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Road to Revenge - Mewtwo in SSB4

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How Mewtwo returned to Smash, and got his revenge on Lucario and Greninja.

Category: Super Smash Brothers - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover,Fantasy,Humor - Characters: Mewtwo - Warnings: [!!!] [V] [?] - Published: 2015-12-04 - 364 words - Complete

Everywhere on the news, Mewtwo saw how he was getting replaced by Lucario in brawl, after losing his spot in melee. Later, in 2014, he thought his chances would be greater to get his spot back, but hell no, he was wrong. Lucario returned, and a new Pokémon, Greninja, took his spot. Mewtwo, now was fed up with all this bullshit, and took action.

He went to tryouts for returning characters, ho weren't announced for the final release of Smash 4, he was last in line. Ahead of him, was his old buddies, Roy and Pichu, along with Lucas and Wolf from brawl, and The Ice Climbers. Right then, snake was getting his audition finished up.

"I'm-a sorry, Snake. As much as we would-a like it, Mega Man and Pac-Man are going to be partnering with-a us instead." Mario told Snake, ending his audition. "Fine! Go without me, mother fuckers!" He screamed, walking out.

After everyone else went, it was Finally Mewtwo's turn. As soon as he went in, Mario was shocked. "M-Mewtwo? It's that-a you?" He asked. Mewtwo was shocked by his expression: Mario missed Mewtwo. "Yes, it is me, Mario. You missed me?" Mewtwo asked him.

"Yes-a, Mewtwo! We wished we never fired you! Fans made a protest on Lucario, and were pleading for you to come-a back!" Mario sobbed. "We have a special surprise for-a you!"

Five months later, in April, 2015, Lucario and Greninja were doing the usual, hanging out and joking about Mewtwo. "And then, I made him cry and I drank his tears!" Lucario said to Greninja, laughing. "Heh, you jerk...that's hilarious! Tell me more!" Greninja pleaded. "And then, I was-Ahhhh!!!!!!!" He screamed. "What's wrong, Lucario?" Greninja asked. Then he turned around. "Ahhhh!!!!!" They screamed again. "Surprise, bitches! I'm back!" Said Mewtwo, charging a Shadow ball. "Run!" Screamed Lucario. But, before they could, Mewtwo used psychic to hold them down. "We're screwed, Lucario, screwed!" Screamed Greninja. Mewtwo fired his fully charged attack. They were sent flying. "You can't run, but you can't hide either!" Mewtwo laughed, claiming victory. He had returned as DLC, or Downloadable Content. He finally returned, and got his revenge, once and for all.

The End.
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