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Tranquility. To be calm. Even when you do something you shouldn't.

Category: Silent Hill - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Alessa Gillespi, Cheryl Mason, Dr. Michael Kauffman, Harry Mason - Warnings: [!!] [V] - Published: 2006-08-18 - Updated: 2006-08-18 - 899 words

She was doing something when I found her. The girl. She was with the injured dog. It wasn't really a monster. It was just weird. The leg was broken and the fur stiff from dried blood. But it was alive. All of a sudden I felt better.

The girl stroked it. Patted it. Put a finger in its eye. I screamed. Put my arms around her and pulled her away. Tears. I cried. My tears in her hair. She shouldn't have done it. She didn't say anything.

The pitiful creature limped away. It moved in a strange way. There was blood all over it. How could it still be alive? I stopped sobbing. My tears were red. We needed to wash up.

Streets and mist and silence. The smell of blood would attract more dogs. Or those headless things. I shivered. Shivered and ran. The wind pressed against my face.

White and tall. I told myself it was just a building. Like the school. It was empty. Less threatening in a way. We went inside. Another lobby. More corridors. The girl's dad. I concentrated so that we wouldn't be seen.

We followed him. In a room. There was a man in there. He had killed a monster. They talked. The girl's dad and the man. Somehow I slipped. The man noticed me. He pointed his gun at me. Icy. It hurt. I fell. Lower. Deeper.

Into his arms. He caught me. Relief. Such relief. I wasn't hurt. The dress had stopped the bullet and he had saved me. Saved us. The girl was here too. It wasn't the same building.

He put me down and talked. Talked about lots of things. It all seemed simple. This time there wasn't any paint though. Crayons. Paper. He wouldn't let us have them. Pointed at our clothes. Told us we were no good painted red.

The last thing he showed us. Bathroom. It was some kind of house. There were windows. A garden outside. Nothing I remembered. Perhaps this wasn't a place I had dreamt about. He looked old. I hadn't realized until now. Like he had aged in seconds. Sick. Not well.

He waved goodbye and vanished. The girl and I went into the bathroom. There wasn't any washing machine. I probably couldn't use one anyway. There were showers in the bathroom. It could work.

I turned on the water. It had a perfect temperature. I stepped in. Let it wash off the red. Like magic. The water dissolved it. Cleaned it. Dragged it down the drain. It wasn't quite enough. There was still a bit that was stuck.

I took off my dress. Dropped it on the floor. The dress shirt too. The panties. And the socks and shoes. I wrung it and scrubbed it against the floor. It worked. The girl did the same. I helped her out of her clothes. Her bandage.

The shower. She turned it off. There was a bath tub. A strange bathroom. Neither sink nor toilet. Just the things we needed. I filled the marble bathtub. Foam. I couldn't see my reflection. The water was warmer. Warmer than the shower.

I hopped in. Hot. It hurt a little. But it was nice. It eased all the sore spots. My shoulders. My back. The girl got in too. It wasn't a very large tub. I could barely stretch my legs. My back pressed against the wall.

She sat down opposite to me. Resting her legs on mine. Her feet on my thighs. The heat made her moan. I smiled and rested my head on the edge. This was the relaxing. My thoughts drifted away from the stupid reality. This was healing water. Magic liquid.

Feet. Small. I took one and massaged it gently. She smiled. We had traveled for so long. Longer than I had ever run or walked. She was sore. I pressed my fingertips lightly against the sole of her foot. She closed her eyes.

I did the same to her other foot. Gently. Softly. To be tender. Kind. Kissed her ankle. She put her hands on the edge of the bathtub. Her palms were facing upwards. She was happy. I had kept her safe so far. I let go of her foot.

She slid forward. Stopped when her heels reached me. Snoring soundly. She was content. The water reached her mouth. When she leaned back a little she could breathe.

It reached my... It was so strange. When he had awoken me. When I was in the cabin so long ago. It was so different. I didn't look the same. I had slept for so long. Breasts. They were weird. The surface parted the left one in two. The lower part was sweating. The upper was cold.

They were soft. They swayed a bit when I ran. It was nice when she bumped into them. She did it a lot. I tried to lower them into the water. Her feet pressed harder against me. It was difficult. She wiggled her feet and it tickled.

I leaned my head back. Ignored the tickling. The marble tub was soft. My head rested tenderly. One of her feet slipped. Hit me right in the center. I moaned. She was still sleeping. I tried to adjust myself. It only made it worse. Even the slightest movement. I sighed. Tried to sleep. Enjoying it somehow. Marble. Softness.
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