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What whould happen...if a Kirlia and a Scrafty fall in love?

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A Kirlia called "Sakura" was rushing through the Hills of Kalos.She recieved diary task to find food for her Gardevoir Mommy,her Gallade Daddy and her Little sis Ralts.The wind passing upon her Horns and Hair while she rused in Ninja Style.

Sakura suddenly find out ocasional Berries catching them.She rushed back to her Home,who was between a Camp of Beautiful Flowers.But in the Middle,who was the Forest,she was striked by some Kind of Sphere attack.It camed from a Lucario with Gray Eyes and a Black scar in one of this Eyes.

"Ouch!",Sakura sayed.

Sakura knowed this Lucario.He was Ayumu,a Rival of Sakura Family.Ayumu laughed insanely,amused.He so comed to Sakura,who got the arm hited.

"Grr...why You don't let me in Peace?!",Sakura sayed,angry.

"Aww...I really don't know...",Ayumu sayed,in a Sad tone.

Sakura was charging the Psychic powers to do a attack,but Ayumu stopped the Attack hitting Sakura away.

Sakura tried to run away but Ayumu was following her with Great Speed.Sakura called repeatedly "Help!",but no one heard her...Until a Scrafty jump out of the Trees and ended knocking down Ayumu with the Knee.

"Hey Mrs,you need help??",sayed the Scrafty to Sakura.

"Yes...thanks...",sayed Sakura.

"Arrrgh...You have escaped again Sakura,but one day...I will got you!",sayed Ayumu,lifting and Running away to his Place.

Sakura was thinking of Something...She remebered the way of Home but she got very Hurted and she was Tired of the Chase.So,before the Scrafty go away,Sakura sayed:

"Can you Take me Home?"

"...Sure!",sayed the Scrafty."Sorry if I Didn't stared me,I am Kenji".

"And I am Sakura.",sayed Sakura.Sakura pointed to the Direction of her Home and Kenji dragged Sakura in the Arm,the most hurted Part.

Sakura was finally Back home with the Things that was Tasked.Her sis comed to her with a Cheerful smile.

"Sis,you are back!",Sakura's Sis sayed.

"Dear..What's this gentleman alongside you?",Sakura's Mother asked.

Kenji blused ashamed.

"Well...His name is Kenji.he helped me go here and helped me strike Ayumu who ended hurting my Arm.",Sakura explained.

"Akumu...Why he chases us until now I don't know...",Sakura's Father sayed to himself.

"You'll visit us again someday,Mr.Kenji?",Sakura's Sister sayed.

"Obviously yes!But now i'll reuturn to my Gang",Kenji sayed.

Sakura's family waved Goodbye to Kenji.But amazingly...Sakura don't stopped to think of Him...Sakura don't stopped to think that the Two haved an Special Connection.Kenji appeared for Sakura an Last time of this Day just after almost every Member of Sakura's Family go away.They looked into Each other Blushing yet Smiling even with Frown Eyes.They don't stopped to think this about each Other:

"(S)he is surely special..."

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