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The Seduction Series, Chapter 5

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The story takes place after the raping of Christian

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Seduction Series, Chapter 5

Disclaimer: Not Suitable for Children, Rated R, Offensive Language, Sexual Situations

Liz suddenly rammed the strap-on d* into Christian's tight, contricted ass** before he had time to fully react.
He couldn't move, his trembling body became totally paralyzed with fear, remembering the carver raping him.

"LIZ!! STOP!! YOU G*DAMN B*! Christian shouted in agony.

All of sudden, Sean unexpectedly walked into the OR, holding hands with Kimber, they both looked at the threesome in complete shock and disbelief.

"What the HELL is going on in here!?" Sean hollered.
Sean then suddenly became repulsed by the smell of sweat and sex filtered throughout the OR. "Both in their 40's and I'm STILL walking in on Christian's screw sessions, just like in med school days, he was tired of it!" Sean thought quickly to himself.

"WHO is responsibe for this damn orgie!?" Sean continued to yell.

Sean noticed that Christian was scrambling to try and break free from Liz.
"She must have gotten on top of him so quick, the act had become like a domino effect,' Sean decided.
Christian, pinned against Gina, was in hysterics, shaking.

"Get off of me, ass**!" Gina demannded, agitated, pushing away from Christian.

"Have you no damn sympathy, Gina?! Why do you have to be such a b**?" Christian snapped quickly.

Christian finally broke free of Liz's entrapment. "She put up one helluva fight....God, she was fiesty!" he thought with sheer disgust and anger.

"I think that you should be directing that comment towards LIZ, Christian, SHE'S the b**!" Gina snarled.
Gina quickly grabbed her clothes, glancing over her shoulder, "I'll see you later, a**!" She then turned and glared at Sean, "Thanks for crashing the party, you bastard!"

Christian interjected, shouting sarcastically, "Oh, lucky YOU, Sean! You're a bastard, not an ass**, like me!"

Liz turned the stereo off. She then turned and stood next to the OR table slowly taking the strap on off with extreme caution.

Christian stared at her with hate and anger.
"I CAN'T believe you just violated me like that!" Christian roared with anger. He struggled to put his gown back on, realizing his fingers were trembling so bad that he couldn't tie the strings. "DAMN, these gowns!" he muttered, cursing.

"Here, baby, let me help you with those," Kimber interupted gently.
Christian hung his head, looking down at the floor and sighed deeply. He missed Kimber badly. His body began to shiver and ache with such overwhelming sexual desire for her as he could feel her gentle fingers tying the strings at his waist.

"Baby, you're bleeding!" Kimber gasped at the sight of a few drops of blood on the tile floor. "Maybe you should have Sean have a look at you, Christian," she whispered.

Christian flinched at Kimber's words, thinking.... "Not another rectal exam! Oh God! NO!" he gulped, a lump forming in his throat.

Sean suddenly became very protective of Christian.
"Get the HELL out of here, Liz!" Sean roared. His eyes narrowed with sheer anger.

"Are you done with your little rant and rave session, Sean? Liz asked smartly.

"You're fired, Liz!" Sean retorted.

"And I'll sue your ass off with discrimination charges SO fast!" she warned with utter sarcasm.

Liz turned and picked up her clothes and strap on, and in a huff, walked briskly out of the OR, slamming the doors behind her.

Sean slowly walked over towards Christian and Kimber.
"Let me take a look, Christian," he said in a gentle tone.

Christian hesitated, stepping back, leaning against the OR table, holding his blue gown tightly around him.
"Where were you when I woke up in recovery, Sean!?" Christian demanded. "Maybe none of this shit would've happened had you been here!" he added with a tone of disgust. "My ass** is throbbing and I don't feel like being poked and prodded anymore today though!" he argued.

"C'mon, I've seen your asshole once before, Christian! Let's go back to the recovery room and I'll check you there.

"Christian, Sean only wants to help you," she added softly.

Christian hung his head, staring at the floor. He hesitated once more, then agreed, muttering, "Allright."

All three walked back to the recovery room together. Kimber grabbed her purse, swinging it a little as she walked between Christian and Sean.

Christian, with a confused tone, asked Kimber, "Sweetheart, how come you came here with Sean?"

"Sean was going to do some more work on my face, Christian," she explained.

"You don't need anymore work, sweetheart, you're an eleven, remember?"

Kimber blushed.

Sean cleared his throat.
"Er hum, Kimber, why don't you go give me a hand, go to the bathroom and wet these, please," he said, handing her some cloths.
"I'll also need a pair of gloves and a tube of KY Jelly," they're right over there, he pointed his finger at a table near the bathroom.

"Ok, Sean!" Kimber nodded, heading towards the bathroom.

Sean still sensed Christian's hesitancy in the exam.
"C'mon, Christian, you can trust me again," he continued.

Sean shrugged. "It's either me, or the emergency room, Christian......and TRY explaining what happened to a triage nurse or an er doctor..." his voice trailed off.

"SHIT!" Christian rolled his eyes. "Either way, he was screwed! But he guessed his preference would be Sean. And, besides, Kimber would be eye candy afterwards."
"FINE!" he began to pout as he moved towards the edge of the bed, reaching behind to lift his gown only slightly for Sean, then bending over, leaning on the mattress, waiting.

Kimber came back into the room. She handed over the cloths and gloves to Sean. She suddenly became distracted in her thoughts, watching Sean leaning over to examine Christian.
She sighed.
Her eyes wandered up and down Sean's handsome physique. She began to feel overwhelmed with desire. She began to feel her c* moisten with excitement.

"I've missed that ass," she sighed again. She began to think naughty thoughts of Sean, recalling when the two were together for a short time.

Sean slipped the gloves on.
"Christian, if you keep up these anal activities, you WILL be calling ghostbusters for phantom pain!" Sean teased.

Christian cringed in pain, biting his lower lip, wincing. "Just get it over in a hurry, please Sean," he pleaded.

Kimber then looked at Christian. She shook her head. She felt so sorry for him. "Poor, poor, Christian!" she sighed to herself. She crossed her arms.
"Hmmm, both were vulnerable" she mused. "Sean, having been separated from Julia for some time, Christian, in pain," she ployed.

Christian cleared his throat. "What's the verdict, Sean?"

"You're gonna need stitches, Christian. You tore pretty bad...." Sean's voice trailed off as Kimber had reached down and grabbed his balls.
Taken by surprise, Sean added, "But not now, Christian."

Christian stood up quickly, wrapping his gown tightly around him again. "WHEW! Thank God that's done with!" he breathed a sigh of relief. He then sat on the bed, with caution, due to his ass** throbbing in pain.

Christian noticed Kimber. "Kimber!" Christian raised his one eyebrow in surprise.

Kimber then unzipped Sean's pants, noticing that there was a bulge underneath. Sean closed his eyes, enjoying the attention, while Kimber tickled his aching balls through his briefs.

Christian became noticeably jealous. He leaned back on the bed. His d* swelled with excitement, under his gown, becoming quite apparently noticeable to Kimber.

Sean arched his back, groaning with distinct pleasure. Kimber yanked Sean's pants and briefs down to his ankles. She then "went down" on Sean's sensitive, hard c*.

"Sucking and thrusting her tongue around his firm d*, she was such a tease," Sean thought to himself.

Christian suddenly became very sarcastic. "Hey, Kimber, I have a prescription for pussy," he teasingly flicked his tongue out at her.

"Be patient, Christian!" she ordered.

Christian sighed, turning onto his side on the bed, placing his head in one of his hands, his voice lowered with a hint of sarcasm again.
"Now, Kimber, I'm not a very PATIENT, patient," Christian snapped with complete arrogance and impatience.

Kimber knew that if she put Christian off for too long, he'd lose his erection. "Quick to get it up," she mused, " but quick to lose it too, she knew his d* too well."

"C'mere, Christian," she teasingly motioned her index finger to give the 'OK' to come to her.

Christian stood up, folllowing her come on. Kimber then quickly pushed Sean onto the bed, continuing sucking, this time paying special attention to his rock, hard balls.
Briefly, she stopped to pull a condom out for Christian.

"Here, baby, hurry up and put it on!" she exclaimed.
Still aroused, Christian slipped the condom on, then eagerly entered his hard, jealous d* into Kimber's moist p** from behind.

"Are you happy, now baby?" Kimber teased.

"Yes!" Christian answered promptly with concentration.

Suddenly, Sean stopped Kimber. He got up.
"Christian, it's MY turn now!,"

"SHIT Sean!, my d* just got started!" Christian frowned.

"MOVE OVER!" Sean pushed Christian aside, disregarding Christian's confusion in the process.

Kimber turned and winked at Christian while Sean grabbed a condom...."Lay down, baby, I'll finish you off with my tongue, OK?"

Christian, smiling, laid his head back on the pillow, Kimber quickly slipped the condom off, tossing it aside. She noticed that Christian's whole body writhed in total ecstasy as she traced her finger up and down his long shaft.

"You're such an incredible tease, Kimber...." Christian sighed, grinning dreamily.

Sean banged his balls against Kimber. His large manhood thrust deeper and deeper into her widening, wet, c*.

Just as Sean's rhythmic motion culminated in ecstasy, resulting in a shattering orgasm, a distraught Julia walked in the room.

To Be Continued
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