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Chapter IV

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Commissioner Gordon and Lt. Foley lead a task force to take down 'The Bird', but can they take the Arms-dealer down by themselves?

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The atmosphere at the Police headquarters was a hectic one to say the least as it's Men and Women worked frantically, their focus completely on their work as Gordon watched from the sanctity of his office. The Commissioner sat at his desk and returned his attention to the files that lay on his desk before him, while listening to his Police-Scanner.

"Unit-1300 reporting in. We are shadowing Man suspected of being 'The Bird' to an abandoned factory on the China Basin's south side." the voice spoke as Jim took a sip from his Coffee.

"Roger that Unit-1300, the local precinct is sending additional units to your location and we have a SWAT team also inbound." the dispatch replied, while the older Man sat and looked through the pages of the Intel they had on the Arms-dealer.

'Still not a lot to go on, since there is not even a good photo of the guy.' he thought while looking at the one blurry image they had, which only had real detail on his clothes.

But just as was about to reach for his Coffee-Mug again, there was a knock at the door, making Gordon look up to see Bullock waiting on the other side.

"Come in." he said while gesturing with his hand, earning a nod from the Chubby Officer who then walked in.

"Commissioner, thought you would like to know that Air-01 and 02 are available and are ready to move."

"Alright, but tell them to keep back for now, since we don't want to alert 'the Bird' that we are on to him. That is if this is really him." the older Man replied, gaining a curious look from his subordinate.

"You don't think it's him?"

This made Gordon gesture at the open file that lay on his desk between them both, which Bullock stared at before returning his attention back to his boss, who started to speak back.

"Considering how incomplete our file on him is, how can we be sure that this really is the Arms-Dealer. We don't even have a reliable photo."

"Well even if we don't, we should still check it out." The chubby Officer said back, which earned a nod from Jim in return.

"I agree, though if I had thought otherwise, then I would not have given the go ahead to track 'the Bird' back to wherever he has based himself..." he started to say while tidying up his desk, placing the file back in it's sleeve, only to stop and look back at Bullock with a questioning look.

"...Foley has clocked out right, I mean he is no longer in the building?" he then asked, which made the Officer nod in return.

"Yeah, saw Foley leave myself. He didn't look happy though, but I guess you already knew that." he said back with a knowing smile, though the Police Chief remained stoic as he sat at his desk.

"No comment..." he started to reply, not wanting to give his situation with the Lieutenant any more thought.

" I'd appreciate it if you could keep me apprised on the situation with our Air-support, since I have my attention on 'the Bird' one." Jim added while pointing at the Scanner, making his Subordinate nod back again.

"Will do, Commissioner." Bullock replied before turning around and starting for the door, only to stop as another, more familiar voice spoke from the device.

"Unit-1300, this is Lt. Foley. I am on my way and will rendezvous with you in several minutes, hold position until I arrive."

This made Jim's eyes narrow as he gritted his teeth, before grabbing the Police Scanner's receiver and holding it to his mouth, only to stop as he looked down at the device while his colleague stared back.

"Commissioner?" he said with a confused tone, which snapped the older Man out of it as he put the receiver down and turned back to him.

"Get me a car, we are going out there." he replied with a determined expression, gaining a nod from Bullock before they both left the Commissioner's office together.

A few minutes earlier, back at the Cave. Bruce sat at the Bat-Computer and typed away at it's keyboard, turning his gaze to each of the several screens that stood before him which showed camera feeds and various information, while also listening to the various G.C.P.D. reports from his own Police Scanner. As he was doing this, Alfred walked up and placed a hot drink next to the keyboard which caught the younger Man's attention.

"Here is your Tea, Master Bruce." he said with the Billionaire picking it up with one hand and taking a sip, while he continued to type on the keyboard with the other.

"Thanks Alfred." he then replied, before a curious look befell his face.

"So you think we should have a section of the Cave cornered off an made into a miniature Kitchen, so that it doesn't take a couple of minutes for you to bring the food and drink down here to me?"

This made the Butler stare back with a knowing expression in return.

"Oh dear lord no Sir, I think that would be a terrible idea. I mean bringing you food and drink down here is one thing, but to have a space down here to prepare it...I wouldn't dream of it, Master Bruce..." he started to say, stopping mid-sentence to gaze around the Cave as he smiled slightly.

"...besides, I think that a kitchen in the 'Bat-Cave' would not be very fitting of Batman, wouldn't you agree?" he continued, noticing the now thoughtful look on his Master's face.

"I guess not." he replied before taking another sip of his Tea.

"You're just going to have to be patient Master Bruce, which is something you claim to have an abundance of since coming back from your 'seven year 'sabbatical with the League of Shadows." Alfred said back with a slightly teasing tone, one that made the young Wayne spin his chair round and face him with a humble smirk on his face.

"You're right...once again."

"Well, surely you have heard the old English proverb Sir,..." his older Friend replied with a warm smile, gaining a curious but similar look from the Billionaire.

"...the Butler is always right."

"I am not about to disagree with you there..." Bruce started to say back, before taking another sip of his tea as he turned back to the Bat-Computer.

" least not this time." he added, gaining a smirk from Alfred as he looked at the screens with his Master.

"So I take it you have been monitoring all G.C.P.D. comms channels since this 'Bird' was first mentioned?" he asked, earning a nod from the young Wayne as he typed away on the keyboard.

"Yes, though from what I have heard, it sounds like the Police are not entirely sure that this is the Bird." he replied, which made the Butler look at the screens with a curious expression.

"What do you mean, Master Bruce?"

"Well..." the Billionaire began to say, before bringing up the Criminal's profile on his left screen.

"...this is the only photo that they have of the Man, which you can see is not a very descriptive one. So it would not be put of the realm of possibility for someone to simply pose as him."

"So you think this Man is an imposter?" Alfred asked, gaining a nod from Bruce in return.

"It is possible, I mean my own research into 'The Bird' has not brought up enough information to form his real identity, which at this moment could be that of a Man of a a Woman."

The older Man looked at the photo of the Criminal on the screen, his expression became inquisitive as Bruce looked back at him.

"So this Arms-dealer is a complete mystery to everyone at the moment."

"Yes, but it won't be for long. I haven't had that much time to focus my attention on 'the Bird' due to the rise of street-crime in 'Old Gotham' while keeping myself out of the Police's cross-hairs. But considering how many weapons he has smuggled into the City, I think it's time 'the Bird' had Batman's full attention."

This made Alfred smirk as he looked back at his younger friend, who had returned his attention to the Bat-computer as another Police report could be heard from the Scanner.

"I could not agree more, Master Wayne..." he started to say, only to have Bruce gesture to him while keeping his attention on the audio-device.

"Quiet Alfred, I am trying to listen to this." he said with a slither of annoyance to his voice, making the Butler go silent while Bruce turned up the device's volume and the voices of the G.C.P.D. echoed around the Cave.

"This is Unit-1300, the Suspect has entered the derelict Factory at the end of Ciders Street. I repeat, the Suspect has come to a stop at the end of Ciders Street."

"This is Lt. Foley, stay and observe until SWAT and I arrive."

"Roger that, Lieutenant."

After listening to the conversation, Bruce then returned his attention to the Computer and typed on it's keyboard again as plans for the factory appeared on the main screen.

"Alfred, I apologize for cutting you off..." he began to say, only for the Butler to shake his head back.

"No need to apologize Si..." he then tried to reply, this time being cut off by the Police Scanner from which a familiar voice spoke up.

"This is Commissioner Gordon. I am taking control of the operation. I repeat, I am in command, not Lt. no one do anything until I arrive."

This brought a worried look to Bruce's face as he heard his friend's voice, one that Alfred noticed.

"Sir, what is it?" he asked as the Billionaire started typing again in a determined manner, bringing CCTV footage from Ciders Street up on the left screen, while going through the Factory plans on the main one.

"Ciders Street is a one way street, with the river directly behind the Factory."

"Perhaps 'the Bird' has planned to escape via Boat." Alfred then said as pointed at the body of water, only for Bruce to shake his head in return.

"That isn't possible, since there is no boat-dock back there. So the question becomes..." he then began to say while looking at the plans of the Factory.

"...why lead the Police into a dead end? Since he is only trapping himself." his Butler finished, before the Billionaire's eyes widened as he saw something in the designs.

"Master Bruce?" the older Man then asked, having noticed his friend's face.

"Because he is not the one who is trapped..." Bruce started to reply as he brought up detailed floor plans of the derelict building, making Alfred's eyes widen as they both saw what the younger Man meant."

"Good Lord." the Butler said back, earning a nod from Wayne in return.

"You see it too, don't you."

The screen showed that the inside of the building was just a giant room, much like a warehouse. Except for the two floors that were nothing more than catwalks, which overlooked the massive space that was the majority of the factory.

"You see, this factory was once a Subsidiary of ACE Chemicals. But when it was shut down, the Company had to pretty much gut the place and take everything with them, so not to leave any traces of the dangerous materials and liquids that they had produced." the Billionaire explained, while his friend and confidante just looked at the screen and imagined what the Police were going to walk into.

"They will be sitting ducks in there, especially since all exits bar the main entrance were sealed shut."

"Exactly..." Bruce replied, before then getting up and walking over to the Armory.

"...which is why I am not going to let that happen." he added as the clear plastic cabinet opened up and revealed the Bat-suit to him, gaining Alfred's attention.

"But how are you going to get to the other side of Gotham without being seen? If you haven't noticed, it's the middle of the day and the Bat-pod is as you say...not very subtle."

This earned a knowing expression from Bruce as he looked back at his Butler.

"I don't have time to go through the details now, Alfred. And I will need you to man the Bat-Computer while I am out there." he replied, gaining a nod from the older Gentleman.

"Of course Sir."

"But if you want a hint..." the Billionaire continued to say as he pointed over to the workshop located near the elevator, while starting to change suits.

"...feel free to take a look at the device on the table over there."

This made Alfred look in the direction that his Master pointed to, noticing the football-sized object that lay there, which brought a curious expression to the Butler's face.


Meanwhile in the China Basin, the G.C.P.D. Had cornered off the entrance to Ciders Street, with Patrol-Cars blocking the road and the Officers using them as cover as they aimed their weapons at the derelict factory ahead of them.

"Alright. As soon as our SWAT team arrives, we will move in, secure the building and arrest 'the Bird'. Does everyone understand their roles?" Lt. Foley said to the group.

"Lieutenant, are we not supposed to wait for Commissioner?.." a young Officer standing to his left replied, making Foley turn to him with a serious expression.

"If we had time, then I would agree. But we don't know if 'the Bird' is in there and planning his escape, plus I would rather stop him right now and have no more military-grade weapons coming into our city..." he said to the whole group, before returning his attention to the junior Officer once more.

" you?"

The young Man shook his head in return, gaining a confident smirk from the Lieutenant as he returned his attention to the entire group, who kept their guns aimed at the derelict building.

"Good..." he started to reply before the sound of an approaching vehicle caught his attention, making him and the Junior Officer look back to see the armored SWAT Van turn a corner and drive up to their position.

"What's your name, Son?" Foley then asked, earning a nervous look from the Lad."

"Eckhart, sir."

"Don't look so down Eckhart, this will be a walk in the park." the Lieutenant said with a reassuring tone as he patted the younger Man on the shoulder, gaining a thankful smile back.

Elsewhere at the outskirts of Gotham, at a large opening that looked like an exposed Sewer entrance. Batman was riding the Bat-Pod, as he drove at full speed and entered the City's underground. His cape flapped wildly behind him as he left the light of day and accelerated into the darkness of the man-made caverns, glancing between the low-lit computer screen on his controls as the vehicle's headlights activated and shone the way ahead.

"So you are using Gotham's sewers and decades-old tunnels to make your way to 'the Bird', Master Wayne." Alfred's voice spoke on the Vigilante's comms, earning a slight nod from Batman as he kept his attention on His driving.

"Yes, Fox gave me a couple of Wayne Enterprise's experimental 'Eagle-Eyes', after I had the idea of mapping out the tunnel and sewer system under the City for my activities as Batman. I mean it makes sense to have another means of getting around Gotham if needed during the daylight hours."

"I see Sir, and that is name Mr. Fox came up with for this device. So I guess you will be calling it 'the Bat's-Eye' then." the Butler teased, bringing a smirk to the Dark Knight's face.

"Considering the fact that Bats have poor eyesight, I decided against that name. But since the probes use the same sonar-tech that Fox developed last year. They can scan and map any area they enter..." he started to explain, only for his friend and confidante to cut him off.

"And I see that they share similarities with those 'Volantor' devices." he observed, gaining a nod from Batman.

"Yes, they use ventral rotors so they can hover and fly. So I decided on calling them my 'Bats' instead."

"I see..." Alfred started to say back, the slight teasing tone to his voice dialing back a little as he spoke somewhat more seriously.

"...and you used them to map the tunnels under Gotham."

"Yes, but even though I have been at it for just a few months. I have managed make an accurate map of most of the tunnel and sewer system that has been in service for the last several decades, which is why I have a fast and efficient route already programmed into the Bat-Pod's nav-com." the Vigilante replied while making a quick right turn into another tunnel, after having noticed the change on the vehicle's screen.

"I sense a 'but' coming up though." Alfred then said.

"But I have also discovered that the previous system, the one that is centuries old is far bigger, with hundreds of tunnels that are unaccounted for in the City-plans." Batman replied in his trademark voice as he tightened his grip on the accelerator, making his vehicle speed up through the dark underground.

"I guess that the 'Bats' are going to work into overtime then, so that you can have the far older system mapped as well?" the Butler then asked with a curious and yet knowing tone.

"You know me so well..." the Dark Knight began to reply, before noticing a large gap in the tunnel ahead.

"...just a sec." he then added before speeding up and jumping the gap with the Bat-Pod, landing perfectly on the other side and noticing that he was closing on his target.

"Anyway, I am nearing the section where I can resurface in the China Basin. So I will need you to access the CCTV cameras for the route I am taking to 'the Bird's' lair and shut them down momentarily, I am sensing the details to the Bat-Computer now." Batman continued as he tapped a button on the screen, before getting both hands on the vehicle's controls.

"Receiving the details now Sir. And I suppose it makes sense to do that, since you do not want to alert the authorities to your presence. But when did you gain access to the City's CCTV network?" Alfred asked, while the Vigilante took another tunnel at speed.

"It wasn't that difficult, though not entirely legal either. But considering my current relationship with the Police, it was an necessary evil."

"I understand, Master Bruce..." the older Gentleman replied with a reassuring tone to his voice, which always made the Billionaire feel at ease.

" your GPS has you approaching the tunnels under China Basin, so you should be able to resurface in a minute or so." he then added, gaining a nod from the Dark Knight in return.

"That's right, so I am going to go silent for the time being. I will contact you once I arrive at the factory, Batman out." he then said before the comms went quiet, while he drove the Bat-Pod further into the darkness of the tunnels, with nothing but the headlights of his ride to light the way.

Meanwhile back at Ciders Street, the SWAT team were finally ready to move as they joined Foley and his officers, dressed in their black uniforms and armor and armed with assault rifles.

"Ready to move when you are, Sir." the leader said, earning a nod from the Lieutenant as he finished checking his pistol and readied it.

"Good, I will lead you in with Johnson, Matkins and Eckhart. Meanwhile the rest of you will maintain this blockade, ensuring no one leaves this street."

The cops all nodded back, making Foley smile confidently as he took a step toward the factory.

"Alright, let's do thi..." he started to say, only to be cut off as another Patrol-Car pulled up and pulled everyone's attention from him.

'Oh crap, of course 'he' had to turn up now of all times.' he thought as Gordon and Bullock stepped out, with the former looking furious as he stared back at the Lieutenant.

"Stay where you are, all of you." the Commissioner said with a serious tone, one that had a tinge of controlled anger to it. This made everyone just stand where they were, not one even answering back as he walked right up to Foley.

"Lieutenant, what the hell are you doing?" Jim then asked, gaining an annoyed and frustrated look from the other Man.

"I am trying to do my job. Stop an Arms-dealer from further degrading Gotham with his weapons, which happen to be military-grade, as I am sure you know." he said back with just a tinge of respect in his voice, which may not have been noticed due to the growing anger he was showing.

"Yeah, I know. But you 'were' going home to your Wife, after another 'extra-long' shift. So why are you 'here' and not there?" the Commissioner asked while doing his best to ignore his Colleague's attitude, not that the others around them were doing the same as they watched and whispered to each other.

"I heard about 'the Bird' over the wire and thought I could help, my Wife will understand. And I would appreciate you not sticking your nose into my business, especially since my family life is far more stable than yours right now." Foley hit back, which made Jim's eyes widen in shock, before he grit his teeth in frustration.

'How dare he bring up my Family and rub it in my face.' he thought furiously, but before Gordon could say anything back, the older Man felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Commissioner, I think we should shelve this until after we have dealt with the situation at hand here." Bullock then said wisely, earning a reluctant nod from the Police Chief in return.

"...Right, that's... a good idea." he said back, before looking over at the rest of his Men.

"Okay, then we play this tight and by the numbers. I guess you already picked who is going in with you, Foley?" he asked, gaining a nod from the Lieutenant.

"That is correct." he replied with a 'matter-of-fact' tone, which James did his best to ignore as he then gestures to both Bullock and himself.

"Well you can count us two on the team as well."

"But Commissioner, perhaps you should run things from here." Ekhart then said with a tinge of worry to his voice, gaining a smirk from the Police Chief as he adjusted his glasses.

"That is kind of you Ekhart, but I learned a long time ago, never to ask anyone to do something that you are not prepared to do yourself." he said back in a reassuring tone, making Bullock nod back while Foley kept quiet.

"Well said, so are we doing this or what?" the chubby Officer replied, gaining the others attention.

"Let's go." Gordon said back, before he, Bullock, the SWAT team and Foley and his group, then left the blockade and walked cautiously toward the derelict factory.

However, little did the Police realize that their movements were being monitored as a Man was watching them through a pair of binoculars. He was dressed completely in black and had his face covered by a balaclava, with only his eyes visible. He knelt at the window-sill and watched as another Man stood behind him in the shadows, with his face obscured by the dark.

"Okay, they have taken the bait, Boss. I have a SWAT team flanked by half a dozen Cops, including Lieutenant Foley...and Commissioner Gordon." he added, gaining a nod from the other Man in return.

"Good, keep an eye on them until they enter the factory and then return your attention to the blockade and monitor them..." he started to say, before turning around and looking back at several more balaclava-wearing Men standing in the doorway, each holding high-powered Machine-guns and launchers in their hands.

"...we will deal with Gordon and his Pigs." he added while picking up a Mini-gun, exposing a white and black 'Bird' emblem on the back of his coat.


It was dark inside the Factory as the Cops entered via it's main entrance, with only a few beams of sunlight shining through from the few windows that the derelict building had on it's third level. The interior looked dusty and dank, not at all like a place that was recently used by...well anyone.

"We should split into two teams..." Foley suggested quietly to Gordon and the SWAT team as they slowly entered the large main area, taking cover behind a rusted and gutted old machine that had been left behind.

"...Commissioner, you and your team will search the ground floor while mine will take the upstairs." the Lieutenant added as he pointed to the stairs aways to their left.

"I don't think that is wise. If you haven't noticed, we are currently in a kill-box." the older Man replied while gesturing to their surroundings, gaining a nod from Bullock in return.

"We're like fish in a damn barrel."

"That you are!" a heavily distorted voice then spoke, with it echoing around the large room . This made the Cops look out from behind their cover as they tried to pinpoint where it came from, but the group quickly took cover again as a gunshot rang out from one of the upper levels.

"Sniper!" Foley called out, gaining a nod from Ekhart and the others.

"Yeah, but he isn't aiming at us." Gordon replied as he looked behind them just in time to see a steel net fall down and cover the main entrance, covering their only means of escape.

"It's a trap!" Bullock exclaimed as the group looked back at the blocked exit, before the sound of clapping caught their attention.

"How very astute, Officer Bullock..." the distorted voice began to reply as the interior lights activated, making the Cops look out from behind their cover to see armed Men aiming assault rifles at them from the higher levels, as well several more on the ground floor with them.

"...I find it astounding that someone like you could be like that." the voice continued, earning the Police's attention as a hooded Man appeared on the top floor and looked down at them.

'Damn it, can't make out his face. What is it with Gotham's criminals these days?' Gordon thought for a second as he and his Men aimed their weapons at the balaclava-wearing Men.

"You're 'the Bird', I assume?" the Police Chief then asked with a knowing tone, gaining a nod from the Arms-dealer in return.

"Yes, the 'one and only'..." he started to reply as the laser-sights of his Men's weapons remained trained on them, before he then pointed down at the group.

"...and you're Commissioner Gordon, alongside Lieutenant Foley. The two big heads of the G.C.P.D. which has been a thorn in my dealings for far too long." the Bird added, gaining an amused look from Foley.

"Really? I don't mind the extra praise..." he began to say, gaining a curious glance from the Police Chief.

"...but we haven't exactly stopped any of your weapon shipments yet, so I don't think we have earned the 'thorns in your side' accolades."

"You have brought attention to my business, shone a light on something that should always be shrouded in the dark. This is something that my clients and I will not tolerate, so today I get to kill James Gordon and his Lieutenant. This will serve as a warning to any who would stand against 'the Bird'." the Arms-dealer replied as he picked up his Mini-gun and aimed it at the Police, which made Bullock's eyes widen as the large gun's barrel began to spin.

"That's a god-damn Mini-gun!" the chubby Officer exclaimed before he, Gordon and the others took cover as the Bird and his Men opened fire.

"Kill them all!" the Arms-dealer called out of the combined weapons fire, while empty bullet cases rained down onto the floor next to his feet from his Mini-gun.

"Well what do we do now?" Ekhart asked with a worried tone, showing his inexperience as he held on to his weapon, earning a thoughtful expression from the Commissioner.

"We don't have the firepower to stand against that Mini-gun."

"And we can't call for backup as our Radios appear to be blocked somehow." Ekhart added while holding one in his left hand, which was only broadcasting static at that moment.

"Then I guess we will have to improvise then." Foley then replied with a knowing expression, before looking at the others and the SWAT team.

"Matkins and Ekhart, you're with me as we draw their fire. Giving Gordon and the others a chance of getting to a better position, so that we can ground this Bird for good." he said while quickly reloading his pistol, only for the Commissioner to give him a surprised and worried look in return.

"Foley, don't be a fool. That Mini-gun will cut you all in half before you can get even a meter away."

"You should have more faith, Commissioner. Or have you really lost your nerve, now?" the Lieutenant replied, only to then look at the SWAT team's leader.

"Do you have any smoke grenades?" he asked, gaining a nod back as the armored Cop handed him one of the devices, which Foley then pulled the pin and rolled it out into the opening front of their cover.

"Now wait for it." he added as the Bird and his Men continued their barrage while the grenade started to leak smoke, starting slowly before getting faster and faster as it released enough smoke to blanket them in a fog-like cloud.

"That will not help you!" the Arms-dealer replied, only for Foley to stand ready at the edge of the rusted machine the group was using for cover.

"Now!" he shouted before firing his gun up at the higher levels as he started tp run to the left, quickly followed by Matkins and Ekhart who did the same. This caused several of the enemies to take cover as the Cops gunfire came close to them, which gave Gordon, Bullock and the SWAT team the chance they needed as they copied their fellows, running out to the right while firing they guns at the Bird's Men on the ground floor with them, taking a few of them down as the rest took cover. But the Bird seemed not th least bit bothered by this move from the Police as he continued his barrage, which riddled three of the SWART team with bullets as the Commissioner and the others dove behind cover while their team mates fell to the ground dead.

"Nice move, but it doesn't improve your situation Commissioner." the Arms-dealer observed, which gained a morbid realization from the older Man as he and the others noticed that their new cover was only a thin metal table.

'Great! That Mini-gun will make short work of this.' he thought as the Bird aimed his hulking weapon down at them, while his Men re-acquired Foley and the others in their iron-sights.

"Time to die." the Criminals Leader then said as he clenched his hand around the Mini-gun's trigger, making it's large gun-barrel spin around. But just as Gordon took a deep breath and thought about his Family, the building's lights suddenly shut off and engulfed everyone in the dark.

"What the...?" the Bird suddenly said with a shocked tone as he let go of the trigger and looked around him, his men doing the same as everyone's attention was off the Police.

"Finally, take them down!" Foley shouted as he, Matkins and Ekhart opened fire on the enemy, hitting one in the shoulder and two in the chest. This brought the Balaclava-wearing crooks attention back to them as one quickly turned his assault-rifle back onto the Lieutenant, who's eyes widened as he found himself staring up the barrel of his enemy's weapon. But then suddenly the Man was pulled away, earning a cry from him as he was snapped up into the darkness.

"Arrrgh!" he cried out, making his comrades look at where he was, only to find his weapon.

"Where did he go?" another called out with a confused tone as he looked around in a panic, mirrored by those around him while the rest focused on the Cops.

As three balaclava-wearing thugs fired their rifles down at Gordon, Bullock and the remaining SWAT, one in the middle felt something hit his foot.

"What?" he asked aloud before looking down and seeing a metal claw clinging to his ankle, which made his eyes widen in response.

"What the hell!" he then added before suddenly having his feet pulled out from beneath him, making the Man fall onto his front.

"Jay!" the guy on his left called as the stricken Man was then pulled quickly into the shadows, his arms waving frantically about as he tried to grab hold of something.

'He's here.' Gordon thought as he witnessed this happen, while a slight smirk appeared on his face.

"You four, keep the Pigs busy…" the Bird spat at the remainder who stood over the Cops position, before turning to the Men right next to him.

"...and you Men, use your torches for God's sake!"

This gained panicky nods back from them as they turned on the torches connected to their weapons and began searching the upper levels while the sound of gunfire echoed throughout the building.

"There is nothing here with us." one of the thugs replied as he checked his immediate area, before another shone his torch over to the right-hand corner behind the Bird, revealing their two missing comrades who were unconscious and slumped against the wall.

"I found Ben and Jake." he replied, gaining his Boss's attention.

"No names, you idiot." he spat back while holding his Mini-gun ready, before starting to back towards the door nearest to him.

"Follow me, we have a better defensive position in the next room, no way anyone can get in without us seeing them." he added, trying to hide the slight slither of fesr in his voice.

"Yeah, but we will be trapped too." one of the Men replied.

"Doesn't matter, the Cops are trapped and unable to call in back up..." the Bird said while gesturing to a slight bulge in his coat's pocket.

"...and we have our secret exit, now move!"

"But what about the others?" another balaclava-wearing Man asked with a worried tone, making the Arms-dealer look back.

"They have the Cops pinned and should finish them off, while we deal with the intruder. Now move!"

So the group started to back towards the door, with the Bird in the middle as the others surrounded him in a protective formation. But just as they crossed through the doorway into the smaller Office-like room, one of the Men shone his torch to the nearest corner and revealed Batman.

"Oh my God!" the Man cried out in a panic as the Dark Knight flung his cape up in both directions, creating a demonic-looking shadow on the wall behind him, before launching himself at the Thug. The others all turned around just in time to see the Vigilante knocking their comrade out with one punch to his balaclava-covered face.

"It's the Bat!" another man screamed before being silenced as Batman kicked him in the face, before he then spun around and knocked down another with his elbow.

"Kill him!" the Bird shouted as he fired his Mini-gun, making the Dark Knight dive behind a metal-table and pull it down on it's side as cover while the others the only remaining Thug standing joined his side and opened fire.

"Keep firing, don't give him an inch!" the Arms-dealer spat, as their combined fire punched many holes into the table.

"I think we got him." the Henchman said enthusiastically as he shone his torch at the felled table, it's light shining through the table's many holes and reflecting off the wall behind it.

"Only one way to be sure...go and check." the Bird said in his disguised voice, making the other guy look back at him with widened eyes.

"Boss...?" he replied with a nervous tone, while the Leader gestured to the table with his Mini-gun.

"I'll cover you from here, now go." he replied, earning a nod from the Henchman as he readied his weapon and slowly walked over to the table.

"Okay..." the younger sounding Man said back as he focused on the spotlight his torch created on the ground in front of him, watching it like a Hawk as he closed in on his target. The Arms-dealer though looked away and down to his Mini-gun, which made his eyes widen as he noticed he was virtually out of ammo.

'Now that's unfortunate.' he thought before looking back at his last Man, noting his almost frightened posture as he approaches the table.

'I think it is time for a tactical retreat.'

The Bird then turned around and walked over to what appeared to be a trapdoor built into the floor, before kneeling down and attempting to open it, only to find that it would not budge.

'What the hell?' the Arms-dealer thought, before noticing a Batarang wedged into the trapdoor.

"There's no one here!" the Henchman then called out, making the Bird look back to see him standing behind the table, his torchlight illuminating the barren floor.

'Where is he...?' the Leader started to think, only to stop as his Henchmen looked back to him and suddenly froze on the spot, looking like a Deer caught in car headlights. This brought a sense of dread to the Bird as he slowly turned his attention back to the trapdoor, only to find the Batman standing directly over him.

'Oh shi...!' he began to think, but was cut off as the Dark Knight grabbed the Arms-dealer by his throat and lifted him off the ground.

"Gah...shoot...him!" the Bird managed to say despite his Apprehender's vice-like grip, snapping the stunned Henchman back to the moment as he raised his weapon at the Vigilante. But Batman quickly threw a Batarang with his free hand, knocking the rifle out of the other guy's hands. This made his eyes widen as he felt like his heart had suddenly stopped in that moment, before turning around and running out of the room in fear.

"Arrest Me!" he screamed, leaving the Bird with the Dark Knight, who just stared directly into his eyes with a quiet ferocity.

"You have my attention, Bird!" he growled with a furious stare, making the Arms-dealer almost lose control of his bowls as his hood fell back and revealed his bald head and wide-eyed, frightened expression.

Meanwhile downstairs, the Cops were still in the middle of their fight with the remaining Balaclava-wearing Henchmen. Both sides taking shots at each other from behind their respective cover, as Foley then heard the shouting coming from above them.

"The Batman, he is here. Let's get him!" he said with a determined tone as he shot down the last Henchman firing at them, gaining the attention of both Matkins and Ekhart.

"But Lieutenant…" the youngest Officer started to say, while gesturing back to Gordon and the others.

"…shouldn't we help the Commissioner's group first?" he added, gaining a serious look from Foley in return.

"Do what you want, but I am going to take down the Son of a Bitch who murdered Harvey Dent!" he spat back, making Matkins nod back in agreement.

"What are waiting for, Sir." he replied, before they both left the safety of their cover and made a run for the stairs, leaving Ekhart to turn his weapon on the remainder of the enemies firing at the Police Chief and the rest of the SWAT unit.

"What the hell are do they think they are doing?" Bullock then asked as he noticed the Lieutenant and Matkins charging up the stairs to the second floor, earning Gordon's attention as he shot another Henchman in the shoulder.

'He's going for the Batman!' the older Man thought as his eyes widened, before suddenly noticing that Ekhart was covering them from his area as he shot at Balaclava-wearing Men.

"Cover Me!" he shouted, gaining nods from the chubby Officer, the Rookie and the SWAT leader and his subordinate. This made the Commissioner rush for the stairs on the group's right, while the rest of them opened fire on the last few enemies, making them take cover as he ran up the stairs.

"…stop selling weapons in 'my City', or I will make you regret it!" Batman warned with a threatening tone as he dropped the Bird onto the floor, making him wet himself as he cowered and nodded erratically in front of the Dark Knight.

"God yes, I swear!" he cried out, with the tone of his voice completely soaked in fear. But before the Vigilante could do anything else, a voice suddenly called out from behind him.

"Don't you dare move, you Bastard!"

The Dark Knight calmly looked over his shoulder to see Lt. Foley and Officer Matkins standing in the doorway, their pistols aimed directly at his head.

"Help me please! I will answer your questions, just get me away from this maniac!" the Bird cried out, gaining the attention of the Cops as they looked at both him and their target.

"We will, but first we deal with you, Batman." the Lieutenant replied as he stared daggers back at the quiet Masked-Man, who simply stayed calm and collected despite the dire situation he was standing in.

"You might want to lower your weapons." the Batman spoke back with a low growl, which unnerved Matkins slightly.

"And why would I do that? Especially since I have been waiting for this moment for a long time." Foley replied, not even showing a tinge of fear for the Dark Knight.

'Lt. Foley is definitely a problem…' the Vigilante thought before glancing at the other Officer, noticing the uncertainty written on his face.

'…though this one is not.' he added while planning his next move, while the Lieutenant stepped closer to him.

"Have you now?" he asked back, making the older Police Officer's smirk widen a little.

"You're finish…." he then started to say, only to be cut off as Batman quickly turned around and grabbed the pistol out of Foley's hands, before knocking him to the ground with his other. This gained a stunned look from Matkins as the Lieutenant quickly looked back at him with a furious expression.

"Take him down!" he spat, snapping the guy out of it as the Dark Knight lunged at him. But before the Officer could react, the Masked-Man quickly disarmed him and sent him flying with a round-house kick.

The Lieutenant then looked up at the Batman, who stared back with what could only be described as a look of disappointment before throwing the pair's pistols to opposite sides of the room, far from their reach.

"Freeze!" a very familiar voice then spat, which made the Vigilante look to the door and see Commissioner Gordon looking at him via the iron sight of his Berretta.

'Gordon!' Batman thought as he looked back at his one-time Friend, who in turn stared back with a reluctant expression.

"Shoot him Gordon, take that son of bitch down!" Foley shouted furiously while the two Men looked at each other, each one waiting for the other to make the first move. The Commissioner could hear his heart-beat quicken as the Batman's voice echoed in his mind.

'You'll hunt me, condemn me, set the dogs on me!'

But the Dark Knight could see that the Police Chief was not going to act, which would only inflame Foley even more.

'I'll make it easy for you, Gordon.' he thought before quickly reaching into his Utility belt, which made Jim's eyes narrow.

"Don't move, you are under arres…." he started to say, only for Batman to cut him off as he then threw a ball to the ground which quickly exploded into a flash of light and smoke, making the three Cops cover their eyes as the Vigilante dived to the back-right of the room.

The Commissioner quickly recovered and fired several shots into the smoke, only for it to quickly dissipate and reveal that the Batman was gone.

"Oh, perfect!…" Foley then began to shout with an angry and disappointed tone, while Jim looked down to see that the trap-door was left open.

"…I want this place locked down, for that freak is…" he continued to say, only for the older Man to cut him off as he adjusted his glasses.

"He's long gone…." he started to say, before looking down at 'the Bird' who was cowering where he sat.

"…but we got what we came for." Jim added, gaining a distrustful look from the Lieutenant in return as Bullock then entered the room.

"The other guys are down, SWAT's watching them while Ekhart goes out to call in reinforcements…" he started to explain, only to look around the room with a puzzled expression.

"…so what did I miss?"
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