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The Missing *A Transformers Story*

by Sparks1 0 reviews

It has been years since the Decepticons won the war and the Autobots have disapeared unexspectedly.The humans suffere to survive ever since.Nobody has hope in defeating the Decepticons and finding ...

Category: Aliens/Predator - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2016-01-16 - 214 words

I hate Fridays.Not Fridays where teenagers would go out and hang.No,these Fridays are dangerous.Every Friday,we have to go the Decepticons and show our improvement that we don't know where the enemy is.Why don't they just give up already?They have done it.They have won and our mightiest heros have bannished.Wimps.I thought I looked up to you when I herd about you over the news."Wow alien robots!I want to meet one in my life time!"Not a great choice of words.They took over after the Chicago war.They took the Autobots prizoner and decided not to terminate them.After two months of us humans, hiding from the Decepticons,the Autobots weren't found in their cells and the cell door was broken off.Clever,because nobody has found them since.It's been eight years since then.The Decepticons shoot down random buildings every Tuesday and Thursday.On Fridays,they investigate every human they feel like it,to see if they know where to search next.Our other days of the week,we learn to survive without being spotted.Those are the rules.It's like a terrifying scary movie,but they keep half of you alive just to restart it all over again each day.
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