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Chii's acting weird

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Chii starts to act weird, resulting in the death of Hiromu Shinbo.

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Hideki has noticed that Chi's behavior has become rather unusual. Instead of being her normal, curious self, she stares at the wall with blank eyes. She rarely moves, and she rarely talks. Hideki hasn't heard a "Hello." or "Goodbye." in weeks.
Hideki was nervous, and scared for his persecom. He thought it would be smart to go talk to Minoru.
"What do you mean by unusual?" Minoru said, taking a sip of his tea.
"Um," Hideki rubbed his head. "She's been staring at the wall. She doesn't look anywhere else. She looked at me only once."
"What did she look like then?" Minoru said, a spark of confusion gleamed in his eyes.
"Well," Hideki muttered. "Her eyes were blank, as if her memory was wiped clean. She had this...this...creepy smile on her face."
He remembered the way she smiled at him. A malicious smile had crossed her thin lips, signifying impending doom. That look was not Chi. It just wasn't. It was as if Hideki was staring into the eyes of just another persecom, instead of his friendly, mechanical friend.
"I've never seen that happen." Minoru said. "Maybe she's just bugged out. I think it will go away. If it doesn't, please, talk to me."
Hideki mumbled a "thank you", and ran out of the door and back to his apartment.
"Hello Chi." Hideki said, secretly praying for a response.
"H-Hellloooo...Hiiideekii." Chii's voice was slurred, and almost impossible to hear. She sounded like a ghost. But hey, at least she was talking, and she remembered his name. Hideki expected her to look at him, but her eyes never left the wall.
"Okay then..." Hideki said, sitting down next to Chi.
"Hey, what's wrong?"
No answer.
"Are you okay?"
"CHI!" Hideki waved his arms, and he shook her.
She was quiet.
"You called me yesterday. What was it?" Hiromu said, looking at his worried friend.
"Chi's acting weird! Minoru can't help. You're the only person I know that is an expert about persecoms other than Minoru!" Hideki said.
Hiromu looked at Chi. She turned to look at him, and a cynical smirk crossed her lips. Her eyes shone with that same blankness Hideki was talking about.
"Helloooooo...Shinbo-San." Chi sang.
"See?" Hideki yelled. "She rarely talks, and when she does, it sounds creepy."
Hiromu walked closer to Chi to get a better look. She just gave him that strange look.
Sadly, Hiromu couldn't see what the problem was.
"Just charge her." He said.
"Master!" Sunomo said. "I'm not sure but something seems horribly wrong! It seems-"
"Shut up!" Hiromu said. "She's just low on battery. Sunomo, stop telling lies."
But they weren't lies. Something was dangerously wrong with Chi. It wasn't a low battery, it wasn't an erased memory. It was just bad.
"Well, thanks." Hideki said, smiling at his friend.
"I must be going." Hiromu said, walking out of the door, and disappearing into the hallway.
And that was the last time Hideki saw his friend, well, when he was living at least.
That night, Hideki was asleep, but Chi was wide awake. Hideki may have said she seemed blank, empty even, but she wasn't. Her robotic mind was buzzing with new information. It was overwhelming, so Chi sat down to process it. But the information was strange. It wasn't just strange, it was evil. It was like Chi was being possessed.
"Hideki," Chi whispered. "I must go."
She stood up, but Hideki did not notice, for he was to busy in dreamland to notice. She stared at him once more with empty eyes, and left the room.
Chi slowly walked through the thin hallway, as if she were walking on air. Every time one of her feet touched the ground, some of the hall lights would break, turning the hallway pitch black.
Chi stood in front of Hiromu's door, and wrapped her pale fingers around the golden knob. She easily twisted it open, and walked into the room.
Hirumo sat perched on a chair, his face buried into a text book. He was studying, although it was the middle of the night. When Chi entered the room, he slightly jumped, and Sunomo fell silent with fear.
"Oh, Chi!" He smiled. "Why are you up this late. Are you okay? Do you need something?"
There was no answer.
"Quiet." He hissed. "What is it Chi? Are you feeling alright?"
Chi still didn't answer. But her expression did change. She cocked her head, and another malicious smile fell onto her lips. This time, her eyes were grim.
"Chi you're really freaking me out." Hiromu laughed.
Suddenly, his lights began to flicker on and off. He began to really get scared. His heart almost flatlined when Chi wrapped her hand around the handle of his kitchen knife. He screamed bloody murder.
"Chi!" He said, as she slowly walked closer to him.
His lights all shattered, and explosion of broken glass fell to the floor. Hiromu could hear his tiny persecom fall to the ground. He could only see Chi's eyes, and his own became filled with fear.
"Goodnight, Shinbo-San." Chi whispered, pushing the blade of the knife into Hiromu's neck. He let out another cry, hoping someone could come running to him, but it was far too late. She watched as he gasped for air and took his last breaths. Chi slid the blue around his neck until his head became detached from his body. Then, his body fell out of the chair, and crimson blood spilled all over the nice wooden floor, and onto the pages of Hiromu's textbook, soaking the pages, and covering the text with his blood. His head rolled onto the floor, leaving a trail of blood, and not to mention, some of his insides. A smile never fell off of Chi's lips. She stared at the knife for a moment and dropped it next to his head. Blood from the knife leaked into his hair. The silver blade glinted in the moonlight that came in from the small openings in the dusty blinds. His eyes looked to the heavens, the place where he could be.
(A/N: Sorry for this A/N. I don't like Hiromu all.)
Chi walked out of his apartment and didn't care to close the door. She tiptoed through the slim hallway once again, to get home before anyone could find out what exactly happened.
The sun rose over the Japanese town, saying Good Morning to all of the living. Sadly, it did not greet unfortunate Hiromu Shinbo.
Hideki rose out of his bed, to see Chi sitting next to him, with her hand on his head.
"Chi!" Hideki exclaimed, hoping that she was cured from this strange bug. "Good morning."
"Good morning, Hideki." She smiled.
Hideki knew she was fixed, but how? He didn't bother to charge her, but he guessed that time was the only cure.
"I'm so glad you're fixed. You used to be all creepy. I'm happy you're okay."
"I wasn't okay?" Chi wondered. She didn't remember much. All she remembered was that nasty image of Hiromu's body... "But Hideki is happy. So I am happy."
Hideki laughed. But he did not know that the next few days would be lacking of laughter.
"Hideki!" Takako wailed, when Hideki opened his door. "S-Shinbo-San, h-he's-"
Takako grabbed his hand and she led Hideki and Chi to Hiromu's room.
What Hideki saw was life changing.
Hideki gagged when he saw his friend lying dead on his apartment floor, with blood staining his clothes, and when he saw the knife next to his head. What was even worse was that he was decapitated. His head was rolled onto the floor, and the inside of his neck was clearly visible.
Hideki was so horrified that he vomited, and the remains of last night's dinner fell onto the floor next to the puddle of blood that surrounded his dead friend. Takako bawled, but Chi stood there, trying to put her memory together. She remembered seeing him dead, and holding the knife. But a few more memories came into her head. When an entity came into her mind, and negative images invaded her head, and when she was told that it would be fun to decapitate Hiromu. She didn't say anything, but a grim smile formed on her face once again. (I'm tired of all the smiling!)

Goodnight, Shinbo-San.

AN: Happy Halloween. I am writing this at 1am on a Friday. I am a little loopy. Sorry.
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