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“Heartbeat” and “sacrifice” are becoming one

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2015-10-25 - 124 words

I finally realized why
Has two syllables.
It is because there is one of you
Whom I want to be with me.
At the same time,
“Heartbeat” exists
Because you are my heart
Yet this feeling
Beats me down.
You tire me.
And so does travelling
Like the travelling you’ll do
And I’ll do
So we never see one another
This mental torture
Is no way to live
But it’s the only way
I know how.
I breathe pain
But if that means you get to breathe liberty
I’m willing to make the sacrifice.

“Heartbeat” and “sacrifice” are becoming one
Into a synonymous “pain”.
And feeling human
Is becoming a vice.

May this love in me be damned.
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