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The Origin of Darth Vision

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One of the villains from my fan made Episode VIII, Darth Vision, has his origin revealed from his diary he wrote before joining the new Empire to defeat the Resistance and their rival the First Order.

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Wednesday 4th October 5890ABY
Dear diary,
Today was the first day ever that I have gone to any type of school and it was amazing!! I enjoyed it so much, that my mother said I could go again! I've made a new friend already, called Harry, who really cares for me and makes me laugh. Best day yet!
Friday 21st January 5891ABY
Dear diary,
Today was one of the worst days I have ever been in training school. It sucked. In History, whilst learning about the Battle of Yavin, everyone put there hands up except ME! The question was 'How long ago was the Battle of Yavin?'. I know it. 5891 years ago. Because I didn't know, I got detention with the first actual WORST person from Corusant ever. Yay (!). I HATE MY HISTORY TEACHER! His name is Mr. Yav. Disliked him for 4 months.
Monday 31st December 5891ABY
Dear diary,
I am so angry! I loved school at first, but, being called in on New Year's Eve, that's way to much. But, there was an up-side. I've made a relationship with a beautiful girl Ellie. I love her and she loves me. We're even closer than me and Harry. Speaking of Harry, he is so funny! Today, he said to me "My friend said Onions are the only food that can make you cry, so I threw a pineapple at his face!". Even though I was called in on New Year's Eve, it's looking up for me!
Thursday 21st July 5899ABY
Dear diary,
Today is the day that school is out forever for me! Harry and Ellie are still by my side! Harry is my closest friend and Ellie is my girlfriend. Things are OK right now.
Tuesday 31st January 5902
Dear diary,
That is the FINAL STRAW!! I AM TOTALLY GOING OUT!! I AM KILLING HARRY!! This has helped me though. A man has offered me a bright future, if he trains me and I be at his side. Time to fight.
Sunday 21st November 5905

This part can't be recorded in a diary. This was the fight that scarred James, or newly deemed Darth Vision. He had to fight his former friend, Harry. Harry with his blue lightsaber and James with his double red saber. They dueled to the death and fought and fought. Eventually, they were both knocked off the bridge they fought on. Harry grabbed onto the bridge's side and James landed in acid. Harry revealed that he loved him like a brother. James was so scarred, the man who offered him a bright future put him in a cyborg suit, similar to Vader's. Then Darth Vision swore revenge on ALL Jedi. You might think, What happened to Ellie? Well, after the fight between James and Harry, Harry went into exile on Corusant. Ellie found out James joined the Dark Side, so Ellie knew she couldn't be alive, or she'll put Harry in danger. She said she'll go onto exile on Geonosis. But, when he wasn't looking, she got her blaster and shot herself. All Harry knew, is that she killed herself to save the Resistance. Her last words were, 'Go be a Jedi hero and save the galaxy...'. Harry smiled and left to depart to Corusant. That is the origin of James aka Darth Vision.
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