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18 And Up

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Because all the cool guys do drugs until they get caught.

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“When people say: ‘Aren’t you Jay Park?!’ I say I’m G-Dragon.”

Stuck In The Clouds

He would bet she is homeless. She just has that look about her, she’s either homeless or just a slob. He’s in a fast food restaurant, waiting for a few of his friends; they are running late. He saw her sitting at another table when he first walked in; he walked pass her and to one of the back tables. She’s only two tables in front of him but it’s hard for him to get a good look at her without staring at her. It’s been awhile, since he came back to Seattle. But he’s just finished a Tour and just in time; his Mother’s birthday was a few days from now. The timing was perfect.
He has his phone out, pretending to be online reading something interesting or answer a text every now and then. But really he is just watching her from the corner of his eye. In fairness he really was online at first, checking his Social Media; it’s addicting. But that only keeps him entertained for so long. And she is just sitting there, tapping her fingers on the table like a bored little kid. Her drum beat is really bad.
And then he sees four girls walk into the McDonalds, all dressed like skanks. Except one, one is just dressed more like a ho. He knows it’s not polite to ease drop, so he goes back to his phone-texting his friends to see where they are at? And then he hears arguing-he glances back at the five girls. He can’t help it. It’s funny, because the group of girls that walked in-their hair is all the same and so are their shirts; it’s like they are some high school click.
When you see an ugly girl trying to look hot and trendy it’s hard enough not to look. And then to hear arguing and name calling-what else was he supposed to do? Who wouldn’t look? There might be a fight, and in that fight one of their tops could come off. He can’t hear all the details, but what he can get out of it was someone got ripped off. The leader of the four girls demands to know where ‘he’ is, because ‘Tony’ is pissed.
He keeps his head down but his ears open. The more he listens the more information he gets. Apparently it was just a drug deal gone wrong. The four girls-they are just messengers. And the other girl, who was there before he got there; her boyfriend took money and ran. The first girl tells the others’ she has no idea where he is at; ‘he’ has left her. They call her a liar and ask again where ‘he’ is at.
Pretty soon the girl’s voice, the leader-the one dressed like a ho, changes. He knows a fight is going to happen; he can just tell by the way she said ‘Hey, Bitch’. He hears a chair skid across the floor and he looks up from his phone-the leader is standing and pointing at the other girl, she shouts and points her finger in her face. She screams out a warning, saying she will fuck her up unless she pays them back.
But the other girl just stares before shrugging.
“Fuck you.” She says and stands to her feet and turns around, walking away.
The group of girls back away and follow the one, calling out ‘Bitch’.
And by the time he’s blinked the girl who walked away takes a blow to the back of her head. She turns and swings her fist, making contact with the leader of the girls’ head; making her fall to her ass. He can’t help but smile and laugh; that homeless girl is fearless! That was a hard hit, he knows by how the girl looks dizzy and stumbling to her feet. But the other girl is outnumbered and in an instant she is on the ground taking punches and kicks from the others. But she is holding her own, he’s surprised, and she gets in a few more good punches while the other’s grab onto her hair.
It doesn’t last long, though. A man comes rushing out from the back of the McDonalds; the tag under his name says he is the Manager. He pulls the girls off of each other and threatens that the police are on their way. The group of girls scatter and run out of sight. But the other girl is left being held onto by the Manager-her nose bloody, bottom lip and left eye already swollen, and her clothes torn and stretched. She only apologizes to him and asks if she can have a cup of water while she waits; she will be on her best behavior until the police arrive.
Amazingly enough the Manager let’s her stay. Not only that but he says the police won’t be coming, he never called. And even more surprising she gets her glass of water and an order of fries. Everything calms down and he looks back at his phone, he has one new text message. It’s from his friend, it says it will just be him coming and he will be just a few more minutes. To kill time he turns back to the girl, this time to actually look at her.
He decides she is kind of cute-if she was cleaned up a little and not wearing clothing one size too big with rips and holes. Her body looked nice enough, she looked a little thin; but her chest was decent-not too small and not too big. And if she only had more of an ass-he likes a nice ass. But over all she wasn’t bad. Looking at her from the bottom up-he makes eye contact with her.
He looks away as quick as he can once he realizes she saw him looking at her. He tilts his head and stretches his neck looking out the window; praying she didn’t see him looking at her and calling himself an idiot for getting caught staring. He turns back to his phone so quick he doesn’t even see if she is still looking at him or not.
Then he hears a chair scoot out across the tile floor and hears footsteps . He blinks and hears them getting closer. Worst of all he can see her coming, when he looks up from behind his bangs. The footsteps stop and he can see her from the waist down; she’s stopped right in front of his table. He has two choices, he thinks. He can either keep his head down and ignore her or he can face her and tell her some corny pick up line. He chooses the one that makes him look good. He lifts his head up, a smile on his face.
“Why were you staring at me?” she asks.
“Oh, well, you know, I wasn’t really----” he starts but she cuts him off.
“Yes, you were. I know you were.” She tells him, she is frowning. “Don’t lie, I know you were.”
He’s been caught. And he isn’t sure how to tell her the truth. So he quickly answers her question with a question.
“If you know I was staring at you….doesn’t that mean that you’ve been watching me?”
He’s actually surprised by how quickly he came up with that, it’s actually a good come back he thinks. He smiles at her, a smug sort of smirk on his face; it’s obvious thinks he’s the smarter one between them.
“You’re right.” She tells him and suddenly he doesn’t feel so proud. “I asked first, though. But since you want to play dumb I’ll answer you.”
He is a bit thrown off by her. He knows his face must look strange, he had to remind himself to close his mouth. But she stands there, her face completely serious.
“I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you.” She tells him.
“Why? Because I’m so fly?” the words come out like he is singing alone to a song on the radio.
“In a way.” She tells him, looking down but smiling just a little. “But mostly it’s because of you’re neck.” She lifts her arm up and her finger is pointed out-almost touching him. “I like your star tattoo.”
“Do you like tattoos or the stars?” He asks her.
Her arm falls to her side and she is quiet and looks at him, they make eye contact again. But then she blinks and she is looking down at the ground again. He is about to repeat himself when she grabs onto the hem of her shirt and lifts it up a little bit and pulls it tight against her stomach. Then she unbuttons her jeans and pulls them down. The look on his face, he knows, is absolute shock. He even felt his jaw drop to the ground and his eyes jump to the ceiling; he wasn’t expecting that.
When he finally gets some composure back he looks at her; her face is still the same-completely calm. He looks down at her waist and thinks he sees her point she was trying to make. Along her waist and down her hips are star tattoos, colored in with faded dull ink that used to be bright at one time. He can see a cloud design, but he can’t be sure, her jeans are covering most of it.
“I like stars.” She tells him and smiles, then she looks right in his eyes. “But tattoos are pretty fly, too.”
“Yeah.” He says; he caught her tone with the last sentence; she was mocking him. “They sure are.”
They both smile and pulls her pants back up and buttons them and lets her shirt fall back down. Then she turns and walks away. He isn’t sure what to think; half of him wants to call out to her and stop her, at least ask her name. But the other half of him never wants to see her again. He sits and asks himself what just happened; it’s probably one of the most strangest things that has ever happened to him.
It’s not until his friends sit at the table that he snaps back to reality. It become just another strange thing that has happened to Jae-Beom Park. He keeps it to himself and shrugs it off and catches up with his friend, he hasn’t seen him for years now. And along with him is another guy he has never met before. Out of nowhere they both ask if he wants to get high.
Months later he is back in Seattle. He’s decided to stay a little longer; he just has this strange feeling in him to stay here. He can’t explain it, he tells his friend. He can’t remember his name, really, Mike or Mitch or something like that; but here they are sitting on his couch in his semi-crappy apartment. He seemed cool enough, and all that mattered was that he was too stoned to give a shit. Mike had great weed. Or Mitch did. Whatever his name was.
It was great, he just met him a few hours ago and so far he hadn’t said a word. He wondered if maybe the M-Guy was a mute? It didn’t matter, though, it didn’t take away from his high. It was nice to just talk, to a complete stranger, about his problems and feelings. And Mike was really nice; offering munchies and drinks for his cotton mouth. For the past three hours he’s gotten some things off his chest; God Bless the Weed Dealers.
Then there is a knock on the door. It’s startling-it’s not just a friendly knock-knock it’s a boom so loud the windows rattle. He knows he’s in trouble-he can feel it. He tells Mike to just open the door-it will be worse if they don’t. But Mike shakes his head and says the first words Jay has heard from him.
“Fuck No.”
Another minute goes by with pounding on the door; but no one moves. A voice on the other side call out, identifying themselves as the Police and if the door is not opened it will be knocked down. The next thing he knows the door does crash open and there police everywhere; he’s so stunned he drops the bong and lighter from his hands-the bag of pot in his lap. It’s defiantly more than just an ounce. In the blink of an eye he has his hands cuffed behind his back and is talking with an officer.
“Jae-Beom Park” he tells the cop, spelling out his name letter for letter; then gives his birthday information as well.
“For right now, you’re under arrest for being under the influence of marijuana, and possession of narcotics with the intent to sell.” The Officer tells him before leading him down the stairs and out of the apartment building and into the back of a police car.
He is released just a few hours later; released after a strip search, shower, and getting his photo taken. It was just a slap on the wrist, really. But now he has a criminal record. But having a bad mark or two didn’t seem to effect most celebrities now days. All he would have to do is go to court and get off easy, probably just some simple community service and his image would go back to before.

I never really liked Jay Park all that much. I thought he was cute and his voice was alright but I’ve never been too much into Kpop or anything like that. And then one Easter day in 2012 a friend comes up to me and says she has a new Asian Guy she likes; Jay Park. My first thought is ‘Eww….’ and ‘Why, dear friend, why’. And then she shows me this picture of him and I was kind of shocked. Not to be a superficial person but he got hot. And if there is one thing I like more than a cute Asian guy it’s a cute Asian guy with a Faux Hawk. I love stars, too, so that neck tattoo (even though it’s kind of girly) really sealed the deal for me. I am now a Jay Park Fan for life. So what better way to show my obsession than writing a shitty fanfic.
Now as far as I know it’s legal in Seattle for adults age 21 and up to have up to an ounce of Marijuana on their person. I’m not saying Jay Park is a stoner or looks like a pot head or anything like that. I just would think that if G-Dragon ‘accidently’ smoked pot….Jay Park could do the same. I mean I honestly think the vast majority of people with access to weed have blazed up at least once. I don’t think it’s that hard to believe and I don’t think it’s a big deal.
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