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Conquest of Orenda

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Lord Voldemort attempts to gain power two years after his arrival in the past.

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Ascension of the True Lord Voldemort

Chapter 02: Conquest of Orenda

March 27 1929, 02:48 PM, Orenda, The magical central of Britain, Orenda Mansion
'... And that's how I miraculously escaped,' Voldemort finished his story.

'Hah hah hah,' The Marquis of Orenda, a magical city in Britain laughed, 'Your stories are fascinating. But I doubt their validity,'

Voldemort let out a sigh. 'Unfortunately,' he said in a saddened tone, 'They are all true,'

'Hah hah hah,' The Marquis laughed again, 'Alright, alright. Tell me more of your stories next time,'

'Gladly,' Voldemort stated in a more cheerful tone, 'Well, if you will now excuse me,'

'Your Excellency,' The General of Orenda said from the side of the room as Voldemort left, 'I do not think it would be wise for you to trust him so,'

'Why, Nadav?' The Marquis asked, 'I do not have many friends of my own age. Haven't you been the one always asking me to have allies that I can trust?'

'He told us he was gifted in the Dark Arts,' Nadav said calmly, 'Do not underestimate him,'

The Marquis merely raised an eyebrow. 'Indeed,' He said calmly, 'However, he is mostly a squib who cannot use magic. He is best suited to be my jester, Hah hah hah,' The Marquis finished falling into another burst of laughter.

March 27 1929, 02:58 PM, Orenda, The magical central of Britain, Outside Orenda Mansion
'So,' Voldemort asked, once he was outside the mansion, 'What can you tell me about Orenda?' He asked the people standing outside.

'Well,' The first lady started, 'Our former lord was lost years ago. Some say the truth is that his brother secretly locked him away, and he was left alone 'til he ... It was a very unstable period, so it might not all be just a fairy tale,' The woman finished.

'When my grandma was still a child,' The second lady started, 'I heard the lord of Wide disappeared mysteriously. He was regarded as a wise ruler. All the men searched everywhere, but they couldn't find a trace of him. So the story goes that the brother of this lord, who was filling in as his substitute, ended up becoming the official lord,' The second woman finished.

/Find out about the General, Nadav, /The voice commanded viciously.

'So,' Voldemort said to the ladies once again, 'What's the word on General Nadav?'

'He's a pretty intimidating man,' The first one answered, 'They say he's extremely strict,'

'There's not a whisper of scandal attached to his name,' The seconded answered, 'He's very disciplined if I may say so,'

'Has he made any enemies because of his severity?' Voldemort asked.

'Well,' The first one said,' Those around him say that he is even more strict with himself, so people accept it,'

/So there's nothing we can use against him, /The voice said, sounding slightly annoyed, Alright, how about Makoto? Let's gather information on him.

'What about Sir Makoto?' He asked again.

'Makoto is a very good-natured person,' The second said, 'He's exempted sick old ladies from taxation, and has even given money to mothers with so many children they could barely make ends meet,'

'He's a very dependable person,' The first woman said, more emotion in her voice then the previous times, 'He's even collected special taxes from merchants and saved the money for emergency situations ... obviously for the sake of Orenda,'

A good-natured and dependable person, /The voice stated, sounding pleased, He's very popular among Orenda's citizens, I take it. I think we've got something to work with./

'/Go to the Marquis of Orenda and frame Makoto/,' Voldemort thought, inwardly smirking.

Exactly, /The voice said, /If the Marquis even trusted his staff, this trick of ours wouldn't work. He deserves what he gets.

March 27 1929, 03:27 PM, Orenda, The magical central of Britain, Orenda Mansion
The Marquis of Orenda looked up a Lord Voldemort walked into the throne room. Before he got a chance to speak, Voldemort said calmly, 'Today, I come with information which is solely for Your Excellency's ears,'

The Marquis paused, before asking, 'What is it?'

Voldemort smirked before walking up to the Marquis and whispering in his ear, 'Sir Makoto has been ... ... ... ...'

'Summon Makoto!' The Marquis screamed out angrily.

'Your bidding?' Makoto asked, upon walking in.

'I hear you've been making tax exemptions and creating special taxes without consulting me,' The Marquis said, more calmly then before.

Makoto briefly paused, before answering, '... Yes,'

'Although you are tasked with general political matters, there is an agreement in Orenda that you discuss matters of importance with me, the Lord of Orenda!' He yelled the last part with an air of arrogance.

Makoto paused again, before he answering, '... Yes,'

'Taxation is one of the most important issues!' The Marquis shouted at the top of his lungs, 'To disregard your lord is unacceptable!!'

'I don't mean to offend,' Voldemort interrupted, 'But Sir Makoto did it for the sake of Orenda,'

'I know!' The Marquis snapped at Voldemort, 'But why did you not mention a single word about it to me? It demonstrates your lack of faith in my leadership. You will be placed on suspension until further notice. Go home and think about what you have done wrong!' The Marquis finished, scowling.

'Yes ...' Makoto stated, sounding defeated and left.

/If that were us, /The voice said, sounding disappointed, /We/ would have killed him.

'/Indeed/,' Voldemort inwardly agreed. Voldemort was interrupted from his thoughts by the Marquis saying, 'What is it, General?' Voldemort looked up to see Nadav enter the room.

'I heard you've suspended Makoto,' Stated Nadav, straight to the point, Voldemort noted.

'Is there a problem with that?' The Marquis snapped.

'Not at all,' Nadav stated calmly, 'I believe your handling of the situation was correct. The problem is who is going to take over Mouton's job?'

'This is nothing for a general to be concerned about,' The Marquis said, annoyance rising in his voice, 'I will handle this situation myself,'

'Your Excellency,' Nadav said, resignation filling his voice, 'Those who serve you, especially Makoto, all faithfully served the previous lord. If you intend to push yourself away from those people, and accept an unknown newcomer like /Lord Voldemort/, I will have no choice but to resign,' Nadav finished, walking out the room.

'All those who serve me used to work under my father. Because of my age, they do not take me seriously. They all make decisions on their own. I'll take this opportunity to show them who the true ruler of Wide is,' The Marquis growled at Voldemort.

Voldemort smirked. 'My thoughts exactly,'

March 27 1929, 11:49 PM, Orenda, The magical central of Britain, Orenda Mansion
Alright/, The voice said, /Let's find that secret passage while that obnoxious Nadav is out of the way.

Voldemort raised an eyebrow, 'A secret passage?' He thought to the voice.

/In a lord's mansion like this one, there is always a secret escape route for emergencies, /The voice said, as if stating the obvious, /Let's/ go.

Entering Nadav's room Voldemort looked around. The painting/, The voice muttered, /It's behind the painting!

Voldemort raised his wand at the painting. '/Reducto!/' The orange blast of sparks destroyed the painting, revealing a secret passageway behind it.

Entering it, Voldemort walked down until he reached a bridge held by a chain. Voldemort was about to lower it, when the voice said, Watch out, behind you!

Voldemort spun around to see a large toad like creature jumping towards him. Voldemort shook his head and jobbed his wand at the creature. '/Avada Kedavra!/' The killing curse killed the creature instantly. He turned around and waved his wand, turning a crank pulling the bridge down as it turned. Satisfied, Voldemort crossed the bridge into a tunnel which had a light at the end of it. 'So ... This is where it leads,' Voldemort said, looking at the castle walls from outside the tunnel.

/We can get past the castle walls through here/.

March 28 1929, 12:35 PM, Orenda, The magical central of Britain, Nadav's House
'Voldemort,' Nadav muttered to himself, 'I knew he was up to something. Is he trying to weaken Orenda by framing Makoto? Is he a minion on Grindewald? He's rather young to go about this in such a roundabout way. What is he trying to pull ...?'

March 28 1929, 02:49 PM, Orenda, The magical central of Britain, Outside Castle Walls
Nadav took one look a the flags on the castle walls - flags bearing a colossal skull, composed of what looked like emerald stars, with a serpent protruding from its mouth like a tongue. His eyes widened. 'I've been had ...'

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