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Part of the Fluffy challenge that I'm working on. This part is about my oc and Zack.

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She sighed lightly as she looked up at the lighten clouds. It was getting cold and she felt like it would snow soon. She didn't feel like going back to her signed room yet but she didn't want to stay outside. So she wondered around, thinking of where to go. She didn't notice until it was too late. She stood in front of Zack's signed room.

He felt someone near his door as he walked out of the warm bathroom. His light blue eyes eyed the door for a bit as he dyed his dark hair. “Who would be out at this time?” He asked himself as he placed the towel onto his messy bed. He walked over to his door and opened it, only to blink. “Lia?”

Liannia looked up at him and blinked some. “Zack?...” She thought a bit before turning away. “I'm sorry, Zack. I didn't notice that I walked here...” She said lightly.

Zack smiled lightly and pulled the dark hair female inside. “It's fine, Lia. I like it when you randomly show up.” He said with his playful smirk. He backed up with his arms still around her and closed the door. He didn't want to get sick over this pretty lady.

She blushed a deep red and leaned back against his chest as she looked up at him. “Why do you like it when I randomly show up? Don't you like it when Cloud shows up?”

He thought a bit. “I don't mind it when Cloud shows up, but it's different when you randomly show up. It's like-” He stopped, blinking as she turned and placed a hand over his mouth.

“I don't trust fate... Zack and you know it.” She said with a light glare. She didn't really know why but since she was younger, the word 'fate' annoyed her.

He removed her gloved hand and sighed. “I understand but it has to count since something is pulling you into my arms.” He said with his playful smirk.

She sighed lightly and leaned against his chest again. “Maybe...” She muttered lightly. Something was pulling her into him and not just his warm hugs. She hated to think it but maybe fate did have something for this... not that she would say.
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