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The Seduction Series, Chapter 4

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The story takes place after the raping of Christian

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"The Seduction Series, Chapter 4

Disclaimer: Not suitable for children, Offensive Language, Rated "R", Sexual Situations, may be offensive to some.

Christian headed towards the OR with Gina and Liz. He slammed the OR doors open.

Gina and Liz gazed at Christian with a blank stare of expression on their faces.
"Ok, Christian, now that you got us, what're you gonna do with us?" Liz grinned.

Christian grew immensely quiet.
"If he was going to orchestrate this screw session, it was gonna have to be a furious, fast, f*," he anticipated.

"Christian, I'm all for surprises," Gina teased.
"Liz, go sit over there, that's where you will sit and watch," he ordered, pointing with his index finger towards a gurney, sitting in the corner of the OR.

"I'm the one who is in control here," he reminded them.
Christian slowly sauntered up to the stereo. "He needed to make the "perfect" music selection," he observed.
He pushed the play button, quickly.

The Pet Shop Boys, "I've got the brains, and you've got the looks, Let's make lots of Money," song began to play.

"How lovely," he muttered sarcastically to himself. Hmmmm, 80's music, not particularily his top choice in music, it was Sean's favorite surgery tune, but it'll do," Christian mused.

He then decided that he wasn't going to be picky with the music, afterall. "Time to get busy. The faster he'd get his rocks off, the sooner this hellish nightmare would come to an end," he figured.

Christian cranked the stereo to the maximum volume. The song was so incredibly loud, he could feel the vibration in the entire OR, feeling the beat of the music in his chest, too.

Christian then turned, with a mischievious grin, he flicked on the OR lights above the OR table.

"Instant heat! It'll be hotter than hell," Christian continued to muse in his plot to get the act over in a hurry.

Christian then turned around quickly, on impulse, placing his large, strong, hands on Gina's smooth ass and lifted her on top of the OR table.

Gina's facial expression changed from sheer confusion suddenly to a quick pout.
"It's TOO damn hot in here, Christian!" she snapped angrily.

"Sssssh," he quickly put his finger over her lips. "Remember, MY way, or NO way," he warned with arrogance.

Liz suddenly had a puzzled look on her face. The music was intoxicating, but deafening, too. She couldn't hear the conversation between the two, but she sensed Christian was up to something. He usually had an alterior motive for everything," she figured. Liz sighed. She was getting impatient for the fireworks to begin."

"Just a quickie, Gina," he said to Gina, quickly glancing over at Liz.

Liz gave Christian a little wink, just to let him know that she approved of the setting.
He became slightly more repulsed. He rolled his eyes in sarcasm. The song, "Obsession," by the band, Animotion, began to play.

Christian began to solely concentrate on the lyrics....
I will have you
Yes, I will have you
I will find a way and will have you like a butterfly,
A wild butterfly,
I will collect you and capture you
You are an obsession
You're my obsession
Who do you want me to be
To make you sleep with me

"How appropriate of a song," he rolled his eyes again.

Christian, without warning, promptly shoved his pulsating manhood into Gina. He could feel her snug, warm, and very wet c* stretch to welcome his large member.

"He refused to look at Liz anymore, for fear he'd lose his erection, entirely," he decided.

Christian closed his eyes.
Tiny beads of sweat poured down his face, while banging Gina. His lips pressed tightly together. He decided to "tune" everybody and everything else out, including Gina, to some degree. He began to daydream about Kimber while screwing Gina. He missed Kimber.

The smell of sweat and sex permeated throughout the OR.
Christian continued thrusting, whispering into Gina's ear. Her body writhed in immense pleasure.

"Are you just about ready to come, sweetheart?" His one eyebrow raised in anticipation of his d* coming any second.

Right away Christian realized Lizzy had disappeared.
"Oh, thank GOD, she left," Christian breathed a sigh of relief.
"Now we can finish alone," he concluded in his thoughts.

Suddenly, Christian noticed that the next song came on, titled, "Do you really want to hurt me, do you really want to make me cry," began to echo throughout the room, by the singer, Boy George.

"What the HELL!?" Christian asked out loud to himself, in a confused tone.
"This song hasn't been part of Sean's or my music collection," he snapped in a vehement manner.

Suddenly, Christian became fully aware that someone was right behind him.
Just as he glanced over his shoulder, he realized out of the corner of his one eye, he noticed who it was.

In shock, and disbelief, he saw that it was Liz behind him, wearing a strap on, like Quentin's, ready to enter him from behind.

Christian immediately froze, his asshole quivering in fear.

Liz's voice lowered, replying with sarcasm, "That's because it's NOT part of yours or Sean's music selection, Christian, it's mine!"

To Be Continued
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