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Ramen Trouble

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Naruto ponders why he likes ramen so much...

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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto I just talk the characters of Naruto and there personalities and put them in my own world...


Ramen Trouble
Naruto ponders why he likes ramen so much.

A boy with bright blonde hair sat there thinking. Not paying any attention to that delicious, hot, steaming substance he was putting into his mouth. It must have been almost midnight and Naruto was still up eating ramen at Ichirocku's noodle shop. Naruto barely paying any attention that he was asking for bowl after bowl after bowl. He must have had eleven bowls of ramen and didn't even care let alone notice he ate more than his seven bowl limit. The loud blonde had something else on his mind that was mind numbing but, It was not something you could stop thinking about easily. Naruto was thinking about that stuff he found so delicious. That stuff he ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... ramen.

"Hey Naruto are you okay? You don't look to well. Maybe you should go home?" The old man that ran the Ramen shop had been pretty close to Naruto not just because he was his number one customer but, because they had all ways shared what was bothering them and what was on there minds. Naruto was like his son. He knew when something wasn't right with Naruto.

"Naruto? I know some things wrong, do you want to talk about it?" Old man said this in a gentle and concerned tone. "Naruto ever since you got here the only signs of life you have been showing are you eating and asking for another bowl. Come on lad. What's on your mind?"

Naruto looked up at the old man for the first time since he had gotten there and took a deep breath in through his mouth and let it all out his nose.

"Why...why do I like ramen so much?" Naruto said this in a sheepish voice.

"What! Ha,ha,ha! Naruto you almost had me for a minute there! Whoooo... you are such a funny boy! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh, lad you are probably the funniest boy in this village. If becoming the Hokage doesn't work you could always become a comedian!" The old man was laughing and crying at the same time now. Until Naruto's depressed look on his face didn't change and he started talking again...

"I was serious." Naruto said this in a quiet and dark not Naruto fashion. I think the way he said that line fit Sasuke better than Naruto.

"Oh.. sorry" The old man felt kind of stupid with his sudden out burst and sat there and looked at Naruto. "Well, I remember the first time you came here... to my ramen shop."

"Really?...?..." Naruto's old loud self was coming back in his voice. "Can you tell me about it."

"Sure, I remember it was a dark night and you were just a little tyke. You came running to the most deserted place you could find which at that time happened to be my Ramen shop that night. I remember there were fire works going off. You started crying and telling me about how you wanted to see the fire works and every time you got close to someone they walked in another direction. Then you said you asked if you could get through and they ignored you. You were crying up a storm by then. I sat there and listened to you talk about how every body walked away, ignored, or muttered rude remarks under there breath at you. I remember a little girl probably about the same age as you sitting alone down at the other end my noodle shop looking a little depressed her self. She got up from out of her chair and came over to you. The little girl bought you a bowl of ramen. She sat down and listened to you talk and gave you reassurance. Then some women came calling for her wondering where she was. The little girl gave you a smile told you not to worry paid and walked out with the women who was looking for her."

Naruto looked at the old man thought a little girl... oh, I remember the little girl and her kind words but... Out loud Naruto said, "...what did she look like?"

"She had short dark hair and clear cream colored eyes. The women who picked here up didn't look much like her for she had long wavy brown hair and violet colored eyes. She was wearing a Joinin uniform. I think that women was here guardian. I think the little girls name was... Hinata?..?...?"

Naruto looked at the old man then at the ground. Hinata? It was all coming back to him now. The little girl her kind words. He remembered that after he left the ramen shop he went back because he wanted to see the little girl again. He kept on going back there looking for the little girl until he had gotten ramen so many times he had made a liking for it. Ever since then he had been going back to the Ramen shop looking for the little girl... Hinata. He wondered how he forgot about that but of all the questions he wondered about the one he really wanted to know was why didn't Hinata ever come back to the Ramen Shop?

Naruto was wrong about Hinata coming back to the Ramen Shop to see him. Ever since that day about five years ago she had gone to the Ramen shop and hid in the near by bushes and watched, she keenly watched him. He had no idea she was watching him that very moment...

Naruto wondered what Hinata was doing now. Hinata wondered what Naruto was thinking about. Then at that moment Hinata got up out of her hiding place in the bushes and walked over to Naruto. All that shyness she had felt for him over the years went away. She walked up to Naruto and sat down next to him and said, "You know Naruto, next Saturday is that day when I first met you at the Ramen Shop...." Hinata was slowly gaining her shyness back again so quickly she added, "WouldyouwanttocometotheRamenShopwithmenextSaturday!" Hinata relived that she had said that looked at Naruto who now had a grin on his face.

Naruto was laughing in his head because he could barely make out what she had said to him. He looked at her beautiful eyes glowing in the night and laughed, "Oh, course I would love to come with you Hinata!"

They laughed and got up, Naruto paid for his eleven bowls of ramen and walked Hinata home. They got to Hinata's house. Naruto and Hinata said good night to each other and before Hinata walked inside she gave Naruto a little peck on the cheek said, "Can'twaittillSaturday!" and ran into the house.

Naruto laughed at himself as he walked home feeling brighter than he ever had felt before.


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