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This story makes me sad. lol. enjoy.

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Kate got out of the hospital the next morning, and resumed touring with her band and Fall Out Boy. She seriously considered quitting the band a few days after her hospital incident, but she pushed that thought out of her mind, for her band. The next few weeks of the tour were awkward, to say the least. For everyone, not just Patrick and Kate. Not only was Kate in denial that anything was wrong, she was also severely medicated (for her hand), which caused everyone else to walk on eggshells around her. They were waiting for her to crack. Patrick was just not a nice person to be around. He was in a bad mood all the time, irritable and more stubborn than usual. Kate was the only one sitting in the backstage room. She was doodling when Patrick's phone started to ring. She glanced up from her spot at the table and saw the phone vibrating in a circle on the other side of the room. Kate sighed and resumed doodling.
"WILL SOMEONE GET MY GODDAMNED PHONE?" Patrick yelled from the bathroom,
"THIS IS MY FIRST TIME SHOWERING IN LIKE DAYS." Kate stood up with a groan and walked over to the phone. She looked at the caller ID but there was no name, she flipped it open.
"Hello? Is this Patrick's phone." A female voice said and Kate sighed. She realized that she broke up with him, but it was his fault, and therefore she felt it fair to be bitter towards him.
"Yes, he's in the shower. Can I ask who's calling so I can let him know when he gets out?" Kate was surprised at the sweetness in her own voice.
"Yeah, its Chelsea. I'm returning his call." Kate could of sworn a growl escaped her lips.
"Actually hold on. I'll go get him for you." She said through clenched teeth, the sweetness was gone.
"Yeah, thanks. Kate right?"
"Ugh huh, Sure thing." Kate pulled the phone away and walked down the hallway clenching the phone in her hand. She shoved past Andy, bumping his shoulder but not apologizing, she then proceeded into the bathroom, and around to the showers. Kate threw the phone at Patrick, who didn't notice she was there until his phone smacked the side of his head. Anger flashed in his eyes, he looked over and saw Kate. His features automatically softened, and he held the phone away from the water.
"Phone call." Was all she said as she walked away. Patrick held the phone up to his ear and stuck his head out of the shower.
"Hello?" He said into the phone, not really recognizing the number.
"Hi, you called." Chelsea's voice echoed in Patrick's ear. He immediately closed the phone, grabbed a towel and ran after Kate. He saw Andy in the hallway,
"Where's Kate?" He asked. Andy opened his mouth to say something, but his response was too slow for Patrick who groaned and walked away. He walked into the backstage room and saw Kate doodling at the table with headphones in her ears. Patrick walked over and leaned to look at the doodle. Water droplets proceeded to fall onto the page, and Kate looked up.
"Seriously, get the fuck away from me." She spat at him while trying to wipe the water off the page. He reached over and pushed pause on her ipod.
"Let me explain."
"Why do you have to explain anything? I mean you are a single guy. Not tied down to anyone. Single. You can be with whoever you want." Kate rambled on while coloring, not looking up.
"But it's not what you think."
"You see, it doesn't matter what I think anymore. So I would appreciate it if you would get the fuck away from me."
"Kate." He sighed.
"Patrick, seriously leave." She rested her forehead on her hand, attempting to hide the tears that were rolling down her cheeks.
"Please don't cry, it's not what you think."
"LEAVE!" Kate finally screamed and pointed to the door.
"God damn haven't you done enough? Just fucking leave." She pleaded and pushed him in the direction of the door, her vision blurred from tears. They now had an audience, Sara was standing at the door with Pete behind her resting his head on her shoulder, arms around her waste. Andy peered over Pete's shoulder with Sam and Brian next to him. Joe walked into the room and reached out an arm,
"Come on Patrick let's, ugh, go somewhere else." He touched Patrick's shoulder. Patrick shrugged him off, and walked out the door. Kate finally collapsed into her chair, Pete ran over and scooped her up in his arms. He patted her head and rocked her back and forth.
"What happened?" He mumbled into her hair.
"He said to answer the phone so I did." She cried.
"You're crying because he told you to answer the phone?" Pete questioned and gave Sara a confused look. Sara shrugged.
"It's was Chelsea, she said she was calling him back." Kate said in between sobs, and Pete sighed.
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