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Chapter I - The Beginning

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As the beginning of the rise of the Jedi Order begins, young Jake Starkiller and Luke Skywalker must survive after they are abandoned.

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Jake was being trained by his Jedi Master, the legendary Luke Skywalker who was getting older and older. In the middle of being pounded by bottles for his lightsaber deflection training, he was failing pretty badly.
"Use the force, Jake!" Luke said.
"I'm trying!" Jake yelled.
"Do or do not! There is no try!" Luke replied to a frightened Jake. Jake thinks about it and it works. He manages to deflect hundreds of the bottles right at Luke. Jake's droid, R9-E4, was hanging out with R2-D2 and the rest of their little rebel crew, Hem, Jeb and Wells. Hem is the pilot, Jeb is the muscles and Wells is the clever one. Jake and Luke are the two Jedi the rebels have. Finishing off the training, Jake asks Luke,
"What does 'there is no try' mean? How can I do something without trying to do it?".
"Well, Master Obi-Wan said it a lot and I get really confused when he says it," Luke said.
"Are you there, Luke and Jake? We need you! We're in massive trou...." A voice said. Luke looked at his comm and discovered the message was from Jeb.
"Come on, Jake! They're in trouble!" Luke said. Jake walked behind a scared, courageous Luke, laughing really hard. Luke arrived at the main room in their ship, The Saber. Guess what? When he got there, the crew were laughing. He's just been pranked.
"Fooled you!" Jeb said.
Angry, Luke got out his lightsaber and activated it. Still, they were laughing. Luke was extremely sad and walked off the Saber. Jake, angry at the crew followed him.
"C'mon Jake, let's give you some more training," Luke said softly to Jake.
But, the crew thought that Luke and Jake were onboard and they flew the Saber out of sight, much to Jake and Luke's dismay.
"Come on! Tarkintown's over here! We'll camp out here!" Luke yelled.
"I thought Tarkintown was burnt by the Empire!" Jake replied.
"It's been rebuilt..." Luke started to say. The two arrived there, only for Luke to finish saying his sentence with a twist. "... and enslaved by the Empire. That's new,".
"Didn't you hear?" a person asked. "It was rebuilt BY the Empire and the Sith. Rebels and Jedi battled and battled to free us, but thanks to the Empire's new Sith Lord, Darth Vision, they never stood a chance. I have to go, the Empire doesn't allow us to talk to strangers for more than a minute.". The man ran back into his hut and Luke and Jake approach the enslaved Tarkintown and encounted another man.
"Excuse me," Luke said. He tapped the man's back, only to reveal Darth Vision and Stormtroopers took sides with him. The warriors of Tarkintown took side with Luke and Jake, who both got out and activated their lightsabers. The villagers kept safe and watched the teams prepare for battle. Darth Vision said to the two Jedi,
"Why hello, Jedi. My name is Darth Vision. Welcome.".......

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