”

Haruna nodded before standing and stated, “You have given me a great deal to think about. I’m still leaning against rejecting your proposal. But it also sounds like I haven’t received all the details yet either. But you two certainly seem confident this bold strategy will prevent your lands from suffering from the coming chaos, and so I would like to hear more.”

Shion looked happily content at her willingness to hear them out further, while Kayo replied, “Good, then let us reconvene a little later. Maybe after a nice hot bath our offer will sound much more appealing.”


Toki sat on the edge of her bed and felt nervous in a way she couldn’t imagine possible when she had made her deal with Kurama several weeks before. That was because she had finally learned what it was the man desired from her. That being for her to become one of his lovers, and in return, her lands would merge with those of the other women he had approached to form the territory that he would then protect.

She had learned all this several nights before as their training had come to a sudden end due to a misunderstanding. She had noticed an improvement in her swordsmanship under his tutelage, but since she had felt the gap between them closing so rapidly. She had also felt that he was beginning to patronize her like her other instructors had. Therefore, after scoring a clean hit on him, and despite the arousal she felt whenever in his presence she had angrily declared, “I’m done with this. You’re no different than any of the other fools who have degraded me because I’m a woman.”

She had lost her temper mainly because she had been disappointed, especially as his words to her when they had spoken after training had given her the confidence to draw a firm line in the sand to her vassals about how they would behave towards her. Yet, his actions in letting her win had seemed to convey that he didn’t mean them.

However, before Toki could demand that he send her back to her room via the doorways he was capable of opening. He had disappeared from her sight before appearing next to her and then she was hit harder than she had ever been in her life. She remember folding around Kurama’s fist as he punched her in the gut and when he had stepped back she had collapsed to her knees. Folding over so that her forehead rested in the dirt as she held her stomach, she began laughing as soon as enough breath had returned for her to do so.

Kurama suspected she had understood why he had struck her in such a way, but in case they had any further misunderstandings between them he had explained, “Do not think your scoring a hit against me suddenly makes us equals. It doesn’t. But, if I didn’t hold back then you might quickly grow discourage. The reason you hit me was because you improved and reached the point that I was holding back to. It would have been unfair of me to suddenly yank away the victory that you were striving for.”

Toki managed to sit up and she did smile as she said, “Lesson learned. I’m sorry.”

She expected him to apologize as well but instead he said, “I hope you aren’t expecting one from me. I hit you to get my point across so meant to do it.”

The Daimyo shook her head in amusement that after several weeks she really felt she both knew him better, but he still could shock her by not acting as she expected most people to in a situation. For example, slugging a princess even if she might deserve it would have most men quickly apologizing even if the woman told him that she understood the reason why. Kurama had turned away from her and moved to sit before the fire whose light they used to train by due to how late at night it was before she could slip away. Standing across from him to warm herself as the sweat from her exertions were causing her to feel a chill she had finally asked, “Kurama, what is it exactly that you are hoping to gain from helping me grow stronger?”

He had stared up from the flames and despite the menacing red-eyes knew he was a gentle soul. Yet was shocked as he said, “I intend to claim you.”

Although a part of her had fantasized hearing such a statement, generally just after training with him as she took care of the needs his very presence seemed to arouse in her. She had still been taken aback. “W…what do you mean?”

He smiled as he added, “You know exactly what I mean. At least your body does.”

Toki felt a flush of embarrassment as she believed the man before her could smell her arousal. He then stood and approached her. She breathed in his musk and felt her body produce more of it lubrication in hopes he would take her right there. Yet, despite pulling her closer to him and cupping her face as if to kiss her, he simply said, “I told you that you would have the chance to refuse me when I made what I wanted clear. This is that chance.” He held his hand up and she looked away to watch as a doorway opened in the darkness which showed her bedroom. He then stepped away from her stating, “Think it over, for you are not the only woman that I have claimed recently. But if you agree to become mine, then both you and your people will be protected from the coming storm.”

“W…what if I refuse?” Toki asked even as the primal woman inside her shouted that she would be a fool to do so, especially since she had long since come to believe he had the power to make his words a reality.

“I can’t promise to protect you then, although I will try,” he had replied, “Yet my first and greatest priority will be to my mates, and the children that they provide me with.”

The primal woman in Toki that she had harnessed from her taste of combat both when trying to defeat Hojo and in her time with Kurama nearly came at the idea of siring a child with the powerfully built man before her. Yet, the woman bound by duty still held sway as she said, “I… I must think about it.”

Kurama smiled amused at her as he stated, “Which is what I just suggested you do.” She flushed in embarrassment at the realization that he had so nodded and quickly left through the portal. No sooner had it closed then she had stripped naked and had indulged in what had been a nightly ritual since their first meeting which was to begin to finger herself to a most satisfying orgasm. The one she had enjoyed that night seemed muted though, which she attributed to the fact that he had made it apparent that she no longer needed to rely on her imagination that it was him giving her pleasure.

It had been several nights since though and although the temptation to accept had been strong since he had first told her of his desire. She wondered if accepting would just be her letting her own desires get in the way of what was best for her country. She looked down at the knife he had given her which was resting in her lap. She had gone through the same process each night since their last meeting as the temptation to swing it to alert him that she wanted to meet grew. She had resisted, but looking in a nearby mirror she knew that if she did, the see through teddy that she was wearing left little doubt to what her answer was.

She sighed as she realized that the nightwear that she had worn each night as she contemplated her answer had grown more and more provocative. She figured that if she waited anymore she’d simply not throw anything on, which she suspected just conveyed that she already knew what her answer was. Picking the knife up, she swung it and watched as one of the shadows before her grew darker before a scene of the forest where they had trained appeared. She saw him sitting before a fire with hus back facing her, and wondered why he would open the doorway behind him.

Standing, she figured she would get the answer soon enough so stepped through the portal. Kurama didn’t turn to face her as he asked, “I take it you’ve arrived at an answer.”

She wanted to tell him to turn around to see, but figured he had his reasons so said, “Yes.”

“Good,” Kurama replied before standing and turning to face her. His eyes nearly bulged out of his head as he saw that what she had on did nothing to hide her naked body beneath it.

Toki had a much similar reaction although for different reasons as she saw the face that had laid behind the mask he had worn. “Naruto…” she said shocked.

Hearing his name he tore his now blue eyes from her beautiful body to stare into her eyes. He raised his hand to push back his hood to reveal his blond hair as he said sounding amused, “Wow Toki, when I thought of all the ways you would give me your answer. I can honestly say that I never expected it to be made so boldly.”

A part of Toki felt a sudden urge to cover herself, as she remembered the energetic youth that had helped her save her country. She could still see him in the man now standing before her, but it was still difficult for her to assimilate the more base desires she had harbored for him as Kurama with the chaste ones she had from the past.

Naruto approached her, but stopped just short to say, “I don’t want to assume that the way you’re dressed is the answer to your accepting my proposal.”

Toki felt her body begin to react in the same manner that it had in the past when around him making it easier for her to say, “It was meant to be.”

Naruto tilted his head and sounded disappointed as he replied, “Was?”

“I mean is… or… damn it now I’m all confused,” Toki said her annoyance being stronger than her arousal at the moment. “Why the big charade?”

Naruto smiled at her, and Toki’s annoyance began to fade a bit more as she recognized she wasn’t exactly displeased by the revelation of who Kurama had been. After all, as opposed to some stranger in a mask that had stirred something primordial inside her. She could at least point out now that her instincts about him had been correct. In fact, Toki found the thought that the man almost everyone universally recognized as being the strongest on the continent had decided to take her as a mate was making her eager to give herself to him.

But unaware that she had already lost interest in her own question, he answered it by stating, “I wanted to be sure there was something between us before taking you.” She nearly swooned at the thought of being taken while he continued, “I knew there might be gratitude for my role in stopping Hojo. But, I couldn’t be sure that was enough of a reason to reenter your life, especially as I felt there was something between you and Chisima.”

“What if there had been?” she asked finding herself a little curious about his answer since it might have been a possibility not so long ago. “Don’t you require my lands?”

“Require, no not so much,” Naruto said after a moment, “It will make the next steps in building this new nation easier. But, if it was just a matter of territory there are other places we could expand.” Toki found she was pleased by his response since it meant he didn’t just desire her for her title, and all it brought to his plans. “I also desired you. All my actions are to build a territory where my Pride will be safe. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is impossible to create a place of peace as my master desired. There are too many voices, to many conflicting ambitions that stand in the way. In order to create a world of peace I would need to impose my will on the world, and just because I may now have the strength, it doesn’t give me the right. Instead, this nation we create will be that world of peace as far as I’m concerned. Those who wish to accept it will be free to enter into my territory, and those that seek to destroy it will be crushed in turn.”

Seeing where he was going she added, “And those that wish to coexist beside it will be tolerated.”

Naruto took a step towards her and cupped her cheek as he brought his face closer to hers, “Exactly.”

Toki knew what she wanted, but asked, “What if you came and I was still with Chisima?”

“If you were happy, then I doubt there would be anything I could do,” Naruto said inching his lips closer. “You are after all, a strong independent woman. But, if you weren’t then even if technically you were still with him. I would take you as mine.” He stopped from claiming her lips to ask, “Are you mine?”

Toki answered in a breathy whisper, “Yes,’” and immediately was pulled tight against him as he took her lips for the first time. She parted them and found his tongue waiting to engage with hers in a slow dance as they twirled around each other. She moaned into it when his hand took hold of her breast through the sheer material of her nighty and began rolling it around. She had to pull her mouth away from it to give birth to a pleasure filled cry when he then pinched the nipple of the same tit and gave it a twist.

Naruto spun her to face away from him before pressing against her back, and then began fondling both of her tits while he began kissing on her neck. Toki placed her hands over his and she helped him in fondling her chest while she began to grind her ass back against him. He groaned into her neck and then brought one of his hands down to reach between her legs. Toki’s hand had followed for the trip, but he then quickly pulled his hand from beneath hers before placing it on top. He then guided her in rubbing her own pussy causing her to moan loudly from their combined effort. He then pressed his middle finger on hers prompting them both to slip inside her slickened tunnel. She moaned loudly and couldn’t believe how talented Naruto was since he was easily guiding her to her own sweet spots. She had heard about the craziness of his defection from Konoha, and the rumors that he had begun sexually assaulting kunoichi to bend them to his will. Yet, after only a few moments with him, not to mention the weeks prior, she knew every woman with him was there willingly.

She moaned as they withdrew their fingers from her snatch and he held their glistening digits before them. Naruto then guided her finger to his mouth which he began to suck clean of her essence. He let out a pleased sounding moan like a wine connoisseur tasting a vintage that he greatly enjoyed. He turned her face towards him and then kissed her deeply once more, letting her sample it as well. Her eyes began to drift closed as she got lost in the lust and pleasure she was feeling, but they snapped open when Naruto pulled his groin away from her backside for a moment and when he pressed into her again, she felt his manhood against her skin. More to the point it was nestled between her thighs, and up against her drenched nether lips.

She broke the kiss to moan loudly when he began sliding his manhood along her cunt. She squeezed her thighs tightly together as a result which only increased the pleasant tingle spreading from their point of contact as he had to work harder to move despite how slick her drooling pussy made his tool. Toki didn’t think she could feel any better, but was proven wrong when Naruto easily lifted her up by her thighs, spreading them apart. He then guided her down on his cock, and her passage only resisted a moment before letting his cockhead pass through.

With just the tip of his dick inside her, Naruto savored the moment before slowly lowering her down his pole. Toki’s moan became deeper and louder as she was spread apart until he came to rest against her maidenhood. Naruto pulled away causing her to whimper as she feared his complete removal but it turned into a shriek of pain when he plunged fully into her and ripped through it. He remained still inside of her to allow the pain to become a memory, which was quickly replaced with new ones of pleasure as he slowly began moving.

Soon he began sliding her wildly up and down his cock causing her to moan out without restraint as her world became a pulsating beat of pleasure from the pillar of flesh’s movement inside her. Toki was suddenly glad that she was being fucked so wildly out in the woods as she was sure if she had given her answer in her castle her room would have been filled with guards when they came to investigate what was making their leader cry out in such a manner. Her cries were only silenced when Naruto released his hold on her thighs to grab her around the midsection in order to kiss her. In response, she wrapped her legs along the outside of his and hooked her feet on the inside of his knees as if to trap him inside her forever.

Her legs’ grip allowed him to slide his hands up to her tits which he began to knead causing her to moan out once more. Naruto then began to rapidly pumping his hips causing waves of pleasure to crash into her as he bottomed out on each stroke. From the way she was fastened to his front, and the insistent waves his actions stirred inside her, she almost felt like a wooden figurehead on a ship cutting through an ocean of carnality. Yet, the voyage came to a sudden stop when Naruto buried her his cock deeply inside her. The sudden stillness of her lover was shocking like an eye of a hurricane, but then she felt a new sensation that took her a moment to place as a heat began to fill her and spread. The stillness quickly passed as the heat of being filled with her mate’s cum caused her to roar out in a pleasure filled cry as she came harder then she could even imagine possible. Her world which had turned white for a moment turned to darkness as she blacked out for a moment.

Toki sagged in his arms, forcing Naruto to again grab her midsection as her grip on him slackened. He willed a doorway to open and stepped through it. Dropping to his knees, he smiled as he saw Kayo and Shion laying before him with their faces between each other’s thighs. They moaned as their tongues traced over the other’s quim unaware of his return to the Warren’s Master bedroom. Toki became aware of her surroundings and blushed as she noticed the two women sixety-nining before her.

Her cunt squeezed down around his cock and she looked over her shoulder to ask, “W-where are we?”

“Home,” Naruto said tasting her lips again. He grabbed the sheer teddy she wore and ending the kiss, pulled it over her head as he added, “But there will be time for introductions later. I’m expecting one other to join us this night, and then we’ll be able to create this new land our Pride will call home.”

Toki looked around the room, finding the various platforms leading down to the mat that she was now connected to Naruto on was filled with women. She felt a moment of embarrassment, but the moans of the other two women lost in pleasure reminded her that she was now a part of this group and in time would likely see others connected to Naruto as she was. Her mate gently pushed her forward so that she was on all fours, and then began churning the seed he had just deposited inside of her.

Toki let out a moan which caused Shion and Kayo to separate. The Daimyo of Bird was shocked as although she hadn’t met either woman before she did recognize them. But, with Naruto pounding her from behind, she couldn’t help not carrying that their first meeting was under such circumstances. Nor, did it bother her overly much that before receiving proper introductions, Shion pulled her into a kiss letting her taste Kayo’s pussy which coated the priestess’s lips. A moment later she was being kissed by Kayo and thus had indirectly tasted Shion’s snatch as well. Naruto then pulled Toki back up to her knees to kiss her, and taste the two women that now coated her lips even as they lunged forward to suck on her breasts.

Losing herself in the lust and passion of it all, Toki couldn’t help thinking that a kingdom would have been a small price to pay for the pleasure she was now receiving. But took heart in knowing that even though she was indulging in her own desires, she was wholly confident her people would be glad that she did.

Next Chapter: Nation Building: The Risen Sun

Author’s Note: First as is always the case, let me thank the people that take the time to leave a review. They are the reason that I love to write and share the stories here. So, again thank you.

So, what I will be working on next will be what I believe will be the last chapter of the Nation Building arc. Like I said, I want to focus on the battle from the Sun side of things, but I didn’t want to rush it with Toki so felt adding another chapter would be best. I kind of laid it out in the chapter, but I wanted to avoid the having Naruto just show up and Toki fall into line, which is why so much of the chapter was dedicated to her. It might not have much bearing on how Sun will govern, but I did kind of feel she had a crush on her childhood friend so felt it was good to address it her.

Next chapter will also see the birth of Shizune’s child. To be honest, the kids are kind of something I’m not looking all that forward to in Pride. I doubt with the timeline I have in mind we’ll ever see them as adults, at least not till the end. We will see them grow, but at the same time I don’t imagine a scene where they are following Naruto and their mothers into battle. I think it will become more apparent as the story progresses, but the idea of children soldiers would seem like such a fail considering what Naruto wants to achieve. I don’t know if that disappoints anyone, but if it does that is kind of why I don’t look forward to them. The children are important in a sense, but I don’t know if their remaining on the sidelines is something people were necessarily expecting.

The chapter after the next one will show Suna’s reaction to both Naruto’s disappearance and the creation of the Land of Sun. This chapter kind of alludes as to why Gaara cannot just assume Naruto is going to treat him as an ally based on their past friendship. Not to mention, why Naruto might not see him as an ally at all. I know some people find that fact kind of strange, but remember Gaara is a village leader and at the end of the day he will act in Suna’s best interest. He would be a crappy Kazekage if he didn’t. The same holds true for Naruto, even if he doesn’t hold an official position in the new land, he has to assume Gaara is working his own angle. Just like it appears he did with Toki. Ultimately, it is one of the things that I think adds a sense of reality to my stories. Sure it is easy to just say Naruto and Gaara are friends and so help each other. But, it just doesn’t fit with reality of those that have leadership responsibilities. Naruto’s first and only responsibility is to the women he is now with. Gaara’s is to his village. At times what is best for one might not be the case for the other.

Finally, I think it is pretty apparent, but if not, the Erza who acts as Shion’s head of security is based on Erza Scarlett from Fairy Tail. Naturally, she’ll likely be learning just what has made her leader so content, and well I’m sure Shion wouldn’t mind if she experienced it first hand.

So until next time, take care. Sincerely, The Lemon Sage.
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