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50 Themes, 50 moments of Tsukasa and Tsukushi.

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It’s not that I don’t like Tsukasa and Tsukushi, I actually think their love is the best. Probably because it’s the only real one in the series. And maybe that’s why Akira and Rui have their own OC love.
I thought I would try the short and sweet type thing.

Soap Opera

It has always been like some kind of television show. Her life with Tsukasa, she can’t believe half of the things that have happened to them. That’s what everyone says; her Parents, their friends, people of the company, the public; everyone.
“It’s just like a Korean Drama.”, Yuki tells her once.
Tsukushi thinks she is right, just a little bit. Those dramas have everything, they suck you in with the unreal plot that could happen to some lucky person and then have you cheering and hoping for the best. The more time passes the more Tsukushi Domoyouji thinks it’s true.


Just knowing that Tsukasa wears animal print underwear regularly makes her uneasy. Looking at her own plain white panties makes her sigh. Doreamon and Hello Kitty print are just as plain. She holds a pair of his up, inspecting them, trying to figure out why he prefers them.
Tsukushi is at a loss.
She doesn’t hear him come into the room and walk up behind her.
“Are you imagining something dirty?”
She nearly jumps so out of her seat and she screams.
“Hey, wanna guess what pair I’m going to wear tonight?”
She tells him that is a trick question.


Stress goes hand in hand with the Domoyouji name. There isn’t a day that goes by where there isn’t a problem, from something small like not finding the right jacket to wear. To something as annoying as Tsukasa being called into a meeting and not leaving for hours.
But it is Tsukasa’s mouth that cost the most stress. He has no filter. Because of this it doesn’t matter where they are, who they are with, what they are doing; Tsukasa will say whatever is on his mind.
Examples include but are not limited to;
Her Brother’s School Graduation.
Yuki’s Birthday Party at the zoo.
Almost every one of Sojirou’s Tea Parties.
Anytime Akira is around.
And lastly, Rui’s Wedding.
He actually poked her stomach and asked if her dress was too tight or if she was just too fat for it. She swears going anywhere with him is going to lead to some kind of disaster.



Sometimes they met on the roof.
On the top of Domyouji Corp. there is a green house, it is Tsukasa’s quiet place. He goes there, sometimes, when work isn’t going his way. Tsukushi made it for him, it’s filled with all her favorite plants and it reminds him of her.
He finds her on the roof of the house, sometimes, when he is away on business trips and he surprises her by coming home a day early.
Or sometimes, when they just want to be alone, they climb up and lay down on the roof. He holds her hand and looks up at the sky, she holds onto his tighter and asks if he can see the Planet they are both from. They never can, but they still look for it.
They finally do, one night, after Tsukasa brings up a telescope and the three of them look through it. Tsukasa, Tsukushi, and their Newborn Daughter.



She begged him for a dog, for months and even years. But he said no, there was always an excuse. They weren’t home enough to care for a dog, he didn’t want one, it would go to the bathroom everywhere, it would smell. After all ‘If you want to see a wild animal than you should go to the zoo’, that’s what Tsukasa always said.
And then they have a child.
Like every other child she wants a pet; a cat or a dog, some kind of fluffy animal.
Tsukushi thinks it’s a great idea and that it builds character, Tsukasa is against it of course. And then their Daughter asks them and when she is denied she tells her Father she hates him. He leaves while Tsukushi comforts her Daughter. He doesn’t come back until it’s dark outside, the issue long forgotten about.
In his arms is a dog with only three legs, he explains he went to the shelter, because not everything has to be a perfect purebred. After all just look at their Daughter.
He names it Mutant.
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