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Love Letter at Salt Lake

by John-Lake 0 reviews

Beat poem written for Salt Lake City

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2015-10-23 - 155 words - Complete

Love Letter At Salt Lake

Sidewalks slick with rain ice grime,
I see the steeples pierce the sky,
The bums hunch over the malted liquors
Seeing their god at the bottom,
They say there is a lake,
But no life,
Let the salt cleanse the Earth,
Yet the salt takes with it the
Most precious of all lifes,
We sat in cafes and drank
Coffee with rum,
Listened to the snow fall,
Our cigarettes kept us warm
And our jackets were tattered,
But our spirits were whole,
The drumming of our hearts
Was the beat we marched to,
The prophet’s eyes are open,
Yet he does not see,
His mouth is open,
Yet he does not speak,
Tongues long polluted
By blasphemy,
The non-icon,
The snow will erase
My bootprints,
I see you, tiger-man,
Lurking in the bush-darkness,
Hunting and preying,
Grating your claws on
The asphalt,
Chipping away at the
Industrial legacy
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