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The Seduction Series, Chapter 3

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The story takes place after Christian was raped.

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Seduction Series Part 3

Disclaimer: Not suitable for children, strong language, Rated R, Scenes of Sexual Nature

"SHIT!" Christian muttered to himself. "Constant interruptions, I'm getting PISSED off!" "I am NOT having any luck this morning!" he sighed.
Christian shuddered at the mere thought of Liz joining. He dropped Gina like a fly.
Whatta turn off, he thought, he instantly lost his erection.

Gina gave Christian a nasty glare. She then turned to Liz...
"Thanks, Liz, for dropping by, I thought I TOLD you, not ASKED you to leave us alone for awhile!" Gina snapped with sarcasm.

Christian quickly covered himself and Gina with the sheet for privacy. He suddenly felt protective of Gina.

"I was just curious, that's all," Liz replied timidly.

"How long have you been standing there, Liz? demanded Christian.

"Long enough, Christian," she replied, giggling.

"You CAN"T be serious about joining Liz! You're getting aroused by our quickie?" Christian asked confused, and in disbelief, looking back and forth at Gina and Liz.

Gina suddenly became amused by the conversaton that was taking place. Gina looked at Liz with a long stare. "Lizzy gone bi, hmmm?" she teased childlishly.

Liz's face flushed and quickly looked away. She didn't like the Gina's sarcasm, she was such a bi*.

"Excuse me, but I'm gonna put my two cents in now. Christian held off long enough.
He turned to Gina and snapped, "We are NOT letting Liz participate!"

Gina suddenly became very defensive towards Christian. "Why not, Christian? You've had threesomes before and that never stopped your di** before!" Gina replied.

"C'mon, Gina, she's a les-"

Liz cut Christian off "Lesbian?" Liz retorted. "So what, Christian?!"

Christian stared at both Liz and Gina. "GREAT," he thought, rolling his eyes, "My balls are gonna bang the two bitches."
He shuddered again. "Gina was one thing, being desperate, he thought, but no way in HELL was he going to put his di** in Lizzy." "Gina was a good screw and Liz was like a sister to him." "YUCK!" he winced.

Gina put her finger to her lip smartly. "I KNOW, I just had an idea, Christian. How bout we let Liz "watch" instead. She can take notes, we can be her teachers! Do you like that idea? hmmm?" she mused, looking back at Liz.

Christian began to feel really trapped and very vulnerable. Moreso than when he was handcuffed to the bed, with Liz in control of him. He looked back and forth at Gina and Liz, nervously. "Oh, God." He sighed. He quickly ran his hand through his dak, thick hair. "No way he was going to weasle ENTIRELY out of this one now, his di** had already gone in WAY too far far with Gina," he thought.
He had to stop thinking with this di**, it would get him into trouble again someday he feared. In the passion of Gina coming onto him, and NOT having a good lay for awhile due to the pain of the rape, his emotions took over, forgetting about her illness."

Christian turned and looked at Gina with a serious look on his face. His confidence suddenly reappeared and then gave Gina his ultimation... "She can only watch, or I'm outta here!"

"Fine, asshole! Gina shrugged. "Have it your way!"

Christian couldn't believe he was going to allow this to happen.
"One last question before we get down to business, Lizzy. Why have you been so aroused by the sight of my body?" he asked with blunt sarcasm.

Liz moved closer into the room. "Remember, Christian, I wanted your sperm once before, so I could pregnant and let my child inherit your good looks. You do have a handsome mug, y'know..." her voice trailed off, slightly.

"Lizzy, I have more than just a handsome mug. Any woman would KILL just to sleep with me. It's all about conifidence, y'know!" he said with arrogance.

Gina was becoming very impatient with the conversation.
"Christian, aren't we all just so high almighty, shut-up and let's get screwin!" she snapped.

"Gina, I feel like screwin' you somewhere we've never screwed before," he remarked with sarcasm, looking at her.

Gina looked back at Christian with a surprised look on her face. Her one eyebrow raised in curiousity.

Christian got up off the bed in a cocky manner and took their hands, "Follow me, ladies, it's all about location!, location!, location!" he grinned.

To Be Continued
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