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Story #6: And Yes, the Way You Look at Me

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You know, it's probably not a wise thing to tell Lina Inverse that the best thing she can do to get her breasts to grow is get pregnant...

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Disclaimer: Slayers doesn't belong to me, but to Hajime Kanzaka and Rui Araizumi. I'm just borrowing the characters for awhile

Author's Note: This story was written for Rocky, who provided the inspiration on how to approach this theme.


Story #6: "And Yes, the Way You Look at Me"

It wasn't that uncommon for Lina's physical attributes (or lack thereof) to be the subject of scrutiny by various bandits, unsuspecting glory seekers and a jellyfish with a huge mouth that happened to be her own partner.

And Lina had tried to do something about it. Magical hot springs, spells, potions, salves. If someone named it, she probably tried it. By the time she turned 19 and had saved the world more than a few times, she realized the one battle she was always going to lose was the one with her own body.

For the most part, having small breasts didn't annoy Lina...much. It added to her cuteness. She was a small, perfectly proportioned package - or so she liked to think. So what if she didn't have a chest the size of Amelia's, Sylphiel's or...Naga's. Okay, no one would want Naga's chest, Lina conceded. That was too much of a good thing.

But there were times that it did matter, especially when Gourry made it a constant habit to comment on how small her breasts were. Of course they were small - compared to their other female friends, the average barmaid and the overweight guy sitting at the next table when they stopped for dinner. It didn't mean that Gourry had to keep reminding Lina about them! She woke up with them every day and went to bed with them every night. She was well aware of that fact that they were small.

In Midas, the town still recovering from the horrific attack by Naga and her 10 clones five years earlier, Lina spoke with a healer that she had become acquainted with during her previous stay.

The woman had listened to her problem and gave her a warm smile. "There is a guarenteed method of enlarging your breasts," she informed her.

Lina leaned forward, eyes shining. "And that is?"

The healer's gaze flicked to the window, where Gourry stood outside gazing absently at the sky. She gave Lina a knowing smile. "Have that swordsman of yours get you pregnant."


"Did you really have to destroy half of that town?" Gourry looked back over his shoulder at the smoking remains of the healer's house.

"She deserved it," Lina growled as she stomped down the road next to him. Her hands clenched into fists. "Believe me, I was being kind when I only unleashed a half-power Dil Brando. How dare she suggest something like that to me!"

"Suggest what?" Gourry gave Lina an innocent look. She nearly snapped back at him before remember just who she was addressing. Instead, she focused her attention on the road ahead of them.

"Suggest what?" he asked again.

Of all the times, why does Gourry have to be persistent now? Lina snorted. "Nothing. She suggested absolutely nothing that would help me any."

"Help you with what?"

"Avoid jellyfish that play 20 questions." Lina gave him a cross look. "It's none of your business, okay?"

Gourry came to a stop and rubbed his chin thoughtfully for a minute or so. He gave Lina a once-over, then nodded seriously. "Oh, I see. You're right, there's nothing that can be done."

Her eyes narrowed dangerously. "Nothing that can be done about what?"

Gourry approached her, blissfully unaware of his own peril. "With this," he said fondly, patting Lina's breasts. "I mean, they are flat and at your age, you're not going to grow much more and..."

He didn't get a chance to finish. With a scream of pure frustration, Lina grabbed Gourry's arm and flipped him, throwing him a few feet in the process. She stomped to his side, hands clenched into fists by her side. Her hand snapped out and she hauled him up to where they were nearly nose to nose.

"Do you want to know what she said?" Lina demanded. "That oh-so-helpful healer said that my breasts will grow if you get me pregnant!"

She had the satisfaction of seeing Gourry's face go chalk white, pretty much her own reaction when the same suggestion had been made. She let him go and continued down the road, feeling much better. It was pretty apparent, he thought the idea was ludicrous as well. The two of them having sex. Somehow, that just seemed so odd, despite all the innuendo thrown at both of them over the years.

She'd gone about 20 paces when she realized Gourry wasn't following her. Thinking maybe she had thrown him a bit too hard, Lina turned back and nearly jumped when she saw Gourry still sitting where she had thrown him, giving her an unreadable expression that she had seen several times before - mainly when their lives had been in mortal peril.

Lately, she noticed he'd been giving it to her during other times as well.

But that was a stupid thought. Gourry never complemented her in the way that a man would complement a woman. Hell, even Xelloss had done more of that sort of thing and he was a Mazoku!

She shifted nervously, not liking this growing feeling of not being in control. She was Lina Inverse. Control was always within her grasp. She never had it growing up, no thanks to Luna. She wasn't about to lose it now because her jellyfish had decided to go all weird on her due to a stupid healer's flip remark about the presumed status of their relationship. So there.

"Come on, Gourry," Lina whirled around and started to walk away. When she didn't hear him getting to his feet, she sighed. "Look, we both know that you don't see me in that sort of way, so just get over it. It's going to be dark soon and I'm hungry."

She'd barely taken another step when she managed to hear his hoarse whisper. "Maybe I do see you in that way."

Lina's face went blank. No. I couldn't have possibly heard...

She forced herself to turn around. She summoned every last bit of willpower that she had to make herself perform the required steps to look at Gourry. He was back on his feet and before she could say anything, he briskly walked by her and headed down the road. "Come on," he called. "I'm starving!"

Her fingers twitched and she gave him a slightly dazed look. It took her a moment to remember that she had a mouth, quite a big one at that, and that she did know how to use it. She marched up to him. "Now, wait a minute, I heard that! What do you mean you see me in that way? Aren't you always commenting that I have a pancake chest?"

"Well, you do," Gourry replied honestly. He gave her an innocent look. "You do have a flat chest."

Before Lina could ready a roundhouse punch, his cheeks reddened. "But it doesn't mean I don't see you in that way," he hastily added and continued down the road.

She stared after him, eyes wide with astonishment. She glanced down at her hands, then her feet, at Gourry, then at her hands again. She worked her throat and remembered some of the forbidden things that her mind presented to her at night that she mostly managed to forget by morning. Taking a deep breath, Lina caught up to Gourry and slid her hand into his. He glanced down at her in surprise and she gave him a small smile.

Maybe I see you in that way too.
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