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Destiny is Calling Me

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Spot goes on one last job.

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He stood, the cold weight of the gun in his hand.
She wasn't beside him. For the first time in years. She wasn't where she was supposed to be either. She was supposed to be at home. Resting, resting after an easy birth.
And he wasn't supposed to be here either. He was supposed to have his child thrust into his hands, causing him to loose the Macho façade he had always put up. He was supposed to be looking lovingly into his child's eyes promising the world to them.
But no. He was here. And here was a gun, with one bullet in it.
He'd heard his father, a tough guy for the party, tell him that if he had more then one bullet in a gun he could become careless. Only enough for the person you're after.
If that bastard hadn't shot his wife he wouldn't have ever picked up a gun again. He'd made enough to buy a house, they'd been looking at small places. In Brooklyn of course. Kelly had been already to let him go.
But then they had to play dirty.
He smiled cruelly and shook his head.
Those bastards.
He'd once seen a whore almost die to protect her whelp. The baby was almost dead anyway but someone had tried to take it. This woman, who seconds ago had been limp, begging for money for booze was suddenly up and ready to kill. Her fingernails had dug into the man's skin. The man had almost killed her, reeling his meaty appendage back and smacking her across her sooty face.
At the time he hadn't understood it.
But now he did.
He'd never hold that child.
She'd have wanted him to be calm. But she hadn't seen it. Shots through her belly. They'd wanted to kill the baby, then they shot her through the head, left her for him to find and sob for days.
He was back in the gang.
And those Bastards were gunna pay.
"Dis one's for you" He whispered to his unborn son.
Disclaimer: dun own Jack Kelly or Spot Conlon
Author's notes. Inspired by the line "Destiny is calling me" from Mr. Brightside by the Killers. The image of Spot and his nameless girlfriend standing side by side with guns was in my mind, then of him deciding to take one last job, just the one.
Now I wanna do a collage of this. -hmmm- Cold blue eyes, a gun, and NYC background, Newsies Cap.... Can do!!
Cards on: My sound system: It bites. The big one. Like woah.
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