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Habitual Drinking And Your Health

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Even though alcohol affects each of us differently, routinely drinking excessively is likely to create complications in both the long and short term.

The impacts of alcohol are dependent on an assortment of variables, including:


Quantity of body fat or muscle mass



Other medicines and substances in the system

Other chemicals in your drinks

How quickly you drink

The amount of food stuffs in the stomach

Alcohol consumption history

Tolerance to alcohol (ETOH)

Physical health and fitness

Psychological wellness and psychological condition.

Short-term consequences

Alcohol poisoning, coma and death Blackouts

Blurred vision



Dissheveled look


Accidental injuries linked to slips, accidents, violence and deliberate self-harm

Extreme state of minds (hostility, elation, anxiety).

Lack of motor skills.

Loss of inhibitions and a false sense of confidence.

Motor vehicle, bike and pedestrian incidents.

Nausea and retching.

Lowered attention.

Sluggish reflexes.

Thickened speech.

Long-term consequences.

Alcohol addictionAlcohol related brain injury.

Cancers (including cancer of the mouth, throat, larynx, gullet, bowel (in males) and breast (in women).

Cirrhosis and liver failure.

Attention and long-term memory troubles.

Heart and cerebrovascular diseases consisting of high blood pressure and stroke.

Insufficient nutritional requirements.

Problems with the nerves of the legs and arms.

Sex-related and reproductive system problems (impotence, fertility).

Body skin problems.

Stomach grievances and issues.

Relatives and relationship problems.

Poor on the job functioning.

Juridical and personal economic difficulties.
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