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Noblesse's Shinigami

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Ichigo travels dimensions and ends up in the world of Noblesse.

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Taking one last glance at the burned remains of what once was the mighty soul society, he sighed with wistful softness. Those he knew were dead and soon this dimension would collapse on itself. There was nothing left for him here.
Turning back to the small black remote Kisuke had given him mere moments before passing on, he firmly pressed the button labeled ‘last resort.’ Only to immediately experience such a mind bending pain that when the usually ominous blackness of unconsciousness started to slowly creep in, he welcomed it with proverbial open arms.
“...Tired of you sleeping. Wake up you dolt!!” At Tensas voice Ichigo jerked awake and sprung out of an unfamiliar hold. Using battle trained senses to scan his surrounding, ichigo frowned. He was in less than acceptable shape and was in what could be considered a human-style house, but the two people in front of him were what caught his attention.
The one that had been holding him was a blonde with a separate revolting energy signature under his own. To his right there was a raven haired school student whose energy was in a class of its own.
Energy that was just as powerful as his own.
Relaxing from his battle stance, Ichigo asked the first question he could think of. “What are you intentions in bringing me here?”
Neither of the two strangers seemed to have expected that question but after a slight pause the blonde stepped forwards. “I’m glad You woke up. See, after you mysteriously appeared over our heads we decided to let you rest at our place. Now that you're up would you like me to drive you home?”
No he wouldn’t. He needed to figure out whether or not power levels like that of these two was common in this dimension or not. “No I’ll go myself. Thank you for your hospitality.”
Before he could pass by the dou the blonde asked a very good question. “Do you even know where we are? Your house could be quite a long walk from here.”
Good point. Well it was true and it would probably get these guys to stop pestering him. “I don’t have a home.”
The blonde looked simply curios in a slightly scary sort of way while the other only showed a reaction by raising his energy in a much less frightening type of curiousity.
It wasn’t quite the get out of here expression he was looking for, but it should do. moments before his hand touched the handle the blonde called him back.
“How do you do at fighting?” What's this? Why would these two overpowered people interrogate him about power? Were they trying to recruit him or something? Well if they were then the best idea would be to answer in a way that keeps his options open.
“I’m ok i suppose. I can hold my own in a fight but I’m definitely not the best. Why you askin’?”
Frankenstein spaced out like when a shinigami is listening to his Zanpakutou before answering. “There has been many troubling things happening around here. And as the headmaster and chairman of my school I am in need of someone to help protect the students and staff there. If you pass an acceptance test would you like to fill in this position? We will of course provide a place to sleep and pay.”
Ichigo mentally frowned as he discussed the offer with his Zanpakuto's. No way! Let's just kill ‘em! Typical Shiro.
As long as they will allow you to leave when you wish then I see no reason to decline. Though powerful and hollow like, the blondes energy is of that of a decent enough man and the other is even more trustworthy. That made sense. The only cons in a deal like this were the potential for these two to become his enemies, but according to their reiatsu that was an unlikely scenario.
“Okay, that's acceptable.” At his acceptance the blonde held out his hand.
“Good to meet you. I am Frankenstein Lee, and behind me is Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. Your room will be second down the hallway to your left and dinner is served at six fifty. Please be on time. We’ll go shopping for some cloths for you tomorrow after school mr...”
“Ichigo. Ichigo Kurosaki V. Shiba.” At Frankenstein's accepting nod Ichigo headed down to his room and set up some basic words before going out to find the table for dinner
They had ramen with a different type of ramen and more ramen for dinner. From what he could gather, Raizel liked ramen more than pretty much anything else so they would probably have it every night. Not that he minded, on the contrary he was just happy that ramen existed in this dimension.
After finishing about four bowls of ramen Ichigo rode with Frankenstein to the park nearby.
“Make sure not to cause any major destruction. Go.”
With that both ran forwards and met in a clash of fists. Frankenstein had obviously did something to reserve the park for a few hours so they wouldn’t get into trouble for sparring.
The contest started off with Ichigo being forced to dodge a left hook and block a upper strike. Retaliating with a blocked reverse punch to the gut, and a ducked side kick to the head, Ichigo grinned like Shiro. So this guy didn’t just rely on sheer power alone huh, good.
They continued their playful spar until Frankenstein finally decided that he was qualified and let him get some rest. Which he used the time to talk to his Zanpakuto.
Neutralizing inside his inner world of side-ways skyscrapers, Ichigo dodged a strike to his head.
Why didn’t you listen to my idea! Shiro whined and raged over how he had been ignored while Ichigo and Zangetsu started discussing the duo's powers now that they knew that much power wasn’t normal.
They could come from special organizations or be advanced beings.
“No. They may be from an organization but I doubt that they are enhanced. Unless this places technology is much more advanced than our dimensions, they wouldn’t feel quite as real if they were artificially created.”
Frankenstein has an unnatural power
“Good point. So maybe the two are living beings that had a foreign power introduced to their soul. Only problem is that Raizel feels completely natural. I’m thinking that he is part of some species that are born with power.”
I agree. If we are correct then it would be wise to stay with them until we understand this place better.
Happy that they had at least made some type of plan, all three continued chatting about non-essential things before Ichigo had to ‘wake up’.
“See you two tonight. Don’t kill each other!” With that Ichigo let his consciousness fade from his inner world and opened his eye’s to the real world just as an alarm went off.
Surprised by the sudden sound Ichigo summoned his Zanpakuto and slashed it along with the table in half.
Hearing the noise Frankenstein ran in followed by a calmer Raizel. All Ichigo could do was quickly extinguish his blade and try to hide his blush as he apologized.
“Sorry. I’m just not really used to being woken up by alarm clocks in the morning.”
Yeah. Sorry aibou but you really don’t peacefully wake up to anything but someone knocking on your door.
‘Shut up Shiro! I’m just getting used to all of this.’
“ their?” Hearing the tail end of Frankenstein's question and a hand waving right in front of his face broke Ichigo out of his telepathic trance.
“Uh, yeah. Just thinking about something. Until I can get a new alarm do you think you could just knock on the door to wake me up? I’m a lot more used to that then an alarm.” Frankenstein didn’t seem to buy his excuse about thinking but didn’t mention it. Instead he seemed to have a much more important question.
“How did you cut the alarm and table? It's a clean slash so it was obviously done by a weapon.”
It’s best to show them and give a semi-truthful explanation for what exactly it is.
Zangetsu was right. Hiding something like this could permanently implement the two’s trust in him. And since he had already judged that these two were potential allies that would be entirely counter-productive.
Ichigo summoned both his swords in their sealed state and started his slightly untruthful explanation. It was a good thing that Kisuke had taught him how to tell a good lie in situations like these.
“These are parts of my soul that have formed their own consciousness and are now my Zanpakuto. The one in my right hand is Shiro Zangetsu, and in my left is Yhwach but we all call him Ossen Zangetsu because one of my enemies is also named Yhwach and it stops confusion.”
There was a tense moment of silence before Ichigo grew impatient and decided to speed things up. “So how much more time do I have to get ready before we go to the school?”
Frankenstein snapped out of his mysterious daze at the sound of his voice and smiled kindly. “We’ll leave after breakfast. When we get there I’ll just take you to the security area and we’ll get things sorted out there.”
Seeing no fault in Frankenstein's explanation Ichigo nodded before starting to follow him into the dining room. Only to be forcefully stopped by a single word from Raizel’s mouth.
He couldn’t move. Couldn’t even speak without releasing his energy, and Frankenstein had already gone back to the kitchen to make the breakfast. “You are extremely powerful. IF it would make this conversation more comfortable then you can sit down.”
The words were said without the undertone of a threat but Ichigo mentally tensed as he found that he could move to the bed. Holding in his anxious energy as best he could, he tried to speed things up. “What do you want?”
Raizel was silent a moment before looking towards the ground. “Would you mind if I met your Zanpakuto?”
Not seeing the problem in that Ichigo immediately materialized both beings into the corporal plane of existence.
“What do you think you're doing to my Aibou! Just…” Before Shiro could start making death threats Ossan Zangetsu cut in.
Shiro. Raizel has caused Ichigo no harm and the two of them are even providing him with a job and home. For Ichigo’s sake curb your bloodthirsty tendencies and try to think rationally about our situation.
Shirou paused, looked over at Ichigo with a protective glance, then simply grumbled quietly as he backed down. He didn’t know what he would do if he didn’t have Ossan Zangetsu help him with Shiro.
“Why did you wish to see us?”
There was a moment of silence before Raizel answered. “If Ichigo continues to stay with us he may be put into danger. I wanted to see those that were responsible for protecting him.”
After that the power holding Ichigo still vanished and Raizel walked out. There was a moment of silence before Shiro turned to Ossen Zangetsu with a confused expression. “What just happened?” There was a moment of silence before Ossen Zangetsu turned to Ichigo. “I believe we chose the right people to be our allies.”

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