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Takao Kinomya (need a better title)

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An one-shot that was requested long ago from quizilla.

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He laid out in the backyard, resting from all the running that Kai made the team do. He was glad that he's cousin, Salya, got Kai to let everyone rest.

It was after l pm and he was still tired from all the damned running. “He is so mean today.” He murmured to himself as his brown eyes started up at the clouds. He blinked a bit when he heard Salya's voice. “Oh no... I'm not running anymore today.” With that, he jumped up onto his feet and ran out of the back gate just as Salya walked out of the back door.

Her blue eyes glared as she saw him run for it. She then sighed. “And I was just going to tell him that Ann called for him. Oh well.” She turned and walked back into the house to help Hiro with his Brooklyn problem. (Don't ask)

~At the park~
Brown eyes started up at the clouds as she thought to herself. 'I wonder what Takao is up to...' She thought to herself. She was bored and wanted to hang out with her boyfriend since Salya told her that he was free for the rest of the day.

Out of the blue, the clouds turned into brown eyes which looked down into her's. Takao stood over her, smiling down at her.

“Takao, you ran away, didn't you?”

He sat down next to her as she sat up. “Yep. I don't really wanna train anymore.”

She giggled a bit. “You know, you're free from train for the rest of the day, right?”

He blinked at her. “Wha?”

She reached over and poked his cheek. “Your cousin said that Kai was letting you and the team rest for the day and tomorrow. She didn't say why though.”

He sighed then thought a bit. “Hmm... Maybe... no...” He laid down on the cooled glass. “who knows. Maybe she did something to him.”

Ann thought a bit as she laid back down but this time, her head was on his arm. “Who knows. I don't understand you nor your family.”

Takao looked at her and glared lightly. “Geez thanks.”

She giggled and poked his cheek again. “Well it's true. One minute you want to blade then the next you don't...” She was stopped by Takao moving so his face was right in front of hers. His lips was a few in. from hers.

“Not my fault. You change my mind easier then anyone else.” With that he pressed his lips to hers, kissing her lips.
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