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Naughty But Nice

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Summary: Normally the fairytale would end with and they lived happily ever after. Here's what happens when Tounoin is being a bit naughty but for Morimura it's very nice.

Category: Fujimi Symphony Orchestra - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Kei Tounoin, Yuuki Morimura - Published: 2005-06-17 - Updated: 2005-06-18 - 388 words - Complete

Naughty But Nice

Author: Lazuli69

Fandom: Fujimi Symphony Orchestra

Pairing/s: Tounoin Kei x Morimura Yuuki

Rating: PG *For M/M Slash

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: Since this short drabble was written for entertainment
purposes only, please don't sue. I do not own Fujimi Symphony
Orchestra or any of its characters. I just like to fool around with
them a bit and return them with a lot less UST.

A/N: Set after the infamous 'incident'. Since I don't know what
really happened it was fun to speculate.

A/N: We authors live and die on feedback so please leave comments.

Every since the incident Morimura Yuuki should have known better.

His sense of self-preservation was nil.

Since there was no such thing as happily ever, why would he allow
himself to be left alone with a perverted, hentai like Tounoin?

Due to carelessness or a lack of self-preservation he once again
found himself alone with Tounoin Kei.

He shouldn't have been surprised that once again Tounoin had cornered
him. But much more surprising was his own reaction. Morimura Yuuki
found that he did not wish to fight to be released from the embrace.

Yes, it was proven that Morimura-san had little to no self-
preservation or maybe he wished to be caught.

That is how Kawashima had found them. Initially, she had been the
only one to suspect. For weeks she had kept giving Tounoin and Yuuki
speculative glances.

Despite his earlier denials, Kawashima was sure that they had
done 'it'. As she had earlier explained to Yuuki the proof was in the

Yuuki wasn't aware that there was any difference in his musical
performance; only that he had stopped deliberately trying to sabotage

With a knowing smile, Kawashima tosses Yuuki the concealer from her
forgotten handbag. Perplexed Yuuki blinked in confusion as he
struggles from Tounoin's arms.

With her cryptic last words, "Don't forget the lights." Kawashima
exits the practice hall.

Reaching over Tounoin touched the mark he had left on Yuuki's neck.

Blushing, Yuuki reached up and placed tentative fingers on the mark.

Tounoin reaches for Yuuki and pulls him into an embrace.

For the first time in weeks he is happy.

He reaches for the lights and the room fades to black.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
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