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The Mindscape? Not Even

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This is a Gravity Falls fanfiction. Bill is a mind demon, summoned by Giddeon to terrorize Stan's mind. He stuck around for a bit, tormenting the Pines twins, but a new teenager has entered Gravity...

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Jane was officially annoyed. Her friends had dragged her out of the comfort of her log cabin and into the woods. They soon left her, and she was wandering aimlessly. She shoved her hands into her pockets with a loud huff, blowing a stray strand out of her eyes. She could hear people. People? What kind of people would come out here in the middle of nowhere?

Jane strode over to a large group of ridiculous looking tourist, taking pictures of an old man. Jane lost interest and turned away.

Bill, was of course watching the Mystery Shack. It was one of those usual days, dumb people being conned into believing Stan's lies. This was until, Bill noticed one human, a female turning away from the group after looking at them for one second. Bill leaned forward on his perch, which was in one of the many branches of a Pine Tree. This certainly was new, usually someone would stay longer just to see why they were taking pictures of Stan in the first place. He watched her go, before floating down and following after her. Making sure that he was unseen to anyone.

He knew that he should have stayed watching, Incase Pine Tree cracked or found another major clue, but he could do that later. Besides, Pine Tree was becoming a bit boring to watch these days, with the shack becoming busier. Bill rarely saw him adventure out into the forest much or read the journals. Maybe with all the work happening, Bill could take it easy, at least for now.

Jane was not interested in what the old man was blabbering about. It wasn't even her idea to come here. But yet again, she was lost, and couldn't remember where her cabin was. She kicked at the ground, working her boot into a patch of grass. Odd, she thought when she looked at the grass closely. This doesn't look like the grass by my cabin. This is a weird place.

Bill followed after the girl. He noticed her looking at the grass, which puzzled him until he noticed the shininess of the grass. That must have been from the Gnomes, they must have been having potion fights again. Bill rolled his eyes, some magical creatures were serious idiots at times. Bill floated around the girl, studying her face and appearance. Interesting. He floated around her again, before staying beside her shoulder.
It had been a while since he had been near an older female. Of course, he knew that she was 17 but it was much older than Shooting Star. Age didn't matter much to the demon, but it was still interesting to see. Does it ever scare them? He wondered. Knowing that they'll getting to their deaths with every passing minute. Since Bill aged very, very, very slowly, he never really felt the need to worry.

Jane shivered slightly, for unknown reasons. Something about this place, this forest intrigued her, yet frightened her. Jane was a brilliant woman, yes. She had always gotten everything right in her school classes. Yet, this was a complete mystery for her, and she wanted to know more.
She reached in her pants pocket, pulling out a small sketch book and a pencil and sketched a skeleton dragon. Why? Reasons. She tried to drown out the old man behind her who was blabbering on about some rock that looks like a face.

Bill watched her draw, intrigued. That’s a random reaction. Moving to sit in her head, he leaned over to peer down at the drawing. That reminds me of an old buddy of mine. Ha, good times. A bit bored, he snapped his fingers, causing a small Mark to appear on the corner of the girl’s paper. It was an eye.

Jane's sharp eye caught the mark that suddenly appeared on her paper. It was an eye. She dropped her sketch book in surprise, as it hit the grass. "Crap," she muttered. Bending down to pick it up, she noticed a fairly old paper swishing in the wind. It landed by her boots, and she picked it up.

On the piece of paper, was some sort of triangle creature with one eye, a bow tie, a cane, and a top hat. She tried to read the text, but the ink was too splotchy and smeared. She folded it up and put it in her pocket.

Bill couldn’t help but laugh at the girl's reaction. "Ha-ha, priceless!" But then, he suddenly noticed her grabbing something. A journal page?! But how could it have gotten out?! Flying around the girl, he watched her put it in her pocket. Shoot! I need to get that thing away from her, but how? He was worried. Flying around again, he finally noticed Dipper...Well then, I guess I'll need to use my favorite Puppet for this one.
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