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Profile (yeah baby)

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I saw everyone doing this. Why haven't I done it?

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Name: Well, I ain't telling you!

Age: 17. Still, boring life.

Gender: Boy

Job: Well, this. Writing.

Favorite Sentence: "Who wants to go to Pizza Hut?"

Least Favorite Sentence: "No, you can't,"

Favorite Word: Bridges

Least Favorite Word: School

Catchphrase: "I love bridges!"

Amount of Friends: 59

Amount of Enemies: One Direction (duh)

Favorite Acronym: LOL

Least Favorite Acronym: ROFL (what the hell does it mean?)

Favorite Movie Character: Darth Vader (he's cool)

Least Favorite Movie Character: Padme Amidala

Favorite Actor: None

Least Favorite Actor: Natalie Portman (she's SOOOOOOO ANNOYING)

That's it!!
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