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Chapter Two: These friends are golden

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Birthda parties, tatoos and more

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Nice long chapter for you kids!

Emily clapped along with the crowd that had formed at the club.
"I've seen your boyfriend, and I don't think he treats you right..."
Emily beamed as they dedicated their last song of the night to her. When they walked off stage, the audience cheered wildly, screaming for more, and Emily rushed backstage. Joe was the first one she caught sight of, his back turned to her. She ran forward and jumped onto his back, wrapping her legs around his waist, and he started .
"Oh, it's you, Em." He sighed with recognition.
"You guys are AMAZING!" she shrieked, kissing his cheek.
"Don't you mean 'were'?" Pete asked.
"No, ARE! God, a few more shows like that and you have a major record deal in the bag!"
"Yeah, sure. Seriously, Em, I don't think we'll ever get past that pathetic EP we made." Patrick laughed, coming out from behind an amp.
"Whatever!" Emily rolled her eyes, sliding off of Joe's back and hugging the others.
"Sorry, Em, but Pat's right. We're never gonna make it. All I care about is having fun." Pete sighed as he packed up the equipment. Emily just shook her head, a knowing smile across her lips.
When Patrick, Joe and Emily returned home, the three of them stumbled through the front door, carelessly dropping Joe and Patrick's heavy equipment beside the door and collapsing into a heap on the floor, their heads in a circle as they stared up at the blank ceiling.
"I am exhausted." Breathed Joe.
"Ditto." Emily and Patrick replied in unision. They all lay in silence for a long time, basking in the darkness, listening to the muffled sounds of sirens and car stereos below on the street.
"Do you guys really think you'll never make it big?" Emily finally asked quietly.
"Nah. We suck." Patrick said.
"Then why do you bother?"
"Because it's fun."
They were silent for several more minutes, and the Emily spoke again.
"Where do you see yourselves in the future?"
"What to you mean 'yourselves?' I think you mean 'ourselves'." Joe replied.
"Well, what if you get a record deal or something?"
"Em, that's never gonna happen. Our future is hazy, but I can clearly make out you sitting right beside us." Patrick said firmly.
Emily smiled and rolled over, kissing Patrick's cheek.
"Friends forever." She agreed.

Patrick awoke six days later to his blankets being ripped off his bed.
"Wake, uuuuup, Pattycakes!" Emily called in a singsong voice.
"What the hell, Emily?" Patrick muttered groggily, fumbling as he reached over to his bedstead for his glasses.
"It's somebody's birthdaaaaaay!" she cooed, tugging on his hand to get him out of bed.
"Emily," Patrick said through clenched teeth, staring at his clock, "It's eight o'clock on a Sunday."
"I don't care! Now get dressed!"
"No!" and he yanked his covers back onto his bed, falling back asleep. Emily stamped her foot in frustration and ran out into the living room, skidding to a halt in front of Pete, Andy and Joe.
"He won't get up!" she whined.
"We'll fix that." Pete grinned, rubbing his hands together menacingly. He went into the kitchen and returned with a pitcher of water.
"Ooh, Pete, what are you gonna do?" Emily asked with a grin.
"Chinese water torture, of course."
The group followed quietly, barely containing there laughter. They watched from the doorway as Pete crept over to Patrick's bed and tipped the pitcher, letting a single droplet fall on his cheek. Patrick muttered something in his sleep and slapped his cheek. Pete let another drop fall. Slap. Drip. Slap. Drip. Slap. Drip-
"PETE, WHAT THE HELL?!" Patrick cried, springing out of his bed. Pete, startled, responded by dumping the remaining water onto Patrick. Emily, Joe, Andy and Pete all burst out laughing as Patrick stood there, sopping wet, looking highly unamused.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PATRICK!" they all yelled, enveloping poor, wet Patrick in a group hug.
"Thanks, guys." He mumbled, giving in.
"I baked you a cake!" Emily said.
"It's eight o'clock in the morning."
"Like I care! We're having cake for breakfast!"
The friends trooped out into the kitchen and Andy snapped pictures of Patrick, still in his soaking wet boxers and white tee shirt, posing with his cake. Emily cut it up into pieces and passed it around.
"This is heaven, Em." Patrick smiled between bites.
Patrick finished his cake and stood up.
"I'm gonna dry off and get dressed, now."
The other laughed and Patrick rolled his eyes. He returned minutes later, fully clothed and looking excited.
"Now, where are my presents?"
"I baked you a cake, what more do you want?" Emily said, looking shocked. Patrick glared at her. She burst out laughing. "Okay, okay, they're in the living room."
The group wandered into the living room, and Joe, Emily, Pete and Andy collapsed onto the couch while Patrick sat on the floor next to the small pile of packages. He picked through the pile and after about fifteen minutes, had accumulated a video game, a teeshirt, and a book. He picked up the final package, Emily's. It was wrapped much neater than the rest. Patrick ripped off the bright paper, and his heart swelled.
"Oh, Emily." He muttere, dropping the handful of paper and holding up his present; it was a beautiful silver frame with "These friends are golden" engraved onto the bottom half. A picture of five of them was inside, arms around eachother, laughing. Patrick traced the engraved words with his finger.
"Thanks so much, Em." He stood up and hugged his friend.
"I thought you'd like it."
"I love it! Thank for all the present, guys." Patrick grinned.
"Hey, let's play a board game!" Joe suggested, standing up and walking over to a tall white shelf in the corner of the room. Stacked on the top shelf were a half dozen or so board games.
"How about...monopoly?" Andy suggested.
"Nah, we always play that..."
"How about the game of life?"
"Yeah, let's play that!"
Joe pulled the box off the shelf and set it down on the coffee table. Emily pulled the game board out and set it on the coffee table, setting up the little buildings and such.
"Ooh, I want the little blue convertible!" Patrick decided.
"Haha, there lil' mini people, look!" Joe said, picking up a tiny little blue man.
They began the game, and soon Pete was at the 'Get Married' space.
"Em, pass me a wife or whatever to put in my car." He said.
"Or whatever?" she grinned slyly. She picked up another little blue man and put it in Pete's little red convertible.
"I dare you to keep it."
Pete looked into her eyes challengingly.
"Then you have to put a chick in your car."
Emily laughed and agreed. When Andy landed on the 'Career' space, he picked a card out of the stack and turned it over.
"Hey, look, I'm and entertainer!"
"It's a sign!" Emily cried excitedly.
"Yeah, sure, Em." The others laughed. Emily scowled and crossed her arms.
"You guys will all be proven wrong one day."
"Whatever, Emily."
Emily sighed and the game continued.

Later that night, after dinner, Pete broke out the beer. Emily was finishing her second when Pete was already downing his fifth.
"You know what we should do?" Pete asked loudly.
"We should all get tatoos."
"Pete, you already have a whole bunch. So does Andy."
"Yeah, but we should all get the same thing tatooed somewhere...the whole pin-dipped-in-ink thing."
"You're sure as hell gonna have to get me piss-drunk before I do something like that!" Emily laughed.
In response, Pete pulled another bottle of beer out of the case and handed it to Emily.
"Drink up, Em."
Emily laughed but opened the bottle none-the-less.

"Okay, Em, you're first." Pete announced, slurring slightly, waiving the pin dipped in india ink menacingly.
"I can't believe I'm doing this." Emily moaned, holding out her ankle, Pete began poking at her skin, drawing blood.
"Hold still!"
After ten minutes filled with Emily's shrieks, she had 'These friends are golden' tatooed in neat, small letter around her ankle. Pete proceeded to tatoo the exact same thing on all of the group.
"Oh, God, Pete, I have a tatoo!" Emily cried, laughing drunkenly, and she passed out on the couch.

Emily awoke the next morning, sprawled out on the couch, a beer bottle hanging relaxly in her hand. She rubbed her eyes and sat up; a pain shot through her body, starting at the ankle. She looked down; her jeans were rolled up to her knee, and she had dried blood around a small tatoo. She gasped and read what it said, then burst out laughing.
"I hope we're friends forever, or I'm really gonna regret this!"
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