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If I say I'm A Boy

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Mello was a boy. Matt was also a boy. But they were different in many ways you might not guess,

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Matt Jeevas was a boy, despite what it said on his birth certificate.
He had always known that, it was just other people who didn't know. He had always felt as though other people calling him a girl was just some kind of joke that he wasn't in on.

He would almost always pick the male option in any video game, it was the only way he would get to live freely as the boy he was, without being questioned or told to be more girly.

"Hey! Maya! Don't sleep in today. You gotta get up!" Matt awoke to the usual sound of his room mate, Linda, waking him up.
"Ugh you look like such a boy! This is why I told you not to cut your hair. You don't wanna look like a boy, do you?" Linda asked. Matt chose to stay silent, as that was definitely his intentions, even if she didn't put it in the nicest way. Today he was going to tell his best friend, Mello, that he was a boy. At the moment, he was about ninety nine percent sure Mello was under the impression he was a lesbian ( although he actually liked boys and girls. ).

"Hey.. Mello. I need to tell you something." Matt said, after finally finding the blonde boy.
"Eh? Go on.." Mello told him. She's a lesbian isn't she? Well, I mean, it's about time.
"Well.. I guess.. It's hard to explain.." Matt said, struggling to get the right words out, as he took a deep breath. "I'm a boy."
"Wait what? Seriously? As in you were a boy this whole time, and you didn't even tell me?"
"That's one way of putting it. I'm trans.. Female to male. You get me?" Matt tried to explain, much to the look of confusion on his friends' face.
"So you wanna be called a boy now? Uhh what name do you wanna be called?" Mello asked, as if he was trying his hardest to be understanding, even though he didn't exactly understand.
"Yeah, that's right. And can you call me Matt now?" The dark haired boy told him.
"Sure. That's cool! I'll treat you no different than before, except, obviously, calling you a guy."
"I'm glad you're fine, I mean, I don't know why I'd ever thought you'd react otherwise." Matt laughed. A boy who looks like a girl and a girl who looks like a boy, that was what they'd always been referred to.
"I have some clothes, if you need."

Wow, that was a lot easier than expected, Matt thought to himself, when suddenly he noticed Linda walking up to his table.
"Mello, be nice to your girlfriend, okay! Did you make her cry?" She laughed, sitting down.
"Well actually, we're just friends. Plus, he's not a girl, he's a boy." Mello told the girl as Matt seemed to be rendered silent from the shock of what he'd just said.
"Maya's not a boy. She's a tomboy, maybe.. Wait is Maya a crossdresser? So you're a boy who likes to pretend to be a girl? Why would you even do that?"
"No, his name is Matt now. And he's transitioning to male." Mello pointed out.
"Well she's still just a girl who wants a sex change, then, isn't she? You're still a girl to me. You look like a girl, as much as I say you don't, you could never pass for a boy. You're kinda a pervert actually.." Linda hissed.
"I'm not a girl, as much as you insist. Just because I look like a girl doesn't mean I am, right? Ugh if you want me to put it simply I'm a boy in a girls body. Although that's not how I'd explain it." Matt tried to explain.
"You're a girl, Maya. You're delusional. I'm calling what I see and you're a girl."
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