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Zsoul (Chapter 1-4)

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A story of six teens. Two guys and four girls each with a different power. They must live and learn on an academy that is on an island in the middle of the sea. In order to keep the world in balance.

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In a world filled with adventure, large cities, and monsters. An academy on an island in the middle of the sea is filled with new and old students who are destined to be a master Zsoul warrior. Only those with the mark can join the academy. Long ago before human roamed this world, there were five gods and goddess each with a unique power. Zasoi the god of weapons, Sirita the goddess of summoning things, Othina the goddess of animals, Ulavine the god of elements and nature, and Livane the god of monsters. The gods and goddess loved this world but couldn’t decide on what to fill the world with. Livane thought that the world needed to be to be filled with his monsters so he tried to trick the others but his plan failed and he was banished. Before he left, he left a gift behind on the world so the gods and goddess decided to fill this world with humans so they could get ride the monsters. They also left a gift for some of the humans so that Livane’s monsters couldn’t take over the land.
The mark normally appeared when certain teens hit the age fifteen. Before receiving the mark the gods and goddess are said to be deciding the gift that will bestow on that teen. Zasoi bestowed the gift of making it easier to master a weapon and an ability. It is different for each weapon wielder. Sirita bestowed the gift of summoning. Othina bestowed the gift of a powerful bond with one animal. Ulavine bestowed the gift of magic for every warrior but only certain warriors could learn powerful magic spells.

Chapter 1. The Journey Begins

Today was a very special day for a girl by the name Lily and her cat Meka. They had been together for about fifteen years and today was Lily’s fifteen birthday. It would have been an ordinary day if it wasn’t for the dark witch Hilda and her goblin army.
“Meka come back here” Lily chanted as she chased her cat down the street. After a while, Meka stopped at the top of a hill not too far and Lily looked backed at the town as she was breathing heavily and noticed it was caught on fire. “Mom! Dad!” Lily screamed as she raced back to town. “Meow…” meowed Meka as she followed closely behind. Lily noticed a bunch trolls as she reached her house. They were lighting houses on fire and were coming towards her. She panicked and turned around to get ready to run until she heard a voice.
“Don’t run they will catch you. You need to focus and throw your hand out now child” the voice echoed. Even though she didn’t understand what the voice meant, she began to focus before turning to face the trolls and throwing her hand out as she did a mark appeared on her hand and a ring flew out her hand. Meka jumped through the ring and came out the other side as a tiger. Lily soon passed out as the trolls came closer. She heard another voice as she was sitting in the darkness but it was a different voice.
“Don’t worry my child. You are a Zsoul warrior now and you must travel to the island. You will learn more if you go there. Now wake up.” the voice instructed. As she was waking up, she noticed that Meka was no longer a tiger.
“Meow…” Meka meowed as she nuzzled Lily. Lily picked her up and got up before realizing that most of the houses were burnt to the ground besides her house and a few other homes. There was no sign of life and it appeared as if most if not all of town's people have escaped. She walked into her house and went to her room to start packing up for a long journey.

It wasn’t an unusual day for Star. It seemed like it was just yesterday that she joined the academy. The teacher had tested her before she could join. These tests were pretty strange. After the teachers reviewed her test score, they had determined that Star was a summoner which meant that she was blessed by the goddess Sirita. They had also determined that she was a level one summoner and showed her to her dormitory room. Coming back to the present, Star began to walk to her classroom. It was her second day and she was just starting get to know her way around. She walked into the class before taking a seat in the front.
“Good morning class” the teacher announced as the bell rang.
“We will be heading outside and head out to the forest today. Let’s go.” He led them out of the academy and towards the island’s forest. He stopped them at the forest clearing.
“This forest is home to small monsters. They are easy for beginner summoners. I think I hear one now.” A bush nearby started shaking and a round fluffy bat monster flew out.
“Star will you demonstrate for the class. Just focus”
“Okay” Star responded as she look at the monster trying to focus. The monster turned into a capsule like thing and disappeared.
“Good job Star. I’ll teach everyone how to summon later.” The teacher announced looking at the whole class. Star looked at the area that the monster was at.
“Where did he go?” she thought to herself.

Azura looked at the clock as her first period class ended. She had a free period next and she was excited to practice her archery skills. She just graduated from a level one Archer to a level two yesterday and she knew that they were just beginning to learn about transformation. As she walked down the hall she bumped into a pair of twins.
“Sorry about that” she responded.
“It’s okay I’m Coto and I’m Lana” they both replied.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Azura. I haven’t seen you two around before are you new?” she asked looking at them.
“Yup” Lana answered. “Were both magic user. I’m planning on using white magic and Lana is planning on using black magic” Coto added.
“That’s cool. I’m an archer. I got to go do you want to come with me?” Azura replied.
“Sorry we can’t. We have to go. See ya later.” they both responded as they walked away waving.
“Okay see ya later.” she said as she waved to them before walking off to her favorite place to practice. “I can’t wait until I’m a level three archer at this academy. Then I can finally go on missions and stuff.” she said to herself as she was smiling.

Coto and Lana both waved to Azura as they both parted ways with her. They wanted to learn more about the history of this academy. The academy said that they received twenty-five students each year. Which seemed pretty strange. This place seemed weird to the twins who lived on the street since the age of five. Their parents were killed while the town was fighting an army of monsters. They were normally the smartest kids out of the group of orphans. Coto use to be very protective of his sister Lana when the other kids started to make fun of her for being the one of the only two girls in the group. Coto was normally bullied instead of Lana because of this. This made the two realize that they had to be tough on the streets in order to live which meant pushing and shoving to get the top to be the survivors of the harsh world. The teachers of the academy were so kind and offered them new clothing when they had arrived the other day. Many of the students were kind to them and greeted them with a friendly smile. They finally felt like they belonged somewhere for the first time, but they knew that they needed to be less shy if they wanted to fit in. Coto tripped on one of his shoelaces. Lana helped him up.
“Are you okay Coto?”
“Yea I’m okay. I’m still trying to get use to wearing shoes.” He responded.
“Me too” Lana replied as she was smiling trying not to giggle. The twins seemed pretty childish compared to a normal pair of fifteen year olds. They had finally reached the library’s doors.
“Here we are” Coto said opening the doors. They both walked in and were amazed at the stacks of books and bookshelves. This was the second time they had ever been in a library.
“It’s so big and there are so many books.” Lana said still in shocked.
“Where should we look? Maybe this library is like the Elmwood’s Library and the books are in order by name.” Coto replied looking at one the bookshelves which had the letter A on it.
“Probably, let’s start looking.” Lana responded and started to look through the shelves. It took them half of their free period to find a couple books about the academy and Zsoul warriors.
“Let’s start reading.” they both said to each other.

It started to rain as Zack looked up at the sky. It had been a few weeks since he had received the mark and was told to leave to the island, but he was too stubborn and wanted to protect his town from the monster armies that attacked the nearby villages and towns. He continued to patrol the main square of his town, until he was interrupted by a voice he heard. He turned around and found himself looking at man who looked like he was in his thirty’s. He was wearing steel armor and carrying giant steel hammer which had golden and silver stripes going down the handle.
“You should consider going to the island. You don’t want to make Zasoi mad do you?” the man questioned Zack as he kept his hammer low to the ground.
“How did you find me?” Zack questioned back to the man curiously.
“Word traveled fast when people noticed a teen who had the mark, but chose to stay in his hometown.” he grinned. “By the way my name is Vincent.” Zack looked at Vincent’s eyes and noticed that they were filled with determination for some odd reason. It made Vincent appear younger to Zack.
“You got three days to make up your mind. If you decide not to go I’ll just drag you there anyway, so you only have one decision to make. Which is to get knocked out and dragged there or to go willing.” Vincent replied. It made Zack ticked that Vincent was going to force him to leave his hometown.
“The nerves of this guy!” he said to himself. His blood was boiling. Zack drew his sword out and rushed towards Vincent, but as the sword drew closer to Vincent, he avoided it and hit Zack with his hammer, which sent Zack flying into a wall, leaving a giant hole in it. Vincent chuckled,
“You foolish child. Don’t let your rage take over you. Now I’ll be back in three days to find you.” He started to walk away with a grin on his face. Zack got up and looked around at the damages of his crash.
“Damn it! Why was I defeated, so easily!?” he said to himself. He started to patrol the park as the sun started to set. He didn’t notice anything strange, until it was dark. A girl holding a cat was walking down the street. It was unusual to see people walking around at night, so he ran over to her.
“Hey. What are you doing out here so late?” he asked her. She turned and looked at him. “I’m just passing through this town. I’m on a journey.” she answered.
“Okay. Also by the way I’m Zack.” he replied. Thinking to himself “She is pretty cute.”
“I’m Lily and this is Meka. We go to go so see ya.” She continued to walk down the street. Zack wanted to stop her, but decided not to. He watched her, until she was longer visible.
“Hope that she is okay.” He said to himself as he stretched a little. He thought that he could relax, until he heard scream from the direction that Lily went.

Chapter 2. A scream, new Friendship, and adventure
Lily finished packing her stuff as it hit around noon and went downstairs into the kitchen to look for something she could take with her. She noticed the pie in the fridge and took it out along with some smoked ham from yesterday dinner, some fruits, and a few bottles of water. She put them in another bag then she put that bag into her larger bag, before leaving a note for her parents. She picked Meka up and started her walk toward Stavbery, which was a small town that was next to Tolarane town where she could restock on her supply of items and find the forest that would led to a couple of more towns, before reaching her destination. She had finally reached Stavbery within an hour and she started to window shop.
“They don’t have many items that I could buy from here. Do they?” she whispered to herself annoyed.
“What did you say?” the old woman over the counter said as she was looking at Lily.
“Nothing Ma’am!” Lily answered as she quickly left the area and went to the outskirts of town. The sun was starting to set, so she started to head out to Tolarane. It was dark by the time she reached the park in Tolarane town. She walking down the street that led down to the shopping district, until a boy came over to her and stopped her.
“Hey. What are you doing out here so late?” he asked her. She turned and looked at him. “I’m just passing through this town. I’m on a journey.” she answered.
“Okay. Also by the way I’m Zack.” he replied.
“I’m Lily and this is Meka. We go to go so see ya” she continued to walk down the street. Soon she was out of his sight and she heard a scream. Lily raced over there to find a giant blob monster and a little girl.
“Help me!” the little girl screamed. Lily raced over to her, dropped Meka, and grabbed the little girl, before jumping back to avoid the blob. She let go of the girl as Zack came rushing over. He began to draw his sword.
“Stay back and protect her. I got it!” Lily shouted as she began to focus. She threw out her hand and said,
“Now Meka” as the large ring flew out of her hand. Meka jumped through and changed into a Sphinx. Zack looked at them in amazed. Lily felt tired, but tried to keep her balance as she was regaining her energy back. Meka began to fight the blob and soon took it down in a couple of slashes. Meka started to turn back into a cat.
“What just happened” Zack asked.
“I don’t know” she answered as she picked Meka up.
“Mommy” the girl said as she ran over to the woman walking over to them.
“Thank you” the woman said as hugged her child. “Can I do anything for you?” she added.
“Yea do you know where the forest is?” Lily asked.
“Go that way” the woman pointed toward the north.
“Thanks” Lily responded as she looked at Zack.
“No thank you” the woman said before, leaving with her child.
“Where are you going Lily?” Zack asked looking at her.
“I’m going to Zsoul Island.” She answered.
“You don’t mind if I come along do you?”
“No not at all”

Star hit the snooze button on her alarm clock before getting up from her nap. She didn’t get a lot last night, so decide to take a nap during her free period. She brushed her snow blonde hair and made sure that she was ready for to leave her room for third period. The bell rang and she started to walk to her magic class for the day. As she walked down the halls of the academy, a bunch guys started to stare at her and watch her as she left.
One of the guy built up the courage to talk to her and said “Hey you’re pretty cute. Do you need a boyfriend?”
Star was not interested and wanted the other guys to stop staring so, she ignored him and began to go around him, until he shoved her a little.
“Hey where are going baby?” he replied trying to be smooth like ice.
“Nowhere with you.” Star responded annoyed as she punched him in the stomach and kicked him across the hall, which left a crack in the wall. She turned around to look at who was still staring. All the boys stopped staring and started to look away from her as she walked into her classroom. Class started and a new teacher walked into the room that Star was not familiar with.
“Hello class. I’m Ms. Mokary and I’ll be teaching this class from now on. Mr. Jade has decided to join the army, so he will no longer teach magic in this academy.” the teacher announced as she wrote her name in chalkboard like most teachers did.
Trying to focus on the long discussion about magic, Star started to poke herself with her pencil. The discussion came to a stop five minutes, before the bell for lunch would ring.
“Class your homework will be to study for your test with your notes.” replied Ms. Mokary as she wrote it on the board.
“Yes Ma’am” the twins in the back said.
“Shit I didn’t write any notes!” Star thought to herself. When the bell rang, she noticed the twins carrying a couple of decent size books with them.
“I’ll have to ask them to help me study for the test.” She thought to herself as she followed them out the door.

The girl behind Lana and Coto seemed to be following them everywhere they went, but it could be mistaken that she was just heading to lunch like them. They enter the cafeteria and got into line. After a five minute wait, they had finally gotten lunch and were looking for a table to sit at. They had found one that wasn’t taken yet on the other side of the room. They sat there, but were not alone for long. The same girl with the snow blonde hair had sat down with them.
“Hi?” They both said as she stared at them and eating at the same time.
“Hi I’m Star and I could not help, but notice that you took notes. I’m sorry to bug you about could you help study for the tests. I forgot to take notes.” The girl asked desperately.
“Sure. By the way I’m Lana and this is my twin brother Coto.” Lana answered as she finished eating her food. It had reminded her of their mothers cooking, which made smile.
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Star chanted as she began to smile. “Where should we meet up to study?”
“In the library. After our last class.” Coto replied as he finished eating his lunch.
“Okay deal. I’ll see you there.” Star responded as she got up and left the cafeteria. A few minutes after, Azura sat with them at the table.
“Who was that?” she asked as she looked at them.
“That was Star and she wanted some help studying the notes for the test for tomorrow.” Lana answered as started to get her stuff ready.
“Tell me if she gives any problems.” Azura replied.
“Okay.” Coto said as the bell that ended lunch rang. Azura left and head off to her class room. Coto and Lana headed off to class, which seemed to last forever. Finally, the bell rang to let them out of class. They quickly headed to the library and sat at a table. Soon Star joined them at the table.
“So let’s start.” She said.
“Yea” they both responded as they got their notes. They all studied for an hour, before they all spilt ways and headed to their rooms.

Azura headed to the library after the bell rang. Curious about this girl named Star, she logged on to the computer. She noticed Coto and Lana walk in, but paid them no attention. Azura started to hack into the school data base to get as much information and she could about Star. Of course this girl was a new student, so she would be only a level one. Azura found something that told her that Star was summoner and lost her mother at a young age. She tried to find something about Star, but this was the only information that she could found. It started to get late and she noticed that the twins had already left. She headed off to her room.
“The teacher are probably still learning about her themselves. That could explain why I can’t get much information.” Azura thought to herself as she sat on her bed, until she passed out.

Chapter 3. Prepare for the storm………..

Lily was awakened by the meowing of Meka. She got up and stretched on the comfortable Inn bed. She had remember that Zack had stopped them at the Inn saying that they need to rest. Lily didn’t want to argue, so she agreed with him. He had also agreed to pay for both of their rooms. Looking out the window, Lily could see that it was around nine in the morning by looking at the sun. She noticed something in the distance it seemed to be a thunder cloud, which meant a bad storm was coming. She wasn’t the only one to notice. Soon most of the town’s people were heading into their houses or heading home. Lily wanted to get to somewhere safer, but she knew by the snoring coming through the wall that Zack was still asleep. She decided to wait on her bed. A few seconds later, the wind started to pick up and a thud from the distance was heard. The snoring stopped and Zack started to knock on her door. She got up quickly and answered it.
“Let’s get somewhere safer.” He said as he pulled her out of the room and headed downstairs.
“Okay” Lily replied as he took her to the basement of the Inn. It was dark in there besides the few lanterns. Zack pulled her underneath the table and put his sword down as he started to hold on to her. She tried not to blush as she felt his heat. This was the first time she had never been close to a guy beside her father, when he hugged her. She soon noticed the mark on his hand. Lily had no clue that he was a Zsoul warrior. A couple of thuds had interpret her thoughts. The ground started to shake. It lasted for about two minutes. It seemed as if the storm had stopped. Lily got up from underneath the table and picked Zack’s sword up, before handing it to him as he got up.
“Is it all over?” She asked him.
“I think. Let’s go check.” He answered as he started to go upstairs to the lobby. Lily followed him as he walked outside. It was strange the whole storm was gone and couldn’t be spotted anywhere. Lily grabbed Zack’s hand and started to run towards the forest.

Lana woke up as her alarm went off. She was excited, since she had plans to meet up with Coto, so that they could finish the books they were reading. She started to brush her black hair and put her hair up in a ponytail, before leaving the room heading to the library. On her way there, when she noticed a couple of a boys bullying Coto.
“Hey leave my brother alone!” She shouted. One of the boy turned around and looked at her.
“Why don’t you go cry to the teachers?” he replied. She began to get mad. Something had awaken inside her as a thunder cloud started to form above the boys and the air started to get cold, while the floor started to get covered in ice. The boys looked at her and started to run away. Coto watched her as she continued to make it colder. The storm grew stronger and ended up outside. Soon Lana passed out, but the storm continued. He ran over to her and tried to pick her up. The teachers appeared and took her to the nurse office. While the teachers were taking her away. Coto looked outside and noticed that the storm continued even as she was passed out.
“How is that possible that it’s still growing out?” He said as he continued to watch. To stop his curiosity he went up to the roof to explore the storm. Ms. Mokary appeared on the roof, but didn’t notice Coto as she casted a barrier around the school. As if she could predict what was going to happen, a lightning bolt hit the barrier. After a few minutes, the storm started to spread out and head towards the nearby towns. Within a ten minutes or so it was gone and the sun started to shine bright again.

Star stayed in her room until the storm was gone, before heading to her first class of the day.
“What had caused this mysterious storm to appear and disappear so quickly?” she thought to herself. Walking into her class, she saw that the teacher was in there. She never noticed his name on the board, so she would only called him sir when she wanted to ask him something, until now. Class started ten minutes later.
“Class remember when I told you about capturing monsters. Well Sirita isn’t the goddess of monsters and wasn’t a big fan of them either. She had the ability to create and summon, but was known as summoning goddess, since that was gift she bestowed. She left mystical creatures on this world and they aren’t fairytales like the ones your parents told you. Many of you may live in the Flora region, Valota region, Citamo region, and Welido region, but rarely any students come from Miva region, which is the only region that rarely any one besides Zsoul warriors know of. Sirita created that land for her mystical creatures.” Mr. Gray explained as he pulled out a map, before continuing.
“If you pass your test that is two weeks from now. Your be a level two summoner and will travel to the Miva region for one week with Mr. Kito.” He finished. Star took notes about this. He kept going on, until five minutes before class ended.
“Also students your need to have capture a monster for tomorrow.” Mr. Gray said as he put the map away.

Azura heard about what happened to Lana and asked her teacher if she could skip class today, since Azura was head of the class a little bit, the teacher didn’t argue. She walked into the nurse’s office. She noticed that Lana was still passed out.
“What could cause her to be able to make a storm so powerful and cover the hallway in ice too?” she thought to herself. She continued to watch as she began to hum the song her mother sang to her when she thought that she was asleep. The song reminded Azura of how she got her name. Her mother and father debated on the name they were going to be calling there soon to be born daughter. Living in the Valota region, her parents were always trying to keep warm. The Valota region was normally cold and covered in snow all year around. Every month there was a night show which were known as Aurora. The name they debated about. Azura was born on the night of one of this Aurora so they named her Aurora. After a couple years they started to call her Azura, which is what Azura preferred over Aurora.

Chapter 4. Half-way there and the research………………

“This is quite strange for a student Ms. Mokary”
“It is sir”
“This girl has set the record for a level one magic user. Imagine how powerful she’ll be”
“We’ll have to teach her how control her magic quicker than the other students. If that happens again, it could be worst and destroy towns that are miles away sir”
“I know Amy and that’s why I have decided to make you be her tutor during free period.”
“Sorry to interrupt, but I think it would be a great idea for Ms. Mokary to teach this girl. I also think that you should let me test her twin brother.”
“Sounds like a plan Mr. Light. Now you two get out my office”
“Yes sir”
“To let you know Ms. Mokary, there isn’t a Mrs. Light yet”
“I don’t think that you’re my type. Plus that would be inappropriate on school grounds Mr. Light”
“Sorry Mr. Light”

Azura had soon passed out, just a few minutes after she stopped humming. She was awaken by one the teachers that walked into the room. According to the research that Azura had done in library, before heading to her dorm room every night. This was the famous Amy Mokary (A.K.A The Protector). Ms. Mokary had been known as a legend, but was forgot when new students filled the academy. She was known as the Protector because of numerous times, she had saved people. The only person that she could protect was her boyfriend, which made her retired. Rumors did say that she had come back to be a teacher. Mr. Light talked about her a lot during class. It wasn’t hard to tell how he felt about her. Azura got her and walked over to Ms. Mokary.
“Ms. Mokary what are you doing here?” she asked as she looked at Lana who was still sleeping.
“Hi…well I’m supposed to be teaching her during free period. I just come to check on her” Ms. Mokary replied as she turned around to look at Azura.
“Oh…well I hope she feels better soon” Azura said.
“Me too” Ms. Mokary said as she began to walk out the room.

Coto left his class as the bell rang. He wanted to visit his sister, but he knew he had to let her rest. He started thinking to himself about the situation and he could have prevented it if only he knew how to stick up for himself. He always suffered the most out of the two twins. He was bullied for sticking up for his sister and for his oddly light gray hair, which now was getting dark with a hint a blue in it. Lana was strong and didn’t know how to protect her brother. Now that Lana was older, she knew what to do and how to stick up for her brother. Coto just wished that they were not the weird ones and that they were normal like everyone else. What was the definition of normal? It appeared that everyone beside Coto and Lana knew what normal meant. His mind kept flowing back to the day they became orphans. Their uncle had walked in the house that morning and told them what had happened to their parents. They didn’t understand at the age of five. He told that he was going to take them to live with him and his wife. Coto and Lana refused to leave and hid away. They noticed that no one came back to the house beside their uncle who was still looking for them. They both came out of their hiding hole and started begging the neighbors for food. They had gone a week without eating, before finding a group of orphans who helped them. The group worked like a pack of wolves. The oldest orphan was about twelve years old and was declared alpha. The second oldest was only ten and he was the beta. The rest of the orphans were of the ages of between four to eight years old and they were the omegas. Coto and Lana were at the bottom and were given the smallish scraps, but they dealt with it in order to live and survive like the other children. They never worried about it though, since they all lived in Flora region, which was always warm and normally hot most of the year. Coto came back to the present to head out to his dorm room and begin to read the books.

Star learned about what happened to Lana, after class ended. She had no clue that someone could be so strong. She also didn’t want to be creep and visit Lana, since they barely known each other, so instead she went to the end of the Island’s forest. She looked around to notice a sign pointing into the forest leading to the clearing. Star wanted to be alone though, since some her classmates would be going to find a monster to befriend, so she decided to take her own path. Eventually, she ended up in peaceful and calming clearing, which seemed to be untouched. It was time for her to practice and learn without the teachers around. She wanted to practice something she hadn’t learned yet, which was summoning. She studied the name of the monster that she had captured. It was a Batta and they were pretty rare during the day, which made Star smile seeing that she had seen something that wasn’t common. She began to focus and say
“Batta!” It didn’t take long for the Batta to appear. Star made sure to read about summoning and learned that a summoner is the only one able to talk to their summons unless that summon are able to speak human. Batta were known for poison and maybe fire if trained by a great summoner.
“Hi. My name is Batty or whatever you want to call me” the Batta replied.
“Hi I’m Star and you’re adorable” she responded as she hugged him. “Thank you! You’re my first summoner and I’ll be your first summon.” He said as he flew up a little bit.
“I can’t wait to train with you, but you got to go for now Batty” she said as she let go of him.
“Okay. See ya Star” Batty replied. Star waved him good-bye, before sending him back.

Lily, Meka, and Zack finally reached the forest by the time it hit around eleven in morning. They decided to rest at the entrance for a little. The sign nearby pointed ahead and said Jinx’s House. The sign below it read Kilow Town. Soon they all got up and headed down the path. There was many paths and turns, which lead to a house with a sign Jinx’s Place. Lily looked at the sign “Who is Jinx?” Meka meowed once, before going over to the door. “I’m wondering too” Zack replied as he opened the door. The place was covered in dust and cob webs. “I think its abandon.” Lily said as she studied the room. Meka began to point at a book on the bookshelf. Lily went over and tried to pull it out, which caused a secret passageway to open up. “Good job Meka” she replied as they all went in and came out the other side to a room the lead to the basement. They continued to the basement and found it covered in witchcraft stuff. “Zack this is a witch’s house.” Lily whispered to him. “But its abandon. Look all of the books are covered in dust and all this witchcraft stuff is too” he responded. “Fine, but let’s get out of here” she said. Meka started to point to lever. Both Lily and Zack pulled the lever and it opened up a secret staircase. It lead them to the front yard. It was now two in the afternoon. “Were half-way to Kilow town from here according to the map in the house” Lily said as she looked around. “We should rest here maybe. What’s the rush?” Zack replied smiling.
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