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Chapter One: Prologue in Gelassenheit

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A story about Zero having nightmares about a strange man he could not ignore. Memories of a strange life and a reploid who knows him too well. This story will focus more on Dr. Wily, Bass and Zero,...

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Eidolon in the Echoes

Chapter One: Prologue in Gelassenheit

Abel city, Moon Eve Park, thirty six minutes till midnight.

The moon viewing festival is now in operation: reploid clowns handing balloons out to children, lovers lining themselves to booths attempting to win prizes to charm their girlfriends, and of course families sitting on park benches with their picnic baskets in place. All in all everyone unwinding on this mandatory vacation day while the lively tune of the carnival resonates through the bustling fair. Out of the crowd rests a withering old man sitting calmly on a an equally rusty bench paralleling his own garb: his robe so gray yet so bleak it coincides with the remote look on his face.

"but mom it's not fair!!" an irritating cry rang through his ears, drowning out all the whimsical music making him wince. His black gloves clench tightly on the silver skull on top of his cane. Glancing through the left, his monocle caught the sight of an unruly brat and hmmm... his mother? That young? A fair skinned red headed child in her twenties, wearing what appears to resembles his 'son's'ridiculous 'rebellious style'. The thought alone made him groan inside. "Ahhh, parenting a science I'll never understand" he inaudibly muttered. His eyes fleeting back to the woman.

Still staring at her son's defiant eyes. "No means no, can't you understand we don't have enough" suddenly it dawned to the woman she made an audible mistake, without breaking her stare she puts her hand over her mouth, knowing a good number of people heard. Now staring fully at the embarrassed woman she ushered her son away. Still resisting, the boy ran unto the open and into the crowd "catch me if you can".

"Dammit James". The exasperated woman cried out and went after him.

Mentally sighing again, he gazes back to the fun fair in front of him, observing the variety of games, carnival rides, the smiling people and reploids that overshadow his search for his 'sons'. Yet the thought of that woman from moments ago is still fresh in his mind. The year is 21XX, and nothing much has changed in this world regardless of it's technological advances, despite all the hovering multi-colored chromatic vehicles, holographic networks, and of course half baked copies of Thomas' equally pathetic designs. He knew the truth, most of the people here are middle wage earners, majority of them seldom has time for merriment. The high cost of living in big city has put a toll on their state of minds: retirement, mortgages, kids schooling, maverick attacks... just then the bellow of the loudspeaker interrupted his train of thought.

"Welcome all!! The annual Moon Eve parade will begin in twenty minutes, please gather around Adam Lane to view all the wonder and a special surprise awaiting you."

"Finally" he muttered under his breath, he closed his eyes and reclined on the park bench relishing this moment, his plan is nearly in completion."Hey Doc!" A hand abruptly clenched his right shoulder startling him, his monocle nearly falling down the ground before he caught it, discerning who it was... he then grumbled "Forte, what have I told you about being subtle." looking up at him as he bore his eyes at the raven haired boy in leather, whose guise he can't help but silently ridicule.

A sardonic grin flashed around Bass' face, "well doc you aren't subtle yourself" his optic sensors reviewing the doctor's chosen outfit, while smiling at the hypocrisy of the good doctor's statement.

Leering away from him he looked back at the crowd, "but I need him to recognize me." he held his breath a bit, but ultimately emphasized "my magnum opus." Purposely letting it slip up begrudging Bass knowing what his reaction would be, just to wipe that smile of his face. As expected, Bass' grasp on his shoulder got tighter (Luckily he just had cybernetic cartilages implanted), which made it hurt less. "Oh, he'll recognize you alright, especially with that outfit of your's on" as he leans closer to him. Looking back at Bass, he noticed his grin didn't disappear, Bass then suddenly lowed his brows as he bared his teeth at him"cause when I'm through with him, you won't consider him as your'magnum opus' anymore." Bass mockingly barked at him.

Unfazed he studied Bass a bit, admiring his current design: the render of his appearance so human, the artificial skin of this future made it all possible, underneath are more advanced enhancements he forged in his internal systems. Bass was his design but he wasn't proud of it. He could never make Bass grow, enhancing him yes, but cultivating his character traits, well, he was at a complete loss there. He was a roboticist not his parent, yet he tries anyway to ensure his loyalty, now that's something he can't afford to lose, in addition of learning from his past mistakes. '/Light did //do/something right with his children...' he then trailed off at that thought.

"hey doc, whatcha thinking about?" Bass snapped the doctor out of his trance, blinking his eyes in confusion as the doctor studies him with his fingers wrapped around his chin. He just noticed the doctor's face was getting closer to his, violating his personal space and creeping him out a bit... Okay a lot.

Without giving too much thought, Dr. Wily casually answered "I'm thinking about what I did wrong with you" all at once his eyes widened in shock at the same time he irked at the slip up of his blunt answer, but began to shrug it off as he leans back. Bass narrowed his eyes at him nettled by his response, with a smug grin, he then opened his mouth to answer only for the doctor to lean back forward in order to quickly clasp it. "Don't answer that." scowling at him then removed his hand away from Bass' mouth.To his surprise Bass actually complied, he didn't chew him out. 'perhaps I did do something right'... he thought

Bass just sat by the doctor, leaning back with his arms behind his head and crossing his legs. This puzzled Wily. He then turned to the doctor whose face had a doubtful expression. Bass softening his smile asked: "Do you really think Zero has no memory? He could be doing this out of his own volition."

"Why of course I do, when I patched that update onto him, I wasn't able to recover much of his original programming." he continued "he wasn't stable to begin with, so when he got to a fight wi--"

"And why is that?" Bass' interrupted, his expression became glazed with wide eyes he fixed his eyes on him, he wanted to know the doctor's answer.

"Forte, why did you ask me such a dull question?" he furrowed his brow at him " You know the answer to that, I had to work on repairing you and Treble, you should be happy I manage to salvage enough parts to keep you two alive." He continued, "I'm still amazed by the irony, I made that boy in hopes of destroying all of Light's work" he paused turning away from him stroking his graying hair as he looks back at the crowd "and now I see him friends with the last of Light's children." he closed his eyes for amoment at that statement, he complained about this for the fifth time this week. Lowering his brows still enraged by the action of his other son. "Forte, you may enjoy yourself, but don't get carried away, stick to the plan. Understood?"

"Understood." Bass mellowed his tone, maybe he shouldn't have brought up Zero.

Looking at the doctor whose eyes now fixed at him, he took this opportunity to scan his distress, it indicated an increase of toxins his new implants generated, his posture began to falter, it might also explain his sudden outburst... 'wait he always does that' he thought for a moment. He snidely informed the doctor of his diagnosis"but you don't look so good doc." Bass sneered at him with another smug grin, with that question he got up, stood near the doctor and pulled from his jacket a case full of syringes. Without addressing the doctor, Wily willfully surrendered his left arm to Bass. Picking up one syringe, he slowly pulled the sleeve away from his arm and removed the glove placing it by his side, gently he injected the fluid straight through the vain of his wrist. Wily clamped his mouth shut in order to prevent him from groaning too much in pain.

Bass didn't mock him, he knew it really was painful, since both of them didn't belong in this period. The drugs and technology the humans of this future live by, the ones they now take for granted, has instantaneously increased their lifespan. Their bodies had now adapted to the various medications, artificial organs, and cybernetic implants. That is to say, medicine was so advance it only takes asmidgen amount of substance for a human to get better, for the doctor to consume this thick syringe was bizarre to say the least. But the doctor however is already a shriveled old man forcing himself to adapt to a future he doesn't belong too. His body coupled with stress couldn't catch up to the amount of foreign materials he kept on inserting. An ironic effort to stay alive, never mind the fact it's poisoning him slowly.

"Morton's Fork" he thought out loud without realizing it, as he gazed down at the liquid he's slowly injecting. Wily on the other hand couldn't acknowledge him. Hampered by the pain he just watched the remaining liquid slowly enter him.

Bass completely focused on his task, yet his expression so distant, with arecluse look on his face he just went on. For the doctor to /rebuild/him a body with such finesse means he must have knowledge in the field of biology, but apparently not pharmacy. He carefully removed the empty syringe and took out the disinfectant hidden beneath the case, he tended his wrist spraying it above the wound, as the microbes worked its way towards closing the tissues. Thankful it's over the doctor sighed in relief.

He watched the doctor fall down a slump in front of him, his right hand clasping his cane for support, while his left hand laxed on the bench. he bobbed his head down, hyperventilating. He actually did feel sorry for the doctor, but theres nothing he could do but wait for toxins to subside and the medication to take over. So he just stared deadpan at him, while the doctor's vision blurred.

As he watched him, he then remembered something very, very crucial and the reason why he came back to the doctor in the first place! His body jerked at the realization. "C'mon lets get you somewhere safe, the party is almost starting" He grabbed the doctor's right hand abruptly shocking his nerves as his cane fell down, he quickly stood him up overlooking the fact that he needs at least 40 minutes of rest, and immediately supported him on his shoulder.

"No!" refusing Bass' assistance shoving him away, as he weakly sat himself down, and leaned down to pick up his cane. He went back to his original position: bobbed his head and tightly clutching on his cane for support.

"What do you mean no? We're runni--"

"Good evening folks!! The parade will start in five minutes, please gather around Adam Lane for the special surprise"

'That voice... Pierre'

"Shit.." Bass murmured "we have no time to argue it's starting."

Still in agony he couldn't control his tone "I know that!", he lifted his head to look at him once more, as he stared him dead in the eyes. "You also forgot to update me" whether it was because Bass agitated him that he lost his composure, or the indignant feeling he had over his ingrate of a 'son'. One thing for sure is, he was the authority and Bass needed to know that.

"Well Forte..?" he impassively waited for his answer.

Bass gaped, his mind still reeling with analyzes of what to do, say or think. He knew the answer of 'why', it doesn't take that much processing power nor a genius to know what his creator wants. But. he too couldn't control the furious tone in his voice. ."You're really wanna watch this?"

"Don't answer me with a question Forte" "update!!" he demanded eyes still fixed to his.

Bass gritted his teeth and lowered his brow, he wanted to defy him, or at least say something clever. But ultimately decided against it. He broke eye contact and turned to his back. He noticed the crowed started to dissipate.

"You know, I'm used to the name Bass it feels foreign to be called Forte" putting his hands into his pockets.

Annoyed that his 'son' has been purposely avoiding the question, he swiftly answered him "And you also know it's necessary for you to have an alias, not only for your disguise but also for your independence." Wily paused for a second, as he looked at him sympathetically, he then added "I thought you wanted that?" Wily knew he'll regret those words, but he can't lose him 'he just needs a little more push, in the end he's nothing without me.'

Bass quivered a bit at that response, he didn't even ask for that, but the doctor knew? The silence between the two of them added to the tension. Sighing in frustration Bass finally decided to answer his question, solely to break away from this awkward moment. "As you know, the maverick is ready and is in position, he doesn't even know he's a distraction. While the hunters responded to the threat, they arrived thirty minutes ago, Zero and X are one of them. Too bad they're scouring the wrong places and looking for the wrong person" he lowered his eyelids as he bluntly told the doctor "also Ifound Zero flirting with a woman." He heard Wily sigh at that statement, it made him smile as he glances back at him.

"Did they recognize you?.. " Wily suddenly worried, fearing his plan would be in jeopardy. But then again.. He knew Bass included that little tidbit to vex him, so he just scowled at him.

"Of course not, without my armor on I look like a regular human being, thanks to your scrambler I'm completely invisible through their numerous sensors and radars." Taking something out off his left pocket, he lifted his hand to show Dr. Wily a small cylindrical case he was told to meticulously handle with care. He then applied pressure on to the sides until a needle popped out. "You sure, you don't want me to shove this up his ass?"

Dr. Wily squinted his eyes, "Bass you only get one shot at this, don't mess this up", while Bass momentarily shifted his eyes at him. 'He addressed him by that name...'

"Attention delightful guests, due to technical difficulties the parade has been canceled. We're terribly sorry for this unfortunate circumstance. Please calmly follow the law enforcers to ensure your safety, thank you for your cooperation."

The clamor of complaints echoed in the distance.. but for the two of them, everything was silent.

"Well that's my cue, see you later doc." he started walking farther away, only for him to briefly stop, he turned around, he didn't look the doctor in the eye, his eyes were distantly staring at him "and stay safe." he muttered softly

Bass'concern for him confounded Dr.Wily for a second or two, remembering the times he was being such a difficult boy. "Don't worry about me Bass, just do your task." He replied in the same soft manner.

Bass nodded he ran to his position then disappeared into the distance.

Dr. Wily just sat there, still clutching his cane while his head bowed beneath the floor. "I'm getting too old for this.." He relished the somewhat calm moment before he heard the protests of annoying children complaining about not seeing the parade, it made him flinch at the thought of his own 'sons'behaving that way.... only worse "Ah yes, children.."

Suddenly his eyes widened simultaneously as his pupils dilated, he glanced around the corner of his eye, and heard a familiar voice from behind him "This is Zero, I've patrolled the east side of the park, so far nothing suspicious and no sign of Bass." With alopsided grin and a dark chuckle "What?! I'm coming X!" he awaits for tonights entertainment.

'Looks like being a parent does have its reward. Now tell me Light, how well does your son know you?'

With those words he rose his head as the tumult of screaming and explosions resonates into the distance.

"How nostalgic"

Author's Notes:

Morton's Fork: think “damn if you do, damn if you don't”

Dr. Wily's appearance: if you're confuse about his looks, just Google his Battle Networkimage.

This story is more episodic in nature, like I'm writing a TV show. I'll try to show the different sides between reploids and humans opinion of each other, also this fic is more drama/thriller than action, and I'm giving my own interpretation of them: less cartoony/anime personality and more down too earth ones, if I can pull it off right. I was inspired in writing this after watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica... It's kinda funny how I shifted from magical girls to cyber punk.

I will warn you now that this fanfic will have very, very, slow update; as well as story pacing. I'm currently very busy this year, you could say I procrastinate when I write.

I come from a country that uses English as a second language, so as you can see, I'm also practicing my writing and vocabulary skills on my first fanfic. In turn I try to label it of as productive,but nah who am I kidding.

One last thing:

I encourage you (the reader) to complain. I wanna improve and I know for certain I won't learn anything from praises. Praise me, flame me, just tell me what I did wrong. Was my grammar and spelling bad? Is my characterization mary sue-ish? What about the dialog? Currently I'm having difficulty with show don't telland describing the setting.

One of the reasons for it's slow pacing is because I try to research to make it look more realistic. I'm a student graphic designer, so I have no knowledge on tech or networking jargon, along with my dwindling understanding of philosophy and psychology. [//]
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